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  1. Unwalkable Tiles

    Not sure this is new, as I've noticed it regularly while fixing walkable tiles on pretty much every map since 1.9.3. I do have ideas to fix this though, if they're possible... Submitted them to Github issues: https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/issues/168
  2. Counters (Kills) not correct

    Yeah, this particular situation seems to be highly unusual. Missing all 30 kills when no one else is involved on an easily-killed creature is not something that is normally seen. Missing even 1 would be unusual in those circumstances. That would be noticed since most tend to watch their counts to see how many more to do for Haidir. Lost counts before a #save seems like the most likely possibility though that would take some really odd circumstances.
  3. Water display

    FTR the two images in the top post show two different ground tile types. The "inside" one in PL cave has a special water tile that just looks the way it does by default, similar to the way lava does, and has no reflections like the outside image water. So they're not comparable in that respect. Comparable indoor water with reflections is rare, but exists for example in Zirakinbar - rat cave (and South Zirakgunda near rat cave exit). So it's not really a matter of inside/outside as it is just specific water types that provide such detail.
  4. IMPORTANT! You MUST change the coordinates your bot is located in the EL-Services Admin Panel after you move it to its new coordinates. It's set up so if your bot isn't on those coordinates, it won't trade (thinking you might be at storage or such). 1) Go to the Management > Bot page in the linked admin panel. 2) Change the "where I should be" x and y to its current coordinates, and the "heading" to the direction your bot should be facing in the booth. 3) Change the "extra location description" (if applicable)
  5. POST-MORTEM FULL DISCLOSURE: There's still hidden harvs. These are hidden harvestable objects I've discovered (or remembered too late) since the final maps for 1.9.6 were originally submitted. A new system I developed for a future project made finding these easier, but too late to fix. 1) Melinis - In the sulfur (fire essence) cave, there's 13 sulfur visible, a 14th is hidden under the dirt. Very difficult but not completely impossible to view with the right camera angle. 2) Aeth Aelfan - In the container full of fruit on the dock directly next to the Glacmor boat, there's 2 apples in the decor directly on the west side of the fruit container, and taking up almost the same space (use the stems on the apples to differentiate them). Visible given the right camera angle. 3) Trassian - Dra Syn - Sapphire Room (29) in Saret's cave, there's 4 pieces of amber I was unaware of tucked away underground. Honestly only been able to view 2 of them at awkward camera angles. (These will just be removed in any future client update.) 4) Trassian - Dra Syn - Emerald Room (30) in Saret's cave, there's 11 emeralds, only 10 visible. The 11th is hidden in a wall and easily seen with proper camera angle. 5) Trassian - Dra Syn - PK Cave (32), there's 25 visible turqoise but 27 total. The 2 hidden are viewable given the correct camera angles. 6) Whitestone - Diamond Cave 6a) 2 of the 18 total diamonds are stuck in the wall, easily visible at correct camera angles. 6b) 3 pieces (of 24) of the coal are underground under the wall, at around 20,8. Very difficult if not impossible to see. 7) Tirnym Past - The silver decorating the tips of the ground decoration in the northeast walled area is visible on 4 of the tips. The 5th tip (at 137,181) is not only not visible directly, but is 2 pieces of silver on top of each other, both underground. Difficult if not impossible to view. List is Subject to addition to later. Post any you discover here as well so they can be fixed in any possible future update. (Because they weren't really relevant before this newly discovered bug fix that will lead to the map changes on server restart, I've paid little attention to hidden harvs on maps that only have a few harvable items. Those could be really bad, I dunno.)
  6. MM Cave boat issue noted

