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  2. Sound extension snapshot

    you have a PM ..
  3. FPS Issue

    Hello bluap. I believe my last pc had an intel integrated graphics GPU. I am using the EL client downloaded from the official site. Where can I download the new client? Rather excited to see if I’ll have better luck there.
  4. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    None of these sites seem to exist any more.
  5. New development version of the Android client

    Hi Bluap. Installed latest Client on my Tablet and still crashing during combat. Every time im fighting Mobs, it crashes. Dunno where i can find logs? Which might help you. I can tell it happens in every fight. When i launch Client and log in, I see some strenge pixels already as well. Sam
  6. Yesterday
  7. Mimic!

    New special mob - Mimic! Spawns on any map at random as: Rabbit (Mimic). Has the stats of a rabbit. If interacts with another creature (meaning gets within a certain distance), turns into that creature + (Mimic) and adopts that creature's stats. Teleports every so often to new random map/location. Has a short cooldown on changing mimicked target for when multiple things are nearby. Drop table is the same as mimicked creature but multiplied by 10. (10 bones + 10 brown rabbit furs + 10 meat + 10x any extra thing a rabbit can drop when mimicking a rabbit!) Cannot mimic invasion mobs (sorry).
  8. Updated the build to include a keyboard debug #command "#kbd". This toggles (on/off) console debug that shows the key codes etc for key presses. For backspace on my devices I get something like this: SDL_KEYDOWN keycode=8,[Backspace] mod=0 timestamp=3413592 Also a couple of minor changes: In tabbed chat, if you tap at the top of the screen or on the input widget, the on-screen keyboard is now opened. It still opens if you touch near the top with a long press. I'm still looking for better ways to do this. If the options window would be too high for the screen height, it is now made shorter. Version 1.9.5-20210223.2156
  9. Sound extension snapshot

    If its not too much trouble, I'm always interested to test new things.
  10. FPS Issue

    That should not be an issue if you have installed the client in the default location which is separate from your user files. Backing up is always a good thing to do though.
  11. FPS Issue

    Were you using an AMD GPU on your old set-up too? A quick search shows lots of people suggesting that OpenGL support by AMD windows drivers is quite poor. Are you using the latest client? Not the one on the download page but 1.9.5p8 or newer?
  12. I like the idea but I wonder how it might work. I'm not that familiar with the sound code but the volume is based on the distance to the creature. So, if the client has the actor, you can control the volume. However, the server only sends actors to the client that are in range. I presume that is based on the visibility of the creature, so there would have to be an extended range for when the server sends actors, and the client would have play sounds for some actors while not making them visible. Again, I'm making a few guesses here so others probably have a better idea of how it might work.
  13. FPS Issue

    I have tried limiting my FPS to about 20, that doesn’t seem to work; but it was worth a try. My last resort was to reinstall the client (wanted to keep my counters), which I’ve tried and that doesn’t seem to work either.
  14. If it helps... I was getting feedback that I was indeed tapping the backspace button (tiny vibrates, and visible button 'clicking'). If I pushed and held the button it tries to backspace a lot (similar to push and hold button on physical keyboard), and very rarely would actually do it too, just not worth the hassle.
  15. Last week
  16. If I build a version where you can enable some debug, perhaps we can see why BS does not work. I see what I'll can do....
  17. Hey bluap, Slightly thicker title bars might help, but again... screen space is a big issue. For reference, here's a screenshot with keyboard and chat box open: And on the point of keyboards. I checked and looks like at one point I did actually install a non-standard keyboard, so it could be that. The keyboard I am using is Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard (I forget why/when I downloaded this... lol) in English. (edited screenshot)
  18. FPS Issue

    Maybe try limiting the FPS to ~50-60 in the options? I know thats about what I limit mine to and it definitely helps with multiple clients. Not sure if it's some type of error, knowledge of technology isn't something I pursue.
  19. In Eternal lands there are certain distances where a player is able to see annother character, monster or enemy. Of course the distance depends on the stats and the type of the object, daytime and certain other parameters. As far as I know the conditon if a sound of a object is observable is exactly related to visiblity of an object (If you can see it, you can hear it). My idea is, like in real life, that the audio perception of the sound of an object would be possible over longer distances than the visual perception, so if there is a monster around you can hear it before it is visible. This means you might be warned by the sound of something in advance, which gives you a strategic advantage in dangerous situations if you are using sound. It would even make the games more exciting in certain situations. And at the end it would be a real motivation for players to use sound! What do you think about this idea?
  20. FPS Issue

