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  1. Android client

    double-tap the blue camera rotation bar to bring up the keyboard
  2. Client update, 195

    bluap* has provided. I do maps. ;-)
  3. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    FTR: "Holes" as well as start-stop or breakage of mapwalking are caused SOLELY by not having the same map in your client as the server has. That they exist is in itself the proof that your client is using 1.9.4 data for some reason on the 1.9.5 server. A hole: the server has that particular tile as walkable, but since your old map doesn't - you can walk on it because the server permits you, but your old map has no information on what height you should be at because it has it as unwalkable. "unwalkable" in map terms is actually a height positioning lower than the lowest you can be in the game, so you end up "in a hole". Stops during mapwalking are due to the exact opposite, the client has walkable tiles that the server doesn't, so you stop when you get to those tiles. The solution in both cases is to get your client working with current data.
  4. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    Is it a constant rain, or starting/stopping like other maps? I've been sitting on DP for a while just to make sure, but no rain. This seems to be limited to the instance maps.
  5. New 1.9.5 "Little Things"

    Those are requested of me by others prior to new client releases. Not in the middle of a post-release.
  6. New client binaries for testing

    For OpenSUSE users, my repo got forgotten about for a while, but it's alive again. You can get the 1.9.5 client here And it is future-ready, it has the current git code and will work with the coming update (that puts the version to 28).
  7. Builds are now available for the 1.9.5 client! Available for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Leap 42.3, and Leap 15.0. (I do not have the ability to support earlier OpenSUSE versions that are at the end of their support cycle.) See the first post to install.
  8. Sir_odie

    Much to everyone's dismay, there will be no "50 Shades of Burn" fashion collection this year.
  9. Sir_odie

    Odie is busy IRL, barely had time to help with packing the new client. You're probably better off with official customs, which everyone can see instead.
  10. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Downloads/EL-MAC-1.9.5.zip Mac users, Odie has updated his build. Give this a try.
  11. Just a few things you won't really notice unless told, or you study my tab maps like a maniac... these are "little things" besides those already listed in radu's client update notice. C1 - VotD - The southeast fenced-in area (where Gerund is) can now be used as a manufacturing school - VotD - The tombstone closest to KF (18,121), "eye" it for a dedication to Pookies. - TG MS Garden - One now-enterable place that you couldn't enter before. C2 - Glacmor - One previously unenterable cave can now be entered (just a small insides) - Hurquin - Two previously unenterable buildings can now be entered. - Hurquin - The "Chapel of Knowledge" building inside the cave is now fast reading. - Irinveron - One previously unenterable building can now be entered. - Irinveron - The huge cave I add last time now has a second way to enter it, that is from a different map (so if it's invaded, you can enter there for the 10-second delay before attacked) - Idaloran Mine - The 2 "pit" PK areas have been adjusted so the entire pits (down the ladders) are pk, parts weren't before. Safety only by leaving the pit. As well, the northwest "bad air" pk area now covers the full dark brown dirt area, instead of just a random spot in it. Safety outside of the dark dirt. - Melinis - Summoning Academy - In the main hall, is a new dragon statue, "use" it to see a dedication to Bromber. Other - Dung Portal - Due to Zirak changes, one of the Zirakinbar drop locations now drops in North Zirakgunda.
  12. How do I know I have 1.9.5 installed? - Go to 372,112 in Idaloran. You should see a new huge palace there. - Go to 196,47 in Zirakinbar. You should be at the door of a house (that wasn't there before). If you go to either of those places and you don't see what's written, you're seeing old maps which means you either have not installed the new version or you have an issue with your install. I have installed 1.9.5 but I still don't see the things in Ida or Zirak. What now? Most likely you have a personal el.ini file that is overriding the new 1.9.5 file and it is pointing to the wrong data (for some reason you still have the old version installed as well, get rid of that). linux: ~./elc/main/ Win: \My Documents\Eternal Lands\main\ Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/main/ 1- Turn off your client. *important to do first* 2- Go to the directory for your comp. 3- In it, you'll see an el.ini file. Just delete it, client will create a new one. That should take care of it. Why can't I see the new inventory images? This update is just the necessities to ensure the client is working. Other additions such as this will come once things are stable. Why can't I find the new storage NPC Tash in Zirakinbar? This update is just the necessities to ensure the client is working. Other additions such as this will come once things are stable. Why can't I see/find... You should see a trend in the answers here. Hop on that trend. What are the hints given for the biggest new secret in the game? (1) This new dangerous secret is entered via another secret. (2) Bring radu's favorite object with you. (3) "YOU FOOL! NOW YOU DIE!" OTHER KNOWN ISSUES - Idaloran Docks - The guild NPCs are facing the wrong direction, and 1 is even out of place. These are up for fixing in a near update. - BOT OWNERS - Do not use the automatic travel to storage and back. Log in to your bot and walk it there.
  13. Here you go... https://elmaps.burningdownthe.net They do work, they are updated, and they're sooooo adorable! Okay, maybe not that last part.
  14. Client update, 195

    If you have hyperbags out there somewhere, anywhere... read... Pick up your hyperbags! 1.9.5 edition
  15. When 1.9.5 gets released, some maps will be drastically different, others will be still tweaked and changed to some extent. Are your hyperbags safe? If they're on Ida (outside), or Zirak (inside or outside), or in the Grubani arena... there's a higher chance they aren't. Guild maps are always safe, they don't get touched. Instance maps will be guaranteed safe this time as well. If you can set up a separate system to use on Test, you can use the 1.9.5 testing client on the Test server, go to where your bag is. If you can stand on the coordinates of the bag there, it's safe. You're definitely okay if you can do that now. The maps on Test are the maps that will be on Main when the client update happens. But if you're truly paranoid, if you have any expensive stuff out in bags somewhere for some truly bizarre reason, just pick it up. If the maps update and the bag is on a then-unwalkable tile, it's gone for good.