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  1. Eliminate storage chat window

    @Sir_Odie: I see what you're trying to say, but in my opinion, that is insufficient justification. It could very easily be in both places. As for overloading: Just organize the settings better, if and where needed. Tabs, whitespace, section divisions, etc. etc.
  2. Eliminate storage chat window

    @Sir_Odie: Thanks for the tip. I must say, though, that these are extremely well-hidden options. They belong in the main options area, not there.
  3. Eliminate storage chat window

    No progress on this front? Leave the dialogue window if you want to have some storage NPCs available for quests or general storyline conversation, etc. but at least have the dialogue window close when you select "1) Open storage". It is serving no purpose to have the extra UI manipulation just to close the window which is itself serving no purpose 99.999% of the time other than to obscure the main UI area.
  4. Improving mouse UX

    Mythos: That is good thinking. I'll try to implement it that way: when a non-walk mode is active, it will restrict possible clickables.
  5. zlib problems with compiling EL (patch)

    Thanks for your fix, jns. I'm also on a Gentoo system, and that let me get past that snag in the compile process. If this doesn't harm compilation on other distros or systems, maybe this could be merged into master?
  6. Improving mouse UX

    This isn't going to make misclick scenarios go away. At the same time, I don't think it's going to make the problem even worse (or worse by an appreciable amount), but only live playtesting will bear this out. But anyway, to repeat, if more than one thing is in the now-expanded click zone, then the thing actually clicked will be the one that is closest to the center (where the mouse cursor actually is). So, in situations where multiple clickables are involved, you would still have to exercise some caution not to click on the wrong thing (e.g. wandering a monster that is more powerful than you), but the mechanics here won't be worse than they already are. If I can get this to work perfectly, then I can maybe try to move on to highlighting the thing-that-would-be-clicked, so you get some visual feedback before you actuate the mouse button.
  7. Improving mouse UX

    Hi, all. I'm relatively new to the game. I'm an experienced software developer (though I haven't worked with C or C++ in years). I've spoken with radu about my idea, and he suggested I post in here to get some feedback and discussion about it. Among several other improvements I want to try to make to the client code, I want to try to improve the mouse clicking user experience. Specifically, it seems that clicking (and the results of clicking) in the main world view window operates on an "exact pixel" basis. For example, you must click on one of the pixels of a flower to begin harvesting it (based on the current camera angle). At wide zoom amounts, this can mean very few pixels to click on. Trying to initiate combat with things like bunnies and brownies is significantly more challenging (frustrating?) than attacking large creatures like deer. What I'm thinking is to just expand the code to consider an n by n square of pixels (or perhaps circle) around the mouse cursor, instead of just one single pixel at the mouse cursor. Then have the cursor operate just as it is now (including both hover and click functionalities), except the thing hovered over, or the thing clicked is the one that is closest to the mouse cursor within this pixel area. When there is more than one small hotspot near the cursor, the UX will still remain as tricky to use as it is now, but if you are trying to chase a bunny down, and there's nothing else in the vicinity, this change should make it much easier to do so. Any thoughts on this approach, or tips on where to start? I've only briefly browsed the code, but I've found such things as thing_under_cursor. I'm also thinking that this should be a toggleable setting, as it is likely to require a little more CPU power.