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  2. Water display

    Raz reminded me of this. These two are harmless, I don't have these extensions either, and as far as I can see, the client (nowadays?) never uses them, only s3tc compression.
  3. Who is more trustworthy?

    Lmao. Even this was between myself and starkie, I would vote for Starkie. Yes, the guy is rich, the guy is farmer, maybe sometimes hoards market etc but issue would be never about "trust". As Nils mentioned, Starkie shared alot of rare drops with the team that we could never find out. Love you Tommy boy
  4. Christmas Giveaway 2021

    All the prizes had been given away! Thank you all and hope to see you at this year's event
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  6. Eternal Lands for macOS - Download here!

    Unfortunately 10.14 is the earliest macOS version my builds support. I chose 10.14 as it is the earliest we can target without causing annoying compromises for those running newer versions. 10.14 was also the final macOS to support 32-bit apps, and it seemed like a happy medium between "old" and "new" whereby those used to their older apps would not be left in a position where they had to choose between modern EL and access to those older apps. For a bit of context, 10.14 was released in 2018 and is compatible with nearly any Mac released from 2012 onwards (including a 2015 MBP!). If you drop me a forum PM I'll be happy to discuss the barriers which are preventing you from upgrading. It seems a shame to be stuck on 10.11 (which Apple considers EOL) when you have the ability to run the latest and greatest
  7. Eternal Lands for macOS - Download here!

    new client for older mac OS, mac book pro 2015. I'm running El capitan 10:11:06 and i have other stuff on the computer that won't run on a higher grade which El client do i use for this OS version or dosen't el run on older OS anymore?
  8. Thanks, this is useful. Two things jump out: I am going to try and track down what might cause these.
  9. Short session is uploaded to : https://filetransfer.io/data-package/oKZzTHmh#link Let me know if you need more. Pretty much default el.ini- water shader=2, frame buffer support on.
  10. I have already solved three problems with the water reflections, but yours presents an entirely new one Given that you do not see any reflection at all, I suspect the reflection texture is not generated for some reason. If you're interested in helping us debug this, I have uploaded a debug build of the client here. This should generate a more extensive log file. Could you do a short run with this executable (just place it in your EL data directory and run it), and send me the log file afterwards? Just upload it somewhere, or contact me for an email address. Also, can you send me the output of #glinfo? Thanks!
  11. I never see any form of texture on the water surface - and never any indication of shadows. I have tried all combinations of shader quality & reflections. Seems with 1 & 2 and reflections on - the water flickers - with reflections off I get a smooth flat blue surface. Also not sure if related - but the white / yellow dots in the minimap are square now (can just see in image above)
  12. Looks like there are no reflections at all, which is a new issue for me. I'm sorry if you already mentioned this, but do you have reflections when water shader quality is set to 1?
  13. [2022-01-21 22:51:50, C:/msys64/home/paul/el-client/elc/reflection.c:111] Info: Frame buffer texture looks right, not flipping water reflection
  14. Who is more trustworthy?

    i voted for starkie
  15. Who is more trustworthy?

    Starkie2024 T0ny
  16. Do you have anything in the latest log file? ".../Eternal Lands/log/main_<random characters>.log" There should be a line including "....reflection.c:..."
  17. Was the new version - just downloaded again to confirm. Still all flat blue and flickery Windows 64 bit - installed from the website - and overwritten with your excellent updates in this thread @Grum please feel free to contact me directly!
  18. Which platform are you using. I mistakenly posted the information a few minutes before I uploaded the windows zip files, the version number should be Grum did the fix and it works for the systems we tried it on that were experiencing the problems. I'm sure Grum would like to hear from you.
  19. Who is more trustworthy?

    I trust Starkie 100% not just with ice/instances but with char/ money and personal information…. I’ve been good mates with Starkie for the past 6 months and has already proven in that time he is legit and fair. vio used to be a very good mate of mine but I realised I was always on the loosing end with him, we have had a dramas which unfortunately ruined our friendship and what got me was he still doesn’t take responsibility for his action but plays the victim card and it’s everyone else’s fault…. I did an ice with vio storm hawk and couchy the other day and I was warned by 3 different players to be careful as vio does not split fairly and for sure doesn’t split the “rare drops” which to me is bullshit if ure in it as a team u split everything as a team. no brainer on this vote and in all honestly I doubt I’ll ever vote in vios favour AussieVIP
  20. Ty for this - sadly still not got working water texture
  21. Another update, please see the top of the topic.
  22. Who is more trustworthy?

    I think i know Starkie for a very very long time now and bought/sold many Things, ran a lot of instances,Invasion, sharing chars with him and can say Starkie was/is very honest and havent done anything bad to me or scammed me in general. He shared Drops me which i didnt even know about (for example: NMTs,JS from Giants and Day of Reconstruction Stones from Little Dragon Blues) I would always vouch for him.
  23. Who is more trustworthy?

    You forgot an option: "(n)either"...
  24. Who is more trustworthy?

    Hi guys I thought it’s about time this has to be done as I have had about enough now. Very simple who do you think is likely to scam you or mug you off in shares Myself (starkie)or Violater. it be appreciated if you can share your experiences too honesty is the best policy
  25. nvm

    Fyi, all three of you (you, djx, elmon) were booted for the exact same thing. It was explained to you in PM why you got the mute as well, you wouldn't stop yammering... Logging in another character to continue falls under rule 4, and you got a rule screen for that (NOT a boot) Though the logging off of that character a few seconds after the #or got it a lock (for now, I'd say 3 days, any more complaining will make me forget about the character). for the record: [10:12:50] [Vio @ 3]: stay on topic ty [10:12:59] [DJX @ 3]: stfu [10:13:09] [Vio @ 3]: make me? [10:13:20] [DJX @ 3]: stay on topic [10:13:35] [Vio @ 3]: stfu [10:13:42] [DJX @ 3]: make me [10:14:24] [elmon @ 3]: stfu vio [10:14:27] [JofuranShigokai @ 3]: you'd both be muted if i was a mod Selling daritha/minel/luxin daily items, and ti axe, iron plate, dragonblade Buying titan bars & s2e's & gr [10:14:56] #Abuse report from Vio: elmon EDIT: OK, so Violater decided to remove his text. No matter, the three days stand, as far as I'm concerned, as that issue was not related to his post above
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