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  1. Forums lost avatars since https

    The avatars weren't working for me either but as of a couple minutes ago, the default avatar image is working but custom images are still giving the Internal Server Error. The image only started working because it got cached when I went to the image url directly.
  2. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    My thanks to Learner for his part in providing me with good times in EL and derivatives. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and those close to him. My heart also goes out to those here for whom this news is difficult to endure.
  3. Peace Day Poll

    This day served me well in my early days. Making the day more rare would make it mostly unavailable to newer and low level players. I understand that sometimes it feels that this day happens often in a bunch but that's the nature of randomness. We go long times without the day too. Perhaps we make the day a 1/2 day? This way the complainers don't need to wait so long and the day happens occasionally enough for those who like it.
  4. Can't connect to server?

    There is currently an outage.
  5. When the client first starts and the "Show Status Indicators in HUD" option is off, you have to enable it in order to show the glow status messages from server. Once it's enabled, the messages will show even if you turn the HUD option off while the client is running. If the client starts with the HUD option enabled, the glow status server messages show in console. The problem is also present in non-Android versions.
  6. 100-120 invance

    Sounds like a combination of small team and bad luck. Occasionally mobs swarm hard and sometimes they don't. That said, I do think this invance is harder than the others but it's been done mostly successfully from what I've seen even with small teams. If you're just entering the range, it's going to be quite hard. Overall, don't let one failure discourage you. Teamwork is more important in this range and have a plan. Invisibility works great to protect the gate against swarms and that puts even the toughest mobs at a disadvantage.
  7. Yes, if people have a previous EL app version, they should either uninstall it or they should at least clear out the app data through App Preferences before launching the new version.
  8. I had scaling issues and found that they were caused by data from a previous installation. Either scale was too large or too small. I fixed this by clearing out the app's data. You might also want to delete, if it exists, <user storage>/Android/data/com.el.elc. After this, the app launched with the correct scaling.
  9. This seems to resolve the crashes for me too. Strangely, I can still see floating messages through objects such as houses so maybe there is no disadvantage to this fix.
  10. I found that disabling floating messages prevents the crash even when I have mobs' banner with Names and HP enabled.
  11. Using instance mode banners I don't get the crash if only my banner is visible. When I turn on the mob's banners, I start seeing the crash again.
  12. Here are some of the creatures I tested.
  13. I compiled the app with gles4 repo HEAD set to commit a91f8d1e18362aa26303e84ef4ff776eef0973d2 but I still see the crash when fighting. I also tried tag v0.9.3 and had to comment out the gl_hint in init.c to get it to compile but I still get the crash.
  14. I've been trying this but it's not working out. The first commit that I can compile and get to the main game screen is bluap's commit 99f64eddb4ba8cf9e2e0e65f059160e22630d4be from July 14. In this commit the crash bug is already present. For commits prior to this I get various other issues before even getting to the main game screen. In commits from May 4 - July 14 there is an SDL Error on launch. In commits from February to May the client freezes after submitting username and password. Prior to this I get compilation errors.
  15. This did not help with the crashes. I agree, EL isn't that heavy so I don't think the queue would be filling up. I only get this crash on this version of the Android client. On the old Android client v1.1.2 I never saw the crash issue. The mob that I fight is what crashes the client, not the map I'm on as I first thought. It just happened that when I went to small maps, I was only fighting the mobs that don't cause a crash but after more extensive testing, I found that there are other mobs on the some small maps that always cause a crash.