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  1. Seperate folders for multiple characters

    If you have been using same main server for all your chars before, best is to just copy main folder a few times and rename them with your chars names. So that you would still have the counters and video settings etc saved for a start. The only thing is after like 8 or 9 lines in servers.lst it stops working. I tried many times idk if that happens for other people also. But using servers for different chars is great if you have access to many chars and don’t wanna remember all the pass.
  2. Storage sale

    I will take all HE/SR and rostos and some bp capes. Catch me ingame
  3. Autologin

    Yes. You can go to the eternal lands folder in your documents, and then go main folder and then open el.ini file in notepad. There is username and password info place. Write your name and pass between “ “ and save it. This applies for only one char. You can even make different shortcuts for each of your alt up to like 6-7 but that’s another story and complicated, let me know if you want that info. -Kaddy
  4. Poly in 6080 instance

    You can’t win everytime. We have gotten alot of <5k drops from mbs and <1k drops from bulas aswell in ice instance where you need to train a char to tank the instance FOR YEARS whereas a 60-80 insta hitter or tank can be done within a month. Of course the more instance people go, the more rostos and tokens burnt with a better gc income for those people with low levels (or alts) in an economy where the prices are fucked up. I have gone to a great number of 60-80 instas with my tank alt (30/100 a/d) and profit wasnt really that bad in 3-4 people. I’d say make it either poly or scarba to make things more interesting and increase the chance of getting better drops more. -Kaddy
  5. Totally agree and died alot of times with alts trying to make a bag next to mobs lol
  6. Hero Points

    Defo like the idea!
  7. As I already called these days as stupid in chan 6, wanna call them stupid again here. You want to have bad days in EL to make people do other things in game, like labour day, peace day, green day. But no storage day? Why? You just want to decrease the playerbase that is already low? And no bombing day is just focused on some case that is actually good day for %99 of EL and actually he doesn’t even bomb anymore. -Kaddy
  8. New daily fight quest

    I like the concept, it would be much more fun tbh. Esp after some point, exp gained by dailies / exp required for new level ratio goes so low that doing or bothering for daily becomes useless. This would at least help a little. I don’t know it is possible server-wise, but if it is I am +1 for the idea.
  9. Heya all, Searched for a few queries but did not find any. For all those years, we had only 2 great options as helmets - col and holam's. What I suggest is to add Ice Dragon Helm of Life and Mana and Black Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. I suggest to add a NPC where it can charge you like 10-20k whatever it is and takes a rdholam and gives you either ice or black, with the same protections or lets say +2 cold for ice and +1 cold +1 fire for black. So we can at least use some other looking good items for our helmets because imo Black and Ice helms look much better. Since the items are already in game, a simple server update would be required only with also a NPC to do the trade (let's say heavybeard or tankel). What do you guys think? -Kaddy
  10. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    I never bash it you know. Me and I believe most of people are just sad that they lose good friends because of some same reasons over years. I enjoy the game alot, I would enjoy the game much more if we had the same community as in 2004-2008. I think you would disagree aswell because there were much more troublemakers back then lol.
  11. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    If I’m not gonna get in trouble; This mindset has brought EL from 1k unique players per day in 2008 to 100 unique players per day in 2018.
  12. Indicator for Glow

    Opponent 2018 pick one. Most of the top levels have glow anyways and it's so damn easy to find out who has it or active or not... Especially in invasions....
  13. Client - Item list request

    Errr can we non-code-knowledgeable-noobs also learn how to do it?
  14. Ranging

    Some fighters keep their phy/coord low in order to get maximum exp out of the mobs they kill, which is something I find really stupid. Those people cannot use the maximum capacity of their chars because of low p/c. That's where you have to make a choice between gc drops, invasions or better exp. Which is why I suggested exp per kill, but some people didn't like it even tho like %99 of the MMO's offer the same, lol... As for ranging, never became a true ranger but trained alot. Yes, maximum perception decreases the exp incoming, but you do get more exp per shot since less fails so you have to make trials and see what brings you the most experience. Long distance and high exp or short distance and low exp in total.
  15. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Just say “selling 50k HE’s” on market and see if there is a demand or not. It is all about what you can achieve with your char. If I can earn more than 30kgcs/hour, why would I make HEs with my char, right? If mixing HE’s is the most profitable in terms of gc/hour then do it. Also, do you think there are enough mixers in the game to cover the demand of essies? I don’t think so. Only myself use at least 15k HE’s per damn week. Let alone other essies and pots etc. So getting items from only other players or mixing byself is just a silly idea. Demand won’t be covered, price will go up, some fighters will have to make alts and mix, some will just quit etc. Also, with the removal of rule 5, harving and mixing can be done much much faster especially low food cost items. If you can’t use alts, that’s your problem and you can’t inflate the market out of your own problem. I see no need to increase the npc prices of alchemy items.