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  1. Skunks missing in White Stone

    The map of white stone has only 2 skunks, and each of them has a different spawn point, as Revi already mentioned. Those little critters walk over the entire big map and also use the teleport beams there if they step onto them. This said, they are not easy to find. and if you find and kill one by chance, your only option is, to run to one of the 2 spawns and hope it is respawning there. For the 2 spawns, well, the game has a lot of friendly players who might tell you where to look.
  2. Horrizontal Green Lines

    When I got weird graphical issues after a crash of the client, it helped to just delete the el.ini file. and start the client again. Afaik a new el.ini file will be created automatically then with clean default settings. Maybe worth a try?