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Expiring bots

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Here is the list of bots that have expired, or will expire at the end of the month.

The renewal is 20 USD per year, or if you get a bot blessing it is renewed for the year also.


If there is a mistake, please let me know.


tutanchamon, rick
Unforgivin, Ozmondius
Beaver, Dendar
Muppet, Jaraxle

CRABS, Darrock
Merchant, Nidan
weaselturd, looter
hydrotrader, looter
shoprite, EvanMarie
Chimothy, Taini and Tokie
Bestest, Alphabet
hammer, kickbutt
iceicebaby, icevodka
Karlin, the_piper
BodySnatcher, Jeff

Albacea, Macal
CLF, Wizzy
BlackPanter, TSC
cypher, Morpheus
Dzik, Daroh
KiraKitty, Ghrae
Zirah, Zamirah
Slotbot, Aislinn
Leetah, Miscka

mega, rajun
IronSide, CoachTim
Volsung, Gorilla
eset, Calio and Dorisa

KetChup, ManiaX
FunguS, ManiaX
Faithy, Viper
Queen, themuntdregger
BoneHead, Jeff
Ayperios, bughuul

SilverLeaf, Darc0 and Agrilles
astronomy, CEL guild
Abbie, Lyssa
KickAss, ElG3neral
landerion, faxie
Duvel, Ghrae

Gizmos, CanCowGirl
Incura, CanCowgirl
Nibal, ferny
Penthesilea, Darrock
Bliss, Cherut
ZeBusceta,  Tiriricones
Freya, Stann

Jute, kylass
Keres, Alphabet

vulcano, ppaulosantos
Fashions_II, Moonbeam
pigi, calenhad
XavierX, the_grud
ELBAY, CanCowgirl
Tayama, Zathras
Amethyst, Starlite

Rostogol, Thyralax
NeverMind, Cherut
Simba, D34DLY
freia, Zamirah
Gemini, Aislinn
Stub, bud
Living, dying
Crafti, Daroh

daylecat, Volbeat
BraT, Halosmee

Laubster, Jeff
Wayne_Kerr, Dabrat
Mary, Cherut
Artifice, smurf/_rah_

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Landerion and Artifice paid: 18D92046WX5663012

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