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rayla bjed us in trassian

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hello all,

today my guildie penwriter and me harved silver in bag in trassian. i was filling it up and penwriter muled it to storage. worked fine till rayla sat down on our bag. here is the chatlog:


[18:23:10] Mother Nature got pissed off at piiia, who lost 17 health

[18:23:27] penwriter: MN doesn't like you today

[18:23:56] penwriter: hey Rayla???

[18:24:17] piiia: would you please move?

[18:24:20] penwriter: Are you helping piiia?

[18:24:33] piiia: no she doesnt

[18:24:55] Rayla: ok 3k silver here, worth 6k gc, for 4k i return it

[18:25:11] zipher4: did u get jacked?

[18:25:19] penwriter: you can try to carry it out yourself!

[18:25:21] piiia: we are here together to return it ourselves

[18:26:04] Rayla: you guys have 11 mins before it poofs :D

[18:26:15] penwriter: I guess we post Rayla on the outlaws forum then.

[18:26:32] piiia: pfff are you serioud rayla?

[18:26:39] piiia: *serious*

[18:26:56] Rayla: 10 mins

[18:27:03] piiia: lols

[18:27:41] PrincssTitanium: this cave is getting bad. similar thing happened to me last night in that very spot

[18:27:56] piiia: i'd rather let it poof under your butt, then letting me blackmailed... really

[18:28:02] MusclesMalone: no matter how you look nat it...that is just wrong....

[18:28:04] piiia: stand up pleas

[18:28:12] penwriter: Fortunately there are other places to mine silver that are just as convenient

[18:28:17] PrincssTitanium: yes

[18:28:25] zipher4: where?

[18:28:30] piiia: give the bag back rayla

[18:28:30] [PM from Rayla: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer]

[18:28:43] penwriter: So we will all watch Rayla... and no one will get the silver.

[18:28:44] Tukkajumala: lol

[18:29:01] zipher4: i guess so

[18:29:17] piiia: so rayla?

[18:29:33] piiia: you wont get your 4kgc anyways

[18:29:33] zipher4: lets mosh around her

[18:29:34] penwriter: It's no wonder that she is not in a guild.

[18:29:41] MusclesMalone: yep.

[18:29:47] piiia: you can stand up mnow

[18:29:57] MusclesMalone: thats why..and if ever gets in one? we all need to let the guild Master no of this,\

[18:30:10] MusclesMalone: but then again scammers....she just change ehr name...

[18:30:11] penwriter: piiia, she isn't going to move.

[18:30:12] zipher4: everyone screen shots and save shat logs

[18:30:19] piiia: i see...

[18:30:24] MusclesMalone: i did..

[18:30:47] piiia: i am just always hoping for the good

[18:32:29] penwriter: that's odd... when I tried to grab the window, it didn't include the people.

[18:32:46] piiia: rayla move now..

[18:32:55] piiia: gett off our bag please

[18:32:56] Rayla: ok

[18:33:00] Rayla: ill move

[18:33:00] zipher4: rayla ill pay you if you never get on the bag again

[18:33:13] Rayla: done :pickaxe:

[18:33:26] ewill: You didn't ask for how *long* she would move. :-P

[18:33:39] zipher4 never:

[18:33:46] piiia: she didnt move she just stood up

[18:33:46] zipher4: ok you see it

[18:33:57] zipher4: its right there

[18:34:07] Rayla: nice

[18:34:08] zipher4: my word

[18:34:13] zipher4: 4k in that bag

[18:34:28] piiia: do you know how many silver you could have harvested while blocking our bag?

[18:34:41] zipher4: rayla the moeny is in the abg

[18:34:47] zipher4: plz switch bags

[18:35:18] [PM to penwriter: can you make a pic please]

[18:35:38] [PM from penwriter: I'm working on it... also copying dialog]

[18:35:42] piiia: rayla stand up please

[18:35:47] Rayla: ok ok

[18:35:48] zipher4: rayla the moeny is in the bag

[18:35:53] piiia: now move

[18:36:03] Rayla: ok done

[18:36:42] zipher4: are you going to take this bag?

