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  2. Eternal Lands News

    If it makes you feel any better, they all were in pretty rough shape when I got back and the mess! Wizzy still can't find his pants and Vanyel is still telling jokes using Google translator (see bans threads for how well THAT turns out). Funny how the good parties happen when I go away.
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  4. Mini-Map

    I presume you did a restart. Where did you put the edited file? I presume you put the line next to the other similar lines, not just at the bottom of the file? Did you change the colours?
  5. Selling Ogre Toes and Iron Ore

    Mining iron and harvesting Ogre Toes every hour is what I spend most of the time in the game doing, so I keep getting more to sell. 1.5 for Ogre Toes, 3.5gc for Iron.
  6. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson here talking to the world's oldest monster caretaker. "Mr. Wiggins is it true you left the yeti cage door open?" "All I know is total panda-moni-um broke out." "Is it true that the yeti began opening the other cage doors?" <Checks his depends.> "I um.... what time is it?" "Sir I am trying to get an accounting of how this terrible invasion broke out." "I got to get home to see Matlock."
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  8. Mini-Map

    I've upgraded the client, then added this line, and the cross remains the same color regardless of these or other settings...
  9. Mini-Map

    I presume this is because your player dot appears over the NPC. I'm not sure what can be done about that. Any ideas?
  10. Mini-Map

    This needed a client change which I've just done. You will have to build your own version or pick up a newer Windows build from Sir_Odie or my flatpak/snap packages for Linux. You can then change the colour of the the destination cross by adding a line to the file named_colours.xml. <colour name="minimap.cross" r="1.0" g="0.0" b="1.0"/>
  11. Mini-Map

    bluap, I looked at that file...If you go into the game, open the mini map then click in the map (to move to that spot), in the map is an "X" where you click....I am looking to change the color of that "X"....
  12. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Prices went up by conscious effort by radu. Quests were added to Darithia requiring EFEs and other rare items in attempt to drive business to shop but Eternal Lands just became a banana republic with hyperinflation. There are players using 50-100 rare esses in a sitting to attempt to get rare items and that also affected prices. And you are correct on most mixing becoming unprofitable. Market costs of ingredients cost more than cost NPC sells for because without those items being affordable many of feeder characters stop playing. Bread and Circuses is current scheme of game rather than what it was before.
  13. Eternal Lands News

    I realize (american sp*) for moderators, but i am VERY SAD! i wanted invite!
  14. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Thanks for the reply, I totally agree with the fact that prices should reflect real supply and demand, that's why I asked the question if it wouldn't make more sense if NPC prices would also take the 'market'-prices into account (as part of a formula) to calculate prices for a day (or week or whatever timeframe is chosen), maybe this would lead towards a game in where the making/crafting/potioning etcetc of items are worthwhile again (instead of reading a 'big book of....'). I do think that should be possible (the 'big book of...'-part) but I somehow I think the original idea for leveling (making items) in a skill is somehow bypassed in the last years. btw, I don't think the lifting of having alts is, or should be, a valid answer, it just means there is a work-around available. ;-) MA.
  15. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Prices are realative to supply and demand. Tatu daily rewards vial molds as well, Rule 5 has been lifted and most people have specialized mule alts to haul vials. I have done things in my life that has made less sense Wiz
  16. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Hi all, So I've had a 'break' from this game for some years and recently I thought of playing again, I did notice the (slight?) decline in players but what happened to (bot)-prices for EFE?? at almost 28k/30k each this means thing like making vial-molds (and vials) with a break rate at 2200/2500 isn't something anyone with some sense would still do... Are there any thoughts going around to 'revive' the crafting of items (i.o.w. remove the possibility to buy items like vials/rings for fixed prices from NPC's or make them dependant from bot-prices....) or has the game now more or less evolved to a combat-only game? Kind regards, Michel.
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  18. Eternal Lands News

    Make sure guildmaster of K&M knows she is using slave labor which is prohibited by guild. Alduron should go to some guild which has lower standard of ethics.
  19. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson here with another Fly-by-night report. A word from our sponsor: Alduron's custom clothing. Are you tired of the same ol', same ol'? Alduron has a custom for you! Alduron will create a custom designed especially for you. She has teams of enslaved under paid gnome seamstresses to manufacture the right custom clothing for you. Contact Alduron today! Now with our special report. Word has come to me that our dear Community Manager Aislinn had left on a much needed vacation. She had been working for 15 years straight without any leave. No sooner had she left when all heck broke loose. The senior moderators took over Aislinn's office. Wizzy was seen bringing in cases of whiskey. Thyra was right behind him with a wagon filled with beer. RipTide had a table in the corner, cards and poker chips stacked in front of him. The normally reserved Darrock was seen dancing to the music emanating from a dwarf band playing. The band was playing the song Tequila makes her clothes fall off. Revi was in the kitchen cooking. Somehow he had hacked Aisy's Amazing account and had gourmet foods shipped in. Ben and WeaverDas were standing guard outside keeping a keen eye open for Radu. The party was in a righteous roil. Wizzy was stumbling around with no pants on. Darrock was carrying the dwarf lead singer singing with him. Vanyel was drunk telling English jokes in Polish. Apparently RipTide isn't the card shark he thinks he is. Apparition had come in cleaned him out. Weaver and Ben must have been nipping at the adult beverages; both were passed out on the front doorstep when Radu showed up.
  20. hey i am new member

  21. hey i am new member

    hey i am new member here can i ask something?
  22. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    yep they do
  23. I saw somewhere in forums, the suggestion to return Neno to original form. I would LOVE to see the outhouses producing not just the occasional rat, but some other higher monster. Give the harvesters of dung a reason to be a little less aft Thats a ME TOO for a totally different reason
  24. Server update

    Changed some text colors Sseselar can poison now LBD can be summoned: Requires 1 lbd scale, 1 ele, 1 eee, 1 mixture of power Slightly increased the breaking rate of iron and titanium helm, and doubled the breaking rate for the steel helm.
  25. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    My dragon blade broke on first monster I used it on, I am stuck on steel (2 of 5 left) and basically have given up.
  26. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10, 1200 Amber and I have 608, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 6, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 0.
  27. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    I've been at both break quests for 10+ years. 2+ years on the dragon blade alone. People rage quit over less.
  28. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    if a newbie does the pie contest it boosts you very high up, its one of the builder quests i did on my newbie chars
  29. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Definatly not, its ment to be a long quest, stop crying because its hard, others have done it there has been alot of 'making el easier' in the last few years, whats next free pp if you cant level quick enough
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