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  1. Maximum food lvl

    It is possible already. In the HUD section iirc
  2. ~

    Even tho people like to call you scammer, I think you are pretty nice to most people. Never seen you hatin’ or doing bad stuff to anyone really. But If you find it necessary, go for it. And if need help, just know that I’m always here. -Kaddy
  3. Heya, Does anybody know how to trigger teh_master account in twitter where invasions, invances and global messages have been announced? I find it really useful for those who wants to participate in stuff when they are offline https://twitter.com/teh_master -Kaddy
  4. I would say; Trassian ACW - Kill 30 between yeti and lion exp Kill 3 RD - tbd exp Kill 2 BD - tbd exp Kill 1 ID - tbd exp AA - Kill 20 giants - tbd exp
  5. Renewing EL website

    lol yeah my bad, meant for Z but you got my point ^^
  6. Renewing EL website

    We are not living in the time of reading, generation X is all about BIG FLASHY PICTURES. Don't know the grinding would be their interest though. -Kaddy
  7. New creatures

    There could be some monster named anything you want - make it have different perk everytime it spawns so you don't know what is coming! Would be actually pretty epic to make it have different item drop pool according to the perk and make the perks non-ingame!
  8. Storage sale!

    Heya, Selling most of my storage, please let me know what you want to take with price, pm me in-game Kaddy. Here we go; Food: 1357 Potion of Feasting 7829 Toadstool 8503 Vegetables Flowers: 1149 Blue Berries 26 Black Rose 14737 Red Rose 1510 Poppies 7829 Toadstool 21230 Chrysanthemum 3976 Tiger Lilly 21323 Red Snapdragons 19121 Impatiens 14267 Blue Star Flower 4420 White Asiatic Lilly 10523 Swamp Candles 15850 Blue Lupine 13185 Tree Mushroom 4364 Poison Ivy 17298 Mullein 2171 Ogre Toes 4919 Henbane 14495 Nightshade 20213 Sunflower Metals: 1500 Gold Bar 100 Silver Bar Minerals: 27266 Sulfur 13566 Blue Quartz 1813 Sapphire 1559 Diamond 40 Gypsum 132 Turqoise Tools: 1042 Gem Sanding Paper 654 Loom 12 Leather Gloves Weapons: 7 Steel Two Edged Sword 15621 Bones 2 Bronze Sword 1 Orc Slayer 32702 Training arrows 1 Used Cutlass 1 Used Orc Slayer 1 Elven Bow 1 Jagged Saber 1 Cutlass Armor: 3 Steel Greave 1 Steel Plate Mail of Healing 1 Steel Plate Mail 1 Damaged Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Steel Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Cuisses 4 Enhanced Wooden Shield 1 Used Titanium Shield 1 Used Steel Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Greave 1 Titanium Cuisses 1 Damaged Red Dragon Mail 1 Titanium Plate Mail 1 Titanium Greave 1 Ice Dragon Greave 1 Ice Dragon Mail 1 Iron Cuisses 371 Leather Helm 2 Leather Pants 1 Titanium Shield 1 Iron Helm 3 Crown of Life Essences: 1 Enriched Fire Essence 20581 Life Essence 4525 Air Essence 15813 Fire Essence 1930 Earth Essence 12 Enriched Life Essence Animal: 237 Red Snake Skin 396 Cockatrice Feather 45 Beaver fur 190 Leopard fur 63 Black panther fur 843 Bear Fur 135 Feran Horn 39 Brown rabbit fur 2 Deer Antlers 196 Raccoon fur 14 White rabbit fur 459 Brown Snake Skin 15621 Bones 7982 Raw Meat 307 Hawk Feather 77 Tiger fur 199 Fox Fur 16 Wolf Fur 8 Puma Fur 77 Snow Leopard fur 519 White Tiger fur 2 Deer Fur 30 Rat tail 368 Green Snake Skin 120 Mule Skin 233 Falcon Feather Clothes: 11 Body Piercing Cloak 2 Monster Magnetism Cloak 3 Fox Scarf 1 Padded Leather Armor 3 Skunk hat 1 Yellow Robe 1 Yellow Robe Skirt 10 Mirror Cloak 4 Racoon hat 2 Leather Pants 1 Cape of passive camouflage 1 The artificer cape 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Blue Tunic White Shirt 1 Black Blue Striped Baggy Pants 1 Black jacket 1 Black Baggy Pants 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Brown Baggy Pants 1 Red Robe Skirt 2 Conjurer Cloak 1 No More Tears Cape Misc: 3 Enrichment Stone 2 Serpent Stone 3 Binding Stone 2 Orange 1 Pear 13971 Empty Vial 298 White Fabric 424 Yew Jewelry: 247 Silver Ring 25 Polished Diamond 124 Gold Ring 430 Polished Emerald 89 Polished Sapphire 224 Polished Ruby 93 Silver Medallion - Kaddy
  9. All hydro route to be PK?