    On the silver-side MM Cave boat, you'll have to step on a specific spot on the board leading to the boat, as seen in the image below. You won't easily mapwalk onto it like before. A fix is already sent in for this, for the coming server restart in a few days. https://el-db.com/tempstuff/step-on-wood-directly-in-front-of-me.jpg
  7. *bump* All MM bot owners, remember to grab your stall as soon as possible.
  8. The 2 maps that show the complete Seridia and Irilion aren't included in the packs. The "Simple" version is included in the client, so that's no matter. If you're using a "Detailed" pack and that's a distraction, you can technically grab the Irilion and Seridia dds files from your 1_9_5 unoff maps and move them into 1_9_6 as functionally they'll be the same. I'll make Detailed versions for those soon.
  9. https://maps.el-db.com/ The 1.9.6 client will come with the "simple minimal" version you see on the page already installed, so if you're okay with those there's no need to download anything. If you want those maps with more text markings, or you want versions of the unoff maps as they looked in 1.9.5, you can download those here. You can go ahead and install them before the update! Any current unoff maps you have should be in an updates/1_9_5 folder. Place these new ones in a similar 1_9_6 folder, and they'll "just work" when you update the client.
  10. So there'll be a server restart a few days after the update as well. This is full disclosure of what I know so no one can say I have inside information whenever I decide to start hunting again. ;-) Update Stuffs that affect pear hunting: 1) After the update, maps will of course be changed. a. A list of all map updates will be posted by radu when the update happens. Use that list to determine where harvestables may have changed. b. A bunch of harvs hidden in cave walls and such have been either pulled out or deleted. If you can no longer see these in locations you were aware of them, they're either now visible or just gone. (As finding these is an ongoing nightmare, not all were found/done.) c. Some harvestable areas (such as the diamonds in AA Wyrmgoth cave for example) have had a full overhaul. If you see an obvious change like that, you can be assured of no hidden harvs in that spot. d. Most changes are "cosmetic". Actual changes to harv locations and such are minimal, and will be easily seen in the update list. (KJ temple, new Ida "ruins" area west of Nymorq Woods, new silver spot in North Zirakgunda are obvious examples.) 2) After the server restart (a few days after the update), "where" the pear appears will change: a. The fix mentioned above will hopefully ensure the pear never appears in an unharvestable item. b. The pear will also be able to appear on any official game map where even 1 item is harvestable. b1. This means maps like (just a couple examples) map7_insides where only Tirnwood Underground is harvestable, or Irsis insides where only the fruit inside the ranging arena is harvestable, or PV insides (with only 2 secret harvable locs) are all fair game. If it has a harv on it, it's good. b2. Exceptions: Token map and it's inside map (which includes the Dung Portal) were intentionally removed as options to avoid overuse of tokens and dung teleporters. And of course guild maps and special maps (invance, invasion) are not included. However you thought of what maps to check before, forget it, go by this instead (after the second server restart). I'll have some more details after the update.
  11. *bump* Brace yourself. 1.9.6 is coming. If you have hyperbags anywhere on official game maps, go to the Test server now and ensure you will be able to access it. All you need to do on Test server is stand on the exact coordinates that you have the bag on in the main server. If you can stand there, it'll still be accessible. (instance, invance, and guild maps are unchanged so bags there will be fine.) As was said, chances are incredibly slim that there's an issue with your bag, but if you want to be 100% certain, standing on the coordinates on test server will confirm you're okay. (Just covering bases, because there's no getting bags back if they get blocked on a map change.) If you cannot reach the coordinates on Test because of a crappy character there or map changes or whatever, you can PM me the map and coordinates and I'll confirm them. I keep all kinds of game secrets trusted to me by radu and others, so it's safe with me. "May radu banhammer me if I steal your bag" This is just a service I'm providing to make the upgrade go as smoothly as possible.
  12. Correct. If you're using the full install that includes 1.9.6 maps, you can only properly use it on the Test server, until the main server gets the official update. This is because you have 1.9.6 maps in the client, but the Main server is still using 1.9.5 maps, and almost every official map has had some kind of tweaking done to it.
  13. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    "New features" need to go to the Suggestions forum. We're in release candidate phase, only bugs should be here. Nothing new is being added to this release.
  14. Mine were capped. That was for testing magic, mana drain and other magic attacks will work on any capped invader and get them to attack you.
  15. If you're concerned about a hyperbag with the map changes, here's what you need to know: Unlike previous map updates, the work done this time doesn't have as extreme an effect on places people might have hyperbags, so no announcements have been made for them. INSTANCE MAPS are completely untouched this time. Bags there will be fine. GUILD MAPS are always untouched, so ditto. For all other maps (all mains/insides/caves/etc): Some work's been done on every map, but chances are slim to none that you'll lose a bag. HOW TO TEST AND BE 100% CERTAIN? If you're still concerned, you can use the Test server to check. The Test server has the 1.9.6 maps already on the server. Go to the exact coordinates on Test that your bag exists on Main. If you can stand on that tile, your bag will be safe on the update. You can do this with your 1.9.5 maps in your client, just keep in mind mapwalking may be wonky and you may "fall in holes" in places. All that matters is that you can stand on the tile where your bag is. ISCALRITH INVANCE MAP is the same as the Iscalrith map. If you for some reason have a bag on the invance map, you can just check the coordinates on the regular Iscalrith map to see if you can stand on them.