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  1. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Playlist for the tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4LMY-0urQYVeDlGRPFcBh1_tfbVT2tuO Third tutorial completed, Part 1 delving into 3D Objects as well as the basics of height tiling.
  2. Or at the least, upping it to like 1/1000 or so. Maybe more. Any form of random is going to be a problem for macroing, but higher chances are only annoying to normal players. That 1/64 is with clicking each object in a list, which can be 5-7 clicks per restock while mixing. That alone makes the 1/64 feel like more often. But that's a second option, anything that essentially annoys/punishes players just to hurt the rare macroer is never a good thing.
  3. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Thanks. Playlist for the tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4LMY-0urQYVeDlGRPFcBh1_tfbVT2tuO Second tutorial completed, getting in-depth with ground tiles and 2D objects.
  4. It does not appear we'll get a fix on the server side of EL-Wiki or the forum for it. The "joy" of the person in control of it not actually being a player or caring about it. Ermabwed has tried to get the person to fix what he broke, but in vain obviously. The wiki itself is still kinda-accessible, but the style is broken. That doesn't seem to be fixable. However, with a little script, you can fix the wiki forum ( https://smf.el-wiki.net ) so that it is fully styled and functional. And yes, you can log in. To do so, you'll need to install an extension on your browser called Tampermonkey (Greasemonkey should also work). And add a script to it. Tampermonkey is available for multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera... https://www.tampermonkey.net/ Create a new script in Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey and copy/paste the script in the text in this txt file. More details on how to do it are in the linked file. https://burningdownthe.net/tempstuff/howtofixelwiki.txt Yes, it works. Styled and logged in. See?
  5. First-come first serve for the stalls when the update occurs. Will probably be messy there the first few days until the owners get on or last resort mods tptm bots with inactive owners.
  6. Why I'm done: "ZOMG ROOFS" "There's no roofs." "I can't see from the top because of roofs!" "There's no roofs. You can see no roofs in the pictures. You can even see the top of the bot's head in the second picture." "But roofs block my view because I'm playing a 3D game solely from one angle!" "There's no gods-damned roofs!" "Okay, I just don't want them to be like this completely irrelevant map that shows something that looks nothing like what you showed in the pictures." *ulcer intensifies because a facepalm just isn't enough and I didn't f*****g ask for any of this, I had a subject and only one subject* "I'm playing as if the game is 2D from one view only and I don't want anything that makes the game 3D!" *ulcer intensifies even more because this is not some level of ridiculous that any map editor would cater to* "What I think he means is roofs." "There's no damn roofs." "But here in Portland there's roofs." "I'm not posting about Portland I have a very specific subject and location here." "Hey but what about roofs?" "Hey but what about the subject I actually posted this for?" "But trapping! Hey, here's a fruit in Portland you've never been told about that does something you still don't know about." "Here's the actual height tiling for the new MM location. Show me trapping." *no showing* *ulcer intensifies* "I also play like it's a 2D game and expect nothing 3D" "No. This is a 3D game, and just as I explained repeatedly there's no f******g roofs so it's moot anyway!" "Here's more irrelevant stuff you didn't create the subject about." "...You people have done your best to ensure I can't care about any of it, and regret ever showing anything beforehand. I'll never do that again. I should have known better." *yup, my ulcer is back for good* *wakes up from what little sleep I could get because of it to read this in my e-mail* "clearly I did not realize that maps are the sole department of EL that is exempt from discussion and critique." 1- At last check, the sole part of EL exempt from discussion or critique is moderator actions by actual rule, because you can't handle that. Not this. 2- A moderator should understand the concept of TOPIC. I did not post this to end up having to deal with this bull***t, people made an intentional choice to turn this into a nitpick-every-damn-detail attack on my work and go ranting about other maps when all I wanted to do was notify bot owners of a coming change. My only fault was not expecting this after 12+ years of it being the norm rather than the exception. I should never have posted images. I won't make that mistake again. 3- In any normal scenario, you would never see any map changes, by me or by Acelon or by any other before me, until the map was in the game because they only needed go through Acelon, or possibly roja before that. So no, you don't normally get a say on that. But you actually know it's possible to get something changed, without compounding on s**t like this, because you have a perfect example of that kind of change in a flower shop in PV that no longer looks like it used to. The reality is this: 1- Dare I say, there's no damn roofs? There is absolutely nothing here that will be any damn horror to players, people are just desperately looking for things to complain about. 2- The walls are necessary to keep mapwalking from sto to battle hall from ending up in the middle of the market and all those bots. Any "bottleneck" cannot be completely avoided anywhere in the game, but I guarantee this is better than no wall. 3- There's no damn roofs. 