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  2. Problems when my computer crashed

    EL files may get corrupted like any other file if the machine stops for power loss of a crash, but only if its actually in the middle of saving. Usually your file system should prevent corruption happening, you will just loose unsaved changed. This is just as likely to effect other files on your system. If you load an older version it will either just work, or will get rejected due to the version check that is done on load. If it is rejected, all the values will be set back to defaults and a new file created next time you #save or exit.
  3. revi

    @vinoveritas You only see one previous incident in Seiduna's post. There are a few more, where I had to warn him about one rule or another. Since then, I get a snide remark literally *every* time I try to help him (not to mention insults if I have to warn him...). This time, I have had enough.
  4. revi

    I do not have a beef with revi, but do not worry he puts people fast on ignore list. I remember a time when he was farming ferans in irsis and when i came there and we chatted a bit he told me to take the spawn (i was not demanding it and would have happily waited) when i was doing it i pmmed him 1 or 2 times that i am almost done, I was playing with 2 chars at the time and did pm him with the other char feran and that if he wanted he could have the spawn back i would keep it alive till then. revi replied to me that i am harrass him as i would circumvent an ignore that he put in place by using my alt. He Frist never told me that he has me ignored. and second i gave him never a reason to ignore me, all i tried was to be polite and return the Favour he did me. My advice here let live and live yourself. Let the topic go and enjoy the game as it is. Edit : My example was not an example of mod abuse, but an example of Revis view of some things that differ from the perception of others. and fast response. I asked revi if i should put the pm log on he said no so i am not putting his side up. I mark where he has said something. VinoVeritas [10:11:36] [PM to revi: how many ferans to go for you?] Revis responded and left. [10:11:53] [PM to revi: nono] [10:12:01] [PM to revi: just wanted to know i did not start with homoe] [10:12:09] [PM to revi: the spawn is yours ] [10:13:57] [PM to revi: come back and take the spawn again did not want to take it away from you] [10:16:53] [PM to revi: or where you there to hunt for horns?] [10:18:07] [PM to revi: in that case i would offer you all the horns Homo_Novus is getting] At this point revi said something that he interpreted as telling me to leave him alone, and that he put me on ignore, but it did not say that he puts me on ignore. From his chat today he put me on ignore at that moment. [10:21:22] [PM to revi: ok but thats exactly the reason why i did not want to take the spawn from you i did not get that feran there] Homo_novus [10:30:11] [PM to revi: almost done 3 more to go and i have now both there if you want it back] Revis respond to this including that it is not good to respond with other char if alt is on ignore. He did not put harrassment in the words, he did not use mod power here. But in the fact that he was a mod. and the way he acted. it was rash and pretty harsch from my point of view. His respons in pm today about it while i can see some of his points are similar. My point to make it clear is, revi has his own personality, it let him act in certain ways. both as mod and as normal person. Seiduna should see it as that and live with it and just try not to take it to her heart that the response was in her perspectiv more then she thought warrented. This dispute is not really worth it name.
  5. revi

    rules state: 1. All initial posts (the post that starts the thread) MUST include valid proof such as a screenshot or unedited logs. Any accusation without proof will immediately be deleted. Repeat transgressions WILL be addressed. you are posting my 2 posts that i started, where i am pointing out and at least solve one of the problems? do you have a grasp on reality? This kind of argument that you are giving is what makes you a bad mod, unfortunately players suffer your bad judgement. you are saying i am repetadly harrassing? could you, please, provide proof such as a screenshot or unedited logs? please, do humor me and give me 3 more examples where i acted noncompliant, please. If someone critisizing you offends you in such a manner that you boot them, you re a bad mod. good mod would not be bothered at all to remind someone that sees their mistakes. redeemed mod would unboot player immediately and summon rabbits for player, but bad mod, bad mod would boot the player. so, what are you doing, mod? ====================== edit, oh revi, if i am such a bother, how come you put me on ignore list only yesterday? if i harrested you, would i not be on that list much, much earlier?
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  7. revi

    And you also were very polite after you read Aislinn's first reply: [16:03:48] [PM from Ursha: you are not a good mod, i think you should be removed as mod] [16:04:26] [PM to Ursha: You made that clear, thank you. You did look at Aislinn's answer in forums?] [16:04:46] [PM from Ursha: have you seen mine?] [16:05:36] [PM from Ursha: you are easily intimidated, your work is poor and you are abusin mod status ] [16:06:01] [PM from Ursha: and now, now until i am banned, i am telling people that, and to you until i can] [16:06:22] [PM from Ursha: i bother you? you lieing piece of mod] [16:06:42] [PM from Ursha: this is bothering, i guess, so sod off me once for ever] [16:07:56] [PM to Ursha: You are now on my ignore list] (Btw, Aislinn gave me permission to post those PM's, as you feel free to post mine.
  8. revi

