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  2. I think would be nice to see a change of recipe for Invasion meter. EMEs just too expensive for the breakrate. makes mixing them not even worth it. Should be more like a Pear finder ings. Think alot more people would use with a decrease of ings/Breakrate.
  3. IP Storage for everyone.

    Could you block the flower section of the storage for those above the level? I mean, I can see the 'stress' about it, it would be an ideal place for a non-stop day for sure... I also think it would be a great idea to bring traffic, but yeah, the flower harvesting is a little troublesome (and I really don't think it'd be fair to make them unharvestable). the addictional traffic would be beneficial though, so eh... There's only a couple flowers I would be worried about. But I tell you, some of them are VERY quick, even if they are .5gc each...
  4. I'm not against it, if it's announced like mentioned --coming from a non-fighter
  5. I vote for this idea.
  6. Today
  7. IP Storage for everyone.

    I'm thinking more on the affect to other harvestables such as ores and minerals e.g. silver, sulfur and iron. Fill up inventory, beam, then tele back to map with resource nearest to tele point. It seems too easy to me. Maybe a 2nd storage for non-newbs will help but it'd have to be far from beam point and I don't there is a far enough place on IP except for maybe tavern basement.
  8. I do like the idea of bringing more RDHOLAM in game given the current price and break rate.
  9. I agree with increasing steps from tokens given that ogre spawns aren't that busy anyway and it's more reliable than waiting for a whistle drop. Also, I'd like to see more horses in game: they look cool.
  10. Adding 2 new special days.

    No! What's next: mixable big books of potions? Let's not go down that slippery slope. Kidding aside: Potioning is already quite profitable at the lower levels so what's the point? This also goes for Alch, but that train has left the station. At least the other skills sink gc (yes, there are exceptional circumstances) so a double experience day is a nice offset to the cost. Crafting mostly does sink gc (until you can do Barnes) but it's not terrible cost to level so I feel less strongly about this one.
  11. I would increase total steps by 1k and also increase the tokens by maybe few hundred steps. Won't change much, but will defo be a cool thing to improve on
  12. I also want to look at the lower critters. I think the current payout is ok for critters that drop tokens, more valuable furs, PW, Trolls and Clops (the books are a nice boost). For other critters like Armed Orcs, Leprechauns (lol), Imp, Gargoyles (granted, it's possible to get a RIG) , the advantage seems low compared to other things the game offers. I heard that an Orc drops Serpent Stones but I've not received one after thousands killed. Overall, I do believe that tokens have greatly improved the profitability of many lower creatures but I'd like to see more GC from some of the other low creatures, especially for new players who don't want to spend all their time harving + mixing ess or farming tokens. Instead I like the idea of increasing the profitablility of killing a variety of creatures while a newbie explores the maps.
  13. That would work aswell
  14. Special items rates changes.

    I didn't say pk was dead because of the brod. I just said the concept of it sucks.
  15. Keep the break rate same, but make it 10 item per recipe. So no more 2 day lasting 250 hidden mobs and 264827317 place to look.
  16. Since Invasion Meters are more of a benefit to the community (help clear maps) than to an individual, I think making them last longer or be cheaper (or both) would be good. Anything that benefits the community at large would help more if it was cheaper.
  17. Everyone posting seems to be focused on the high-end stuff. I'd like to look at the other end. New players are often cash poor (books, sigils and supplies cost a lot of GC). So I think it would make sense to raise the minimum (and not change the maximum) for low end critters. Say Trolls and below, or perhaps Fluffies and below (for newish players). Of course everything above that break point (Trolls, Fluffies) would need a minimum no lower that the critters below it.
  18. A PK is dead and the reason has nothing to do with brod. B PK oriented weapon, which means NULL-oriented weapon. Doesn’t worth shit since js hits 3-10 to dragon armors... lol C See above, make the damage 5-15 lol.
  19. Make it ivan-like. Set various PK spawns, do not annouce. Random respawn time, like 60 to 90 minutes. Do not tell spawns either.
  20. I’d say instead of adding steps, increase the steps Ogre tokens give. So it helps ogre killing newbies. Right now, it costs more to buy ogre tokens for 14k steps instead of just buying whistles. Idk what radu would say, but I am for adjusting the ogre tok bonuses. Kad
  21. Last few months, I am by far the most ice farming person in EL and I’d say keep the drops same in instances. Even with the lowest drops on lets say 3 man, it is by far the most gc/hour event in EL. You cannot win everytime, and personally I like the highs and lows, just like Ambro. BUT, since instance and invasion drops can be different, DEFO add a minimum drop for rd/bd/ice, blue dragons (especially blues, they suck at invasions) and obviously MB since most of the times ice and above is teamed up. But people don’t even bother sharing dragon drops coz they suck. In dragon-dense invasions, tank gets all and hitters get nothing which is quite disappointing for hitters. For mbs, I barely remember solo’ing a mb, maybe 2-3 in last months and I usually call my guild when I see them. But you spend your time killing those and getting 10k and splitting it into 4 is quite heartbreaking lol. So... add minimum to invasion drops because they are meant to be done as teams. Kad
  22. And red. But yes. Dragons should not be dropping 1 gc. And not everybody farms, either.
  23. Any suggestion in increasing the regular ice and blue dragons drops? I farmer plenty of those with low gc sometimes even 1gc of ice lowest of blue was around 500 I got. For high hp or difficulty monsters they should be more rewarding in general.
  24. I am for it (1 or 2k more steps per whistle).
  25. Maybe not that often, that was just a suggestion to get the conversation rolling. Could be less often for sure. Also couldn't it be set to not respawn until it is killed?
  26. Why announce it, if it spawns that often? And should it spawn that often, or is it like a normal mob spawn with a very long respawn time? Unlike bags, monsters do not have a limited life time, so if you just spawn one every 2h in a PK map, you could end up with a lot of them running around
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