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  2. The possibility for a "C3"

    Facebook recently promoted Plarium Throne o/ PS. Tried it ^^ and still much prefer EL, economy, chat, maps (ty Burn)
  3. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    They have a big break rate. I dont have the perk, but Child of Stars and have 795/270k. Have not noticed any change here. Could the problem be The Child of Stars perk ? Something seem to have changed after the update but not for my alts (without the perk).
  4. I recently posted about a new cross-disto Linux package to install the game client and data based on Snap Packages. I've now created and published a Flatpak version. See https://flatpak.org/ for details about this package format. The new EL package has been accepted into the main flatpak store Flathub, the EL package page can be found here https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient (there is a rebuild of the page in the queue that contains more information). The package includes the game data, sound and music files and is currently built to the 1.9.5p2 release. Once installed you will have a new desktop icon to start the client. If you right-click the icon you can select the test or the pk server rather than the default, main. User configuration files are stored in the standard place and are not effect if you uninstall the package. The launcher creates a new config directory if one does not exist. For existing installs, the launcher will modify the #data_dir setting to use the package data and the browser setting to use xdg-open; which just opens your default browser. The EL package page includes links to instructions to setup Flatpak and the Flathub app store. It also includes the command line needed to install the package if you do not want to install from the store UI. If you have Flatpak and Flathub already integrated into your distro, then you can just search for Eternal Lands. The package works just fine given my testing but let me know what you think. Maintaining both Snap and Flatpak formats should be pretty simple so I intent to keep both.
  5. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    M&p must have a terrible break rate then. Even with good astro my alt breaks a few of them. I don't have my origional counters, but since I've come back to the game, I've broken 41 m&p in 15,000 srs. That's too high esp with fewer tears perk.
  6. The possibility for a "C3"

    I know this post is eighteen months late but I've only been back a week after a five year absence. A third continent sounds cool in concept but I'm inclined to agree that the game population is too small. Coincidentally, I've been brainstorming on ways we can increase the population for this game. I care about the world and the people in it. As well as the maturity of it. I intend to publish a proposal within the next month after nailing the details. I'll seek approval from the game leaders. Why next month? I have two very important exams within the next three weeks I've been studying my butt off for and need to pass them. My proposal, if approved, would take some personal time to accomplish and I don't want to take away from my RL pursuits. Very important stuff.
  7. Last week
  8. Fix Dialog for Lustra for quest

    Ok, I fixed it, thanks.
  9. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    It's your code. Personally, I'd like my code to catch as many bugs as possible. Passing a negative value other than -1 to my_rand may not crash the server, but it will return an incorrect result (e.g., my_rand(-30) returns an integer between 0 and 28, inclusive, probably not what is wanted).
  10. Help Mac OS 10.13.6

    NVM Fixed it
  11. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    The problem with -1 is that it crashes the server (division by 0). Other values don't cause this problem, so it's not a big deal.
  12. Droid game app

    Thanks, I am glad you like it
  13. Selling storage

    Life esse/ nobel/ inva token/ wtf/ srs/ drop me a message in game to discuss price's
  14. Help Mac OS 10.13.6

    Hello, I'm running into an issue trying to run EL on my Macbook. Each time I execute the program it crashes. EL was running fine up until a week ago. I even tried to uninstall and install a clean version. Mac wizards please help Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB
  15. Unless NPCs are going to explicitly lie Ringa only sells one ring and the ring is Anitora.
  16. Mini-Map

    On the Mini-Map, when I click to go somewhere, I want the "X" to be a different color to see it better. Also, the NPC's (Yellow Dot's) appear & disapper more closer to the middle.
  17. Selling storage

    I will take; gatherers, rostos, He’s, 6 bindings
  18. Droid game app

    Thanks for the droid app. I've returned to the game after a 6 year absence and the droid app really helps with boredom during meetings.
  19. Selling storage

