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  1. That would have been before the def file. I've pointed this thread out to him and asked him to restart for you.
  2. I sent the fix to him back when I posted... According to my e-mails from then he said he put the fix on the server and it would work on next restart. Has server been restarted since then? Somebody bring it up to him again if not. If it has been restarted and isn't working, radu: 1- Grab map11_insmsch.def from the main server 2- set allow_combat: 1 in the general section 3- Use that for the pk server That's all I did, so it should be working since it works on main. (Granted, gonna have all new def files soon enough, when we finally get the next client out, and I'll be doing that for PK server as well.)
  3. New achivements

    Gah... we may need a designer for new images. I did the inventory ones but they're all just tweaks of roja's other inv images, only a couple originals and they're more basic ones. I don't think I can tweak the acheivement images the same way.
  4. New achivements

    This is a better look at the achievements.dds file, indicating the 5 unused images. Numbers are their image IDs for easier reference (note the image count starts at 0, not 1). I think 9-11 are pretty obvious, as there's Tutorials for them. 9- Engineering Tutorial completed 10- Tailoring Tutorial completed 11- Harvesting Tutorial completed 6- ? (Something-something magic something) 7-? perhaps finished X number of Maia summoning dailies?
  5. New Client Udate and Hyperbags

    Not because of map ID changes, but a minor risk that height tiling is tweaked to a point where the tile may no longer be walkable. (Map ID changes could only possibly affect the instance maps.) Idaloran and Zirakinbar, including all Zirak insides including all buildings and Gunda, if you have hyperbags it's a very good idea to remove them prior to update. Other maps, every map has been tweaked a bit but in the majority of cases more tiles were made walkable rather than opposite, so chances are very slim there'll be a problem. Generally speaking all building insides should be okay except Zirak. Nothing will affect guild maps. Instance maps are completely untounched and should not be affected. Nothing's guaranteed though. The only guarantee is to clear the hyperbags, but again chances are very slim they'll be unreachable.
  6. Is there?

    http://bots.el-services.net/admin/commands.php There's a "giveto" command for el-services bots that will give something to the player currently trading with it. (Have not used it personally.)
  7. My Mouse Size Is To Small

    Are you using bluap's current code, or possibly a build he's doing? He's working on UI scaling which this sounds like could be where the problem lies. But he'd be the one to talk about. That's a work in progress and subject to issues... switching to an official 1.9.4 build will fix the issue.
  8. I've sent a fix to radu.
  9. Gate to Ida graveyard

    It's existed since before 1.9.3, just inside the city. Outside is moved, but it has the same internals. Currently at 505,111 in Ida (marked "X" on my unoff maps).
  10. Gate to Ida graveyard

    Would take 166 characters to fill the house insides preventing someone from getting out of the underworld. That obviously ain't gonna happen short of a blatant abuser who'd get banned. In this situation most would teleport from the house given the point, invaders outside. Would take 8 or so to block the door to leave, but again that's a rule violation. Moving a player anywhere other than the location they're supposed to drop (into the house in this case) would require special coding, the server just doesn't work that way.
  11. Gate to Ida graveyard

    Can't do anything about that. All this time, it didn't get suggested until after the final map testing has been started. I can't stop and go back to designing at this point. Best to hope for is in 1.9.6... and at best that's a couple years away. A simpler solution that doesn't require a client (map elm) update... Does the exit from the UW *have* to be the Ida cemetary? C1's underworld exits on the always-safe IP map, maybe C2's should be a safe loc as well? If there's a better location that both makes sense and would require no change to the map, perhaps you can convince radu to change the UW exit spot. That would be something he could decide, and would only require a server update. But you'd have to convince him that it's a good change. And a thought on that... maybe the Undertaker's house itself (as pictured above). If the exit was inside the house? Decor-wise it could make sense coming from the underworld.
  12. Gate to Ida graveyard

    Maps are already starting to be tested for next release (no more new stuffs). Basically, too late for map changes. However, one change to Ida is the Undertaker's house, currently in the Ida walls south of storage, has been moved into the cemetary (see image). With luck, perhaps people can get inside it before attacked. No guarantee though. Slightly better chance than nothing, at least.
  13. Three alt questions

    Like pipetz? :-P
  14. *back on subject* EVTR will be multi-combat with the next client release, approved by radu. (And yeah, single/multi for a map can be changed on a server update, no client update necessary. My mind is just on getting that client update out soon. This particular change will come with the client, which will hopefully see a Summer release.)
  15. Alt rules

    There's time to get this into the official rules before the next client release. Once decided, Ais or radu make a final post with the official final wording and I'll make sure it gets in as rule 29... or as part of a current rule. Can lemme know your preference for that as well. ;-) ---- Only part I have an opinion on really is the spawn monitors. Glad to see those go. They were part of the reason I sent the new Joker spawns, hehe. (I remember there used to be one alt that sat almost 24/7 on the Melinis wall where Neno would spawn, seems to be gone now.)