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  1. Harvestacular

    Where times are listed on the wiki for Zirak, they're current. I deleted old ones and the ones there now were added by me. (Just the main map though, I didn't time inside Gunda.)
  2. Harvestacular

    Doesn't account for Tash, the new storage in Zirak. Wheat is the fastest there now with an under half-minute walk directly north. Swamp Candles are c2 fastest directly south at the docks, almost as good as Naralik...
  3. Bring back old Neno

    As I've informed radu, the official maps are now "cleaned up" with regards to walkable tiles that he can create a script that picks a random map, and a random walkable tile on that map (that has at least one walkable tile next to it) and use that as a spawn point. Completely random spot on any map that is allowed. Impossible to spawn-sit, period.
  4. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    We're not talking about mixing for yourself, but being an actual alchemist who does it for the market as well regularly. I said in my own post that I mix my own HEs. I also mix all the alch items needed for the C2 rings I mentioned, from FE to MagE to bars. I just don't bother selling any of those things anymore as it's not worth it.
  5. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Exactly the point. The alch costs rose to just where the NPC prices were close enough that people with gc would rather haul them from an NPC at a very slightly higher cost than find them on market, and in turn the market for them dried up. 1-2gc each is irrelevant to a lot of players now when collecting to buy million-gc nexus objects is a common thing. Just because the NPC price is *slightly* higher does not invalidate that sales from players has drastically dropped. When an NPC becomes competition, it hurts the skill. (Just like manu, buying from Ida/Mel NPCs is cheaper than mixing in most cases for what manu items they sell, which is infinitely worse but due to that issue having more to do with rare ings is much more difficult to deal with.)
  6. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    I'm not thinking "only if it's a quest" is a good response. This is about actually activating the skill again. Quests are irrelevant for this topic. Regardless though, the end of c2 ring sales (-1) made for a nice improvement on the crafting skill, and rings other than Glac/EVTR get regularly used now. Been regularly stocking my bot with all types. I wanna see the same happen to alchemy. There is currently no real point to mix to sell much of anything. A top alchemist and I use my bot for crafting rings because alch selling is almost a pointless waste.
  7. When the IotF NPC stopped selling C2 rings, the value of actually making C2 rings increased drastically for crafters. We have gotten to a point where even alchemy is being shut down by ing costs being more than just buying essies from the NPC. Some like spirit essence were already at that point when I first started playing in 2008, selling for 9gc when mercury alone costs 10gc. Making mercury is not an option either. Which has led to the death of cinnabar harving in turn as that's it's only use. And alembics are useless. Being one of the top alchemists, I used to sell HEs and other essies constantly. Now I only make them for myself as costs have gone up to where most just use the NPCs to buy them. And we need at least one skill to remain gc-positive. In order to make alchemy more useful again, I'll put up the following as suggestions: ESSENCES Magic shops should stop selling these (though can continue buying them), with a handful of exceptions so that newbies won't get stuck when learning magic: Health Essence - increased price to 12gc (from 9gc) Matter Essence - increased price to 16gc (from 12gc) Energy Essence - increased price to 15gc (from 11gc) Spirit Essence - increased price to 20gc (from 9gc that was way too low in the first place) This would cover primary low-level magic (heal, teleport, shield). All other essies would be players only. Like the C2 rings, would give reason to mix most of them again, even the NPC-sold ones. New prices are above ing costs high enough that large amounts will be preferred from players, but okay in small quantities. There may be bitching at first esp. due to HEs and AEs, but it'll give alchemists a reason to mix them again. Good for harvesters too, as buying essie ings may actually be worth it again. MERCURY Change the mix so the 2 cinn / 1 energy = 4 mercury instead of 2, as changing the NPC price would affect essie costs. 25gc of ings to make 40gc of mercury instead of 20gc of mercury sounds much better, esp. when risking an extremely expensive tool on top of that. (As alembic cost has tripled over the past decade due to EFE cost, I dunno if this will help. Bringing down the cost of making an alembic somehow may be necessary as well.) And no, "the experience" isn't worth it alone anymore due to the current alembic/EFE cost. Not an excuse not to change it. BARS Not as bad off as essies are, so let's see how those changes would work first. (tin/copper/bronze have always sucked and need a change but still, wait and see) With 1 exception that's long been needed: Remove the Serpent Stone from the Wolfram Bar ings. They never get made solely due to that. The 10 wolframite ores are more than enough to keep the cost up. Cost of mixing a wolframite bar would be below the 15kgc you can buy them for at the NPC just enough that actually mixing the bars would be preferred. (Increase the wolframite as needed rather than relying on expensive rare stones if the cost needs to be brought up.) This could give a (albeit slight) bump to mixing steel long swords as well.
  8. https://elmaps.burningdownthe.net/ Released today (July 12) - Version 1.9.5-02 - Darkening of non-walkable areas for much-improved mapwalking in places such as Bethel, Ida desert, and SRM Mount Sorrow Example of Bethel: - Is the map Single or Multi-combat? An "S" or "M" next to the BurnedMaps logo will tell you! (subject to server update change, though that is rare) - Added names for named areas on topside maps. ("Tirnwood Vale", "Nymorq Wood", etc.) - New circled "S" mark next to insides and such to indicate "secret" areas, thus no confusion as to why no entrance is shown to them. (may not have got them all) - Improved coordinate lines Minor changes: - Other minor various legibility tweaks - Trassian insides map was missing alphebetical identification marks - Drop points for the teleport spots in C2 portal room to the back of the portal area now marked - Marked KF as 130 a/d limit - AA Lothalith Fortress - Moved an incorrectly placed sulfur mark. - AA small secret (above the original black dragon cave on cave3 map) - the one that exited to AA pk area was moved in 1.9.5, and now exits where it is entered. - Ida insides - One house was missing its alphabetical marking (AB) - Removed new character screen map. It's never possible to use it in the client.
  9. New client binaries for testing

    Test server's images update was done by me, radu did the main server himself, so there's always the possibility something got missed. (Vial molds aren't exactly used much these days if at all, none on bots either, so I can't see to check it.)
  10. New client binaries for testing

    That's due to the way the item lists are saved. Pull everything out, delete the old list, save a new list. Solved.
  11. Probably Linux. Grab the version on the download page and reinstall. Part of the issue with the previous update was a problem with the Linux numbering. That's fixed with the current download version and this server update today.
  12. New client binaries for testing

    That one will *only* work when asked for in the quest. It's not a generally readable book.
  13. Android client

    double-tap the blue camera rotation bar to bring up the keyboard
  14. Client update, 195

    bluap* has provided. I do maps. ;-)
  15. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    FTR: "Holes" as well as start-stop or breakage of mapwalking are caused SOLELY by not having the same map in your client as the server has. That they exist is in itself the proof that your client is using 1.9.4 data for some reason on the 1.9.5 server. A hole: the server has that particular tile as walkable, but since your old map doesn't - you can walk on it because the server permits you, but your old map has no information on what height you should be at because it has it as unwalkable. "unwalkable" in map terms is actually a height positioning lower than the lowest you can be in the game, so you end up "in a hole". Stops during mapwalking are due to the exact opposite, the client has walkable tiles that the server doesn't, so you stop when you get to those tiles. The solution in both cases is to get your client working with current data.