    Hey, well, time to get rid of some stuff from my storage. Items are only being sold at larger amounts- I updated the minimum buying amounts. Thanks. Who comes first gets first. Post here under the thread or pm me directly in EL to STX. Thanks, have fun. You have 300 out of 300 slots used. Food: (Everything from food can be bought only all at once) 30483 Vegetables 90679 Wine 202472 Fruits 358 Potion of Feasting 58729 Toadstool ( 38792 now ) 6121 Cooked Meat Ores: ( Minimum buying amount for Ores is 50k ) 1 Matter Conglomerate 86072 Honey Comb ( 46072 now ) 151494 Titanium Ore 151688 Iron Ore 17248 Gold Ore 103264 Cinnabar 173402 Silver Ore Metals: ( Can be bought only all at once ) 2355 Silver Bar 5574 Steel Bar 1 Hydrogenium Bar Minerals: ( Minimum buying amount for Minerals is 50k ) 98615 Rose Quartz 37986 Ruby 145554 Sapphire 97805 Diamond 2025 Amber 248433 Sulfur 194714 Blue Quartz 10625 Gypsum 42030 Emerald 262160 Coal 44134 Turqoise 102026 Quartz Magic: ( Minimum buying amount for Magic is 100 for scales, 1k for finders, 10 medallions and 100 for acp's ) 49 Enhanced Sun Medallion ( 44 now ) 28 Medallion of Life ( 27 now ) 2 Random exp giver 1012 Treasure finder ( 812 now ) 810 Potion of Action Points ( 780 now ) 1 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone 1 Medallion of Mana 2787 Pear finder 1 Scotty Died removal 3 Saving Stone 622 Black Dragon Scale 16 Gatherer Medallion 466 Ice Dragon Scale 1 Physique Removal Stone 242 Blue Dragon Scale 188652 Point Defense Essences: ( Minimum buying amount is 50k for normal essences and 20 for enriched essences ) 94 Enriched Life Essence ( 55 now ...53 now... ) 105 Enriched Water Essence 428 Enriched Death Essence ( 400 now ) 128006 Life Essence ( 48006 now ) 985 Enriched Energy Essence 5 Enriched Magic Essence 370983 Air Essence ( 359983 now ) 8 Enriched Fire Essence 142275 Water Essence ( 100000 now ) 372736 Fire Essence Potions: (Minimum buyying amount is 5k for potions and cf too ) 3176 Poison Antidote 358 Potion of Feasting 6764 Potion of Wildness 6560 Potion of Vitality 11119 Potion of Physique 4743 Potion of Reasoning 1411 Magic Potion 13041 Potion of Coordination 1144 Potion of Will 7176 Potion of Attack 11109 Potion of Defense 213 Refined Vegetal Mixture 13933 Creature food 519 Potion of Summoning 1753 Potion of Manufacturing Animal: ( Minimum buying amount of tokens is 50, for bones it's 100k and for animal parts it's either all at once or 5k+ ) 98 Rabbit token 176 Skeleton token 22 Woodsprite token 7356 Black panther fur ( 5756 now ) 1317 Tiger fur 225 Ogre token 30776 Deer Fur 90 Giant Spider Summoning Stone 2368 Tiger Summoning Stone 573599 Bones 21 Fluffy Summoning Stone 13726 Polar Bear Fur ( 12000 now ) 6414 Brown Snake Skin 428 Snow Leopard fur 24248 Hawk Feather 8400 White Tiger fur 11372 Red Snake Skin 23396 Leopard fur ( 21800 now ) 11788 Fox Fur ( 10000 now ) 10171 Feran Horn ( 9000 now ) 8582 Cockatrice Feather 19172 Raccoon fur ( 16000 now ) 627 Leonard fur 23283 Green Snake Skin 106 Armed Orc Summoning Stone 63 Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone 24 Goblin token 439140 Raw Meat 1083 Mule Skin 2 Arctic Chim Summoning Stone 125 Giant Summoning Stone 19095 Beaver fur 1005 Puma Fur 6741 White rabbit fur ( 6000 now ) 36 Beaver token 88 Tiger token 33721 Wolf Fur 3 Sslessar Summoning Stone 89871 Rat tail 60287 Brown rabbit fur 38655 Bear Fur 2115 Deer Antlers 274 Snake token 12 Brownie token 10546 Falcon Feather 11 Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone 4 Panther token 104 Female Orc token 251 Spider token 8 Female Goblin token 176 Male Orc token 9 Rat token 1412 Skunk fur ( 800 now ) Clothes: (Minimum buying amount is 1 NV/ 1 shirt/ or 10 per cloak ) 160 Warlock's Cloak 60 Excavator Cape 21 Powersaving Cloak 4 Body Piercing Cloak 32 Cape of passive camouflage 4 The artificer cape 6 Monster Magnetism Cloak 5 Mirror Cloak 20 Conjurer Cloak 3 Mage Robe Shirt 3 Night Visor 2 Cape of The Unbreakable 23 Fast Regeneration Cape Misc: ( Minimum buying amount is 25 pears/ 50 mines/ 25k leather/ 25 serp stones/ 25 bananas/ 25 oranges/ 25 inv token/ 25 mines. Other than that, all at once ) 49 Medium Mine 118 Pear 133 RC Mine 42843 Leather 11 Binding Stone ( 5 now ) 27 RC Mine Detonator 64 Serpent Stone 259 Skull key 1 10% Shop Coupon 12 Small Mine 239 Mule Glyph 96 Banana 25878 Bones Powder 6 Enrichment Stone 164 Orange 8 Grapes 2 Black Horse Whistle 1 Dapple Gray Whistle 19 Daily cooldown reducer 26 Invisibility Removal Ward 233 Invasion Token ( 213 now... ) 27 MI Removal Ward 42726 Thread 79 Skeleton key 67521 Empty Vial ( 57521 now ) 33 Mana Burn Ward 13933 Creature food 104876 Yew 18806 Rope 10 Archery Arena Ticket 9828 Saltpeter 49783 Ashes 251516 Wood Logs 192 Mana Drain Ward 56 High Explosive Mine 7024 White Fabric 74223 Mercury Jewelry: 9546 Silver Medallion 30213 Polished Sapphire
  20. Which was your biggest project ever?

