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  1. Expiring bots

    Landerion and Artifice paid: 18D92046WX5663012
  2. Bot payments

    Landerion paid: 50D26254SA770835S Artifice paid: 3D775469N7051634D
  3. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    <quote>I told him that some time ago faxie</quote> If you want to include me in the discussion, then speak the truth. You were the one posting AFTER my posts.
  4. Artifice and Landerion paid

  5. Expiring bots

    Artifice paid: 2Y650233SN293161A
  6. Expiring bots (end of June)

    landerion payed 22C26834YH152741U
  7. Expiring bots

    Artifice paid: 7TW774687J1882500 Owner is Faxie
  8. Flower auction

    10035 Lilacs 2873 White Asiatic Lilly 21549 Blue Berries 3262 Wheat 5536 Daffodils 15834 Impatiens 11229 White Chanterelle 1378 Red Snapdragons 12252 Blue Star Flower 2329 Cactus 45919 Dandelion 3910 Tulips 3722 Swamp Candles 9005 Chrysanthemum 9980 Toadstool 5877 Tiger Lilly 746 Black Rose 21580 Red Currents 29158 Poison Ivy 62749 Mullein 42389 Wormwood 41535 Nightshade 2243 Red Rose 35532 Tree Mushroom 1691 Ogre Toes 2777 Yarrow 1280 Valerian 32787 Henbane 1126 Mugwort 36143 Poppies 28652 Rue 1 sale, auction will run until sunday 09-10-2016, I will deliver them from monday on. I will hold the right to NOT sell them if the price is too low
  9. The Fully Random Joker

    I can imagine that people that worked for obtaining all the current joker spots can feel cheated by this idea. Why not make a female joker in addition to the current one that behaves like the suggestions above?
  10. RDP EL on Windows PC

    I couldn't start EL from within an RDP session, but I was able to use the client if I had left it open on my home PC. After some googleing I found the answer, and would like to share it with you. Steps: 1. open notepad(++) 2. copy paste the script 3. save the file as startel.bat in your EL folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Eternal Lands) 4. Start cmd,exe (dos) as administrator 5. browse to EL folder 6. type: qwinsta.exe 7. look for the line: rdp-tcp and remember the ID 8. start startel.bat <id> 9. follow the instructions script: @echo off if [%1]==[] goto DISCONTINUE echo. echo Remote Desktop will be temporarily disconnected . . . please reconnect after a few seconds. echo. pause @echo on tscon.exe %1 /v /dest:console @echo off echo. echo Starting MyProgram.exe . . . @echo on start el.exe @echo off echo. pause goto FINISH :DISCONTINUE echo. echo Please specify Session ID. (Session ID can be found with qwinsta.exe command.) echo. :FINISH
  11. Expiring bots

    Landerion payed: 6L491415PR4989116.
  12. Horse whistle click off

    How about a hotkey aswell?
  13. Beware of faxie

    @Susje: According to my logs my script went live on: Thu Jul 23, 2015 02:32:29 PM I have indeed contacted you to see if you could be reasoned with, but you being you, it could not be done. To give everyone a complete picture, I will include said correspondence. Context of the 2 mails: Whenever I changed my rosto price to MATCH (not beat) Susje's pricing, he, but probably his script, lowered his price with 100 gc to undercut me. Thinking this was bad for the both of us, I suggested we could stop fighting eachother. The mails referred to: Sent 10 December 2013 - 03:04 PM Hey, Can we come to some sort of agreement about rostoprices. At the moment you are lowering your prices and I am copying them which makes both our margins a bit slim. I understand that alfabeticly I have an advantage in sell prices, but you have that advantage in buy prices so that should work out evenly. If that is not fair enough for you, how about this: I will raise my rosto price to 56901 and you take 56900. To be honest, The fairest thing is to have the same buy/sell prices and not compete eachother. Let me know what you think. Greetings, Faxie When I didn't get an answer, I sent him this message: Sent 13 December 2013 - 02:59 PM Hey, We keep competing eachother and adjusting our prices. Think we can work out a gentlemen's agreement of some sort? Gz. Faxie Which he answered with: "If your bot is in the second place, there will be no problems between us..." Perhaps offtopic, but it will draw a very identifiable picture of Susje, I found this in my tradelogs during the time I send the mails: Rostogol Stone 9 56200 505800 sold to Susje Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:53:52 AM If that is not trying to control the market, I don't know what is.
  14. Beware of faxie

    @Susje: Even if you never used any automation for your pricing, I believe that your actions have hurt the other botowners more than my script has (or will do). My script matches the prices of the other botowners and doesn't undercut them like your actions always did. If me, or another botowner would set a price, within the hour you (or a script) would drop under that price to make sure you were the lowest price seller and highest buyer instead of matching their prices. You did this, with enough gold coins to keep doing this so that you controlled the market and making it almost impossible for other botowners to make any kind of profit, at least that was the case for me when I started with Landerion. My script is quite capable to undercut prices, and I have used it against your bots a few times to annoy you , but in general I don't use it because I think that everyone, which even includes you, should have a fair share of the market. You said in previous post that it wasn't fair that I used a script to do the work for me, but you do think it is fair that you can spend more time at the game than other botowners (if you didn't script it, which I find very hard to believe after Teemoo's post)? What also amazes me, is that you even made this forum post. In a personal conversation we had in pm's (and I cannot put on forums, unless you give me permission), you even said that you made a huge profit from my very badly written script. So your moral ground to even post this seems a bit flaky to say the least. Your cynical rant at the end of the previous post made me laugh. However, I did read quite differently than the literal text. I read: "Congrats to Faxie and the mods. We have passed from just me (Susje) using scripts to fair competition and fair prices for everyone."
  15. Beware of faxie

    I don't name and shame, and therefore I see no reason to put their names on forum. I have been playing EL for many years aswell, and I never broke any rules or do I intend to do so. I will stop responding now. It is getting old fast and you don't seem to bring up any new issues.