[18:36:44] piiia: ty zipher, but i guess she has that idea to let the bag poof

[18:36:52] zipher4: i tried

[18:36:56] penwriter: ok, I think I got a screenshot

[18:37:17] [PM from zipher4: ok well i didnt wanna trade her the moeny and still stay on bag]

[18:37:47] Rayla: sell silver ore 1,5 gc each pm me plx :pickaxe:

[18:37:56] [PM to zipher4: no its ok.. it was 3k silver in it... its not the world but its still a shame how she acted]

[18:38:46] [PM to penwriter: do you want to go on harvesting here or will we move?]

[18:39:10] [PM from penwriter: maybe we should start another bag... see if she tries to jump it, lol]

[18:39:22] [PM from penwriter: but I'm for going elsewhere]

[18:39:36] [PM to penwriter: no.. thats not funny anymore... i hate how she is acting...]

[18:39:59] [PM to penwriter: we should leave before the bag dissapears]

[18:40:40] piiia: ok... keep your little bag we will build another one... lol if you want to you can follow us


ok we left her and went to the glacmor storage. after a while i was going back to the silver and she was still sitting on the bag, she didnt move till it poofed... it was over 3k silver in it. and btw she never left the bag as she said: she just stood up and sat down on it and called that moving.

the sadest thing in my opinion was that she blackmailed us: give me gc or i will let it poof!

watch out if you see her, cause i heard of her trying to get other harvester's bag in EVTR in the same evening.


and here is a pic of her sitting on the bag...



Edited by piiia

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i see there have been many witnesses, would be nice if they would post an approve that this is exactly how it happened to make

everyone sure.

its pretty valid proof after all, i will watch out for rayla.

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i was there

it went down as...

two members of the guild dark, were getting silver, while in the process of letting the other on the bag to drop or what ever rayla jumped on and demanded them to pay 4kgc for there 3k silver. they would not pay. i got tired of hearing everyone, so i went to sto grabed the ransom money for the bag, traded her to show her i had the money, i didnt trade her the money because she is a scammer and who is to tell she will take the money and still let the bag poof... so i walked a few steps placed a bag with the 4kgc in it and gave my word that it was all there, and she didnt budge. and after a min or two of having my bag sitting there i took my money back from the bag because she could easily see if poof jump on my bag and take the money. so after the bag poofed, she left i believe


ps: im sick if some of that dsnt make sense sry... cant think right

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Yes, this is what happened. I was there and saw rayla jump on the bag and refuse to get off. I saw rayla try to blackmail piiia and penwriter. I saw rayla offer to sell the silver in local. Eventually the bag disappeared and so did rayla. I would say more, but I'm trying to be nice today.

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we were warned by DARK after this happend. our guild project decided that very evening to harvest sulfur. watching the snapshot now, i think it was only a few steps away from where that happend. Rayla was still there, and just as we arrived we were warned in open chat about her. there were a bunch of players who were there. we decided to harvest nevertheless, it was a few steps away. then Rayla got invisible, a few seconds later she appeared very near our bag, but it was in our possession. since then we didn't left the bag, but traded from bag-guard to mules. so in this case actually nothing happend, and i cannot really say "she wanted to steal from us", just because we didn't gave her the chance. i hope she will get tired of her *** behaviour.

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This is sad..... I for one will not being doing any favors, sales or buys from rayla.. too bad Radu couldn;t make proven BJers PKable for 48 online hours from anywhere..or just randomly place them in KF whenever he feels like it LOL

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Hey, i wasn't there, but i know most of theese people invovled. Posting on this outlaws will not stop it, we all know she will just get a namechange. but for now we should just be extra carefull with Rayla at any bags that you have.It's really sad what eternal lands has become to..


I for one am strongly opposed against Bagjumpers And Scamming, talk with me anytime in-game, ill be happy to support my opinion, but she will prabably never stop, she will just get a namechange and do it again, sorry thats just what they do. sorry for the loss ;)


Thats all for now: Shishio

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yea i rember when EL was a peaceful game thats why i liked it, people you could trust, the reason i stoped playing runescape was you can never trust anyone. and yes scammers will be scammers


can i propose a rule?? if there are 10 offences with scamming to a person they get banned for a week or two, name change resets the count.... that was teh god makes money too ;) or someone does. so the scammers pay to play

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Yeah, you never had to watch who you were trading with all the time 2-3 years ago, i agree with Zipher4, its so sad how people do!