    Well I am one of them. I think I did quit in 2011-2012 and recently got back to EL. Last 2 years I have been playing OL as some of you knows. This issue with hydro is actually a consequence of removal of rule #5. The "actively played" definition is way too hard to set but since I am back, all I hear is stivy bombing hydro runners with macro of his alts and radu paying him (I'm not telling it is true, is just what I heard). Also the need of hydro is just for pp buying purposes since the npc prices of items that require hydro is way too low compared to the cost of ingreds. So the second problem is to be able to max out with pp buying - which I think it is one of the features that did the most damage to EL. What can be done? I have read radu's blog about how an MMO economy should be and how to keep balance between income and outcome and from what I have read, he goddamn knows what he is doing. I am really upset that EL economy got to this level and people were forced to hoard especially some rares. The difference of income of top level and bottom level is WAY too much and the difference they can make with that income is also way too much. The gold income should be less than outcome for a while to keep things get to the balance and let new starters have a chance - of which maybe we can get rule #5 back after having alot of new players. You guys are all into hydro and spying things but I think we need to focus on route-cause to have overall improvement of both gameplay and economy. Ps: I got to some offtopic sorry for that -Kaddy
  10. I think when a serpent sword of fire breaks, it should turn back to modable serpent sword. And the modable swords should degrade back to original ones and you should make modable swords yield-able.
  11. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    How can someone make your life hell in EL aka "massively multiplayer single player game" lol?
  12. very old players

    Might be back aswell.
  13. So, this is real. I have started EL in 2003, with a friend's advice, before server crash. Since 2003, I have seen many many things going in the game, gotten to know many people, seen many advices and ideas. But I feel like most of the things that has been implemented are; all about money. The changes at drops, the rosto chances, new armours (expensive armours), etc. They were all about the money that radu could make. But in the end, the game got boring and boring, items got more expensive everyday etc. The greedy-ness got this game dead. The second thing that I hate about EL is, the difference between a new starter and a 10-12 year old char is WAY TOO BIG. There has to be reachable-end-game so that the new comers can find the game attractive. There should be a reach-able level and after that, there should be quests, instances, bosses to kill, new unique items etc to play around. If I would come and start EL today, I would say "what the hell? 10 years and they finally got highest level in game and that's only a/d" The last action that was taken to allow multi was the biggest impact. Now this game is a Multi Massive Players Online But A Single Player Game End of story. -Kaddy
  14. GC Drop Rates

    Actually, grinding started as C2 came. I'm not saying C2 was bad to EL but it started the grinding fast. Everytime when someone say "old times", they get flamed but I remember spending only 1-2 hours on spawn and the rest of the day in PK. But back then we had drops (not 8971289731k items, but tit longs, steel chains, if you are lucky some plate set and serps) and it was the fun of it. People started to be afraid when big items came to EL, where you could lose almost a WEEK worth of items, just because a milisecond ping of your connection. And back then, when rostos were just like 16k (which was pretty cheap) people were still PKing, because of the rosto prices, but not for income, just for fun. But as the rostos gone up to 50k? (I don't know recent prices) the fun left PK. That's the history of PK's getting dead day after day. For training a/d, It's BORING. And actually it was fun to have a new level in a few days, without training TOO much. But 178 max level is just ridicilious tbh. People grinded and grinded for days and weeks and months and YEARS. For what? My personal thought is; what is the point grinding for WEEKS when you can't enjoy it against people? Where is the fun in that? As for the drops, yeti used to drop HEAPS, so did acw's. People who could train/kill them that times are the ones with +50 bought pp's right now. People who started recently or even 2 years ago can never get to that point, not even close. Actually, I find it the main cause of people's not sticking to EL, if they are a newcomer. Look at the player base, most of people who play EL, have been playing EL at least over 3-4 years. I started in 2003, did quit in 2012...