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  2. I don't know if this helps i thought i'd download el for my tablet, but that's doing the same thing too...
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  4. It says "connecting to server" but nothing happens until i click, then the login screen opens but when i press enter or click on the login button, nothing happens, no error message. I typed in the line above and it's come up with loads of Info:stuff but no error messages.
  5. Version 1.9.5p7 of the EL client is ready for release. There are a couple of data updates so either install the full client packages or install the executable packages then download the named_colours.xml and item_extra_info.txt files manually. There are several new feature and a few bug fixes too, the full list can be read on the release page. Windows options: Windows 7-10 32-Bit installer Windows 7-10 64-Bit installer Windows 7-10 32-Bit executable and DLL files Windows 7-10 64-Bit executable and DLL files Linux options: Flatpak Package (recommended) Snap Package Debian and Ubuntu Packages Linux general installer Linux 32-bit executable Linux 64 bit executable Data Files: Data Files Sound Files Music Files If you are using the Flatpak, Snap or Deb packages already, you will get the new version next time you update as normal. Please back up your personal files, not just for this update.
  6. How far does starting the client get? When you start the client, do not press any keys or click the mouse. Do you see the console screen and the "Connecting to Server...." and the "Welcome to the new server!..." message? Or do you get some other message? When you press a key or click the console, do you get the "Log In" screen? If you try to login, do you get an error message? While the client is still running, open a terminal type: cat $HOME/.elc/log/main_*.log Ignoring all the "...elconfig.c:1814" message (which we ought to remove), are there any error messages at end of the output?
  7. Hi Guys, I don't know what's happened, I've been playing el for a few weeks now with no problems but now I can't log in at all. I can't start a new character either. I know there's loads of people on cos i've been to http://game.eternal-lands.com/online_players.htm Help me please!!
  8. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Good news, it was a good suggestion.
  9. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I like this feature so much faster and less time consuming equipping with fa, or the change from bow and arrow to halberd. its really nice.
  10. Last week
  11. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I suggest you just try it; builds are in the normal places. The delay is only for the new feature, so its a delay in something you've not been able to do before. And only on repeated use within 1/2 second of the same two items. Yep. That's it.
  12. Extra Small Inventory Window

    In short, a repeated attempt to swap through a key shortcut will be delayed (and *only* a repeated attempt to *swap* through ket short-cut). "Use" of e.g. food should be unaffected by this (but normal cooldowns apply). Afaik, the server gets really grumpy if certain types of messages arrive too fast or too often. That translates to you being kicked out (disconnected)
  13. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Yeah I am concerned more about auto equip rather than the consumable. I still can't understan how it will affect it.
  14. Extra Small Inventory Window

    The delay only kicks in if you use the same key twice within 1/2 second. Otherwise the auto equip happens as fast as possible. It only impacts auto equip not item use. The delay is unique to the inventory box the item is in.
  15. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I really don't like the delay of quick-slot key binding delay. Being instant is really good in my playing style. If you are going to make a delay, set an option in option/troubleshoot and make it delay/no delay selection. Not many uses bone as a weapon nowadays anyway... If they want to use it as weapon, they should just double click or drag.
  16. EFE's giveaway

  17. Oh yes please!! And same goes for this forum too! Everything, including login credentials, is sent unencrypted. These days it can't be cost issue, thanks to LE. I might be able to help, if any help is needed. --Vis
  18. on this day no natural creatures respawn, when all natural creatures are dead excluding unicorn and badaran it triggers a global invasion automatically would be good if there was also a counter for natural creatures remaining alive also how about a type of creature that can only be killed by magic
  19. I'd really like this to be done. +1
  20. We where just talking about Internet Security in my Guild, and the topic came to the unencrypted way the chat and rest of protocol is send to the server. would be a good Idea to think about something to make it a bit more protected like with a SSL that covers the server and client traffic through the internet.
  21. EFE's giveaway

    200 efe for me
  22. IP Storage for everyone.

    Hello thinking it's a great timing to actually implemen this, as it seems there are more newbies and people playing lately, if radu is actually worried about people farming the flowers to sell NPC or to mix health essence etc (could always check how many health essence are mixed a month in game). As you suggested we could get another storage at few steps to the east of novac. The idea is to keep the afkers (those who collect ACP) out of IP so ideally would be nice to sit at sto for mixing and talking.
  23. Server Hacked.

    I want to inform you that the Server running Mercator was hacked today around Midnight my time. While all indicators of my checks do make me believe that the attacker while getting access to one of the server user accounts did not manage to get admin rights, there are a 2 lines in log files that i expected to see which are missing. So as a precaution meassure i am setting up the server with a new System and hardening it. before i let Mercator and its services be run again. the Server containing el-services was not affected. Just as a note on the side, there is no indication that any database of the server was Hacked. anyway all passwords etc are stored enrypted on the server To Clarify, it was a User Account on the Server, not the program named Mercator (which is in el the bot) that got hacked, and all my analyses i did do while i am backing up everything for a secure fresh install and setup. indicates, that the hacking of the User account was done in trying to use its resources for further hacking of other systems. Besides a few lines missing that i would expected to see all Indicators are that the hacker did not steal anything or searched for anything. No log files from Mercator except the one of the one that Mercator writes in for example where touched by anyone. I do expect mercator to be up and running again some time on Monday latest
  24. Latest build includes: Enable auto equip when using the item keys. Popup window colours added to those that can be redefined in named_colours.xml. Remove trailing white space from new and saved mark marks.
  25. Lucky Attacker/Defender Perks

    Been like 2 weeks I only see 0/0 astro whenever I log. Seriously?
  26. #unmark not work on some sections of maps

    The latest client builds trim white space from the end of #mark commands and from marks when load from file.
  27. I've added colours for the popup menu system to the named colours list. This is controlled using the named_colours.xml file in the data directory. Here is an example of the new file. You need to change the r, g, b values. You can choose colours using a tool like the one on the w3schools site. Once you have your set of colour values, divide each number by 255 to get the r, g, b values required for the named_colours.xml file. The latest build have this change.
  28. Extra Small Inventory Window

    OK, so I've fixed the problem and re-committed the update. All the builds are done. I am 100% sure this version will not eat your manufacturing recipes. I hope that nobody downloaded the bad version, I removed it within 30 minutes. I feel bad if you did, sorry. I recovered my recipes because to do daily back-ups which is a good thing for everyone to do. Perhaps we could do a forum post on how to back up and restore your EL files ....... The issue was because I modified the structure used for items. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that this structure is used when reading and writing the manufacturing recipes. The update no longer modifies that structure. Using a binary format like this is a very bad idea anyway because it is so fragile but that's another project.
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