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  1. Long been using control 6 for use item... Now moved that to be bound to keypad 1 Is there anyway to have both keys have the same function? Something like : #K_ITEM6 = keypad_1, LCTRL 6
  2. Thank god they don't understand Romanian.... and go farm instances take part in invasions
  3. When you return from AFK you get a list of PMs & then MSG all - how easy would it be to add all broadcasts 'seen' whilst AFK? Perhaps also if it's a new special day? Most of the time - after prolonged AFK - I do #il & #day
  4. New client update available 1.9.5.p8

    Is there any reason the 64 bit windows installs in "program files x86" - which is normally the location for 32 bit apps?
  5. Extra Small Inventory Window

    That works - alt for preference - but either work.
  6. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I have noticed that ctrl mouse scroll up/down resizes the window... this is great - but on the mix window - it used to add/remove 10 items in the mix line. (or am I imagining that?)
  7. Is it possible to fix the caves in bethel - some of them you can click the cave on the ground and enter whilst up a ladder You are in Bethel [162,175] You are up a ladder above a cave entry (ie cave is down the ladder) - click the cave entry - and you enter it instantly! Makes fighting form the rocks 'interesting'
  8. Searchable #sto

    Not sure if this is tricky, - but make the #sto take a parameter - which is a search string, and instead of opening storage - it prints matching items to console - with qty and section in storage? ie #sto opens storage as normal #sto scale 12 Red dragon Scales (magic) 17 Black dragon scales (magic) Would make it much easier finding those weird items in storage....
  9. Disconnect Client

    Perfect - just what I was after - I know many wont use - but am sure there must be someone else out there who will use it
  10. Disconnect Client

    Brilliant - am out today - but will check this evening
  11. Disconnect Client

    Exactly #disco
  12. Disconnect Client

    Not sure you understand what I am after - I deliberately want to disconnect the session - then later reconnect. #relogin seems to redo thelogin - so not leave you disconnected
  13. Disconnect Client

    Good idea - but still a work around
  14. Disconnect Client

    Is there a way - or could one be created - where you can simply disconnect the session, without logging off? There are times - where I may not be in the safest of places, yet need to step away for a few minutes, so a simple disconnect form the server and reconnect on my return would be useful. (Mainly as I'd like to keep session counters) (I know that I could always drop the network connection / go find somewhere safe) (I know if you are missing a sigil - casting a spell that uses it will do this) I'd guess this should be fairly easy - but would anyone else use it?