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  1. When you return from AFK you get a list of PMs & then MSG all - how easy would it be to add all broadcasts 'seen' whilst AFK? Perhaps also if it's a new special day? Most of the time - after prolonged AFK - I do #il & #day
  2. New client update available 1.9.5.p8

    Is there any reason the 64 bit windows installs in "program files x86" - which is normally the location for 32 bit apps?
  3. Extra Small Inventory Window

    That works - alt for preference - but either work.
  4. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I have noticed that ctrl mouse scroll up/down resizes the window... this is great - but on the mix window - it used to add/remove 10 items in the mix line. (or am I imagining that?)
  5. Is it possible to fix the caves in bethel - some of them you can click the cave on the ground and enter whilst up a ladder You are in Bethel [162,175] You are up a ladder above a cave entry (ie cave is down the ladder) - click the cave entry - and you enter it instantly! Makes fighting form the rocks 'interesting'
  6. Searchable #sto

    Not sure if this is tricky, - but make the #sto take a parameter - which is a search string, and instead of opening storage - it prints matching items to console - with qty and section in storage? ie #sto opens storage as normal #sto scale 12 Red dragon Scales (magic) 17 Black dragon scales (magic) Would make it much easier finding those weird items in storage....
  7. Disconnect Client

    Perfect - just what I was after - I know many wont use - but am sure there must be someone else out there who will use it
  8. Disconnect Client

    Brilliant - am out today - but will check this evening
  9. Disconnect Client

    Exactly #disco
  10. Disconnect Client

    Not sure you understand what I am after - I deliberately want to disconnect the session - then later reconnect. #relogin seems to redo thelogin - so not leave you disconnected
  11. Disconnect Client

    Good idea - but still a work around
  12. Disconnect Client

    Is there a way - or could one be created - where you can simply disconnect the session, without logging off? There are times - where I may not be in the safest of places, yet need to step away for a few minutes, so a simple disconnect form the server and reconnect on my return would be useful. (Mainly as I'd like to keep session counters) (I know that I could always drop the network connection / go find somewhere safe) (I know if you are missing a sigil - casting a spell that uses it will do this) I'd guess this should be fairly easy - but would anyone else use it?
  13. EFE's giveaway

    170 & 3 broken mice from clicking!
  14. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Apologies - been away for ages - seems there is still a ranging bug issue. If you are ranging whilst wearing a cape - and you shoot an arrow - ie the bow is up - if you then change the cape - you are displayed not wearing any cape at all. Walking / removing bow causes normal cape to be displayed. Confirmed from both the viewpoint of myself and someone standing by me.
  15. All hydro route to be PK?

    Making the route pk or not would not fix the issue at all. Without making it impossible to have any 'safe' place on the route - including the places where you harvest or enter the maps would make no difference. You could have a naked alt afk on pk area on route - When you see someone harvest / enter / en route - send in your main. Hydro harvesting - like large parts of this game are now unused - and it is a great tragedy! So fix the issue with alts - and have done with it......