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  2. new spell 'fight'

    this sound fun as long as it's not casted between 2 bosses
  3. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately, Wizzy beat you to it. I forgot to edit my post until I got your pm from Mercator:)
  4. revi

    just booted by riptade, khehehe
  5. revi

    khehehe, someone nedded clinex, khehehe you just wont stop until you ban me? i told you if you do not like it, you can ban me now, you are just simpy easly offended unmature and picking on players to compensate for some sad loss in your life. fuck off of me
  6. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    #nu would be perfect for you...Honor guild play as you play ...PM me if interestred
  7. Yesterday
  8. Day of entropy

    Just an idea of a very special day. due to disturbance by some astronomic effects, each bag that disappears (after 12 minutes...) reappears at a random position anywhere in EL.. Don't know if it's hard to implement, but would be something crazy new. what do you think?
  9. new spell 'fight'

    Of all the new spell possibilites proposed over the years, this one is pretty far down on this list of practical additions to the game. Such a thing exists in classic D&D... Charm. You only need to cast on one creature. Even if we change this to the classic Charm spell, the applications to EL are troubling. As others have pointed out you really have to look at new additions from the 'how can this be abused' aspect. and being able to charm a casty is bad. But we can add immunities for bosses, you say? Well, sure... let's add more restrictions to the point it can't be abused... then it's useless.
  10. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    Hi Lexi NEW is recuiting and active. PM me in game!
  11. EDIT I'm now a member of NEW, and in no need of a guild. Thank you for your consideration. Hey, guys, I'm looking to join an active guild that follows the unofficial community 'rules' (no bag jumping, no scamming, etc). My character is quite old, and I used to play Eternal Lands all the time. I just returned after a hiatus. I'm a mixer/harvester, so I'd like to be in a guild that allows that or is centered around it, else I'm totally useless to you guys otherwise. My internet is way too laggy to fight anything. My previous guilds were: THC BanE My current guild is: ~O~ (The Circle) I'm only leaving it because no one else is playing anymore, so it seems. Thanks for your consideration. My in-game name is Lexi, and I currently play from the Android app.
  12. new spell 'fight'

    But, but, but.... That means training yet another skill, extra nexus, gc. That's work...
  13. new spell 'fight'

    Its called summoning you summon a creature your friend summon a creature and you let them fight against each other. And if you are over a certain level you can give the creatures you summoned a few commands You can also have your summoned creatures attack other creatures of people, and you can summon from rabbits up to dragons a whole lot of creatures.
  14. new spell 'fight'

    So I cast the spell on a goblin in PL, and someone else on a skeleton in Irinveron. What happens? Or, the spell is cast on two invasion bosses? Invasion master won't be happy... IM(NS)HO, the strategic possiblities are what makes this 'not funny' for invasion masters, and the code needed to get this work as you intent (I think) is a bit more complicated than the changes we've seen lately: timing issues, exactly how is the spell supposed to be cast? And of course, the "fun" aspect wears off rather fast, in general.
  15. Crashing during combat

    Downloaded on my Android phone and game runs great until I enter combat . I guess more then 70% of times I enter combat the client crashes . Any suggestions for a fix?
  16. Magic level 100 required, ability to cast 'fight' spell, casting on two creatures causes them to fight each other. Duration between casting on 1st and 2nd creature would be no more than 2-3 secs, only 2 creatures can be cast on at one time. there is some good strategy possibilities in this and of course some silly fun to be had pitting various creatures against each other
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  18. Bot expiration

    WiseDwarF paid and paid for a Bot Blessing 534438766619446
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  20. A rather strange ip ban

    Thank you Aislinn .
  21. A rather strange ip ban

    Anything to do with problems on PK server must go through radu. You can contact him in-game on main server on his radu character, or through forums - he uses the name Entropy here. I recommend via forums pm because he usually comes on in-game late in the day and doesn't stay online much. All password retrievals for both servers must go through radu as well. There is a $5 retrieval charge and you must provide proof of ownership, as revi explained. I do highly suggest that you do not keep trying over and over again just guessing at passwords because that will trigger an auto-ban if you have too many password failures. And I do see a lot of attempts from a couple of weeks ago.
  22. A rather strange ip ban