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Yeah, you never had to watch who you were trading with all the time 2-3 years ago, i agree with Zipher4, its so sad how people do!


Lol? Please, get a clue, scammers/bagjumpers and the like are of all times. Not only now.



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especially when the trading bug was still here lol... basicly every 2nd trade was a scam

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rayla also bj'd goks & mydara working out of a bag at the iron in evtr then requested 1kgc to give the bag back. Shortly thereafter she tried to bj some OK guildies who were working out of a bag at the sulphur.


EDIT: Sorry for the redundancy, missed Moriko's post above.

Edited by lordchron

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[08:31:24] [PM from AreA: someone on bag?]

[08:31:26] [the_grud @ 3]: selling 38 s2e at 850gc pm me

[08:31:31] [PM to AreA: smeg]

[08:31:33] Rayla: hi zipher :P

[08:31:37] zipher4: hi

[08:31:42] [PM to AreA: only 300 in bag]

[08:31:47] [PM to AreA: but ur bones]

[08:32:01] [PM from AreA: u know them]

[08:32:17] [PM to AreA: they bag jumped a back og 3k silver in trass yesterday]

[08:32:33] AreA: same the scum of the earth

[08:32:36] [GoodDay2Die @ 3]: ICE dragon greaves auction! (cur bid 215kgc) http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45236

[08:32:48] [Felessan @ 3]: Selling 500 hes pm me

[08:33:00] [PM to AreA: go kill some skellies to make up for it ;P]

[08:33:17] Too heavy, you are overloaded.

[08:33:18] You stopped harvesting.

[08:33:26] [PM to Rayla: anyawy to get the bones back and picks?]

[08:33:34] You started to harvest Iron Ore.

[08:33:42] [PM from Rayla: no picks here]

[08:33:51] [PM to Rayla: okay must have picked them up]

[08:33:59] [PM to Rayla: what is there/]

[08:34:07] [PM from Rayla: yea, nothing worth here]

[08:34:07] [PM to Rayla: like 300 iron]

[08:34:10] [shoghun @ 3]: selling 5k coal

[08:34:13] [PM from Rayla: yea and 200 bones]

[08:34:16] [PM from AreA: oh well will put the word out]

[08:34:20] [PM to Rayla: sry.. you missed the big bag]

[08:34:24] [PM to AreA: already on forums]

[08:34:32] [PM from AreA: oh ok]

[08:34:38] [PM to AreA: ill make another one]

[08:34:42] [PM from Rayla: np, i know you didnt do on purpouse :)]

[08:35:03] #Ig [zipher4->BD] scorp you on?

[08:35:09] You stopped harvesting.

[08:35:11] You started to harvest Iron Ore.

[08:35:11] #Ig [scorpius:BD] yes whats up?

[08:35:19] #Ig [zipher4->BD] rayla struck again

[08:35:24] #Ig [zipher4->BD] except area and i

[08:35:33] #Ig [zipher4->BD] watch out for her...

Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2008-08-11 08:35:37 localtime (Pacific Daylight Time)

[08:35:52] #Ig [scorpius:BD] i read on forums there were more incidents

[08:36:08] #Ig [zipher4->BD] :( so sad what people come to

[08:36:12] Too heavy, you are overloaded.

[08:36:12] You stopped harvesting.

[08:36:16] #Ig [scorpius:BD] yes really =/

[08:36:27] AreA was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.

[08:36:39] AreA: i think funny ppl so lazy they have to steel makes me wonder if they that lazy in rl

[08:36:54] You have been saved!

[08:36:58] AbStRaCt_ChAoS: i agree with u there

[08:37:04] [PM to AreA: calm down chats goin on forum lol]

[08:37:06] Rayla: yea me too

[08:37:08] AreA was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.

[08:37:09] Rayla: i hate lazy ppl

[08:37:16] [PM to AreA: how many more?]

[08:37:27] zipher4: becasue bag jumping takes alot of work?

[08:37:29] [PM from AreA: idk lol]

[08:37:50] You started to harvest Iron Ore.

[08:37:57] Rayla: not when noobs, then its easy

[08:38:24] zipher4: was mine easy?

[08:38:29] AbStRaCt_ChAoS: i gt bag jumped before n i worked reli hard for that stuff it's nt nic

[08:38:32] AbStRaCt_ChAoS: *nice

[08:38:32] Rayla: kinda

[08:38:55] zipher4: well you were invis so has to make it a tad harder

[08:38:56] [PM from AbStRaCt_ChAoS: me nt like her :|]

[08:38:57] Too heavy, you are overloaded.

