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  1. Keep the break rate same, but make it 10 item per recipe. So no more 2 day lasting 250 hidden mobs and 264827317 place to look.
  2. A PK is dead and the reason has nothing to do with brod. B PK oriented weapon, which means NULL-oriented weapon. Doesn’t worth shit since js hits 3-10 to dragon armors... lol C See above, make the damage 5-15 lol.
  3. Make it ivan-like. Set various PK spawns, do not annouce. Random respawn time, like 60 to 90 minutes. Do not tell spawns either.
  4. I’d say instead of adding steps, increase the steps Ogre tokens give. So it helps ogre killing newbies. Right now, it costs more to buy ogre tokens for 14k steps instead of just buying whistles. Idk what radu would say, but I am for adjusting the ogre tok bonuses. Kad
  5. Last few months, I am by far the most ice farming person in EL and I’d say keep the drops same in instances. Even with the lowest drops on lets say 3 man, it is by far the most gc/hour event in EL. You cannot win everytime, and personally I like the highs and lows, just like Ambro. BUT, since instance and invasion drops can be different, DEFO add a minimum drop for rd/bd/ice, blue dragons (especially blues, they suck at invasions) and obviously MB since most of the times ice and above is teamed up. But people don’t even bother sharing dragon drops coz they suck. In dragon-dense invasions, tank gets all and hitters get nothing which is quite disappointing for hitters. For mbs, I barely remember solo’ing a mb, maybe 2-3 in last months and I usually call my guild when I see them. But you spend your time killing those and getting 10k and splitting it into 4 is quite heartbreaking lol. So... add minimum to invasion drops because they are meant to be done as teams. Kad
  6. Testing client ported to SDL2

    It works perfectly fine now, thanks! And I have figured out that the delays are because of my connection. Those happened with older builds aswell so I'm sure it's not something related with the new one. Kaddy
  7. Testing client ported to SDL2

    The active client thing. Let's say I have 2 clients open, 1 is active the other one can be still seen in the desktop view. When I click to some places to move in secondary client, I have to click twice - first for making the client active, then to walk I guess... For people who uses a few clients at the same time, it makes you lose some time and click. I tank with 1 char and have FA with the other client, when the fa is destroyed, I have to click fire arrow 3 times, 1- to make client active, and then double click to wear. I hope it was helpful to make you understand. if it's still not clear, I'll make a video showing the difference. I updated my graphic card today after our chat and switched back to september build (the used item counter one). Arrow thing is much faster (as you said, it's OS-rate at new client I guess, I don't know how to change tho), and click thing is as I mentioned above. I will check the freezing, delay thing and let you know. Kaddy
  8. Testing client ported to SDL2

    The arrows to move camera right left, up and down has a delay. In older version, if you push an arrow from keyboard, it directly makes camera moving and keeps moving as long as you hold. But in the new version, it moves a little bit, delays, and then keeps moving. This is the only difference so far I've found. Kaddy
  9. this game needs a new start!

    Thinking new server will fix the broken ecomony itself is quite funny. There are lots of people who have worked years for their chars, some spent time, some spend money. Some enjoy the process, some enjoy the end game. Basically you're saying that people will leave their "comfort zone" for a new server which will require shitloads of grinding ALL OVER AGAIN? Heh, guess not. It was nice when there were no fruit cooldown, serp stone 500gcs and EFE's 4,5k. HE's 4gcs SRs 12gcs. No rostos. People weren't afraid to lose a month-load-work-worth of items in a fight, because they still had alot of them in storage. (At least most PKers did). Mixers were happy because NPC prices were too high compared to the cost of mixing, so they could sell their goods. So cost/demand ratio was nice. Even after c2 and rostos and great swords etc came out, rosto drop rate was still quite well from harvesting. They were like 12-15kgcs lol... So these will be a 9397129312th repeat but; Rosto/binder/enrich/EFE rate was dramatically lowered to increase shop sales - resulted in price increase. Nothing was done. A person with 789234 spy alts blocked hydro for years - resulted in epic shutdown for iron/coal/fe business - alot of people left. Nothing was done. A few people did really hurt the economy, one of them was a developer who doesn't play the game and just harv fruits - resulted in price increase in a few items. Nothing was done. Because of increase in rosto prices, people moaned to have a no-drop PK map, resulted in no point fighting afterall, killed PK - killed ALL those resources burned, hurts the economy balance between mixers and figthers. Nothing was done. Shitloads of new ideas in forums, we didn't even have a restart in 200-something days. I can keep going for days really... So, do you really think a new server will fix the economy? lol. -Kad (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, I'm just stating the facts as I am still very active in game happily playing. )
  10. Just used a daily cooldown reducer with regular finger use, it didn't count
  11. Works great ty! UMMM Doesn't work when you use an item with Ctrl + number
  12. Great news! When can we have the new client link?
  13. Well still works tbh. When are you going to release it?
  14. Yep exactly what I needed. What about reconstruction day? it will count when item doesn't pop?
  15. Can you please add a "used/consumed" section in the counters? I posted this in @@6 and alot of people loved the idea.