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  1. Revise the Instance a bit.

    Well I can tell you right now players on the pro instance will not reset, it is very difficult to come back from reset because the mobs that you normally would train on gives you a beating. And the mobs that doesn't inflict so much damage will give very low experience points. Even with preparation it's going to take quite some time. But i do see your logic in the removal stones, which might be cool because they will sell more of them. This was just an idea, thought i'd at least give it a shot. ;~)
  2. Revise the Instance a bit.

    I truly believe that, yes. We shouldn't have to stop all of our fun just because of a reset.
  3. Revise the Instance a bit.

    I Believe your combat level is calculated on EL-CEL site. It's also based upon Attributes. EL-CEL site is not official. Combat level is a guess (only Radu knows the true formula). Yeah that is what others have been telling me in PM but i'm guessing it's close. In order for it to work radu would have to release that formula.
  4. Revise the Instance a bit.

    I Believe your combat level is calculated on EL-CEL site. It's also based upon Attributes.
  5. I did a search and I didn't see anybody bring this topic up. I believe that the instance needs to be revised. It is well known that you need to have required levels to participate in certain instances. What i propose is to change it just a tiny bit. Instead of doing the instances by a level base, possibly do it by a "Combat Level" basis. Not all people participate in the instances because they cannot fend themselves due to a reset and your levels don't change but your capabilities in combat does. You may say : "It was your fault to do the reset," but sometimes it's a must, it's a cheaper way out. What ever the reason is, I think it needs to be changed a smudge. Post your opinion, maybe you think this is a stupid idea, or maybe it will change your way of playing Eternal Lands. Keep it civil.
  6. Nexus Transfer Stone

    I bought one from radu, Thanks all BOUGHTEN!
  7. Nexus Transfer Stone

    Right, if it comes down to it I will do that, but i'd rather just purchase this item in-game.
  8. Nexus Transfer Stone

    If you have a Nexus Transfer stone let me know that you're selling i'll pay top dollar. PM me in game if needed i'm Kraken.
  9. Revise Multi Rule?

    Without rules, EL wouldn't happen. We need moderators to enforce these rules, and usually when people get banned or warned about violating the rules they get all pissy about it. Sure, it'd make EL a lot more easier if we could multi; but, in reality it's probably not going to happen. Yes, it would be cool if we could do it, I agree on that, I think what it would come down to is who has the best computer and internet service, lol ;~)
  10. Revise Multi Rule?

    Yeah, just about the only thing people get banned for is for illegal multi, however it's quite difficult to run several different characters to do Multi, it would be like a full-time job, if you ask me.
  11. Map Editor?

    I've searched and searched, and I havn't been able to find a map editor, is there anybody out there that can refer me to it? Thanks -Kraken
  12. Thermal Serp.

    SOLD to DSod for 840kgc.
  13. Thermal Serp.

    Absolutely. And as stated. It's a bidding, if I dont get the price I want, i won't sell - so I dont care where you start bidding, lol. Just it better be a price that I want.
  14. Thermal Serp.

    Hey guys i'm back and i'm going to do sell aTitanium Serpant of Thermal Serp, we're going to do an auction and if i don't get the price i want I won't sell.... Have fun. keep the peace.
  15. Having an Issue.

    Ok, I clicked on your link and it gave me "This page was not found". " Page Not Found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try the following: If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. Click the Back button in your browser to try another link. Use a search engine like Google to look for information on the Internet"