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  1. End of summer sale

    Yes, but please mention it in the payment (when it should start).
  2. End of summer sale

    Yes, sorry, I edited my post. You can't buy more than one for the same sword, but you can insure fire, ice, etc. separately.
  3. End of summer sale

    Here is the end of summer sale. It starts on 18th of September and ends on 21th. You may NOT use coupons on the deals here. 1. 60 rostos for 200 USD. 2. 50 daily cooldown removals and 50 haidir passes for 100 USD 3. 15 horse whistles (random colors) for 20 USD. 4. 20 efe/eme/serpent/whatever (but must be of one kind) for 30 usd. You can combine them, like get 20 efe and 20 binding for 60 usd. 5. 3 months of warranty for thermal/ice/fire/magic swords only for 20 usd. 6. Two pairs of ubbers for 80 usd.
  4. Hatwood

    Oops, I somehow missed this. I am very sorry to hear. Condolences to the family.
  5. Server Update Suggestions

    So if you have a 1% loss of materials, how is that going to affect your big projects?
  6. TraceRt Logs for Lag Issues

    From Nadziak: https://ibb.co/xCMwSZX
  7. Winter sale

    The winter sale will begin on 5th of January and will end on 8th of January. No coupons can be used with the winter sale deals. 1. 80 horse whistles (random colors) for 100 USD. 2. 60 rostos for 200 USD. 3. 80 daily cooldown reducers for 100 USD. 4. 250 haidir passes for 100 USD. 5. 40 serpent/binding/any enriched essence for 50 USD.
  8. End of summer sale

    Here are the deals for the End of summer sale, which will begin on 19th of September (Monday) and will end Friday (Friday is included). Please note that coupons do not work with the the End of summer deals. 1. 20 rostos and 20 daily cooldown passes for 100 usd. 2. 50 horse whistles for 60 USD, you don't get to choose the colors (you will get multiple colors). 3. For 30 USD you get 18 efe/eme/ewe/binding/serpent stones (you choose which one) and 18 haidir passes. 4. For 200 usd, you get 60 rostos.
  9. Today is a very sad day. I found out, from Stx and Caduceus that Learner has died. Learner has been part of the EL development team since the beginning, more exactly since September of 2003, just months after EL was released. He helped with the client and later with the server. He was always there for me when there was a problem with EL. Even last month, when that hard drive failed he spent many hours helping us get back online. The news is fresh and I am still processing it, so the words are a bit lacking. I am very sad that he has passed away, but I hope he is happy now with his wife, who has passed away over 10 years ago. He will be surely missed by everyone! Rest in peace!
  10. New client release (

    There is a new client available, the download links have been updated so you can download and install it. The Google Play version will be available a bit later, but you can download it from our website. I wish to thank everyone working at this new client, especially Bluap and Grum. Updates since release: Fix trade issue where items would not be sent to storage as expected. Reset number of enabled local lights on map change. Fixes for water effects on newer drivers that no longer support the older effects. To use the new effects you need to install the new shader files that included in the data patch. There is a new option on the video tab that is used to enabled the new shaders. Grum has done a lot of work on the to fix the water effect in this and the 2022-01-21 update. This updated should fixed all the reported issues. Less strict pathfinding" option (Controls tab): Allow the pathfinder to walk to a nearby location when clicking an unwalkable tile, discussed in part in this topic. Fixes for water effects for some Intel, AMD and GPU graphics driver issues. Setting "water shader quality" to 2 will now enable the nice ripple effect for more users. It also fixes the non-working water and corrupt reflections some users were experiencing. Provide an option (Controls tab) to turn off the click through action when focusing the main window. Add additional logging when saving user files. The explicit file close needed for the logging may possibly fix "problem with ..." issues. Detect if loading a zero length user file, log to user but don't disable saving. Zero length files have been reported but required user action to resolve. Fix showing #glow command output when indicator disabled. Add date to timestamp in chat log. Provide and option (Video tab) to enable the desktop screen saver / monitor power management. Set lower bound of chat lines from 5 to 1. Issue #165: Re-validate ground bag window status on reconnect. Issue #163: Fix storage access inconstancy, Store-All and ALT-click access for closed window. Fix mouse over issues for spells windows on Android (in update). Fix only initial spells window mode using default position (in update). Fix possible crash with #calc using L (in update) Fix possible crash in character creation window (in update). Fixed display of action point > 999 in the stats window. Correct colour for login window version text when there is an error. Ensure main window fits the available space and is on-screen. Use the new (JSON) personal files format by default. Enable the item use counter by default. Channel colours window can be scaled and its position managed. Change ground bag window default position to bottom centre. Fix blank lines in console when wrapping text to fit width. Add basic screen orientation options for Android (video tab). Limit "You cannot access the storage from here" messages. Add date to timestamps in log messages. Fix trade bug where storage could not be used if the window was hidden then shown.
  11. Actually, I didn't get to do the pears stuff yet (I will do it soon, I promise) :)
  12. As you might know, we had quite a bit of downtime yesterday/today. It was because one of the two HDDs in the server mirroring RAID failed. It failed almost exactly after 8 years, so it lived its life. OVH was quick to replace it, although they didn't do it in the time window I told them to do it, so the server was running when they shut it down, which caused some issues. The other HDD might fail any time, but at least now we know what to do and it should 'only' take ~5 hours instead of 14. I want again to thank Learner for his hard work with helping fix the issue. Also, because the server was shut down not gracefully, a few characters were lost. That's not a big problem, we have backups. If your char is missing, contact me in game. Since the server had to be restarted anyway, there are a few new things too: 1. Some map fixes. 2. Some of the items have new icons (mainly the broken versions). 3. There are 2 new dragon spawns. 4. Some minor bug fixes.
  13. Please download and test the new release candidate. It fixes some of the existing bugs. https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/releases/tag/
  14. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Do you want me to make a new forum post about the latest RC?
  15. Expiring bots

    I kept forgetting to do it, so some bots expired one year ago and were not locked. Please send one (or two) payments to avoid getting your bot locked. The bots from January and February of 2020 must send two payments. I will lock them at the end of the month if no payment is received. Here is the list: 2020 January Bomb_Shop, Greypal windu, lanfeust Karlin, the_piper iceicebaby, icevodka Bestest, StouXy BlackPanter, TSC February Storedragon, Greypal Shrek, smurf Zirah, Zamirah Leetah, Miscka cypher, Morpheus March TonyStark, Nazeer Belur, Rauch Bunny_MorBob, Morpheus Princess_Legend, Lokey Volsung, Gorilla April Hollowman, Xylo idle, carone busy, carone BattleBot, JoAn knurd, paneologist KetChup, ManiaX FunguS, ManiaX May Zartob, katakil winterstar, raz _angel_, Starlite Sallos, DarkDiablo Pieszczoch, Avalanche takamura, dragon_killer Pandahug, TSC KickAss, ElG3neral June Sqye, karma Bliss, Cherut ZeBusceta, Tiriricones July Puppy, Biker_Boy WiseDwarF, Cassius Krosis, Wizzy August Shrimp - Osirus Amethyst, Starlite vulcano, ppaulosantos September Gemini, Aislinn freia, Zamirah Living, Kingpin October BraT, Halosmee November Mary, Cherut December Beaver, Dendar zabadee, Wloczykij tutanchamon, rick 2021 January weaselturd, looter hydrotrader, looter Gnomercy, Wo0deh February hulkman, Starkie Auriana, jade