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  2. Megatron vry old ban

    Well according to this link here... http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56879-request-for-unblocking/&tab=comments#comment-563667 ...the megatron character will not be unlocked ever. Also during your stay here, there were many abuse reports about really foul and abusive language from you.
  3. Potential QOL Addition

    Try PM'ing them.
  4. Megatron vry old ban

    HI this haracter was baned meny years ago. I think such a punishment is sufficient. ban was given some 7-8 years ago
  5. Sorry its no bug i just need 10 Xaquelina quests so its not a bug
  6. I have now no desktop but if im empty it works
  7. I would like to propose a simple (OPTIONAL!) addition to the "inspect player" feature (eye tool on player). With the removal of multi logging rule, I'm sure we all have seen a character and wondered, "who's alt is that?". A command could be added like #owner "name". This would add the text "Owner: Boil" to the player inspect text, showing who owns the alt. It would be completely optional if you want to remain anonymous. What do you think? -Boil
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks for the quick turnaround both of you, you'll be pleased to know this fixes the error for me.
  10. Not sure how that could be due to a client bug. Does it work OK on the desktop?
  11. Sorry im stupid i need 10 Xaquelina quests so its not a bug
  12. The new version seems to solve my problem tyvm 😊
  13. I've not seen anything like this. Does it make any difference if you're not wearing the medallion?
  14. Grum has hopefully fixed this (thanks) and I've updated the build. Version 1.9.5-20210921.1411 also includes all the latest changes from the main client git.
  15. Last week
  16. The face texture is not set to the right position
  17. Photography stuff

  18. So i lost my old account

    In-game account I was unaware of the forums not being tied explains why none of my emails are registered. So I guess I just need in-game account recovery
  19. Well, shoot. Looks like you're not the only one (see e.g here or here). Looks like the client might be loading the system openssl library instead of the one bundled with the client. I'll see if I can fix this. Edit: as a reminder for myself, or if anyone else wanting to take a stab at fixing this, here's how the openssl team recommends working around it: https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Android#Wrapper_Shared_Objects
  20. With the latest build I get the following error on startup, granted this is on a very old Android tablet running Android 5.1.1 so I'm pushing my luck with compatibility but the previous version worked fine. Happy to provide more details if it would be useful.
  21. Can't connect

    Are you trying over a mobile connection or wi-fi? Some mobile providers block connections to the EL server (it uses a non-standard port). Do you get an error message?
  22. So i lost my old account

    What kind of account are you referring to? In-game characters (character accounts) have no attached emails Forum accounts have an attached email (needed for password recovery), but there is no forum account "Plykin".
  23. So i lost my old account

    i also actually have the old laptop that i played on as well if that would help. http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Plykin
  24. So i lost my old account

    prob like 6-7 years old for some reason none of my emails are registering to it even though i know it had to have been one of them. Is there anyway to recover i know some of my old passwords. I also may have bought a bot at one point if you can look up payments.
  25. Can't connect

    Can't connect to server i'm using my phone and i get the same issue when i try to make charr i tried reinstaling but it didn't work.. pliz help coz the game looks nice and i would like to play it
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  27. Change character password

  28. Change character password

    #change_pass oldpass newpass But, if you forgot your old password and can't log into the game, you'll have to pay radu 5$ to unlock it. And prove that the char is yours
  29. Change character password

    Hi. I'm just coming back to Eternal-Lands after many years of not playing. I would like to change my character's password. What's the way to do that? Thanks.
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