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  2. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    what is that gmt please ?
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  4. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    You really had to do that on the very few weekends I am away Goodluck on the event, have fun!
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  6. can`t log

    I just reinstalled EL, and all works fine. Probally was something missing in EL folder
  7. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    There will be a pk contest Starting around Noon EST There will be 5 Contests Held 1) Noob 0-60a/d 2) Semi Noob 60-100a/d 3)Semi Pr0 100-130a/d 4)Pr0 130-160 a/d 5)OMFG 160+ Rules and such will be posted soon, but for now, I would like to gather a list of participants Please post you name and the range you fall under as above. There will be no Brod, and all the maps will be NO DROP Thanks! Wizzy
  8. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    No problem, I am in the same guesthouse since yesterday. So I will even make vacation from EL until next week See you later.
  9. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    It is not a ban issue. You have not reached the server today. The IP you are posting from here in forums is not the same as you logged in-game from yesterday, I assume from your vacation spot. I don't know if you changed locations since yesterday but if so, it could be a blocked port issue from your current location.
  10. can`t log

    Could you tell us which client and operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, ...) you were using?
  11. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    Perhaps you could tell us what client you are using? And if android, wich OS version. It might be a problem of a blocked port: you don't seem to have reached the server at all today. No signs of you trying to log in from a banned IP.
  12. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    Hmm .. if this is the case, I have no clue why this doesn't work. But this is good to know, that you for the info. I will continue investigating.
  13. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    If you try to log in from a banned IP, you should see a red message telling you so.
  14. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    I am on vacation in Italy. Yesterday I started my daily haidir quest but since today in the moring no more login is possible, that means once I push the login button nothing happens, even no error message. Could it be that the provider of my guesthouse is in a banned IP range? Thank you very much. -Erdie
  15. Storage Sale

    Selling these items, pm me in game - Kaddy [19:53:26] Food: [19:53:26] 57620 Potion of Feasting [19:53:26] 131417 Toadstool [19:53:30] Flowers: [19:53:30] 476 Blue Star Flower [19:53:30] 81 Cactus [19:53:30] 648 Blue Lupine [19:53:30] 2,051,323 Red Snapdragons [19:53:30] 1812 Rue [19:53:30] 3542 Red Rose [19:53:30] 3753 Valerian [19:53:30] 120657 Blue Berries [19:53:30] 796 Yarrow [19:53:30] 2936 Daffodils [19:53:30] 155 Dandelion [19:53:30] 286 Henbane [19:53:30] 4293 Ogre Toes [19:53:30] 5605 Tree Mushroom [19:53:30] 348 Wormwood [19:53:30] 4000 White Chanterelle [19:53:30] 2465 Wheat [19:53:30] 20544 Red Currents [19:53:30] 575 Mullein [19:53:30] 160 Nightshade [19:53:30] 157 Tulips [19:53:30] 312 Yellow Rose [19:53:30] 633 Swamp Candles [19:53:30] 21330 Sunflower [19:53:30] 4297 Poison Ivy [19:53:30] 4603 White Asiatic Lilly [19:53:30] 181 Lilacs [19:53:30] 671 Impatiens [19:53:30] 131417 Toadstool [19:53:36] Minerals: [19:53:36] 1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal [19:53:36] Minerals: [19:53:36] 146688 Sapphire [19:53:36] 663310 Coal [19:53:49] Essences: [19:53:49] 21 Enriched Magic Essence [19:53:49] 207962 Water Essence [19:53:49] 50 Enriched Fire Essence [19:53:56] Potions: [19:53:56] 4895 Creature food [19:53:56] 57620 Potion of Feasting [19:54:07] Animal: [19:54:07] 928 Falcon Feather [19:54:07] 115 Red Snake Skin [19:54:07] 65 Skunk fur [19:54:07] 822 Beaver fur [19:54:07] 60 Tiger fur [19:54:07] 112448 Raw Meat [19:54:07] 937 Leopard fur [19:54:07] 126 Fox Fur [19:54:07] 1 Phoenix Feather [19:54:07] 6 Green Snake Skin [19:54:07] 7 Brown rabbit fur [19:54:07] 4954 Feran Horn [19:54:07] 4 Rabbit token [19:54:07] 630 Bones [19:54:07] 3 Wolf Fur [19:54:07] 1 Rat token [19:54:07] 3 Snake token [19:54:07] 363 Black panther fur [19:54:07] 410 Cockatrice Feather [19:54:07] 6 Rat tail [19:54:07] 3 Puma Fur [19:54:07] 7 Raccoon fur [19:54:07] 646 Hawk Feather [19:54:07] 351 White Tiger fur [19:54:07] 500 White rabbit fur [19:54:07] 712 Brown Snake Skin [19:54:07] 55 Bear Fur [19:54:13] Misc: [19:54:13] 3108 Mule Glyph [19:54:13] 10 Enrichment Stone [19:54:13] 49 Serpent Stone [19:54:13] 22 Binding Stone [19:54:13] 30413 Yew [19:54:13] 4895 Creature food Pm me ingame -Kaddy
  16. can`t log

