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Here is a list of bots that have expired, or will expire at the end of the day. You have until the 10th of December to pay them, or else they will be locked.

If there has been some mistake, please contact me.


mr_bean, Cabman
BlackAdder, Cabman
AmosMoses, gladiator
hulkman, Bankay
Boxer, Myd1
Slotbot, Aislinn
KiraKitty, Ghrae
Zirah, Zamirah
Leetah, Miscka

Naretria, Zephlix

Sallos, DarkDiablo
pet_penguin, ben
Ayperios, bughuul

MWAR_sto_bot, ingalftass
Danius, Stivy
landerion, faxie
Abbie, Lyssa
KickAss, ElG3neral
Duvel, Ghrae
astronomy, CEL guild

leeuwarden, van_binsbergen
Penthesilea, Darrock
Nibal, ferny
ZeBusceta,  Tiriricones
Bliss, Cherut
Crafti, Daroh
Krosis, Wizzy

Keres, Alphabet
Shrek, smurf
Evilshalo, Maxine
Storedragon, Greypal

ELBAY, CanCowgirl
Moonday, Oakhex
Zara, Zarkuu
XavierX, the_grud
Adarah, ryddler
Iwannarock, burn
Tayama, Zathras
Amethyst, Starlite

negotiator, VinoVeritas
Trunks, Stivy
Living, dying
Gemini, Aislinn
freia, Zamirah
Meike, Taini
Stub, bud

Sqye, karma
BattleBot, JoAn
KrimZ, Aseidus
lolipop, eBola
daylecat, Volbeat
BraT, Halosmee

Artifice, smurf/_rah_
Mary, Cherut

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Ghrae Paid Receipt# 6KX47645RW9803019 (KiraKitty, Duvel, astronomy, Penthesilea)

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Paid for Amethyst and mercator

Receipt# 6Y3977921W3994816


and it would be nice to update the owner of the bots, as Amethyst is now for years my bot,

And Negotiator now also for some times belongs to alduron.

Edited by vinoveritas

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