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Found 8 results

  1. I've been working on a new version of the Android client. This version is based on the latest code for the desktop client, with some of the original changes made for Android included. Having one version of the code will make it easier to maintain and improve going forwards. While there is more to do, its ready for people to use, test and hopefully provide feedback. It's not yet in the Android play store but you can download and install it manually from this link. This version contains all the current client features but still does not have any sound or music; that's on the to-do list. There's a new camera control method that does not used the previous side bars though they can be restored using an option. Instead, you touch to walk; drag left/right or up/down to change the camera view and zoom in/out using a pinch in/out gesture as before. A single touch is the same as a mouse left-click, touch and hold for short period is the same as a mouse right-click; so all the context menus can be opened using a long touch. Dragging up/down in windows is the same as scrolling with a mouse wheel, though this is not yet implemented in most windows only the console works. Touching text fields should open the on-screen keyboard. For the game window, a long touch near the top of the screen will open the keyboard, within the full console swipe left to open, right to close. If you attach/detach a keyboard/mouse while the client is running, it normally closes (to-do to possibly fix). If you start the client with a keyboard/mouse, they will work with the keyboard replacing the on-screen version. The mouse works like the touch functions, not like the desktop client. Again, this is something that needs more work. The standard android back action/button progressively closes the on-screen keyboard then all windows, as did the original client. On Android versions prior to 11, you can access the client user files Android/data/com.el.elc/files/user/main/. If you have used the existing client before, you often have to clear the app storage when installing an update. Once this version is installed, you should not have to do that again as changes are detected and files re-read from the package. User files will be maintained unless you clear storage. Apart from continuing to improve, other things on the to-do list include copy/paste and potentially opening links in your browser. I'm currently updating the build process which will be included with the client source. Build from source instructions Latest Version is QR Code to download https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.apk
  2. Clicking Alt-LeftMouseButton on an item in the inventory is supposed to put all of that item to storage. This doesn't work on my system with the standard Alt key to the left of the keyboard. Instead I have to click the AltGr button, which is to the right of the spacebar on my German keyboard. Strangely Alt works for other commands, such as Alt-s sit/stand. I had a look at the key.ini file, but can't find any likely settings that might affect this. System information I am running on Debian with the package version The setxkbmap command gives the following: setxkbmap -query rules: evdev model: pc105 layout: de variant: nodeadkeys I have not altered my key.ini settings.
  3. Introducing the Eternal Lands client for the Mac! The client is compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave and onwards, and, as of 1.9.5p9, is built as a universal binary to provide native support for both Intel (x86-64) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) Macs. The client also supports High Resolution mode for Mac users with modern displays. High Resolution mode is automatically detected and enabled for systems which support it, but it does use slightly more resources. If you’d rather forego the beautiful crispness in favour of performance, you can disable High Resolution mode via the method described here. Moving forwards, updated macOS client builds will be made available with each official client release - keep an eye on the general chat forum or this thread for future updates. Big thank you to Bluap and Grum for all the hard work they do to bring us new features - you guys rock! Download Here (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.6, released 16/12/21) Previous Version (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p9, released 11/4/21) Old Version (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p8, released 30/4/20) Any problems or questions? Please read the Eternal Lands for macOS FAQs first.
  4. Eternal Lands for macOS - FAQs

    Welcome to the Eternal Lands for macOS FAQ! Contents: My FPS is lower/My Mac is noisier/How do I disable High Resolution mode? How do I open more than one game client? How do I access other servers? How do I install custom maps? What if I am running a version of macOS older than 10.14 Mojave? Have a problem or question which isn’t covered in this FAQ? Feel free to contact me (Ben) in-game for smaller issues, but otherwise please post a detailed description of your problem in the Mac forum along with the following information: Your EL version (you can obtain this by typing #ver in-game, or viewing the app's Get Info window) Your macOS version and Mac hardware type (both of which can be obtained from Apple menu > About This Mac) Non-mac-specific issues should be directed to either #help_me or the appropriate sub-forums as usual.
  5. I've been working on a new way to build the windows client which is now ready to test. I'm using a tool-chain called MSYS2/MINGW which allows use of the latest compiler and up to date libraries on Windows 10. This all means that the resulting executable should run better on Windows 10. I have also automated the build process and so can provide more regular test clients for Windows like I already do for Linux. The previous builds I have provided were built using a very old tool-chain on Windows XP; which was not good. Please give this new build a try and please give me some feedback. But, BACKUP your current el.exe and all the .dll files before installing the new package as these files will be over-written by the package. Also as always, ensure your important game files like your quest log etc are backed up; good practice even if you do not try this new client. The packages only contains the el.exe and the required .dll files, the game data is not included. There is a 32-bit package and a 64-bit package for Windows 10, extract the zip archive for your version of Windows into the game data directory where the existing el.exe and .dll file (which you have backed up) were located.
  6. Since I like to catch up on email, websites, etc. while harvesting, and generally like to have audible warnings for numerous events if I'm in game but Away From But Near To Keyboard, or get distracted by doing jigsaw, I have a great number of client alerts defined, up to 26 sounds, now. However, I can't seem to get _all_ of them to work, only about the first 15, so my question is: is there a numerical limit to how many sounds can be defined, or do i have to look for some other obscure error I have made?
  7. Developer client - Windows

    How do I get the developer client for Windows so I can change font colors and stuff like that?
  8. Improving mouse UX

    Hi, all. I'm relatively new to the game. I'm an experienced software developer (though I haven't worked with C or C++ in years). I've spoken with radu about my idea, and he suggested I post in here to get some feedback and discussion about it. Among several other improvements I want to try to make to the client code, I want to try to improve the mouse clicking user experience. Specifically, it seems that clicking (and the results of clicking) in the main world view window operates on an "exact pixel" basis. For example, you must click on one of the pixels of a flower to begin harvesting it (based on the current camera angle). At wide zoom amounts, this can mean very few pixels to click on. Trying to initiate combat with things like bunnies and brownies is significantly more challenging (frustrating?) than attacking large creatures like deer. What I'm thinking is to just expand the code to consider an n by n square of pixels (or perhaps circle) around the mouse cursor, instead of just one single pixel at the mouse cursor. Then have the cursor operate just as it is now (including both hover and click functionalities), except the thing hovered over, or the thing clicked is the one that is closest to the mouse cursor within this pixel area. When there is more than one small hotspot near the cursor, the UX will still remain as tricky to use as it is now, but if you are trying to chase a bunny down, and there's nothing else in the vicinity, this change should make it much easier to do so. Any thoughts on this approach, or tips on where to start? I've only briefly browsed the code, but I've found such things as thing_under_cursor. I'm also thinking that this should be a toggleable setting, as it is likely to require a little more CPU power.