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  1. Guess the player name!

    Future? Sure he was a player somewhere....
  2. Guess the player name!

  3. a/p protection spell

    Sounds more like you don't know what your talking about. Also true. XD.
  4. a/p protection spell

    Lol, obligatory insults aside, clarify your first post please. Do you mean it should bestow complete protection against maxed out AP, or just 60% of whatever your AP is? And tbh, I really don't care why/how you PK. I was just trying to see it from the pure ranger's POV, which seems to lack input in this thread. Where's Cruella when you need her?
  5. a/p protection spell

    I still think there's a huge difference between a bronze sword, and spending 900k on pots to get maximised AP, just to have that bonus removed completely. Perhaps the effect of the AP spell could be merely reduced, rather than totally cancelled.
  6. a/p protection spell

    Funny cause its elg3neral thats the ranger, he realizes how his AP pots are OP'ed, and would be nice if there was a defense against it. I was actually referring to everyone else's (excluding Entropy) posts, but I guess I should have mentioned that. How much are those pots these days? This would severely destroy their usefulness. edit: And, just why should fighters be able to completely defend against Rangers? That just gives another Fighter|Mage dead circle which everyone hates.
  7. a/p protection spell

    Sounds like some good ol' fighter whining. It never gets old.
  8. Guess the player name!

    Correct, your turn .
  9. Guess the player name!

    easy one:
  10. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Just like to point out -- AFAIKrest of elm has no involvement in this.
  11. New monster ideas

  12. LOL @ all the ripped-off 1st-4th ed D&D monsters XD.
  13. New monster ideas

    Pretty sure she's talking about stereotypes. There are real-life witches, y'know.
  14. Some ideas for magic

    For some reason, I see that being a bit overpowered. Titanium is already 'entry' level PK gear, I would not like to see it shifted up to Dragon armours. It seems to make melee fighters too vulnerable to harms. Which isn't really a bad thing I guess, but what if you're a fledgling mage trying to get your Harm up? Surely it would be considerably easier to match the uber mages who can harm +150? Without putting in as much of the time as the pros. Also, if wearing less armour is going to give a greater protection, would it also be wise to apply a higher spell failure chance to attacking mages who wear armour?
  15. Guess the player name!

    Frost? Wait, frost isn't an adjective >.< . Icy?