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  2. EFE's giveaway

    My Guess - 75
  3. Skunks missing in White Stone

    The skunks are hard to do i killed a skunk also not to long ago, and i often ask friends to help with search if i get them. as they always seam to hide when i get them .
  4. Skunks missing in White Stone

    I just killed both the north and the south spawning skunks - they are always easier to find when you do not have that daily, of course. Also, if you are hunting at night and your perception is low, it is very hard to spot them.
  5. Skunks missing in White Stone

    Never heard of such a problem before... I know of two spawns, but it's a big map, and they do not necessarily respawn on the point where you kill them. So, nothing needs to be fixed or removed (hint: the reward of that particular quest is somewhat related to its difficulty, and skunks get a fairly high reward for the creature levels). And for future reference, if you are having similar problems, you can perhaps try and check in channel 2 (general help, @@2) or even with #help_me. Edit: I can confirm that at least one skunk still respawns in its normal area, so the bug (if any) isn't in the game server.
  6. Skunks missing in White Stone

    I have the haidir quest to kill skunks but i just kill one because they aren't spawning no where. So fix it or remove this quest.
  7. EFE's giveaway

    77 - Suzuki
  8. I've updated all the builds and the information at the top if this thread with the latest change details.
  9. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Well i thought as something like a text filter one sets up for himself but i do understand what you mean One thing i would not want is that they would start creating shortcuts for colored chat so
  10. I don't know about that because I think too many things would be miswritten. PL can mean Poland, Portland...tit can mean tit sometimes...people talk about many things, not just EL terms. I think this would make a mess.
  11. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    Playing with aislinn suggestion about global filter, i realized that all those filters i used in the past are just for my own decency not for others. so i wanted to add to the suggestion if we could make an option of a text replacement system for outgoing chat, (i am used to write for example tit axe, instead Titanium axe, but it would be also a nice feature for accronyms people use like pl for Portland nara for Naralik etc. people still might write the short terms but in the text that is send it would be the right readable words.
  12. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I've committed this change. The tab hiding is a bit more tricky....
  13. Can anyone who can make these hidden candies work please post some screenshots?
  14. Ping issues

    Hi wanted to know if you had any idea on why different char/client give different ping, did someone come across something similar ? Restarting the internet doesn't seem to help either. If you need more information please let me know.
  15. Extra Small Inventory Window

    View all if tabs are hidden.
  16. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I'll look at a switch for the tabs. Would it be best to leave whatever channel filter is in place, or switch to "view all" if the tabs are hidden?
  17. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Yep, I can do that.
  18. I've committed changes to add these four commands.
  19. EFE's giveaway

    Mixing 101
  20. EFE's giveaway

  21. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Just tested it out - wonderful again! Keeps the chat contained and the screen clean when needed without losing it all. Love the window sizing changes, much better, and love that I can move the window around to wherever I want. Love the minimize feature and icon. Thank you, thank you, thank you! One question: Can we lose the "tabs" in the window and shorten the height in the text box we type in? They waste a lot of space. (Oh and Kaddy's idea is pr0 as well.)
  22. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Is it possible to have max lines on screen adjustable? In normal chat, max 10 lines are showed in the screen, and if chat is spammy, it gets onto char etc as Aisy mentioned. So when I want to fight and chat and dont want to use windowed chat, can I adjust it? Seems like when you decrease it down to 6-7, it shouldnt be a problem while fighting.
  23. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I've committed a few changes to the chat system. There's an new setting in the options window, on the chat tab to enable show/hide functions. When enabled: ALT+c toggles showing any of the chat modes. The chat window close-cross, just hides the window. You can add a icon to the icon bar to do the same as ALT+c. When disabled: If you added the icon, it will be hidden. Everything else behaves as it did previously. Additional changes are to the chat window are: The window is scalable (CTRL+Up clashes if you have keys enable for window resizing which is something to adjust). The position is moved proportionally like other windows when the client window is resized, and the position is saved between restarts. The minimum width of the window is now half of what is was previously. If you want the show/hide icon, I've modified the data file in the source tree (dev-data-files/main_icon_window.xml) to include this just after the attack icon setting: <icon type="window" image_id="16" alt_image_id="17" help_name="chat" param_name="chat"> Old Behaviour||%windowed_chat=0 Tabbed Chat||%windowed_chat=1 Chat Window||%windowed_chat=2 || Find Text||#find &lt;Text to find&gt; || Clear Chat||#cls </icon>
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  25. Unable to connect on Android

    yes it can its actually the only way to do it right now
  26. Chat System, Background Color, Text Color

    the channel color settings are nice to set the start color of chat channels apart but its useless if you have trouble reading the c_blue3 text that system messages like #il #ii and i do have trouble with that color:) i have changed it for me now with text filter as blue1 and it is far far far far far far more easy for me to read it. for that we would need an exchange filter, and making a global filter that search for the color byte and replaces it in global filter does not work. But looking as how the channel color setting works i bet it would be possible to enhance that system for the rest too. what would work for me is if i could say if this color code comes up use this other one instead On the start of messages, (i do not care if bot messages have colors i cannot read well)
  27. I never knew this existed as I don't use tabs or windows. But when I tried, I couldn't get channel 6 to work or #gm. Plus it would be nice to be able to manually select which trigger sets off the color. Like [PM from xxxx: or #Message from Wizzy:
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