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  1. Short session is uploaded to : https://filetransfer.io/data-package/oKZzTHmh#link Let me know if you need more. Pretty much default el.ini- water shader=2, frame buffer support on.
  2. I never see any form of texture on the water surface - and never any indication of shadows. I have tried all combinations of shader quality & reflections. Seems with 1 & 2 and reflections on - the water flickers - with reflections off I get a smooth flat blue surface. Also not sure if related - but the white / yellow dots in the minimap are square now (can just see in image above)
  3. [2022-01-21 22:51:50, C:/msys64/home/paul/el-client/elc/reflection.c:111] Info: Frame buffer texture looks right, not flipping water reflection
  4. Was the new version - just downloaded again to confirm. Still all flat blue and flickery Windows 64 bit - installed from the website - and overwritten with your excellent updates in this thread @Grum please feel free to contact me directly!
  5. Ty for this - sadly still not got working water texture
  6. Water display

    OK so I did this - There are 2 x #ifdef USE_CUBIC_FILTER in the file. If I inserted before the first one - I could not change the quality - was fixed at 0 - and even if I set to 2, then made the change it reverted to 0. Removing from there and adding before the second one - back to same thing - flickering and no definition of reflection or ripple at all
  7. Water display

    This looks very much like I see.. and it's been like that for as long as I can remember.
  8. Will clear everything and let you know
  9. I also notice that the buttons at the bottom have space padding between them - meaning that the useful 'settings' settings button is off the screen. Is there an option to fix?
  10. Problem with Intel's GPU

    I have that issue with water on asus laptop - I just live with it - there is a separate thread on here about it
  11. Status update

    A couple of weeks ago - I informed Aislinn that I no longer wanted to be a part of the EL moderation team. This has now been actioned - so PLEASE do not pm me to start invances etc... I had hoped to run one last FriYAY - but circumstances and RL put paid to this.
  12. As ever Bluap - many thanks.... was really bizarre - and amazing that no one had found it previously! I really thought I was going mad! Yet again - with only the vaguest of descriptions - you come through with a fix
  13. This is already available as an option - perhaps add as an extra button on the troubleshooting section? Talking of the name being superfluous - any chance of getting a fix to make identical mobs differentiated - even if just by colour - ie breaker vs yeti