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  1. https://elmaps.burningdownthe.net/ Released today (July 12) - Version 1.9.5-02 - Darkening of non-walkable areas for much-improved mapwalking in places such as Bethel, Ida desert, and SRM Mount Sorrow Example of Bethel: - Is the map Single or Multi-combat? An "S" or "M" next to the BurnedMaps logo will tell you! (subject to server update change, though that is rare) - Added names for named areas on topside maps. ("Tirnwood Vale", "Nymorq Wood", etc.) - New circled "S" mark next to insides and such to indicate "secret" areas, thus no confusion as to why no entrance is shown to them. (may not have got them all) - Improved coordinate lines Minor changes: - Other minor various legibility tweaks - Trassian insides map was missing alphebetical identification marks - Drop points for the teleport spots in C2 portal room to the back of the portal area now marked - Marked KF as 130 a/d limit - AA Lothalith Fortress - Moved an incorrectly placed sulfur mark. - AA small secret (above the original black dragon cave on cave3 map) - the one that exited to AA pk area was moved in 1.9.5, and now exits where it is entered. - Ida insides - One house was missing its alphabetical marking (AB) - Removed new character screen map. It's never possible to use it in the client.
  2. New client binaries for testing

    Test server's images update was done by me, radu did the main server himself, so there's always the possibility something got missed. (Vial molds aren't exactly used much these days if at all, none on bots either, so I can't see to check it.)
  3. New client binaries for testing

    That's due to the way the item lists are saved. Pull everything out, delete the old list, save a new list. Solved.
  4. Probably Linux. Grab the version on the download page and reinstall. Part of the issue with the previous update was a problem with the Linux numbering. That's fixed with the current download version and this server update today.
  5. New client binaries for testing

    That one will *only* work when asked for in the quest. It's not a generally readable book.
  6. Android client

    double-tap the blue camera rotation bar to bring up the keyboard
  7. Client update, 195

    bluap* has provided. I do maps. ;-)
  8. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    FTR: "Holes" as well as start-stop or breakage of mapwalking are caused SOLELY by not having the same map in your client as the server has. That they exist is in itself the proof that your client is using 1.9.4 data for some reason on the 1.9.5 server. A hole: the server has that particular tile as walkable, but since your old map doesn't - you can walk on it because the server permits you, but your old map has no information on what height you should be at because it has it as unwalkable. "unwalkable" in map terms is actually a height positioning lower than the lowest you can be in the game, so you end up "in a hole". Stops during mapwalking are due to the exact opposite, the client has walkable tiles that the server doesn't, so you stop when you get to those tiles. The solution in both cases is to get your client working with current data.
  9. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    Is it a constant rain, or starting/stopping like other maps? I've been sitting on DP for a while just to make sure, but no rain. This seems to be limited to the instance maps.
  10. New 1.9.5 "Little Things"

    Those are requested of me by others prior to new client releases. Not in the middle of a post-release.
  11. New client binaries for testing

    For OpenSUSE users, my repo got forgotten about for a while, but it's alive again. You can get the 1.9.5 client here And it is future-ready, it has the current git code and will work with the coming update (that puts the version to 28).
  12. Builds are now available for the 1.9.5 client! Available for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Leap 42.3, and Leap 15.0. (I do not have the ability to support earlier OpenSUSE versions that are at the end of their support cycle.) See the first post to install.
  13. Sir_odie

    Much to everyone's dismay, there will be no "50 Shades of Burn" fashion collection this year.
  14. Sir_odie

    Odie is busy IRL, barely had time to help with packing the new client. You're probably better off with official customs, which everyone can see instead.
  15. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Downloads/EL-MAC-1.9.5.zip Mac users, Odie has updated his build. Give this a try.