    Hello, I just can`t log on my main char " Eadwine ". All others seconds chars it`s ok. When i insert my pass, the client just close without show any msg. -already tried Poor man -firewall deactivated thanks
  17. Thank you for the tip, Elbowrond. I’m glad everything is running smoothly for you
  18. I've made the code changes to allow a character specific file for the notepad (right-click the save button), and item lists (an additional item on the content menu for the list). In both cases, the new file will be created next time you save so will be based on the current content. Updated build from latest git can be found here: Windows: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.exe I'd recommend my Flatpak build for Linux users, you will need the dev version, or the Snap (Edge version) from the Snap Store. Otherwise..... Linux 32 bit static: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.i686.linux.bin.static Linux 64 bit static: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.x86_64.linux.bin.static
  19. request for Alt ether toggles

    No one else came forward and I was doing some other updates so I've added this change.
  20. I was also having issues with Full Screen, until I went into my Windows 10 Display settings, and discovered that it was being magnified: 12% Once I set the Magnification to 100%, everything played beautifully, in High Res, 1920 x 1080 x 32 ~Elbowrond
  21. No sound

    The Client Files are the game download. Once you install them, they create folders on your hard disk. You must navigate through those folders, until you find the main folder: Eternal Lands. Once there, you will see lots of folders, but not one for music, or sound. So, you must create those folders yourself. Right click the screen, anywhere that's not a folder, and select: New Folder. Then, replace the highlighted box: New Folder to: Sound Then, hit enter. Repeat this process, and create a folder called: Music After you've succeeded in creating the new folders in your main folder: Eternal Lands You should be able to download and extract the sound files to the Sound folder, and your music files to the Music folder. Those downloads are separate from the actual game download for Windows. You will find them, if you read the rest of the download page, carefully. P.S... The Music files are separate from the Sound files, and so, in total: 3 downloads (One for the game client, one for the sound fx, and one for the music files). I hope that this helps. ~Elbowrond drewfusmaximus@msn.com
  22. How to chat

    SwiftKey has too many permissions, so that's out. Looking at, "Hacker's Keyboard." It requires zero permissions, and seems to be fully functional. Not happy with the standard configuration, though. No drawing words, as far as I can tell. Hacker's Keyboard works well. I was able to use TAB, CTR, ALT, ESC, Arrow keys, and function keys. It's klunky, but as long as you get that you need to hit FN to switch layout, Swipe, or Back, to close, It works. It does not solve the problem of the chat screen, however. One can chat, then switch to the chat screen to read the full responses. Private Messaging works perfectly (although, I suppose that would work with any keyboard, accessible by double tapping the Blue Sliders). It's configurable for many languages, including Dvorak. ~Elbowrond
  23. How to chat

    Play Store says to use SwiftKey app for different keyboard. I'll try that, and let you know how it goes. -Elbowrond [** revi: please don't provide RL information **]
  24. EL live stream thread

    Wizzy: https://dlive.tv/EternalStream
  25. EL live stream thread

    Post your EL live stream links in this thread. Invasions, instances and invances are all welcome. Show all those people on the outside what they are missing out on.
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  27. Eternal Lands News

    Overwhelming Peace Ace Jackson with a peaceful report [AD] Trik’s Pawn emporium: Do you have too many leather helms? Are you buried in iron swords? Bring them to Trik today. He will pay you good freshly minted gold coin in exchange for your over abundance of Arms, armor and clothing. White Stone docks, not far from the Isle Prima boat. Visit Trik today! [/AD] It was peace day in our fair Eternal Lands again and again. So much so that the meaning of peace was lost and the people grumbled and complained. Peace is a welcome thing, except when it interferes with our daily retinues and the elimination of the evil hoards. To make matters worse, peace day came and repeated the following day. Within short time we’ve had 3 peace days. The cries and complaints arose from the people. There were talks of reviving the Yellow cloaks to petition teh_god for a reprieve. “Peace days need to end or have some means of removal!” Were the cries on everyone’s lips. The line was drawn in the sand. Hopefully this situation will come to a Peaceful conclusion. Ace Jackson out!
  28. I was intending to make the same change to the item lists and the mix list too.
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