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  1. Health change indicator

    While we are at it, can we modify the "taken damage" height or an option to make it higher or lower, or darker in colour, or have some kind of bold/glowy effect? Height is: when you are in instance mode, you can make your hp bar/numbers higher but it's hard to keep track since the damage on you is shown at a very low level (at least it's hard for me ) Also, if we can change the damage taken colour, it would be really great to differ from mobs and players, like golden colour would be great.
  2. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    While you are at it, can we see the code for lucky attacker and lucky defender perks? Also, my question is; When we had a problem in Eva perk and Armorer perks, the problem was in codes? Do you have the problematic codes saved somewhere to give us an idea how a problem seems like codewise?
  3. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    I just could not see the item rareness difference in the code. From what I've seen with this code, is it same chance to make an EFE and EEE? which is clearly not....
  4. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    I've made +50 halberds without HoA, with arti cape. Then made 2 HoA's in 4 halberds without arti cape. Tbh, I think most of the astro affected perks are broken. Such as lucky defender and lucky attacker. Also think arti cape is broken aswell. Bu radu just asks for more input then never checks them either. And we have found that Armorer was broken, Eva perk was broken aswell...
  5. You should start asking more questions rather than giving us ideas And you just made the biggest sin, compared EL to Runescape lmao. I hope you can keep playing EL.
  6. chart

    Not exactly true. Read below:
  7. deleted

    Just for you to get some idea about this games playerbase. Aislinn knows me since I was 14 years old. Now I have a kid running in the house.
  8. Better pathfinding/Control

    This thing that i find also annoying at a lot of times, that if you are to far away you stay still, is apparently there by design, if wanted it would not be a to hard thing to reverse the walking there instead standing still, the Auto attack feature i would not want. since the System does not Differentiate between normal Creatures and players in a Player Kill map I remember radu saying he made this intentionally to avoid being abused by macroing or autoclicking. In fact, Other Life (Learner's game) has it.
  9. Adding new invadable bosses

    Given the fact that they are using existing actors in client, it would take just a server update to add them to invasions or just add new mobs with different attribs/stats. We deffo need new looking for breakers btw!!!
  10. Nexus Tether perk

    As if we don’t have harvesting power-ups that prevents you getting teleported already.
  11. Well I'm down to burying my suggestion if diealot's going to be done.
  12. If you are talking about your being not able to party without someone in your buddies, I think that would be bad since we have limited amount of buddys avaliable. But bluaps being onto this subject... just gave me hope now. Love you bluap! <3 Kaddy.
  13. Hello lovely EL community, I have searched about this but could not find any suggestion... if I am wrong please forgive me and delete this thread. As for invances and instances, communication amongst the team is crucial. I'm not sure client or server handles this but, being able to seeing your teammates' mana would be amazing. That means you can see someone getting low mana and you can back up/heal/help etc. I know this means less bricks but I believe it would contribute more team-oriented activities. Why not invasions? Because I don't think it's possible. Invances and instances have different coding already. I thought it would be a good start to have them first. What do you think about it? -Kaddy
  14. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Yeah I am concerned more about auto equip rather than the consumable. I still can't understan how it will affect it.
  15. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I really don't like the delay of quick-slot key binding delay. Being instant is really good in my playing style. If you are going to make a delay, set an option in option/troubleshoot and make it delay/no delay selection. Not many uses bone as a weapon nowadays anyway... If they want to use it as weapon, they should just double click or drag.