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  2. New Windows Client Build Process

    @w0lumatic Good news, thanks for testing. Turns out you can no-longer get evaluation versions of anything other than Windows 10 so its good to know its working.
  3. New Windows Client Build Process

    Installed it on Win7 and haven't had any issues so far
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  5. New Windows Client Build Process

    @dragon_killer Thanks for testing. In-game we talked about the camera issues you were having but that looked to be unrelated to this particular build as they are also present in the XP build too. If you can confirm the original 195 release does not show the problem then we can investigate further but it does sound like a graphic card driver issue. Has anything else relevant changed on your machine recently?
  6. Hello Maxine, As of macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Apple has ended support for 32-bit apps, which is why the game has stopped working for you. The good news is that this is an issue we saw coming, and for the last few weeks I have been successfully testing a working 64-bit build of the macOS client. I am currently on the move, but I’d be happy to share the current test client with you when I am next available.
  7. I updated my Mac today to Catalina and EL stopped working.
  8. New Windows Client Build Process

    I have installed the file on windows 10 seems to work fine so far, may i know what might change so I notice if anything different happens?
  9. Crashing during combat

    My MotG6 looks like video sync crashing, I see diagonal hash at login, game launch. I tweaked video game settings to no avail?
  10. New Windows Client Build Process

    I do not have a way to test but it could, there's nothing specific to Windows 10 in the build. Windows 7 reaches final end of life in January 2020 so I guess people need to consider moving on to Windows 10, or better still Linux! If someone could try it, we will know. If I can find a Windows 7 evaluation ISO I could give it a try or get the build working on that too.
  11. New Windows Client Build Process

    Will it still run on Win7?
  12. I've been working on a new way to build the windows client which is now ready to test. I'm using a tool-chain called MSYS2/MINGW which allows use of the latest compiler and up to date libraries on Windows 10. This all means that the resulting executable should run better on Windows 10. I have also automated the build process and so can provide more regular test clients for Windows like I already do for Linux. The previous builds I have provided were built using a very old tool-chain on Windows XP; which was not good. Please give this new build a try and please give me some feedback. But, BACKUP your current el.exe and all the .dll files before installing the new package as these files will be over-written by the package. Also as always, ensure your important game files like your quest log etc are backed up; good practice even if you do not try this new client. The packages only contains the el.exe and the required .dll files, the game data is not included. There is a 32-bit package and a 64-bit package for Windows 10, extract the zip archive for your version of Windows into the game data directory where the existing el.exe and .dll file (which you have backed up) were located.
  13. Instance mode adjustment

    You could use the user menus as revi suggested. Its two clicks but OK perhaps. Here's an example file I called banner.menu, and placed in my main config directory. You can right click the user menus to reload the latest menu files without restarting the client so its easy to experiment. There is a built in delay of 500 ms between commands that can be change but that is the minimum currently. Banners Creature +N -Hn +Hb -B||%im_creature_view_names=1||%im_creature_view_hp=0||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=1||%im_creature_banner_bg=0 Creature -N +Hn -Hb +B||%im_creature_view_names=0||%im_creature_view_hp=1||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=0||%im_creature_banner_bg=1 Toggle Creature BG||%im_creature_banner_bg=! You can get the names of the require variables by right clicking the short description in the options window.
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  15. Instance mode adjustment

    Or what might work without major changes is ability to save several types of settings and switch between them like we do for mixing and pick lists (hopefully without the random failure like pick lists).
  16. Enhanced Unicorn Medallion

    I have used and it has not broken so fast but I think it has to level of competition. I rarely use since I find drops not worth cost in AP.
  17. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Today is the 27th day of Vespia, the year 0060, Age of the Eternals. Game Time: 04:09:20 (October 10, 2019) At the new day, we received a Special Day called - Day of the Dead. There is a slight misspelling in the day description. The #day command reads as follows: Today is a special day: Day of the Dead English: This day, there is a random chance that when an entity dies (human or computer controlled) it will respawn full health where it died, without droping any items or using rostogol stones. Role Playing: Mortos has some extra power today, so he will randomly save any living (or undead) being from it's ultimate fate. In the #day description the word "droping", should be spelled "dropping". I just thought it was worth a mention.
  18. Selling Human Removal Stone

  19. Selling Human Removal Stone

    As the title inquires, I am selling this stone. Feel free to reply to this thread if you are interested, or leave ujunwa a Mercator about your interest. I look forward to doing business with you (I ask that you please be patient with the delivery of this item, as I am continuing to move today so I will be in game about 5 hours from this initial post, tyvm.) First come, first serve
  20. Global Quest FAQ

    I appreciate all of your info for this quest btw LittleLooter Today I realized the previous Global Quest we had was over, so I proceeded to Hyutan to see what he required. Upon reaching Hyutan he did not need help with the current global at the time (even though the Global was over ) So.. I was asking around on the invasion channel to see if I could get some help. Oakhex explained that one has to talk to Jerun in the TG Magic School first before Hyutan would tell us what he needs for the Global. So, when the previous Global is no longer, we must speak to Jerun before hand to start the quest. (My apologies if this has already been mentioned in the thread, I did not bother to look *laughs*) Sorry, I just thought I would inform anyone that may have the same issue I had, in the future.
  21. Forgot password

    Thank you momma frfr i appreciate that
  22. Forgot password

    To who ever needed clarification. This character is Johnathan's who has asked for his password in this thread currently logged on in forums as drtydevil. We have sold our guard bot guild map and main characters... Only kept a little one each to come talk on on occasion. And we returned whiterhino to Johnathan. So if you please would help him with his password I would appreciate it.
  23. Forgot password

    I cant help i just forgot my pw aislinn i swear all it is i hope thic can elate my situation aislinn im sorry for the spam by the way not trying to just attempting to,resolve this (this is from mrsdrtysouth and myself messaging)
  24. Forgot password

    Im not having any issues i simply typed in the new pw almost a year ago and forgot,what it was ma'am im not causing issues i didnt when i returned last time im not going to,now i was 14 when i started playing aislinn im now 28 when you delt with me i was a teenager even in 2012 i was only 19/20 i didnt do anything wrong this time i swear
  25. Forgot password

    After all the past nonsense with family shared/hacked/stolen/whatever characters and "forgotten" passwords, you don't deserve anyone here giving your password problems the time of day. I can only hope radu feels the same.
  26. Forgot password

    Yeah lol i remember that i have pictures of me on whiterhino after that date on my facebook profile in riot guild with thyralax and kraken also ujuwana cherut had recieved moderator after that post of mine also im sure she can verify it was me on my account as i was trying to,join her and wizzys MAD guild at the time and informed them it was me back,on my account ill find the,pictures and share them it will make things easier and i apologize i forgot about the personal information bubba
  27. Forgot password

    5$ to radu and convince him it's your character; he's the only one dealing with lost passwords, as you know. (but see also http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/60708-whiterhino-stolen-by-the-drtys) I'm not sure he's reading all the forums that attentively.
  28. Forgot password

    Hi, about 300 ish days ago i changed my password to my whiterhino account to,protect itwith my android phone i have a feeling i hit the wrong key typing fast or either just forgot it flat out i remember all prievious passwords was curious if i may please recieve some assistance radu please i attempted to send a forum pm however i no longer have those privledges due to how i acted when i was younger on forums i also sent an email from johnathangriff@yahoo.com to verify who i am as we have had previous conversations about the account in question i also if need be have tons of screenshots from when i received the account in 2012 from attilathehun (<real name removed>) also when i returned on the account i took screeshots while doing guild projects just a few months prior to forgetting my password Thank you for your time
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