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  1. Client sound alerts.

    Yes, they _all_ work fine, now, so it was simply wrong tpe of Ogg ncoding (-132 error), and in two cases a mistake in capitalisation.
  2. Client sound alerts.

    Persistent research on the web for the elusive meaning of code -132, I came across some references with respect to other sound situations, that suggested code -132 means wrong audio file format, Looking into that, I noticed the missing sounds were in Ogg/FLAC, rather than OggVorbis. So I ran a quick reformat and will report back when everything sounds fine.
  3. Client sound alerts.

    Jezus Handmixing Christ, when did I have headtrauma that scrambled my brains?!? Totally forgot to check there, "Error opening ogg file: /usr/local/games/el_linux/sound/It-is-poison-isnt-it.ogg. Ogg error: -132" Anyway, if there is a limit of 50 defined, I should go over each aspect that might contain the error locally. Thanks.
  4. Since I like to catch up on email, websites, etc. while harvesting, and generally like to have audible warnings for numerous events if I'm in game but Away From But Near To Keyboard, or get distracted by doing jigsaw, I have a great number of client alerts defined, up to 26 sounds, now. However, I can't seem to get _all_ of them to work, only about the first 15, so my question is: is there a numerical limit to how many sounds can be defined, or do i have to look for some other obscure error I have made?
  5. Crowd Etiquette

    Another way to achieve less annoyance at crowded moments might be, for instance, to mark the circle just beyond the Storages reach with a ring of white, non-movement-hindering stones.or "paint" marks, or plants. That only helps actual users of the game client see where they have reach to interact, and perhaps not crowd the storage NPC as much by using more of that area away from "traffic".
  6. Crowd Etiquette

    Yes, it's not about solving being blocked, as the rules take that into account and state one must move if so asked to allow access or exit, it's about maximizing everyones enjoyment by being considerate Take for instance Grimm in DP, say you're harvesting there, you need a great big buttload of something and you like harvesting in DP. So you gather a full load and go to the storage to drop it off, and there's a crowd of non-dwarves just standing there in front of Grimm, or worse, surrounding him. What might be a single click near Grimm to get within range becomes several clicks on the ground to get near, tossing and turning of the camera to get him in view, only to discover that you are apparently our of range, so you try to find another spot, and spend a minute doing, what could be done in seconds. Experienced harvesters and mixers already follow the suggestions I mentioned previsously, I'm just trying to get them more widely adapted. Grimm has a clear avenue of access, with a few unusable spots with rocks in it, so if you're going to stick around for more than a few seconds, consider moving aside to leave the direct line to the entrance open.
  7. There are some areas in Eternal Lands where people gather, not so much to interact with eachother, but to interact with the environment of those places. The most frequented of those places are the Storage rooms and the popular harvesting spots.These interactions require a line of visibility from the player camera to the environmental spot they wish to interact with. And it's possible to block that line of visibility with a player avatar/creature by standing in the line of sight. There is nothing we as players can do about creatures standing in our line of sight, except kill them or move our view. However, as players, we can minimize accidentally annoying other players by making a little effort to not block their view, as it is. The first and simplest measure is: always sit down in storage, if you're going to be longer than a few seconds in and out, or while harvesting. The second one is: If you're going to be mixing in storage, choose a place to sit away from the direction of approach, e.g. sit behind Grimm in DP, sit west of Judith in MM, etc. That way people coming for a drop off/pick up can easily get in range of the storage clerk, without having to hunt for a free spot near enough to actually interact. Just my 2ยข.
  8. When walking from Naralik to Portland there is a chance you get to a dead spot, where you stop and stand and have to do something to get moving again: You are in Morcraven Marsh [244,98] No, it's not from a passing critter or other person, at least not in sight. Have fun with it.
  9. Counters and Session shortcuts?

    Even better still, I assigned K_SESSION to CTRL-l, and that works, too.
  10. Counters and Session shortcuts?

    Final update: Today I discovered there was a second K_COUNTERS entry in my key.ini in the .elc directory, after deleting the double entry and only leavinf knowledge to CTRL-K and COUNTERS to CTRL-y, al was as one would expect. So the stuff works as (not very loudly) advertised.
  11. No apology necessary on my account, I never gave full information for you to act on until you asked. Anyway, glad you found and fixed it.
  12. #save does write $HOME/.elc/[server]/el.cfg , and other options I change keep the changed state, but those two health bar ones are not permanent, not saved, apparently.
  13. #save does not change the failure, though it does appear to write the files, or pretends to. Next test is starting without the pertinent file, logging in and setting all options right, then #save. May take me a while to try it, as I'm quite busy (in game).
  14. Counters and Session shortcuts?

    Update: since putting key.ini in $HOME/.elc instead of $HOME/.elc/[playername] CTRL-K pops up K_COUNTERS instead of K_KNOWLEDGE, even though that is not the definition in the file.
  15. Counters and Session shortcuts?

    I had them in the per person data directory: $HOME/.elc/[character] now I tried with #K_COUNTERS = LCTRL y #K_COUNTERS = RCTRL y and put the file in $HOME/.elc since CTRL-l is already bound to "look pointer". Yes, it's tricky to find which keys are free and which not. Were it my job, I'd go for storing _all_ key bindings in key.ini, seperated in comment headed sections, but it's not mine to decide, luckily enough.