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  1. All hydro route to be PK?

    Making the route pk or not would not fix the issue at all. Without making it impossible to have any 'safe' place on the route - including the places where you harvest or enter the maps would make no difference. You could have a naked alt afk on pk area on route - When you see someone harvest / enter / en route - send in your main. Hydro harvesting - like large parts of this game are now unused - and it is a great tragedy! So fix the issue with alts - and have done with it......
  2. Alt rules

    Definitely in agreement with all the above.. OK - so no one has mentioned the elephant(s) in the room.... 1) Having an alt in a strategic spot to see someone passing to / from a specific location simply to watch for passers by and then call in the main - Am thinking specifically of placing alts in spots on the hydro route 2 ) placing alts by spawn so that you can then serp / call main - again thinking of NRM RD 3 ) having alt by your training location with the sole purpose of collecting your DB - enabling you to train without a brick
  3. Expiring bots

    Charn Shari Perun & WInterstar paid
  4. Beware of faxie

    I can say the kettle is black because I never used an automation, script, program or macro for having some advantage in EL. Point 4 deals with 'ethical', nothing to do with automation.
  5. Beware of faxie

    ok an answer to your questions: 1) I would say that you are right, it is programming, if not then I suspect magic fairy dust..... but suggest you ask him 2) No 3) I suggest you ask them. 4) Pot Kettle Black!
  6. Server Log

    Better yet a popup window like for ranging.
  7. Soft reset stone

    1 mil gc :> LOL
  8. Soft reset stone

    There is a stone in game that will reset all your attribs back to 4 - allowing you to redistribute them as you wish. Make me a crazy offer for it!
  9. Let's Invade

    That was a great invasion - the only issue was the maps were linked- so to get to Trassian you had to go via glac and ended up wiping out a whole load of lower cap mobs, likewise to get to the glac caves.
  10. Dra syn beach - the whole area you are not able to range - even though there is nothing obvious in the way.
  11. How to save username and password?

    a suggestion - fill in most of the password but not the last few characters if you prefer
  12. Blocking of Resources

    Blocking a resource means stopping people accessing it. This is not the case with Stivy. If at any point of the route he physically blocked the path that would be different.
  13. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    Is that your opinion as a moderator or as a player? Player of course.
  14. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    Susje, You really don't know when to shut up do you? That pricing over the haidir passes was in no way deliberate - and you should consider yourself very lucky your bots were not cleaned out completely. Was it illegal I doubt it, as Revi says - many ways to do that legally - just a very, very badly written automation. You are always the first to take advantage of anyone else mis-pricing items on their bots - and guess what it's your alt that does the trade..... p.s. guess who is now going to get banned from Susje's bots
  15. Inflation/gc drops

    this is a really really good idea. The only downside i see would be the need for the 'assets' to be converted to gc before splitting.