    I did a guild project when I was GM of a very small guild mostly made up of newbies, so in actuality I did a great deal of the work myself although a couple members helped a lot too. I must have done about 2/3rds of the essies myself. So we made up 10 TTRP kits consisting of 10k energy essence, 2k matter essence and 2k spirit essence and we did all the essies from scratch, we bought none. We harvested all the ores, minerals and flowers depending on our levels and interests and then those of us who could alched the essies. After we got all 100k energy essence and 20k each of the matter and spirit essences I sold the 10 kits on the forums market section and they sold very quickly I might add. We then paid everyone according to what they did. This is back when guild projects were very common as was guild harvesting events which helped build the storages or coin purses of newbies as well. I would love to see more guild projects done again myself. My guild used to do them but hasnt in ages. Now-a-days instead of guild projects we go out harvesting with all our own alts and we do these projects completely on our own and I think it is far more fun and rewarding actually when we play in a more team oriented spirit. Just my feelings. Oh I love doing stuff myself too, dont get me wrong. Doing a huge project all alone and making it bigger and better than all previous projects can be an exhillerating Personal Best. And I have done many of these projects. Such as make and sell the NPC 10k Moon Medallions. Make 100 harvester Medallions (done at least twice maybe three times) etc. But doing a huge project with my friends where my own participations is heavy but not the only participation is far more rewarding really. Far more fun for sure.
  21. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Not that this has anything to do with the rest of the thread, but the test "if(max==-1)" would be more robust if it were "if(max<0)" (with a similar change to the error message).
  22. Server update

    Added new storager in Zirakinbar Added new item, LBD scale New book, LBD summoning For those who haven't finished the Tutorial, the Tutorial NPC should tell you where you left off. New Maia mission (guess what item)
  23. Particle Percentage Problem

    You're welcome, glad you are trying it and that its working.
  24. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    If you are curious, this is the code: int my_rand(int max) { if(max==-1) { char str[100]; sprintf(str,"Oops, we got a -1 as max in my_rand()"); log_critical_error(str); return 0; } #ifdef WINDOWS return rand()%(max+1); #else return random()%(max+1); #endif } int tool_break_rand=4; //stuff if(check_player_flag(FEWER_TEARS, player_id))tool_break_rand=2; //stuff if(my_rand(tool_break_rand)!=1) { //do calculations to see if the tool breaks based on astro and such } else //the tool doesn't break
  25. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Do you mean Fewer Tears? I checked and I don't see a problem in my code. The break rate should be significantly lower with this perk. I need more data from more people.
  26. Particle Percentage Problem

    Wow, fantastic, thank you bluap! I'm playing with it now and fountains, fires, teleports, teleportation, and ground bag all work as you described. And the shift-F9 is great, thank you for thinking of that! This is great, thank you so much! (I know, I know, silly things but they make me very happy! )
  27. Earlier
  28. Particle Percentage Problem

    I've done part of what you requested. As far as I can tell, the code changed 10 years ago, when the EYE_CANDY #define was removed. When that was done, lots of the old particle creation code was removed too. Also, I have not found any sign of there being an instant effect when changing the particle percentage. Anyway, I've restored the old particle system where it was lost and it now works for fountains, fires, teleport, teleportation and ground bag effects. I've also implemented a way to instantly reflect changes to the particle percentage value. As a bonus, F9 fire creation now also supports SHIFT+F9 to turn the fire off. These changes are pushed to git. (The Linux snap package in the edge channel has the new code.) The eye candy use of particle percentage looks to be complex but I'm still investigating.
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