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Found 8 results

  1. This has happened occasionally in the past while on bosses, but it was particularly noticeable and annoying last night: During last night's KF invasion, when I attacked a player and they were then attacked by 7 invasion mobs (8 attackers total), I could not turn toward my PK target and would get the message, "Your target is already fighting with 8 others". I was one of those 8! If they killed one of the 7 mobs on them, if I timed it right, I could turn to them but as soon as one of the mobs on me died, I turned away to the weakest on me again. Annoying and frustrating. Hopefully an easy fix.
  2. Unwalkable Tiles

    With the new client update I am able to click on many (or nearly every) unwalkable tiles and get the green 'walk-to' X indicator. I don't actually walk to the spot, or near the spot, just get nothing. This particularly applies to partially covered tiles that are unwalkable as well as the black edges of insides that are unwalkable, however it seems like you can get the X indicator on most unwalkable tiles with a particular camera angle and mouse click location. This includes, under walls, rocks, bushes, trees, mountains, outside of houses on insides maps, and basically every other place I have tried. To repeat, just click on the map tile you know is unwalkable. If there's an item (crate, box, barrel, rock, etc.) on top of the tile you might need to zoom in/out or rotate the camera to get a spot where clicking gives you the green X indicator. It's quite easy to duplicate on walls of inside buildings. In 1.9.5 you could click these places, but you would not get the green X unless it was a proper walkable tile.
  3. Rationality Bug?

    Hello, I just got my character to 20 Will when it was 18 will before. I noticed that before (at 18 will) I got +10 attack and defense xp, when I got it up to 20 I saw that I was getting +9 attack and defense xp. So I was thinking why did it go down? If rationality was higher then it should give more xp? Beavers Normal A/D xp given: +5 attack +5 defense At Rationality 11 Beavers A/D xp given: +10 attack +10 defense At Rationality 12 Beavers A/D xp given: +9 attack +9 defense *** THIS WAS NOT TESTED ON ANY SPECIAL DAY BUT MAGIC DAY AND NORMAL DAY SO A/D HAD NO BOOST*** Also I have godless perk so there is no gods effects applied (godless since I made character)
  4. Pickpoints spent in batch of 4

    Hello there, i had a issue today while trading pickpoints with Wraith. I had 4 free pickpoints to use. Chosen inorganic nexus, but ALL of them were spent to it (around 20:00 CEST). I immiedetaly contacted mod (RipTide told me to post here) so you could check the logs and things. Thing is that i suspect there was lag happening while communication, so thats why all PPs were spent instead of just one. Could you please take a look on it, remove 2 PPs from my inorganic so i could spent them as i will to and propably set delay between PPs chosing (there propably wont be anyone as fast to pick 4 PPs within one second ). Thank you very much. schmaki - ingame name
  5. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    Bom Dia! or Good day in english... I was wondering if there is a way to play eternal lands in singleplayer, even if it was to build a small server just for myself ...My internet is horrible and eternal lands weighs a lot, if you...
  6. Excavator Cloak Perk

    I have not played EL in a very long time so things may have changed. When I #list_perks I have the Excavator Perk. However, I do not get the perk when harvesting.. I must actually wear the Excavator Cape to get the double harvest. I'm not sure I'm even suppose to be allowed to wear the cape if I have the perk.. It's not a problem for my player to wear the cape but thought someone should know.. Creishon in game.. Thanks
  7. EL problem occured

    everytime i try logging in i get this message. then it exits out. im running windows xp "eternal lands has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience." then it says "send" and "dont send". i have a picture but idk how to uplaod it here
  8. mule daily bug

    HI i went to do the daily delivery quest and was asked to take the 600 quartz to shantir in glamor magic shop. Did the same as i have done many times before only this time when i handed it in recived no xp/gc or vials/vial mold. went back to tatu in crystal caverns to confirm i had done it correct and was told i couldnt do this quest again for 4 game days confirming i had just finished it (also the 600 quartz was gone). thanks for your time to look into this. Ingame name also Malaki