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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.9.5p9 of the EL client is ready for release. This is a stable release and recommended for everyone. The full list of changes can be read on the release page. The release brings lots of little new features, lots of bug fixes and lots of user interface updates - including a major change to use True Type fonts. There are some minor data changes and a bug fix for the sound so ensure you update the data and sound too (these are includes in the Linux packages). There are a set of fonts included in the data. You can switch to these using the command "#set_default_fonts". Also included are some default user menus. If you do not want these, then disable them by un-checking the "Standard Menu" option on the right-click options. Downloads: MacOS: both Intel (x86-64) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) Macs. Windows: 32-Bit installer or 64-Bit installer Linux: Flatpak Package (recommended), Snap Package, Debian and Ubuntu Packages or the Linux general installer Binary only downloads: Windows: 32-Bit executable and DLL files and 64-Bit executable and DLL files Linux: 32-bit (x86), 64 bit (x86), 32-bit (arm) (Set GPU memory 512M on a raspbery pi) and 64-bit (arm) Data Files: Data Files, Sound Files and Music Files
  2. Introducing the Eternal Lands client for the Mac! The client is compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave and onwards, and, as of 1.9.5p9, is built as a universal binary to provide native support for both Intel (x86-64) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) Macs. The client also supports High Resolution mode for Mac users with modern displays. High Resolution mode is automatically detected and enabled for systems which support it, but it does use slightly more resources. If you’d rather forego the beautiful crispness in favour of performance, you can disable High Resolution mode via the method described here. Moving forwards, updated macOS client builds will be made available with each official client release - keep an eye on the general chat forum or this thread for future updates. Big thank you to Bluap and Grum for all the hard work they do to bring us new features - you guys rock! Download Here (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.6, released 16/12/21) Previous Version (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p9, released 11/4/21) Old Version (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p8, released 30/4/20) Any problems or questions? Please read the Eternal Lands for macOS FAQs first.