4- This topic is not about any other map. In every scenario in every other map, the bot owners selected their location, you can bitch at them. It's nothing I'm going to do anything about, nor can I in situations like Portland. I can't change the 3D objects themselves that you're complaining about there, nor am I going to completely redesign the city just because poor bot placement choices were made. (And I really don't even want to for anyone that can't move their camera in a 3D game.) 5- There's no damn roofs. 6- The only possible way of anyone getting trapped would require at least two other players/alts intentionally setting themselves up to block someone. That's intentional behavior that harassment and blocking rules are already in place for them to be dealt with. And it's hardly the only location that can occur. 7- There's no damn roofs. I'm not just some random person who never plays. I actually do play, and I know how the mechanics work, whether it's trading or mapwalking or the requirements that would lead to getting blocked or teleport nexus behavior. Even more so since outside of just playing I've actually studied all these things as they relate to all the map fixes I've been doing for years now. I don't add or change anything that I wouldn't want to deal with while playing myself. I test these things in more ways than you can possibly imagine, in fact that was why my own bot on Test was there, to test to make sure there were no issues. Hell, I even have scripts that I wrote that grab the map data and test distancing and dozens of other issues. So yes, I'm done being accused of not being smart enough to actually think of these things. The area went through multiple changes, worked on and tested off and on over a period of months already that led to my results with the walls being not only necessary, but having openings at very specific places that prevented mapwalking inside them going to/from storage from other places, and the distancing between where bots would be. The height tiling (where people can walk) was studied and determined any blocking would have to be intentional and an issue for moderators, not something that would just regularly happen. I'm the one who FIXED a chunk of places where I knew or was told there were such issues, not added to them. (Remember people getting teleported onto a bush while harving VotD toads? Getting teleported and stuck on the platform the bookseller in Naralik is on because there were no stairs up to it?) I didn't spend years making changes to literally every official map in the game without knowing these things. I made a specific post for a specific topic. The topic got completely lost over the barrage of unfounded off-topic complaints and insults to my intelligence. And for that, and for the stress ulcer I was given, I'm completely done. I have nothing else to say on this matter.
  7. The purpose of this post was solely to pre-announce that bots would have to be adjusted so owners would have a head's up. It was not for a critique and an extensive amount of whining and moaning about stuff on *other maps*. The images are now removed, absolutely nothing will be shown in advance again at any time to anyone publicly. That was MY mistake, and I've now paid for it by getting back a stress ulcer I just got rid of. It'll be weeks before I can even look at the maps again. I don't need this. I'm done.
  8. Posting this was a mistake. I'm done. I don't need this ulcer.
  9. 1) Define roof as is seen in the image. There are NO roofs in the image, so what the flying... cheesus christ. 2) Several years of asking people to report map bugs and now I'm being told there's "magic fruit" something in PL that does what exactly? Show me the bug report. There's no possible way to get trapped in anything I designed here. [image of layout with height tiling removed] There is no height tiling indication of any place a person could get "stuck". 3) The idle bots were placed in HORSE STALLS, not vendor stalls. The bot owners are responsible for that, not the map. They should not have been permitted to be placed there.
  10. You can see my bot in the image. You can see me in the image. If you have problems at pretty much any angle then there's something wrong with your client, or you, not the stall.
  11. We don't have a date for the client release yet, probably not until sometime in the first half of 2021. Depends on bluap's client work and anything else I'm doing on maps. This is just a "head's up" that there's going to be a change. When we're ready to release the next official client update (1.9.6, not bluap's pX releases), there'll be a change to MM. The bot situation in MM is currently a mess with so many in one odd place. There will be a change which will require you to move (slightly) your bots into a new "marketplace" next to the battle hall, in the same place that most of the bots currently reside. [images removed, they were there for information purposes, not a f**king critique and whining about other maps] There are 20 stalls, chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are not 20 bots in MM so space isn't an issue. ALL BOTS that are placed to be convenient to storage or the battle hall will need to move into the stalls once the update happens. Exceptions: Bots that are not placed to be near storage/battle hall, but are near resources (outside of cave entrances being the common ones). Those can move to the new marketplace if desired but it's not required. The purpose is only to clean up the bot situation around storage and the battle hall, not disallow resource locations. I don't think we have any indoor bots there anymore but those are excepted as well.
  12. Help need first time bot owner

    As there are no aggressive monsters in Desert Pines, the MM cape will be of no use. Save the emu and don't use it.
  13. Unfixable. :-/ The windows are part of the building object, which due to blender updates and such, only roja could possibly fix and maybe not even her at this point if she were around to do so.