    You are the one who went name-calling after an issue was done to continue it. It was your reaction after the incident that caused the boot, not the incident itself. And interestingly, you leave the pm chat but blocked out the chat in @1 so we don't know what you said or if it was mended. I reiterate - this is not the only incident where you insult mods quite rudely. Some easy to find forum examples:
  9. revi

    well, have you ever misclicked channel and been booted? i wrong channeled, i appologised, why do i have to be contacted by mod? is this a joke? i think revi is taking extra time to bother me. you too aislin, are turning the truth around, saying i am bothering. I counted two accounts with revi, telling revi is sticking his nose into things AFTER they are mended is not an attack on revi, it is stating the truth of his act, his doing, he should own that. i think mods should be called bad mods if they poke their nose into bussines that is finnished, repetadly. if stating that get me banned, please as soon as possibile. and rules above state to provide prove, screenshot is not ok now? please back off of me or ban me.
  10. revi

    Well, since it's your turn to not have a pulse in-game, here's my response. I think ______ is not a good player and I suggest to be removed. If this is how it worked, we'd have nobody left, players or mods. Just because you disagree with something that happened to you, or something that somebody said to you, doesn't mean it's removal-worthy. I have to agree with him. You do take every opportunity to poke him with a stick because you aren't happy you were mildly moderated. All the good you do, or money you spend, doesn't mean it's okay. Yes you do help and that's great and appreciated but doesn't mean you are immune to everything else. "What do you mean you're arresting me for robbing the bank?!! I help little old ladies cross the street every day!!" We have game rules for a reason, for everyone. Mods have commands for a reason. A simple "Oh darn, you're right, I'm sorry" would have more than sufficed in your original example and it would have been the end of everything. All he did was pm you there! No mod command used against you until you told him to buzz off and sod off in one short sentence. Every time with the slightest of comment to you from a mod, you go off on them, especially revi. There's no need for that. A reminder, by the way, you should not be publishing others' pm's without their permission. And I'd like to add here that this is not the only example of you going off on revi and other mods. Forums alone have examples. You are completely overreacting.
  11. revi

    So this was my first encouter with revi, yeasr ago, how many of you have missed the channel, excused yourself and got booted? today was second encounter: [10:15:44] [Ursha @ 6]: if sceptic, does to#day still works? [10:15:49] [Xyleon @ 6]: yes [10:15:58] [Ursha @ 6]: for stones as well? [10:16:17] [revi @ 6]: day has nothing to do with astrology [10:16:23] [Ursha @ 6]: thank you all [10:16:54] [Ursha @ 6]: (for once revi helped me...) [10:17:18] You were channel muted (can't talk on the channels for 20 minutes) by revi. [10:18:25] [PM from revi: if you have a problem with me, sya so, or take it up with Aislinn. Those wise-cracks every time I address you are getting annoying] [10:18:50] [PM to revi: you are lame] [10:21:31] [PM from revi: Possibly. But since I warned you once that your behaviour was against the rules and could get you punished (as I'm obliged to do as a mod)...] [10:22:06] [PM to revi: why are you bothering me? what are you talking about?] [10:22:06] [PM from revi: all I get from you is snide remarks. Fed up with that, take it to Aislinn (see rule 2)] [10:23:19] [PM to revi: you are making stuff up] [10:23:59] [PM to revi: you can lie to yourself and others, but not to me] [10:24:40] [PM to revi: so please stop bothering me] [10:25:41] <5:31>: Disconnected from server! [Grue?] [10:25:41] Press Alt-x to close the game [10:25:41] You were booted by revi! -------------------------------------------------- aislinn has no pulse yet (afk) and this is redicilous. revi is obviously lieing of me constantly botherin him/her. My char is paid, i do try to help newbies, been here for over 10 years, i try to help gq, i made custom tutorial, calculator of ings breakdown... i try to help game. I think revi is not a good mod and i suggest to be removed. ==================== edit, a screenshot:
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  13. I am sorry

    oh evie, i don't have a horse in this race, but i read, it was sweet and short, i kindda liked that side Maybe I should just log off, but that's my fart ... and i feel releved...
  14. I am sorry

    Not sure if this is the right place for this. But just wanted to apologize to the EL community for the way I behaved. I should of just logged off. I have been playing this game for such a long time and really do enjoy playing it and would love to continue playing the game. I should of never allowed my ill feelings towards another player take me to that level and for that I am sorry.
  15. Mod can do what they want?

    Huh? Where is the context? Summons in invasion and summons for his own fun, are two different things. If there is no announced invasion, and he places any attacking mobs directly on me, then i would goto radu. I did nothing dirctly to a mod, i did kill summons of a player.
  16. Mod can do what they want?

    No, mods can't do whatever they want. The VERY minor "incorrect" action this mod took was not only IMMEDIATELY rectified by the same mod himself, but he then summoned even more for you. But it seems some people think that players can do whatever they want to mods and there should be no push-back. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. We are not your personal punching bags. I can guarantee you I'd do the same thing if somebody made a point to follow me around and get in my face for no purpose other than to piss me off. Actually, I probably wouldn't be as generous as Wizzy was. This is ridiculous.
  17. Mod can do what they want?

    Best go buy a ticket Yep there is no rule about attacking my summons, And thanks for ruining my morning with your bullshit.
  18. Mod can do what they want?