    After the pay to play on pk server I get <0:00> Disconnected from server! [Grue] Press Alt x to disconnect. I know Nickolah and Nomercy Santa and Dodgey pass. After several attempts to remember Danmleczu pass.I got that reading. Now I can not sign in on pk period with any of my Chars that I do know the pass too. I just cannot remember Calla s pass on main.I just have not played on main much since pk server started. I can take care of Calla on main on the 3 of Aug. I can Take care and pay for Danmleczu on pk server also that day. I was just seeing if I was ip Banned or had something blocking connection.Or had to delete game and reload. Thank you Revi. For responding.
  23. A rather strange ip ban

    Let's try and see if I understood all that (try using spaces and linebreaks next time, please): You have several characters: Calla on main & Danmleczu, Nomercy and Nickolah on PK. You lost passwords to all of them. From what I can see, at least Calla is not locked, I can't check IP bans or anything on PK server. If that's what has happened, you will indeed have to contact radu with 5$ per pass and enough private information to convince him that those are your characters. If you have managed to get an autoban on one of the servers, you can discuss that at the same time. But you should be able to notice for yourself if you hit an IP ban, as that shows a red message before you get to the login screen.
  24. A rather strange ip ban

    I guess from the sounds of it I might have been banned for trying to sign my alts Charactor Danmleczu on the pk server.I forgot his pass.when we moved I had changed all my char actors passes and had them wrote on note cards in my file box.Was flooded out two years ago was staying at my uncles house with 8 of us trying to use At and t internet so was able to change some of my charactors back to a password I could remember.Then because of internet usage internet speed was slowed way down so I could not access stay connected.So I did not get Danmleczu done or my Original Charactor Calla on main. Durring one of our moves my son had cleaned out my file bin and my note cards are not there.I would like to still play with my Charactors Nickolah and Nomercy on Pk.Im unable to log them in.If it happens to be im banned I will not try and log Danmleczu on pk and Calla on main Till after I get paid next month.Then I ll pay for password change on them..Lexi told me to post.She also left me instruction on how to save all my passwords to a cloud server. Thank you Sincerely Calla/Aka Nickolah
  25. revi

    You are not the sole arbiter of "a bad decision". You are not the sole arbiter of "a bad mod" (or by extension, what defines a "good mod"). You are not the sole arbiter of who should be removed. You are not the sole arbiter of "truth". You have made your case and revi has made his. I wouldn't put up with the constant insults, either. You may be a "clearly devoted and passionate player", but you are also a clearly rude one.
  26. revi

    One other incident (april, 2017, as Seiduna wants proof...) [11:17:45] [Ursha @ 1]: so i #reset yesterday, afterwards i spent an hour in ip rat cave and raised oa to 10, but wraith is still not giving me perks? he says overall skill too low, [11:18:17] [Ursha @ 1]: at least 5 (or 10) is needed for that perk, so what is the problem? [11:18:40] Users online from Ursha [11:18:44] [Ursha @ 1]: thanks [11:20:03] [revi @ 1]: what perk do you want to take? [11:20:57] [Ursha @ 1]: revi, are you making up for kicking me out? I need like 5 of them, anti, gelatine, can't dance, eat dead,... [11:21:48] [revi @ 1]: If we go on that tone, I won't even bother looking for the answer. Good luck [11:25:17] [Ursha @ 1]: yeah, i expected that much from you, no depth in your work, khehe. And to be perfectly clear about this: Any time you reply with a snide remark or insult to me, you'll get at least a mute, any insulting PM will get you at least a boot (i.e. 5 min lock out from game), any discussion of any such event in public will get you at least a boot (in case of forum posts: delete of posts concerned). An angry reply after one of my actions is one thing, this kind of replies when I'm trying to help you is quite another.
  27. revi

    i opened this thread of me accusing revi of being a bad mod, and i offered screenshots as proof. it is staf's turn to own a bad decision, not to attack without providing a proof a clearly devoted and passionate EL player. i gave my proof, i do not feel or need to provide any further proof nor will i defend myself in any manner.
  28. Or not have alembic breaking so easily. An alembic requires EFE and if they are on market for 10K that is cheap due to cost of ingredients and likely on sale because no one buys except for quest.
  29. Harm is not a cheap spell. Being a mage is not easy. Sorry. A more better solution (to a largely non-existent problem) would be to alter the alembic recipe to give multiple products, or to not require EFE (make it a serpent stone, or a banana, or something).
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