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  2. I have to admit, I didn't really think this would be all that, but this is GREAT! Thank you vino and DK for the suggestion and bluap for implementing it. Love it!
  3. Yesterday
  4. I've done new builds which are up to date with Git as of today (see links at the top of this thread).
  5. eltime-appindicator

    As tropa said... time/day outdated. But now it's working again Thank you Baba
  6. Health change indicator

    Tbh, this is amazing! Great job Bluap!
  7. Health change indicator

    Done. I'll update the thread information later.
  8. Health change indicator

    Sounds quite good. Can you update builds on GIT please? ty
  9. eltime-appindicator

    short solution i reactivated the possibility for Guild members of K&M and game moderators to restart mercator in case i am not awaiable.
  10. Last week
  11. eltime-appindicator

    The applet shows up correctly in the system tray, but it displays the incorrect (outdated) time (and from here - the incorrect special day). (for several days in a row the applet displayed the same time/date and special day) Usually when that happen an error message popped up on notifications stating something about not be able to read the correct time/date due to some incorrect time sent by some server. (sorry abt that, never paid attention to that statement) Lately this notification doesn't show up. Since Vino looked into mercator, the applet is working now.
  12. eltime-appindicator

    Hi. Could you expand on "doesn't work" please. Does it run but the time is not updated for example?
  13. Konv

    I'll repeat what I said in General chat, because that thread will be deleted as it has no business being there. Revi had relevant information for you. Unfortunately for you and us, you haven't changed a bit (a little more mature? hahahahahahaha). The answer is still (now and will always be) no. In fact, you are going to be posting restricted here and I am sorely tempted to ban your ingame IP.
  14. Oh you mean if you resize by dragging if the tab map is open? Yes that happens but a simple F1 and back works for me to make it normal. I had never done that, it was always in regular mode when I dragged the edges.
  15. eltime-appindicator

    You can always try this http://www.el-cel.com/
  16. Konv

    Here it says for. The moderator who did the banning and person banned to post on thier behalf you deleted my replys breaking your own rules mr moderator as i seen nothing about that relevant or proof i was stating history about my ban asking how it is fair and you deleted that...
  17. Konv

    Wait...and is it a rule not to post as manytimes as i want in a thread i created...?
  18. Konv

    Also you being a moderator knows the only way for this forums account i use to reply is here it lacks the capabilities to send a forums pm revi if not im sure aislinn remembers that fine detail from when i was given my forums account to use forums which is what i did i posted on a topic kept it all on topic about my account that i choice locked idk why you even replied the only person who could overturn aislinss decision is radu which was whom i was posting for him to read but you deleted my post why??? The whole post didnt even pertain to you i hope new players see how well you treat the old players who devoted years of thier life to this game a bunch of pixels prolly why player base is so dwindled down now if anyone notices it wasnt the cap that made pk die or players quit nah it was the way youre treated by the people you have to ask for HELP i posted here in bans asking for HELP ASSISTANCE NOT TO BE TREATED RUDELY (customer service and all) and please dont try to hit me for spam im merely telling you that this is a post for your boss to read i posted it for him and aislinn to read and consider ,him as aislinns boss and aislinn as the person i requested to lock said account and i cant neccisarrily do that if youre deleting everything i say for my defense for my side of the story so please stop revi i understand that you do not like me thats not about moderating a game or running a buisness though question is right and wrong here i didnt do anything wrong on it...
  19. eltime-appindicator

    Just for your knowledge the linux app does use mercator service too. Am in the process to loosen the possibilities of deadlocks in mercator code, as these are the reason why sometimes mercator freezes up but its work in process.
  20. Konv

    With a ss just so incase you try to hide my replys again m8 couldve left it and said what you had to say i understand you are a moderator however you were not even involved in that accounts ban so you would be ignorant of anything to do with it other than your speculations i choice locked it get it i chose to have it locked until i wanted to play it again or else idve did #kill me yes it was an active function at that specific point and time just food for thought
  21. Konv

    The character at the time was DrtyDevil its cool im already back on a 170s account listen i was trying to find a way to make moderators hally on knowing who what where etc as at one point i wasnt even allowed a name change from whiterhino if you find me and i get banned cool i guess however good luck i havent done anything to break any rules nor will i be doing anything other than ta ta oh and look yall didnt even know i still play but having me in the game causes such problems omg only problem yall have is you have a personal issue with me i havent even done anything wrong since 2013 talked a lil trash barely just wanted to prove a point on how bias the moderation was me and a friend had a bet thanks for my gcs
  22. Ah, I see, when you resize by dragging the window border. Hitting Tab twice also fixes the map size, so no need to restart the client. Your fix is essentially the same as closing and reopening, I think. I think it's fine as is, the texture is reloaded which is strictly speaking unnecessary, but it's cached anyway, and when you are resizing your window with the Tab map open I guess frame rate is not a vital issue.
  23. Health change indicator

    Hopefully part of what you wanted: Added variable height option for the floating heal/damage messages in instance mode. Previously, it was a fixed hight above the banner. There are now three options to disable the banner colour change: For yourself, the health and mana display. For other players, the health display. For creatures, the health display. I'm still thinking about being able to have alternative colours.
  24. For me, if you resize the main window while the tab map is open, it does not resize until you close then reopen the tab map window. This fixes it for me: diff --git a/mapwin.c b/mapwin.c index 9e7ffc17..b0d5bc15 100644 --- a/mapwin.c +++ b/mapwin.c @@ -220,6 +220,7 @@ static int resize_map_root_handler(window_info *win, int width, int height) { if (get_show_window(win->window_id)) init_hud_interface (HUD_INTERFACE_GAME); + reload_tab_map = 1; return 1; }
  25. The X's problem should be fixed now. How do you mean? The tab map seems to resize just fine when I change the video mode.
  26. I've always done this so if it was a problem before, it was minimal enough that I didn't notice, or thought it was one of those weird times when "it" won't let you click precisely where you want to.
  27. I'm not seeing the issue with the X but it does not rescale when you change the window size, you have to restart which is a problem.
  28. The map marks seem to be in the correct positions. Window size is Userdefined of 1024x864. Also I often resize on the fly, if that matters for anything. Also of note, even though the red x goes screwy off the map when I pick a spot, I seem to walk to where I wanted to walk, but the blue x indicating my location is wrong.
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