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  1. No drops KF

    why do you always compare your game to RL? why don't you die forever then once you get killed, just like in RL? you didn't give a shit about the economy 2 years ago and now you make a big deal out of it. wonder why
  2. A/D Cap @ 130

    hiiiii fucked up idea bye
  3. The Chim Project

    2 trices in kusamura now... i never saw anyone training them and now for some people it's the end of the world that 2 trices are in kusa because they cant harvest their silver in peace. damn hypocrit shit, get real and stop crying about it like it's the end of EL. no1 wanted to move yetis from iscalrith either because there is a cave with iron ffs.
  4. Cooldown On Summoning Stones

    bullshit. theory & practically it's totally different. you calculate the ingredents like 4gc for LE, 14gc for srs etc etc. i thought the same as u as i started summoning... lvl 40 costed me ~1.8m gc and even at lvl 50 i made a loss, at lvl 53 i complained because i lost 4/10 spiders, and i also lost 3/10 bears which are no profit at all, not to talk about tigers which were a pain in the ass. 20 le, 100gc 4 srs, 56gc 1 wtf, 80gc 20 gypsum, 60gc (hyperbag) 296gc + feasting = 302gc (no fails calced) + 4 fails if your lucky out of 10 (lvl 53). profit? fuck your calcs, even with 1 crit fail you'r making a loss already. oh well, the first kind of profit i got was on mid 50's with spider stones, tigers with 60 and up even though the gc sucks. now back on topic: summon stones suck, but if people wanna use them it's their decision not mine. i'll take MD exp wherever i can.
  5. TommyKnoocker Spawn serper

    i would kill myself for allowing people to serp redtaggs well i do allow it, but only with a very very very good reason (e.g. if the serper was bjed, scammed or something similar)
  6. The only real saint of Draia...

    except the fact that markusweck is the real saint of draia, story r0x
  7. Bronze Plate

    oh well i can tell you that without the armor Mana draining with the cuisses 5 times within 15 seconds isnt hard. ask azayal he felt that 3 times ;D
  8. When was playername last online?

    i think cryers ftl. gogo labby nice feature
  9. cape of no more warlock

    good. and now that everyone knows it breaks you can forget getting NMTs out of the game.
  10. LION Guild

    nice move. more pk
  11. Todays NDD

    if i fight 5 mid lvls with 140 a/d i don't die either but i agree with u. ulu ftw
  12. Todays NDD

    i pked 20+ but if you dont count noobs it was only 3-4 people
  13. Useless items

    korrode you exactly know that without the accuracy moon med is perfect for training lol. just keep it as it is?
  14. PK

    Of course there's already a map that supports this, but I don't think it gets used for PK much. My guess is that people like their toys more than they hate the use/cost of rost stones. And if you like the idea of cheap PK (inexpensive armor) you can always wander over to the PK server and do it instead of just talking about it. look what a way it is to enter the map. KF is central, TD is the ass of seridia. + no1 forces u to take oldschool gear, so high lvls just come with COL etc