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  2. alts ban

    Ok, I understood wrong, I am sorry Revi, my bad.., sorry for making you waste your time.. I will wait now.
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  4. Neno hunting rules and bans

    ref: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61004-alts-ban/&do=findComment&comment=592667 ... and then you continue here with trying to ask or argue about what rule has been broken. Since you still haven't been paying attention to that info, locking this topic and you can wait to here from Radu
  5. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I didn't tell you to post in another forum, I said That was in reply to You decided to post here and not in bans forum. Now you get to deal with the consequences.
  6. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Well..in the post before, you tell me I should post in other forum to get answer faster and now you inform me of breaking rules..*facepalm*...
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  8. Neno hunting rules and bans

    As Learner told you in the other thread you started, you'll have to wait for the one who actually locked the characters, i.e. radu. While waiting, you might want to reread this especially the last part of item 30: "Do not create a new thread on a topic if there is currently a thread on that topic already."
  9. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Ok, aislinn.. I have again read whole rules word by word and there is nothing said about alts 'camping' on spawns, nor how many alts can one player have logged in, nor where they can sit or not, then would you be so kind and tell me how on the earth can i get that from rules written right next to the encyclopedia that you are reffering to?
  10. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    I'm updating my Unity/Gnome time indicator to use your time source which I assume is OK with you. Looking at the json object, please could you explain the difference between the "Gametimestamp" and "Timestamp" values. For Torg's original time source, the timestamp was the real-time that the last EL-time was read. Thanks for generating the new time source.
  11. alts ban

    If Radu booted you, he is the only one that can cite anything ... and a valid answer from him is "your chars pissed me off", doesn't even have to be a posted printed rule.he is God and you listen to what he demands.
  12. alts ban

    I would like to know what exact rules were broken by sewer1, henry_proper and whimoc - all booted by radu on saturday early morning european time. Guess all mods have read my topic in gen chat, but ofc. I can give details here too.
  13. mouse pointer small on the game

    Also, looking at the picture you posted, you ought to go to the "Trouble Shooting" tab in the options window and set the "Adjust graphics X" and "Adjust graphics Y" settings. With these settings, you can improve the look of the tabs at the top of the window and also clean up buttons and other window elements.
  14. Neno hunting rules and bans

    You get an answer faster when posting in the proper forum... Here, everyone can give his opinion, so the original question can get lost. Anyway, I suppose you need to wait for radu to look in the forums
  15. mouse pointer small on the game

    Did you follow the link bluap posted? In the first post of that thread there are links to three clients: for Windows, Linux 32-bit and linux 64-bit. Right now, those links are all accessible...
  16. mouse pointer small on the game

    I didn't found that new version 1.9.5for download, and there's no options on "Font" tab who make the pointer bigger.
  17. Neno hunting rules and bans

    It is exactly as Vino said, personally, I swear I saw Radu said in 6 (if you want I can search that in char logs) : from now everyone can camp spawnss, jokers ivans etc. I know it might have been in affect, but he said that! And now the same person says someone cant do that. Now choose when there is no rule written about it. If there was, there would be no doubt, but there is not! It was said when speaking about stivy camping on a way to hydro but I really see no difference, only as koddy said that stivy brings radu dollars..who is then ofc. untouchable! Then make it a rule..if you give (or make others give) radu dollars, you can simply do what others cant..np, I can live with that...but make it clear. But please get to the question - what exact rule have sewer1, henry-proper and whimoc broke? If they were on spawns it was by chance cause as far as I know there are NO known exact spawns of neno..at least I couldnt find that in ency, nor in forums..and believe me that I have tried it, because then one should be afraid of sitting on any spot afk just because there might be a spawn??!! Well..yea you can get banned for that, srsly?
  18. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Well i have said my point. And no some rules that where enforced do not comply with your rules. When revi told me about not allowed to kill my noob char. there was 1 kill not 10 or 100 in a row. so it was not spamming at that point. I am not saying the mods are bad or the game is aweful. I am saying that if radu makes a rule tells about it in channel 6. Enforces it. it should be written down in a place that everyone can look at and find it. For example radu says in channel 6: no alts on spawns of creatures that spawn on various maps, then put a post in forum saying that. Everyone will be able to read it. and there is no more question for people, as it is down there. readable published at a place where people who where not online can see it. Because if someone was not in channel 6 or playing for a while and come back he might not hear about the ruling. And really breaks rules without realizing.
  19. Neno hunting rules and bans

