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  1. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Is it possible to have max lines on screen adjustable? In normal chat, max 10 lines are showed in the screen, and if chat is spammy, it gets onto char etc as Aisy mentioned. So when I want to fight and chat and dont want to use windowed chat, can I adjust it? Seems like when you decrease it down to 6-7, it shouldnt be a problem while fighting.
  2. Something like #reset_res should be good to swap back to original (same as client opening size) #set_res xxxx yyy to switch to desired #save_res to set the current resolution as user defined and auto-select "user defined" resolution for further openings. #show_res to see current resolution to give an idea what a desired resolution should be How do these sound?
  3. Health change indicator

    Tbh, this is amazing! Great job Bluap!
  4. Health change indicator

    Sounds quite good. Can you update builds on GIT please? ty
  5. Health change indicator

    Okay, I'll explain one by one, as simple as I can; - Option to disable dynamic for ALL others but my character. This is for invasioning, all other players or mobs would be green health bar, so when your hp is low, you can see much more easier. - Option to disable dynamic for only mobs but players. This is for instancing, mobs would be green but it would give you ability to realize your team member's hps are down so you can act. - Ability to change color of taken damage to only my character. Especially in the times of Iglow, there are alot of damage all around the players so you can differ the damage ON YOUR CHAR easier. - Ability to change height of TAKEN DAMAGE on my char, along side of height of banner (which you already can with instance mode). I use instance mode and keep the height of my banner just around the damage height so I can keep track of both easier. With the latest change, you increase the height of banner and the damage taken goes really high. - Ability to change color of the health bar of MY CHAR, lets say golden, so all others are green and you can differ your hp bar easier. This would be amazing if we could use it like when you are full hp, it is golden (or any color we want) and when it starts to go down, goes orange, red, dark red etc. Like dynamic but just with different color setup (like you can in excel ) I have a dream
  6. My item_uid set 1 and still showing ring of hydro in a different place
  7. Well in my inventory, votd rings are together but Ring of Hydro shows just before Point Defense...
  8. Rings are alltogether that's all I needed lol
  9. Health change indicator

    I have downloaded and updated the new GIT. Disabling color change is fine, but what I really wanted is to disable it for players/mobs individually. I mean, when I want to disable the dynamic color change, I still want my health bar to change dynamicly. The purpose of this request is for people to keep track of their hp's in a much better manner especially in high populated invasions etc. In my scenerio, everything would be green and my bar would be to orange/red etc. EDIT# Also, right now with height increase upon banner + instance mode, the damage shown is WAAAY too high. I think being able to adjust its height would be much better.
  10. hey Bluap, does it include the other thread changes? Damage and banner height etc
  11. Health change indicator

    This would be great. Can you have a look at being able to disable color change on health bars? Or being able to change taken/done damage to mobs/players colors seperately?
  12. You do also realize %90 of the fonts are barely readable, right?
  13. Health change indicator

    @bluap any chance of these improvements? While I'm thinking about it, comes to my mind; Can we have an option to disable color-adaptive health bar/numbers for other players/mobs in instance mode? And also have a chance to select a color for it?
  14. I am already using the old font and it does look different.
  15. Fonts are different from previous, and I didn't think it'd be that bad so didn't back up... Can we have a build without TFF? I want to have new #q thing but really disliked the TFF... TFF: https://gyazo.com/9316cc6ab3a40d0209c7151f54ec1730 Normal: https://gyazo.com/c921b1cc2925c6a3e8e961d41c59400b