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  1. With the many, many log offs over the past few days, bots had many chances to end up off their exact location (because something was there when it logged in) as is set in the el-services admin panel. If it's off-location, it's possible it won't do any trades by design. Check your bot, and make sure it's in the exact coordinates that it should be.
  2. Is this a bug???

    There's issues for some people where the screen goes black for a bit on heavy particles like magic occuring, but this sounds much more extreme, and you're the only one who seems to be experiencing it. Sounds like your laptop, or at least some settings specific to your laptop's configuration. Bluap or whoever can determine that better will probably need the same info he asks for in the heavy particles thread. Also, test going to Poor Man setting and see if that works (and if so, slowly add improved options until you see it happen again).
  3. Just like in the game where having him on #ignore is a massive improvement to game play, "solo" isn't actually capable of discussing something, only plays attack games on people. No matter what the subject, he'll never say anything about the subject, he'll just attack the person instead. Attacking the person who has been the most active client developer these past multiple client releases just hits a new low for him.
  4. As I understood it, the purpose of the suggestions forum is to change/fix things. (Should I go to the KF thread and say "oh, it's as it is, it can't be different, no point suggesting it"?)
  5. Under one minute between warning and death is *NOT* AFK. A warning is supposed to actually be a warning.
  6. We used to get 5-15 minute warnings before invasions. (Or in radu's case, announcing one in five minutes then forgets about it and comes back half an hour later and remembers to start it ) [13:20:17] #Message from Wizzy: C2 Caves invasion shortly [13:21:05] TwistedSister will be pushing up the daisies! Not that I lost anything over a lousy harv cape yesterday, but "shortly" does not mean "instantly". That's less than a minute from announcement to death, longer than it took to leave the cave even if I'd instantly walked to the exit the second the announcement was made. The C2 caves invasion takes time to start dropping critters so the invasion literally had to start the second the announcement was made. I'm suggesting we go back in time to when there was actual time between the warning and the invasion, with a 5-minute minimum. GIWS is predictable and gets 2-minute warnings, a less predictable invasion should get at least 5. (This is just the latest example. It's been noted quite a bit over the past several months that the warning time has been getting shorter and shorter... we're only a month or so away from "An invasion started about 5 minutes ago".)
  7. Final Call If you intend to create a new guild map, or update the elm file for your current map, it will need to be ready before the end of August to be in the 1.9.6 client. (Note: My time this late in the process is limited as I'm getting the final official work done in client maps and data, so I can't guarantee I'll have much time available to assist. Maybe minor help.)
  8. Map size with F6 active...

    Fixed by Grum. https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/commit/c256cc8bca444e22ad0ed8e48f1a2edb7157bb44
  9. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Anyone else reading this and just thinking how horribly convoluted it's getting? Add something people want onto KF. "They'll go naked." Enforce wearing random stuff that makes no sense... And what would this thing people want be in the first place? I don't see a bunch of new stuff being added just for KF (the item in question, plus what the item is used for), and no current harvestables would get changed just to put them solely in KF. And you know how this will work out, just like NC mercury and the hydro route... someone way too overpowered will sit around and screw with normal players. That's not PK, that's fish in a barrel. Trying to force people who don't want to PK onto a map in order to do (reason) is not your solution. They'll never be what you want to force them to be. Focus on what would get people who actually want to PK on there instead.
  10. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    Everything marked is_undroppable is listed.
  11. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    I only had permission to extract undroppables from the server data. But so far as I know, everything wearable is broddable. Unbreakable isn't so much a line in the information as it is a "lack of" a line in the info, which would make a list annoying to make (if I had permission to make it). NMT is known of course. Won't hurt to say the (name) cloaks and the official mod cloak are unbreakable since only certain people can wear those.
  12. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    Fixed. Was so focused on categorizing the wearables I forgot to put the non-wearables, gold and CF. It's now complete. Yes. All of these are confirmed. Keep in mind PoM wasn't actually supposed to be in the game so possibly its settings were never given a lookover (nor adjusted over the years like others were). I would imagine had it been actually implemented that it would have gotten some changes in updates.
  13. This is the complete official list of items that will not drop if you die, as taken directly from the data on the server (with Radu's approval). Armor Leather Helm Leather Boots Leather Gloves Leather Pants Padded Leather Armor Iron Helm Iron Chain Mail Steel Helm Steel Chain Mail Wooden Shield Enhanced Wooden Shield Iron Shield Steel Shield Weapons Iron Sword Pickaxe of Magic (RIG only item) Misc Gold Coins Creature Food Clothes/Capes Artificer Cape Cape of No More Warlock Cape of Passive Camouflage Moderator Cloak (the official one only wearable by mods) As well, all the (name) cloaks that can appear only when using RIGs: Derin, Ravenod, Placid, Acelon, Aislinn, Soldus, Lotharion, Learner
  14. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Adding new full maps would have to have a "damn good reason" (it'll also screw with your hyperbags in instance maps) for radu, and just making a new location on a current map would have to have a "damn good reason" for me to do it... There's plenty of unused PK places already to do this, if radu approves and is willing to do the work to make it happen. Better to select one of those. Any of the arenas would do, except the DP ones. (A change coming to the same-map teleport spots in Irin will make getting to Waveneck area from Irin storage a much shorter trip, so maybe the arena inside the small cave in Glacmor Waveneck area just beneath the north Irin exit would be an idea. Unless Hellspawners must be thought about, then maybe the arena in Thelinor city area, the a/d limit on it can be changed.)
  15. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Just to be clear since my post seems to have shut down talk, I was only stating the options. Any of these changes require radu's approval, including any change I could make, and I don't personally care which happens. So it's up to you all to provide feedback on for radu to decide.