[08:38:58] You stopped harvesting.

[08:39:09] Rayla: yea a lil bit

[08:39:10] [PM to AbStRaCt_ChAoS: should see the forums on her...]

[08:39:18] You started to harvest Iron Ore.

[08:39:27] [PM to AreA: lets stick to kj]

[08:39:31] You stopped harvesting.

[08:39:37] [PM from AreA: lol u done here then?]

[08:40:07] [PM from AreA: i am truely not even upset it is funny and does make me wonder if they are like that in real life]

[08:40:23] zipher4: there u go, just for you

[08:40:26] zipher4: 9 iron

[08:40:29] Rayla: noty

[08:40:35] Rayla: i cant handle 2 bags




the bag she is on was mine

the bag next to me was iron a couldnt hold so i left it to her (9 iron)


not going to say much, cause not much to say except people watch ur bags


and couldnt this be a violation of the rule "dont be a trouble maker" if it gets severe enough?

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It's very unfortunate that our names are so similar, as I do NOT approve or condone bagjumping in any way. Please do not confuse me with this rayla person, as has happened a few times now. :angry:

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Guest ThatBoiB

A guildie and I were hosting a silver party in the trassian silver cave on 08/12/08 and around 12:30 AM EST while harvesting, my guildie hit a teleport nexus and got thrown off the bag...before he could make it back a person named Rayla had jumped on top of the bag, and refused to get off when asked nicely. :angry: Shortly after, she made off with 2 harvester medallions, an Excavator cloak, 16 Health essences, 7 Sprit Rejv. potions, and an assortment of food and picks. I know that there are several stories on here about other things she has done and this one is just one of many, and I also know there is nothing to do to get what is lost back at this point. Nothing you can really do to prevent a tele nexus, but I just thought I would add our experience to the mix, and ask that anyone who comes across this do anything you can to make this persons EL life a living h-e-double hockey sticks, without harassing and still adhering to the EL rules of course. But any bans on bots and refusal to sell/buy from this individule as well as anything else you may come up with would be appreciated from me and my guild. Thank you for your time.

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I was there as well, with two of guildies and witnessed first hand this incident.


Thank you for posting, I did see this happen, Rayla is now banned from our guild bot as well .

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This could be a possible solution, I am tired of her/him getting away with this. I suggest from now on, if your going to work on bags with friends the person holding the bag does nothing more than hold it. yes time consumming but so is reharvesting 10K of silver or anythign else for that matter. Instead of coming off the bag to dump what you've harvested, trade it to the bag holder. you can do the same when loading up tot go to storage.


Unless we make it harder on them to jump, they will continue to do so.


Don't assume that they are not anywhere near you, they like to come in invis to scout it out. I have seen rayla trolling around the caves on c1 and c2 looking for potential victims..


I say enough is enough

Edited by Marikei

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go laughing lordnoob, i wanna see you laugh when sooner or later i hit your or your guildies bag...

lordnoob goes a-laughing - you already hit my bag, but please chase me & my guild folk around, we don't bag mix. It might save some other EL'ers the headache you cause. And thank you for the absolute confirmation of your reported behavior in this forum.

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I'm commenting on this one too because a guildie and I just got bj'd. My screenies aren't absolute proof tho because she moved off the bag so quickly... and I wonder why.




go laughing lordnoob, i wanna see you laugh when sooner or later i hit your or your guildies bag...


OK, I have to ask: Of all the things you can do in the game, fighting, PK, leveling manu or crafting, archery, summoning monsters, etc, why do you chose to run around sitting on people's bags?


Is this really all that fun? Seems like the best you've managed to do is steal a couple medallions and a cape, and make some people harv for 10 extra minutes. How many invis pots did you blow through to do that? And the drawback your activity is no one is going to trade you or let you in any guild that's worth joining. If you were making off thermal serps and dragon sets may be i could see it... It's hard to be a Big Bad Outlaw on this game; most of that activity is just stupid and mildly irritating.


This isn't a flame, I actually mean this as a serious question: What's your deal, anyway? Why do you want to run around jumping on harver's bags?

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