    1- You accused him of stalking, without showing any proof (you might want to reread the header of the disputes forum, perhaps). I asked you to provide the proof of stalking, that's all 2- As I told you in-game, stalking can be considered harassment, if it is persistent.
  19. Mod can do what they want?

    I believe because you don't like wizzy's acting and "summons" you are not participing even in his invasions, right? or do you? will you cry-run to radu if his invasion mob kills you, that he is picking on you?
  20. Mod can do what they want?

    You was following me, that was not the same "random path". Hunting lenny inside the sto in SRM and AA? AA: 12:44:15] Wizzy: Not so chatty? [12:44:26] Aeth Aelfan Storage. A place renowned for the dubious credo above the entrance: you choose it, we lose it. [12:44:53] [Montepulciano @ 206]: *** [12:45:14] [DerSachse @ 206]: *** [12:45:19] Wizzy: r we having fun yet? [12:45:24] DerSachse: sure [12:45:33] Wizzy: Leave the bunnies alone..... [12:45:37] DerSachse: nope SRM: [13:20:42] Welcome to Nargash storage! [13:21:06] Wizzy: are we finished lenny hunting? [13:21:22] [PM from Montepulciano: *** [13:21:45] Wizzy: Is it not fun? SOmeone inturpting you? [13:21:54] DerSachse: lol So, we had the same path. I would win the RL lotterie before we have this the same way to hunt lenny.
  21. Mod can do what they want?

    I was only hunting lenny, strange we share the same lenny hunting path. Again, I don't know why you just couldn't leave me the fuck alone to enjoy an hour in the morning with my morning coffee, but here we are. And yes, you are acting like a child. Out of the 3000 spawns in game, you need to seek out my tank rabbits. And then run to radu or forums, oh the big bad wizzy removed his tank rabbits so I couldn't annoy the shit out him.. Maybe you just relish in annoying people? Are some kinda socialpath?
  22. Mod can do what they want?

    Wizzy was stalking me today 2 times. Sure, i attacked the summons, why not? revi, what do you want with your text? Edit: He can stalkin me, afaik not against the rules, if he come to me without "modhelp". i Dont say he teled to me with this.
  23. Mod can do what they want?

    Could you please show where Wizzy is stalking you? From the above, you attack his summons, repeatedly, and not the other way around...
  24. Mod can do what they want?

    You can be pissod of of me, n.p. You can stalk me further, but WITHOUT using god mod. You wrote " Of course, you made it your business to run to radu like a 13 year old tween, " But, who is doing like 13 or less. Who played like a kid? If you dont like other kill your summons, try LDB.
  25. Mod can do what they want?

    Hello, and thank you for posting on Eternal Lands forums I don't know why you can't leave my tank rabbits alone, I am just a simple wizard trying to make his way in this toppsie turvey world. The other day, when you came without a word to kill my summons, who I had employed in hunting trolls, I tele'd you to IP because you pissed me off. I then tele'd you back and summoned all the tank rabbits I had with me, and told you to go nuts. realising that the tele was an ..emotional reaction. Of course, you made it your business to run to radu like a 13 year old tween, and left me to explain my actions to Radu, whereas all I could muster was that I rectified the situation by immediately returning you to the spawn, and that you are a "little Bitch" oh, and I am not sorry if this offends you... I demie'd my tank rabbits so that you would not have the satasifaction of killing them, whereas I could have #left_guild and just harmed them, this saved me 30 keystrokes, and I do not regret my actions. as the same results would have occurred with just less keystokes. Now, I don't know why the hell you can't leave my bunnies alone. Had you asked me, I would have summoned for you, and remote healed them for as long as you needed to break your armour. All of that being said, Go fuck yourself..and have a nice day. Wiz
  26. Mod can do what they want?

    Hi, is there any reason, that Wizzy use his mod mode for doing own gameplay? My char Eclipse was killing his Tank rabbits, and wizzy teled her to IP. Some minutes ago, Eclipse was killing his tanks again, and he switched to mod and removed the summons. Thats not normal gameplay, i think and an abuse of his mod state. Or do i think wrong and he can do what he want?
  27. Problems when my computer crashed

    The problem is due purely to the power loss: normally the client saves an "el.cfg" file in your "server" directory ('main' normally). On a power failure, that files isn't saved, or it can get corrupted. When that file isn't present, or corrupted, EL starts "as if" you are a new player, with show of the rules and language choice.You'll have to go through that, correct your setup, and exit EL to save that file. I'm not sure if it is safe to use an older version of the el.cfg, perhaps a dev can help there.
  28. IMy computer lost power when playing. When I tried to log on again were I sent to the new player login, with choose language (never seen that before) and the rules. Even if I closed this and tried again, could I only log in this way. Ingame were most settings reset - all windows opened in left top corner, green health bar over the playernames where I used to have numbers. Lots of other things. Quantity on inventory were set to default - only thing left as as I had before were itemlist and manu lists. The zoom out/in and tilt angle were changed too, a pain I had the same for years and dont remember the numbers. When I log on another, not online when the crash happened, everything is reset too even if I changed back to what I used to have and are still online whith the first. A 2nd online are usually copying the setting on the first. My question is now, why did it happen now, I loose very often internet connection without this problems. Anything I can do next time ?
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