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  1. very old players

    Am i old? i must be old cause i cant remember anything from the past >_< does non stacking srs count as old? im just lurking anyways >_<
  2. awesome Germans !

    Hiho ihr Lieben, ich dachte ich lass euch mal nen schönen Gruß da damit ihr mich nicht vergesst Hier ist ja so gar nix mehr los seid ihr alle tot umgefallen? o_0 Ich hoffe es geht euch allen gut und ihr seid gut ins neue Jahr gerutscht Bis in Bälde denke ich Ich werd bestimmt mal wieder reinschauen Ferkel-Fabi
  3. Expiring bots

    Oh woops totally forgot about Desirable o_0 But you can take her off the bot list I dont think i need a bot anymore when im just on here and there ^^ Greetings Scorp
  4. Talking Unicorn ^_^

    Im imagining attacking a Cyclops or Ogre "Me crush your skull and drink your blood from it!!oneeleven~" lol ^^ Nice Idea tho, its a lil detail but seems weird all those Monsters who actually could babble when u attack em dont do it.. Could be just some random phrases they throw out once you engaged em. Fabi
  5. awesome Germans !

    Ah ja? O,o' >_> dich seh ich ja nie wenn ich on bin
  6. awesome Germans !

    Bin auch nur hier und da mal am Daddeln hier :< ich weiß ja ihr vermisst mich
  7. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    Well thats its normal everyone has its own point of view ^^ I dont think either one guild brod tagging another guilde out of Boredom or cause they got killed is much honorable ^^ To me its like one Land wins in a Boxing Contest, the Land who lost nukes the Winner But oh well.. could be worse.. nothing that cant be replaced.. and brod is part of pk anyways. Am amazed its still being that much argued about Sincerly, Fabi
  8. Environmental saving ideas!

    rofl how twisted can one person think?! But i thought it would end like this by reading half of the post ^^
  9. Vacation

    Welcome "Home" i guess ^^ We were pretty brave bois and gals i would say
  10. Lenny / Invasions channel

    Im with Dilly, either Move Lenny and Inva Chat somewhere else, or give PK Central a new home. Basically not because it is spammy as it is, rather than its too much in Topics in one single channel which doesnt make sense at all... why would you put Invasion Announcements, Lenny Announcements AND PK into one single channel... didnt understand that idea at all yet. Sincerly, Fabi P.S.: Notice that the Main Focus of chan6 still was pve? Inva? Lenny? As much as it is the more ore less officially offtopic channel the people who came there first were there for the Lenny Sightings and the Invasions. After all it would just make more sense seperating this into 2 different channels to not mix up PvE and PK in one.
  11. Guess the player name!

    just saw him posting on forums lol "littlebig"? :X Big = Biggie little = Smalls? :X
  12. Guess the player name!

    bigkav? :X
  13. Bigger buddy list

    Current server design ... the server only knows the names of your buddies that are online. It doesn't have the names available of the offline buddies. I suspect Ent would consider a larger buddy list being a P2P feature. Maybe a stupid question of mine.. but how are the Ignored People saved then.. afaik the list command shows those who are offline as well or am i wrong? Sincerly, Fabi
  14. Making EL better

    I would say People really get bored fast if they have everything with the start (i hope i didnt miss the sarcasm in your post). Anyways, in the Time I've been playing i bought 2 Chars, never bragged about rather tried to keep it secret most of the Time (because People used to start whining, bitching to me in PMs if they knew). Even though i bought Chars, i still think its a bad thing for the Game, but something we have to live with. Discriminating the Players by restricting what they're allowed to do would be a ridiculous act. It takes a hell lotta Time to catch up to the People in the high Ranks, with enough Patience its not impossible to have some serious fun together with the better players. I admit i didnt had that Patience, even though i mainly bought the Chars cause of the a/d, now im Potioning and Mixing more than i actually fight. So i still got a different impact on the bought Char with leveling up a pretty low skill to a 50s Skill, does that make me less worthy to play whereever/whatever i want? oO Just my couple Cents Sincerly, Scorp
  15. Michael Jackson dead.

    rationally i'd say you will probably change your mind once you have a child, because quite frankly even though you are trying to make a point I think you have just basically said you are all for middle aged men having sleepovers with underage boys and thats prolly the most fucked up thing ive read all year OK, thinking about it more thoroughly now, I have to admit that sleepovers between kids and unrelated adults are f00ked up. Not that there's anything rationally wrong with it, but the kid at the very least must feel pretty weird and unnattural in such a situation. Still, I can't help but think those kids agreed to sleep with MJ. If they didn't...oh well. Anyone got any info on this? For me the only fishy thing about these sleepovers and parents accusing MJ for molesting those childrens is that the Parents just took a couple of million dollars and let the case calm... Cause seriously, if i think/know my own child was touched by some guy, i would rather get him to jail or kill him with my own hands than taking a few million dollars... I still think in this case its the Parents that are f00ked up, and it lets the whole rumors smell fishy about beeing true or not. Noone of us really knows whats been up in MJs Life, if he had a childhood or not, if he tried to live that childhood in mid aged with young childrens or whatever. The only things we know is what we got from the media, and what we heard when he was in court for the child molesting stuff. Whether the Pro and Con Faction of MJ cant come with serious facts because there is just so little known about the Person Michael Jackson except what the media tells us, and believing the media was always a Medal with two very different sides. Anyways, i wish MJ an RIP for his charity activity and that he inspired an Era of Music and People. For nothing else. Every Human deserves his Respect when he dies, taking it out of hand would just be on a niveau of what the person might have done or not of you. I allready hated this frigging Funeral whatever Ceremony they hold up like an Happy Happy Joy Joy Concert. Frigging Fans screaming and stuff when the artists came on stage, the Jackson Clan pushing his lil Daughter to say something about her Dad. It was just a ridiculous Ceremony not Worth a Humans Death at all. Whatever.. what i wanted to say is just, NO i wouldnt let my Child sleepover by a midaged man, but i also wouldnt take the Millions of Dollars if he did touch my kid just to let him run free again... so this argument just doesnt work. Sincerly Fabi