    Hello. I've ran into an issue recently - if I run more than one client; the FPS of the highlighted client drops to 0, totally. To test, I pan my camera to see how bad the lag is. Mostly when this happens, I can't rotate the camera at all. When I am playing on my main with 1 client, the FPS is 100-120 ish.. In the recent past, I have had no problems running multiple clients on a machine with wayy worse specs If it helps I am running Win 10, Asus AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM. Additionally, I have in fact updated my drivers through the AMD program on the site. Besides this I have no clue what the issue could beee.. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  21. Another update 1.9.5-20210221.2334. This time with reworked handling of the GL extensions. This may help if you are experiencing crashes.
  22. @Diealot thanks for the feedback. The first post has information about opening chat etc. It does need to be more obvious and consistent though. If the Long touch is not working reliably, you can lower the time needed using the option on the Controls tab. There is a bit of tolerance, but if your finger moves when long pressing, it will not work. Perhaps that needs some adjustment. Is it the on-screen keyboard that backspace is not working for? I've not seen a problem like that. Its is a standard keyboard? Which language? Thanks for the suggestions, I think there's a lot we could do to improve the UI. I was considering making the window title bars a bit ticker which could help with some of you issues.
  23. Sound extension snapshot

    If somone is interested in getting a preview soundpack for testing, just tell me, I will provide a downlodad.
  24. Hey bluap, I downloaded the client as of Monday (Feb 15). And a few comments. Running it on an LG V35 with Android 9 (if you need/want more info, please just ask).Overall it runs pretty great, and seems to be a fairly large improvement over the previous one. Apologies, but I have not read all the posts in this thread. I found getting keyboard open to be very difficult without using chat box or bringing back the blue spin-bars. I was able to get some long-press/right-click options to work, but again, I found it quite difficult to get most of these boxes to appear. Fighting was fine, no crashes (at least on rats with melee). Was using a... limited character, so didn't really delve into stuff too deeply. I couldn't get the backspace button to work when chatting... \o/ typos Some suggestions I have that may or may not be feasible: Make the EL icon at top right 'multifunctional' 'Programmable' single tap function (changeable in options?) Things like, get all, mix all, maybe open minimap, some of the things you have on the quick-misc-commands (beam, sto, etc), etc. Double tap to bring up keyboard (instead of blue spin bars or chat box or wherever you're supposed to push with tabbed chat) Tap a window, then Long-tap the icon to bring up right click options for that window. Buttons within the window (mix-all, get all, etc) would still have to be right-clicked individually, but those are slightly bigger and easier to successfully longtap Customizable bottom ribbon of buttons. Let us remove/add stuff (emotes, notepad, buddies, and some others are useless to a lot of people) Perhaps a customized keyboard? With common 'EL-quirk' chat features quickly accessible (@, //, #gm being the main ones.) Or have a selector that just adds @ or #gm (// might be hard?) to the beginning of every chat line? If I play some more on it, I'll probably have other complaints/ideas. But, overall this is a pretty great asset for EL, thanks for your hard work.
  25. I've written instructions to build the Android client from source, comment are welcome. The latest build 1.9.5-20210221.0236 includes the use of the TTF font feature, and some bundled TTF fonts.
  26. Sound extension snapshot

    Some nice ones in there
  27. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Another interesting instalment, this really is nice stuff. Weirdly relaxing to watch too.
  28. Hi Joe, which settings in particular are you referring to? Some examples: The questlog, counters, quickspells, and channel colours save per character by default. For item lists, right-click in the bottom (list) window and select "Use lists just for this character". For the notepad, right-click the "Save Notes" button and select "Use notepad just for this character". To enable saving character name / passwords for each character, you need to go to the options window, server tab and set the "Enable Password Manager" setting. To enable specific options per character in the options window, right-click the option description and set the "Manage value just for the character." Note, the options per character in the options window is only available if you have "Use New Format To Save User Files (.json)" enabled.
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