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  1. LC

    Been playing this for about a year, sometimes if I get bored with EL I will go play. It makes me appreciate EL more and it's controlled economy (if you think EL is not controlled check it out lol) Got a few high lvl toons I like to take to the arena and kick butt lol might as well I sure can't here LMAO
  2. Michael Jackson dead.

    He will be greatly missed, I have been a fan since he was 5 yrs old and Yes I beleive he made some bad judgements but I never beleieved he molested any child and it was never proven, instead I watched as the mothers and children changed their stories over and over on the stand. He isn't the first star to be accussed of such things to get money. The jury found him innocent as did I witht he facts that were presented. I think he had a good heart he gave much to the cancer fund and made many people smile. Funny how so many people express their happiness over his death..I woulnd't wish death on my worst enemy. His talent will never be topped
  3. AiiDz Simple Bag Jump

    Why fight about who should post what where..apparently it was posted for those that live by these rules when playing to inform them, if your not one of them, move on to a topic suited for you instead finding a topic to complain about or to flame others. Not everyone is going to agree but dang can;t you at least respect others opinons enough by not saying anything if you can't just say THANK YOU~ BTW..Thanks for the info
  4. fire s2e

    Shad0wWarri0r asked me to post and tell you he has a steal 2 edge sword of fire for sale 35K

    I am posting this for a guildie because he is unable to post in the forum. RARE BOOK He reserves the right to end this auction at any time. Auction held by Shad0wWarri0r NOT ME!! PM him in game . Please POST offers here, BIN can PM him SOLD
  6. New special day, will you use it?

    I would love this idea a bit more than the suggested but I like them both and would use the schools, only problem I see would be deciding which school to use
  7. bill to change drinking age

    this is one law I doubt you will see changed in your lifetime. I totally agree that it is unfair to ask a young man or woman to take a bullet in the name of freedom, yet not have the freedom to make certain choices for themself. (I am all for raising the Enlistment age) But at the same time, you went in to boot camp, you were supervised and trained how to use that weapon by well quailified trainers and god forbid you are ever sent to war you will have SGT's and commanders to keep you in line,who will be held accountable (along with yourself) if you screw up...... who is going to keep you inline at the bar?
  8. So true, I also see alot of people that used to save them go out of there way to take and announce they took and will not return. I don't care who you are, redtagged, or neutral..I save it. But still I do NOT acknowledge community rules, only my own. reason number one.....so many players change where they stand when it comes to a community rule, sometimes they follow it, sometimes they do not.... I have my own set of morales which I always follow no matter who you are. After all....I have to live with myself..not the community.
  9. Baldarin

    I took his post as he supported taking DBs and was agreeing with hellraizer... *scratches head*
  10. I voted no. You know the risk, don't whine. Community rules? Although they are there and I do respect those that believe in them. I do not. I have to do what is right for me, not what a community thinks is right. Now if what is right for me is the same as the community eh that can happen too and usually does, but I don't let the community decide for me as to how I should behave. I behaved like this long before I came to EL.
  11. not at all, I am sure in 20 people (especially if we the community can pick who they are) there is someone that shares my concerns. It would be up to them to express them to Ent. Ent has the LAST WORD as he does now as to "if and when" a change will be made. I am not giving control of the game to a council, Just a handful of people to collect information from all of us and present it to Ent. Do you really think the man sifts through each and every post? If he is like most of us, once we get to the flames we close it. Therefore I am sure missing some great ideas. And it STAYS his decission. the man is smart I have faith he would see through a scheme for a council member to OVERLY benift by one of his proposals
  12. Why? Because someone always has to come in with a flame. If Player A posts an opinon and Player B comes back disagreeing with him, Player C jumps in flaming player B claiming he is only pissed cause Player A attacked him blah blah blah. Unfortunately in a room of 20 people, only a handful are very good at debating, or expressing themselves in text format. Many GREAT Ideas get buried under flames and jabs. Very rarely do you see someone come up with an opinon backed up with a good arguement as to why they have this opinon.
  13. I like the idea of a council to help and to represent the people as a whole. I think the community should have a say in who those people are. Maybe Entropy decide how many members are needed. Take a week for players to suggest names, narrow down the field by having the community vote in a pole who their choices would be. Make a thread where players can submit someones name for consideration and why (No one can submit themselves). And go from there. Just a thought.................
  14. Depletable Resources Poll

    what if we put a 20K limit on all, you can either harv one item or 20 different items in a 24 hr time slot, would this help? Really it doesn't matter, it's totally getting away from the initial post. I am for it and I will try to help some friends that I know are not forum members get here to cast a vote. Seems lately no matter what Entropy tries so many are so quick to say "NO" Bring on the change!!
  15. Depletable Resources Poll

    I voted yes. I think this has great potential once all the wrinkles are ironed out of it. But as usual I see more people voting against it than for it. I wonder if their vote is for the GAME or for themselves personally. HOw will we know if an idea works if we don't at least try it. Instead of asking for a vote maybe Entropy should just implement it and tell us to vote in 30 days to keep it or nix it. People (not all but many) fear change.