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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I haven't been here in years but dang. Never spoke too much with him, but of the few times, cannot say a bad word about the man. May you rest in peace, Learner.
  2. Hai, lots of you might not even know me and others will be like "oh em gee it's Gohan" with either lots of luffs or hatez. Anyway, I drop by randomly now and then to say hi told old friends of mine, or partners in crime. I noticed a lot of LoL usernames around here, mostly champion names. So I wanted to share that I recently fixed some crap with my pc and some programs and wanted to pick up on streaming a bit. Mostly this will be League of Legends, perhaps other games aswell, depending on how everything goes I may buy a capture card for my tv to play console games on stream. So if you're bored during harvesting or don't know what to do, why don't you swing by at http://www.twitch.tv/dragonar_t and say hello to me? When online I will usually give commentary about what I'm doing or how the game goes, I have a pretty good knowledge of the game. Just to note, at the time of this post - it's 2:30am for me and I'm not actually online, probably I will view Worlds in the morning and stream in the afternoon/evening in soloQQ. But that's in at least 12 hours from now. Anyway, I hope to see some of you pass by and perhaps some of you would like to follow me on twitch/FB. Gl hf and don't get bored harvesting! -Gohan EDIT: P.S.: there is a single highlight that I made after a few tryout streams this week, including my first ranked Pentakill, so why don't you check that out while you're out there?
  3. bought shyhermit for a freind

    I'm sure drug stores made a good deal out of painkillers for all the headaches people get from reading this. I do have to say it's surprising what levels of "stupid" some people achieve in their lives. Should get this guy a nobel prize or something. x)
  4. very old players

    Holy crap, just saw this thread. I recognize a lot of names I had forgotten around here. x) Don't remember the exact date but I'm sure I was already around 2003-2004 aswell. I actually recently had a talk with Kat about old players of this game and having a meeting up of oldies or something. Haha. ^^ Funny to see this the day after.
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I've been busy no-lifing D3, is the sulfur order still on hold, if it is I'll try to check for LadyBlue on players page to pick it up. Thanks. -Gohan
  6. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    Thermal was sold ingame. -Gohan
  7. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    I'd accept it but I have really no use for a OSoMN. Maybe you can find someone that wants to trade 50 hydro bars for it. -Gohan
  8. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    Updated the main post, price for thermal serp was changed. Updated the selling section. Added a trading section. Updated the buying section. -Gohan P.S.: Yes, a lot of blabla and bubu for saying BUMP.
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I'd like to order 25k sulfur. I believe that'll make: 10k Sulfur (24.5k) [bATCH 1] 10k Sulfur (24.5k) [bATCH 2] 5k Sulfur (12.25k) [bATCH 3] Grand total of ... 61.25k I believe. I tried to put my order in your format from what I saw posted. Thanks. -Gohan
  10. Hai, selling some stuffs from my storage. Thermal sold. Thanks for the interest! 602 Training Arrows 3 Ring of MMD Sslessar Summon Stone 1 Serpent Stone 2 Binding Stone 2 EFE I'm also interested in buying coal. Also trading 5k LEs for ingreds + food, trading 5k FEs for ingreds + food. I'll check up any sources I have to see if I think offers are fair. I reserve the right not to sell any of my items if I do not like your offer or your face. ^^ -Gohan Edited the whole post.
  11. Assertion... wut?

    Got it to work, there is still something I don't really get about my pc, but it's cool, I found some folder with EL files that got stored somewhere. Deleted those and then the right files jumped in. Thanks for the help anywayz. -Gohan
  12. Assertion... wut?

    I'll take a look at it altho I had already removed the Eternal Lands main folders and stuff too... I can't think where else I could have any files saved. -Gohan
  13. Assertion... wut?

    Yes..... All files and EL-related stuff should have been gone, unless it has saved files somewhere on my pc that I don't even know about. -Gohan
  14. Assertion... wut?

    Perhaps you didn't see my first post? Reinstalling was the first thing I did. I'll give it another go but I doubt it'll make a difference? -Gohan Edit: Same results.
  15. Assertion... wut?

    I just downloaded the one from the download page, haven't been around in forever, did a new update get posted within forums? -Gohan