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  1. Expiring bots

    Citrine bot paid for year 2024 Transaction ID: 0SE56985NA204971D
  2. Server Update Suggestions

    A few more from me: 1. Add a no nexus requirement to Scientists Day (this day isn't really helpful with just the knowledge requirement suspended). 2. Add a "Click through" setting. Basically allows you to click through items like trees to move. (From a technical aspect this may be too difficult but wanted to add it just in case) 3. Add session/day experience bonuses. Example: After x amount of a certain mob killed, you get x amount of a/d exp as a bonus. Or from a mixing perspective, manufacture 5k HE's and get a 10K exp alch bonus. This provides an incentive to mix/kill higher volumes. To limit overpowering, these should be reset every so often like each ingame day or just when you get to a certain number of kills/mixes. The exp given could be based on the tier of creature killed or item manufactured. We have tiers of monsters already so it would only take some thought for mixing. It could be recommended level based. 4. Ability to lock/unlock an equipped item. For example, i hardly ever take off my rdholam. It would be nice to be able to lock it into an equipped slot and then be able to use the "unequip all" option to take off everything except that. 5. Add additional instance types. The two that come to mind for me would be PK and Ranging/Engineering. For the PK, we would need to be creative with the reward structure to ensure its not abused or one team always gets the win. I don't think experience would be the way to go here but rather some other perk that incentivizes but doesn't allow for abuse. For Ranging/Engineering, it could be similar to the instances we have now but no hand to hand combat allowed. Only ranging and/or engineering (possibly even summoning?) items. This could be a great way to allow for ranging/engineering/summoning training but also having fun and getting somewhat of a return when doing it. This would also help the market for these types of items. 6. Add a Leonard Finder (similar to Pear finder) to assist in finding Leo. I feel like the market for his fur is increasing so providing a way to find him easier may help offset this a little. 7. Let Action Points be affected by Fast Regeneration Perk/Cloak. 8. Give the Joker a chance to give some very rare, high end items. 9. Add a Redeemer perk that gives the ability to mix items 2 at a time instead of 1. Consumed resources would still reflect 2. Just to reiterate one of the more important ones above, I agree with Aislinn about the instance maps. The maps require a tremendous amount of walking. It feels like that's 3/4 of what you do. Creating some new maps or even allowing map variability for specific levels would be nice. I would even be willing to assist with some of the map making/adjusting here if needed. Obviously adjustment or creation of maps would be client based as well but just thought for the future.
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k silver -Kidberg
  4. Storage sale

    213 Wine 720 Potion of Feasting 6550 Gold Ore 549 Iron Ore5530 Emerald 404 Ruby 137 Pickaxe 5 Mortar & Pestle 11 Hammer 914 Gem Sanding Paper 1191 Water Essence 294 Empty Vial Price?
  5. Essences and More for sell

    Thanks, I'll get the FE's. I want to order 2k Magic essence now please.
  6. Essences and More for sell

    Thanks, I'll pick up that order later today. I would like to order 2k FE's now please.
  7. Auction: Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    621 Sulfur 49 Mortar & Pestle 686 Pickaxe 1 Hammer 30 Needle 9 Gemstone hammer & chise l1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 1 Titanium Plate Mail 1 Titanium Cuisses 64 Leather Boots 1 Titanium Shield 2230 Magic Essence 2253 Energy Essence 384 Air Essence 326 Life Essence 10299 Raw Meat 15 White Tiger fur 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Body Piercing Cloak 112 Thread 49 Silver Ring 282k
  8. Essences and More for sell

    I'll get that order soon. Next order: 2k Life essence - 9kgc
  9. Essences and More for sell

    I'll pick up the current order later today. I would like to order 2k Energy essence now please - 21kgc
  10. Sale

    [09:38:46] 1 Bronze Sword [09:38:50] 1 Titanium Shield [09:44:05] 1 Black Tunic Black Shirt [09:38:43] 27 Pickaxe 50k?
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Sulfur 10k Silver ore 10k Gold ore
  12. Essences and More for sell

    I would like to order the following: 2k Matter Essence- 22kgc
  13. Expiring bots

    Paid another year for Citrine. Owner is now Kidberg/Citric ingame. Thanks
  14. Guild map question (Summoning)

    Yes, you are correct. However, whatever code that was used to make TD that way is not allowed with guild maps as of right now according to Roja.