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  2. New client binaries for testing

    OK, so that points in the direction of the function that cleans up the buddy memory. I've added more debug and rebuilt the debug client (Debug Exit +1) which is in the same place as before. I still cannot reproduce this though. Could you be more specific about the sequence of events? The order of login, whether the buddy window has been opened, how may buddies in your list, how many other active buddies, that kind of thing. Thanks.
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  4. New client binaries for testing

    The crash is only on exit. Also make sure the body logs out before you exit. [02:17:08, main.c:243] Info: Client closed [02:17:08, main.c:245] Info: queue_destroy() [02:17:08, main.c:247] Info: free_pm_log() [02:17:08, main.c:251] Info: save_local_date() [02:17:08, main.c:260] Info: destroy_sound() [02:17:08, main.c:262] Info: clear_sound_data() [02:17:08, main.c:265] Info: ec_destroy_all_effects() [02:17:08, main.c:269] Info: destroy_map() [02:17:08, main.c:271] Info: free_buffers() [02:17:08, main.c:274] Info: unload_questlog() [02:17:08, main.c:276] Info: save_item_lists() [02:17:08, main.c:278] Info: free_emotes() [02:17:08, main.c:280] Info: free_actor_defs() [02:17:08, main.c:282] Info: free_books() [02:17:08, main.c:284] Info: free_vars() [02:17:08, main.c:286] Info: cleanup_rules() [02:17:08, main.c:289] Info: cleanup_counters() [02:17:08, main.c:291] Info: cleanup_chan_names() [02:17:08, main.c:293] Info: cleanup_hud() [02:17:08, main.c:295] Info: destroy_trade_log() [02:17:08, main.c:297] Info: destroy_user_menus() [02:17:08, main.c:299] Info: destroy_all_root_windows() [02:17:08, main.c:301] Info: SDL_RemoveTimer() [02:17:08, main.c:303] Info: SDL_RemoveTimer() [02:17:08, main.c:305] Info: end_particles() [02:17:08, main.c:307] Info: free_bbox_tree() [02:17:08, main.c:310] Info: free_astro_buffer() [02:17:08, main.c:312] Info: free_translations() [02:17:08, main.c:314] Info: free_skybox() [02:17:08, main.c:317] Info: SDL_QuitSubSystem() [02:17:08, main.c:319] Info: SDL_QuitSubSystem() [02:17:08, main.c:330] Info: final_sound_exit() [02:17:08, main.c:334] Info: stopp_custom_update() [02:17:08, main.c:337] Info: clear_zip_archives() [02:17:08, main.c:339] Info: clean_update() [02:17:08, main.c:342] Info: cleanup_tcp() [02:17:08, main.c:347] Info: free_reflection_framebuffer() [02:17:08, main.c:351] Info: cursors_cleanup() [02:17:08, main.c:356] Info: SDL_Quit() [02:17:08, main.c:360] Info: cleanup_mem()
  5. New client binaries for testing

    Is that a crash even before exit or only on exit after you have the buddy log on? I've been unable to reproduce this problem on Window or Linux and a quick check with a buddy login looks OK too. I've produced a new Windows binary that outputs debug to the log file for each function called on exit. The version string is tagged with (Debug Exit).
  6. New client binaries for testing

    Ok, I think I found how to crash it. If I log on my phone on Gicu, who is in my buddy list, the desktop client with Radu crashes....
  7. New client binaries for testing

    That one will *only* work when asked for in the quest. It's not a generally readable book.
  8. Android app thoughts

    Actually i did play a litle with the android, and i must say what i would like is and way to toggle multiple touch bars So you have 1 or 2 Buttons on the button where you can go between Icon bars 1-3 which all have a set of buttons that are vital for the game play. Then i would add button for Keyboard, special mouse clicks, options, minimap etc simple things you can easy do on pc clients but are frustrating on android
  9. I dont have a phone capable of running el atm but i have been using the android version on my 10inch tablet since it came out, mostly as a companion device for when i away from mac looking at the game from a phone point of view and regarding the launch on G'play store i wondering if it would do better if there was a phone version for screens smaller than 8 inch as well as the current version for 8 inch over. in my opinion i think the control system for phone version would be better with two on screen thumb toggles left side for camera control right side for char movement or vise versa
  10. New client binaries for testing