    So basically you are telling me nobody should be expected to use common sense. Seriously, was the game intended to be single player with afk alts everywhere camping/guarding/blocking special-interest spawns? And killing one's own alt repeatedly definitely falls under the no spamming rule as the death messages spam channel 6. And as always, the usual suspects instead of saying "Okay, I didn't realize, sorry" will go on and on about how unfair everything is and how awful the game is, the mods are, radu is, the rules are, blah blah blah. Enough already. This is a game, people, not your livelihood. Nothing is etched in stone, and things have changed and will change in the future as we see how people behave or how things get manipulated. Deal with it and try to have some fun instead of constantly harping on such minor things!
  20. Neno hunting rules and bans

    And exactly those rules are incomplete. They do not tell people that they need to play their alts and level them up, They say nothing about breaking rules when you afk sit at spawns from neno, or joker or invdrag. they say nothing about having chars at certain shopping npc's they say nothing about killing their own alt for fun (something i remeber you revi did tell me its forbidden when i did) and they say nothing about maybe a lot of more rules that radu announced in channel 6 and that might get enforced. So i am saying if you make a rule that you enforce put it on forum or update the ecyclopedia put them so people can find it. Its just fair for players.
  21. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Only if you update it manually. at least the client i downloaded 2 month ago was not updated in the data. I redownloaded windows client and installed it and it looks as if there the rules are updated like in the encyc so ok new players do not get the illigal multiplayer rules. and the newer invasion and invance rules. Old installation need to manual update it, To bad that the update push service that learner told me the server has (and that he uses in OL a lot, is not used here to update outdated data files. it does not matter for me if the rules are in Forum or in the rules in the encyclopedia, the only thing what i would like is that rules are declared, especially if its in consideration to multiplaying as most rules did not take that in account when made. And quite a few rules where made by radu and enforced that are not written down in a way that you can read them.
  22. Neno hunting rules and bans

    That one is as up to date as you can get. I am using the rule set that came with the full 1.9.4 client (with a "last modified" date on my system of 2015-01-15).
  23. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I am speaking about the english one revi. And the encyclopedia that sir_odie distributes is updated. the default not and it does not cover the cause here.
  24. Neno hunting rules and bans

    The English ingame ruleset is the default one. The translations are very much out of date, and in most cases plainly wrong (even the numbers don't fit anymore)
  25. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Of course you cannot put every scenario in rule but you can make a wording that at least stands as basic rule. As it is right now, it is radu says something in channel 6 about this is forbidden, there is nothing in the official written rules that covers his decicion (and he has the right to decide that.) and the wording goes lost into the depts of channel 6 logs and memories of players that might have been online and attentiv to the wording. Making a post of that statement into the rules section of the forum would make this easier and less felt as if single people get singled out. As it is right now its a mess. And the ruleset send in the encyclopedia in basic client is outdated. It still lists illegal multiplaying. and it does not cover anything discussed here, besides maybe rule 6 about Appropiate names. and maybe rule 8 but there it would be debateable what is a short periode of time.
  26. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Of course Aislinn is right. This issue has be debated to the point of ad nauseam. Pounding sand can make frustrations pass easier.
  27. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Regarding rules in "black and white": There is no way any list of rules can cover every scenario that could ever happen in-game, nor every way a player will try to weasel around the rules. The best the mods (and radu!) can do is moderate to the best of their ability to enforce the spirit of the rules and the spirit of the game. The in-game ruleset that you can find next to the Encylopedia is the default ruleset. Easy for everyone to find. No excuses.
  28. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Perhaps I am wrong but I swear awhile back Radu said he people can camp spawns of ivan, joker ect. I never seen anything about not being able to the same thing for neno.... alts camping should be ok for everyone not just one player
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