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  1. Best Default Top Players List

    you cant please all the people all of the time but you can please some of the people some of the time lol...do it your way!
  2. Best Default Top Players List

    learners top players page had everything i needed
  3. F&F recruiting

    We are a no drama guild,,,players of all levels,,,,play as you please..just dont bring problems to guild......pm The_Grud or Mags for more info
  4. Very sad news, regarding Learner

  5. Can't connect to server?

    Monday 10-20 am UK is server still down cant log
  6. Who is more trustworthy?

    Starkie always been fair with me...not really had much dealings with violater
  7. Xavierx bot payment in NC

    Receipt number: 8P564343XW499502N,,,,owner The_Grud
  8. Lost my instance banner

    right click on character name?
  9. Bigger Buddy List

    My buddy list is full at 32....
  10. Bigger Buddy List

    A list is a number of items=buddies...A window is one item
  11. Bigger Buddy List

    List ........ the clue is in the post
  12. As the title....BIG PLEASE
  13. Is this a bug???

    Posted here cos not sure if problem is my laptop or bug prpbly 6 + times my screen goes completley blank.....after maybe 5-10 seconds game comes back,,,character can walk but nothing else ...cant attack ...diss...cast spells etc last time while in Ice,,message was ***cant attack in non combat map****.......this has happened twice both times losing rosto......anyone else had this problem???
  14. I rarely go invasions but explain to me how a 5 minute warning spoils it for anyone?