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Found 6 results

  1. Confusing movement controls

    In android the controls work via touch screen to move the camera. I can only seem to rotate either around the y axis (left right touch movements) or the X axis (up and down touch movements) but I can't do both at the same time. This makes for awkward unnatural camera control. Are there any options available to enable this?
  2. Android or other tablet keyboard

    I tried out the Android client. I could not get the keyboard up in console mode. There is always some trick to things in the Android client, it seems. That sort of thing will just piss off and drive away potential new players. When will we get a keyboard summoning icon? For any device without a working physical keyboard, that would be very helpful. https://discourse.libsdl.org/t/on-screen-keyboard-change/19216 This really old article says that it should be really easy to just pull up a virtual keyboard in SDL.
  3. I've been working on a new version of the Android client. This version is based on the latest code for the desktop client, with some of the original changes made for Android included. Having one version of the code will make it easier to maintain and improve going forwards. While there is more to do, its ready for people to use, test and hopefully provide feedback. It's not yet in the Android play store but you can download and install it manually from this link. This version contains all the current client features but still does not have any sound or music; that's on the to-do list. There's a new camera control method that does not used the previous side bars though they can be restored using an option. Instead, you touch to walk; drag left/right or up/down to change the camera view and zoom in/out using a pinch in/out gesture as before. A single touch is the same as a mouse left-click, touch and hold for short period is the same as a mouse right-click; so all the context menus can be opened using a long touch. Dragging up/down in windows is the same as scrolling with a mouse wheel, though this is not yet implemented in most windows only the console works. Touching text fields should open the on-screen keyboard. For the game window, a long touch near the top of the screen will open the keyboard, within the full console swipe left to open, right to close. If you attach/detach a keyboard/mouse while the client is running, it normally closes (to-do to possibly fix). If you start the client with a keyboard/mouse, they will work with the keyboard replacing the on-screen version. The mouse works like the touch functions, not like the desktop client. Again, this is something that needs more work. The standard android back action/button progressively closes the on-screen keyboard then all windows, as did the original client. On Android versions prior to 11, you can access the client user files Android/data/com.el.elc/files/user/main/. If you have used the existing client before, you often have to clear the app storage when installing an update. Once this version is installed, you should not have to do that again as changes are detected and files re-read from the package. User files will be maintained unless you clear storage. Apart from continuing to improve, other things on the to-do list include copy/paste and potentially opening links in your browser. I'm currently updating the build process which will be included with the client source. Build from source instructions Latest Version is QR Code to download https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.apk
  4. Change password not working

    I downloaded Eternal Lands for my LG Stylo 4 from Boost Mobile. It's running a 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450, 2GB ram, Android 8.1 Oreo 64-bit OS. (Not really sure these specs help but just in case. I tried to change passwords on one of my characters so my son can log on and play but the client won't allow me to do so. I type in the command as follows: #change_pass old pass newpass as instructed in help files and instead of the password change being successful it gives me a message explaining how to change the password. They server or the client is acting as if it knows that I want to change the password but it's registering my input as being typed incorrectly. I sent a #help in game and discussed with a mod but I decided to post here also. If it is a bug that others may encounter they can find information here. Thank you! Great Port BTW. (Please allow us android users a way to mimic a right click would be my biggest want right now)
  5. Problem with Questlog

    Hello! I play on windows and android both with my account, and there is a problem qith the questlog. my questlog on android differs from the on on windows in quantity of the quests and their progress level. It seems to me the Leather Quest with Kelcha is broken for me. I had her awakened and her Father is willing to repair my Stuff and i also have the eye in the sky quest in my questlog (on windows where i worked on the route to leather quest recently), but the quest is not going further and Kelcha wont sell me Leather. Pls Help me, especially with the Leather Quest. Till now the mixed up Questlog wasnt really a problem i just could reset them on the other device (android/windows) by speaking with the quest givers. greetings, Frain
  6. Android client

    Hi, I started to write a client for android. I thought it would be cool to play EL from my phone and to make my own client:). So far it can chat and eat/drink items. The next step is to make it able to harvest, so for this i need to make it walk on the map, harvest and use the storage. I need some help to implement the walking because i don't know how to get the data from the map files. So far i know that i have to implement the walking part on the client and that the map is an .elm file. What i have in mind is to make a matrix of 0 (can walk) and 1(can't walk) and run dijkstra on it. I know not all the maps are all flat and you can climb up and down, but I'll just block those paths for the sake of simplicity. Later on instead of 1 i might have id's of the items i can harvest, but I'll think more about that at the right time. So I'll be most grateful if someone can tell me the format of the .elm files or tell me what exactly i have to do:) Thank you.