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  1. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    Imagine the tragedy of living in a prison you built around yourself.
  2. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    I highly recommend you come over to the unofficial forum. We specialise in 'your type' over there.
  3. Selling a lot of goodies

    Reserved for you. It's midnight here (GMT) but I can probably log in any time. I'll definitely be online again in about 7-8 hours if that's any good for you
  4. Selling a lot of goodies

    Updated with the last few bits and pieces
  5. Selling a lot of goodies

    Reserved for you both, I'll try to catch you later tonight or tomorrow (I'm on UK time).
  6. Selling a lot of goodies

    Post or PM me here if anything takes your fancy, I'm rarely in game. I might take offers if I like you. Magic ess - 4,961 - 7 each Fire ess - 31,377 - 4.5 each Mage robe shirt - 1 - 60,000 RDHoLaM - 1 - 105,000 Cutlass of the Mage - 1 - 250,000 (or offers, who knows what it's worth...) Bone of Death - 1 - 100,000
  7. Hello chums. I'm selling a few bits and pieces: Ice Dragon set (minus helm), undamaged - 425kgc sold Black Dragon set (minus helm), undamaged - 385kgc sold NMT - 320kgc sold S2E x344 - 370kgc for all (~1,075gc each) sold Prices might be negotiable, if I like the cut of your jib. I'm not online much (as in, virtually never) so you'd best post here or PM me if you want any of it. Ta.
  8. My Saturday - 28/7/12

    It's the sport of kings. Better than diamond rings. Football.
  9. The Mana Drain Issue

    I reserve judgment until I see wiseon's position on this matter.
  10. selling 40k iron ore

    I'll BIN if you still have it
  11. Guess the player name!

    Again, I might end up looking like a dick, but is it... OmniVision?
  12. Guess the player name!

    'bout time... your go