    Bluap, it crashed again on exit. From the log file: [12:55:07] Last message repeated 4 times [12:55:07, main.c:243] Info: Client closed
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  12. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Personally, I think all the skills should have a BB, Att, Def, Range and mag. Just some books you shouldn't be able to read more than once or less exp each time after the first. I don't want to see "end game" items flood in. We need the OA cap raised to 200. imho I agree that players should be able to mix all bb.
  13. Make all Big Books Makeable

    or much less ACP would be needed. ACP basically helps prevent mass production of these after all.
  14. Make all Big Books Makeable

    would not really be against that but then no acp needed anymore
  15. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Now that's interesting stealing exp from others
  16. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I see it as magically transferring the experience. So it's a magic item not an ordinary book. Think about it more ... you write a book and then read it yourself. It obviously isn't a normal book or you wouldn't gain that much exp!
  17. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Why would I become dumber (less experienced) writing a book on how to do something? I don't see the sense in that. That said, big-books and quests sure take all the accomplishment out of leveling up a skill from zero. These days you just read a couple books and bang, level 26. Do it on the right #day and it's level 29 (6K short of L30). <yawn>
  18. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I've always thought that writing Big Books should remove more exp from the player then the reader gets.
  19. Make all Big Books Makeable

    You might not want to read the book, but the fact is that if the book is makeable, it's likely to be significantly easier (and possibly cheaper) to read your way to TF level. Having it be that way (particularly if cost effective) essentially cuts out the majority of the skill. It's similar to tailoring. Because tailor books are makeable (they have quite high AcP requirement), reading books is both easier and cheaper than making low level tailor items. So a player wanting to tailor WWH (or make books) simply needs to buy books and read them, not do any actual tailoring, until they are high enough level.
  20. Make all Big Books Makeable

    BTW i am at the level of making Treasure Finders. And yes getting there is a pain in the ass. and extremly costly. The big book already exists in game, why not make it makeable. just set the action points level needed high enough and they will not be cheap XP. My reasoning is actually not that i want to read the big books myself, but that i rather have it as an item to make or look forward to making
  21. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Alchemy/potion, why not? Engineering is sort of the last hold out of 'if you want the levels, you'll have to mix' type skills (alchemy sort of fits there, but it's much less avoidable than engineering unless you have a huge gc vault). Introducing more accessible (cheaper) big books for engineering would do away with that, and whether that's a good or bad thing is best decided by radu. Engineering xp speeds up once you can produce treasure finders (TF), so similarly to tailoring and white wizard hats, I'd guess people would probably read big books (if they are similarly priced to tailoring/others) until they could make those. There's currently only 20ish level 100+ engineers, the top 50ish are 80+ (high enough for TF). The top 100 is 71+ (Borderline TF) and the top 200 are 56+. More simply put, do you want to do away with most of the engineering mixes pre-TF? If so, make big book craftable. I say go for it, but I could see how others have different views (particularly on engineering).
  22. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I think some players would read those books if not at ridiculous NPC prices to start potions, alchemy or engineering to skip the initial fail very often phase especially in potions which tends to result in a lot of broken mortars.
  23. on all the Skill Big Books, we are still missing a recipe for the Potion and Engeneering Big books. I would suggest to create them. Also i think An big book of Alchemy would fullfill the mixing Skill Big Books. Before anyone say but Potions and Alchemy are already so easy to level. I agree. I actually do not think that to many people will read Big Potion Books after they reached a certain level. Or would need to read an Alchemy Book at all. But I think those books should exist and be makeable for the very pro of the Craft. Simply as a Sign of Hey you are a pro.
  24. Client update, 195

    Yes, not sure why I keep doing that
  25. Android client

    double-tap the blue camera rotation bar to bring up the keyboard
  26. Client update, 195

    bluap* has provided. I do maps. ;-)
  27. Client update, 195

    Burn Bluap has provided some new Windows and Linux installers, which are available on the download page (same file names as before). For Linux, you have to get it again for the game to work with the server after the update. For windows users, you can get it again if you care about an updated items list.
  28. Taking into account fighter builds means using another formula to determine what quest a given player gets. This has been suggested for invasion caps, and radu didn't seem particularly enthousiastic. Also, we have Daritha's dailies, giving a/d exp for basically manu work...
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