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Skills Overview & Starter Guides

There are currently 12 skills in the game:
Attack & Defense

You can fight with aggressive monsters, hunt animals, fight other players, or gang up on other players and/or monsters in multicombat!

Fighting is broken down into attack and defense skills. To start raising these skills, you must fight with animals like rabbits, beavers, rats, deer and such, and later monsters like goblins and skeletons. Another option is going onto special PK (player killing) maps and fighting other players. Beginners should start with some of the weaker creatures in this game such as rabbits, rats, and beavers. Keep the meat and bones and fur they drop, you will need these for other skills you will learn later on. To heal during your first levels, you can talk to the Tutorial NPC on Isla Prima.

All you need to do to start fighting is to place your cursor on the animal you are trying to kill. Your cursor should turn into a little sword icon. Then you just click on it! You have to be fast, those rabbits can hop away! When you get a little better and advance to stronger animals, (and learn to make some money), you can buy armour to protect you, and weapons to help you.

While fighting you get injured or sometimes killed. To regain health, make sure that your food level (the yellow bar) is positive. To do this you must eat. You can eat bread, fruits and vegetables, and cooked meat. You can buy your food at the taverns, find it in bags on the ground on Isla Prima, or harvest the fruits or vegetables yourself. You can eat it by clicking on the pointing finger icon at the bottom of your screen and then click on the food. To heal even faster, you can buy or make healing potions and drink them. Another option is to cast healing spells on yourself (see Magic skill).

When you first start the game and die, you respawn near the campfire on Isla Prima. When your levels are a little higher, you are sent to the underworld. To leave the underworld, go north until you see large steps with candles on each side leading to a red glowing portal. Walk up close and click on it, that's the exit. You will lose some of your items when you die. This is normal, it happens to everyone! They will be dropped in a little tan bag in the spot where you died. Most people do not get their items back, this is legal and normal. Anything in a bag on the ground is fair game for others, no matter why it was dropped.

Harvesting is the skill in which you gather the resources you will use in the game. These include flowers, fruits and vegetables, quartz, ore, gemstones, sulfur, etc. The best way to start this skill is to find a flower and click on it. When you click on your bag icon (your inventory), a window will open up and you will see the flowers adding up in your bag! You can either save these flowers and bring them to storage (you will need them for ingredients later) or sell them at a flowershop.

You will get experience for only the first 120 items you harvest each ingame hour. (To see what time it is ingame, click on the clock on the right of your screen.) A red message tells you when you have reached this limit. You can, of course, continue harvesting so you can get more of this item, but you won't get any harvesting experience for these.

While harvesting different kinds of flowers, you might notice that you get different amounts of experience for each kind. Items that are hard to get, or require more research, give more experience than easy to get items. After getting a few harvesting levels with flowers, a beginner should move to vegetables (there is a lovely veggie patch just a little bit away from the beam on Isla Prima). It will take longer than the flowers did, but it is worth it. You get more experience (and therefore level up faster!) per vegetable, you can use the vegetables for food to keep your yellow food bar over 0, and you can sell them to taverns for money.

There are also some harvesting events that can occur from time to time. Some affect you negatively, and some positively. For example, you can get stung by a bee (and lose some health), the Queen of Nature can bless you with extra harvesting experience, or you can possibly find a bag with gold coins in it! Each time you get one of these events, your harvesting will stop. You must reclick the item to continue. Simply clicking on the item will stop and/or start the harvesting process. You can also end harvesting by simply getting up and walking away.

Manufacturing is the skill where you will learn to make your clothes, armour, and weapons. To first start this skill, you will need to be patient and begin with some warm fur clothing. Not as exciting as making armour and swords, but you need to earn some levels first before you can attempt such weighty items! Check your ingame encyclopedia (the ? icon) for all of the items you can make, and the ingredients you need to do so.

To start making items, you need a needle, thread, and furs. While hunting rabbits, keep the furs and sell only the meat. Then go to a General Store, Lakeside has one for example, and buy some thread and one needle. Lakeside is the village at the docks on Whitestone map. To go there from Isla Prima, go south to the docks and click on the flag on the ship. Press TAB key to see a map. General Stores are the green dots on it. Make sure you have food in your inventory. You can't manufacture when you are hungry (yellow bar below 0) so keep your food level positive.

The first thing to make is warm fur gloves. You need 3 brown rabbit furs and 2 thread. Make sure that you have the needle in your inventory too. Open the manufacturing window by clicking on the "hammer and anvil" icon on the bottom. Then click 3 times on the rabbit furs, 2 times on the thread. You should see 3 furs and 2 threads drop into the lower boxes next to the "mix" button. Now click the "Mix" button and wait. And, hopefully, you have made your first pair of fur gloves.

**Note**: You will sometimes fail to make an item. This is normal. Just try again.

Now make as many fur gloves as you can get rabbit furs for until your manufacture level is up to 4 or 5. You can sell the gloves to any General Store to make some money.

Now it's time to make yourself a fur hat. Go on the Whitestone map and try to kill a white rabbit. Tirnwood Vale (click Tab to see where that is) is a good place to find white rabbits. You will also need to get 3 beaver furs, you can find beavers on Isla Prima. Then all you need to do is buy 3 threads and you have the ingredients for "teh one hat". To make the hat, be sure that you have the needle in your inventory, then open the manufacturing window (hammer and anvil icon) and click 3 times on the beaver furs, 3 times on the thread and 1 time on the white rabbit fur. Then click the "Mix" button, wait, and pray that you have now made a fur hat.

When you can make fur hats easily, try to get some wolf and fox furs for a fur cloak. Ask players who are training (fighting) on foxes or wolves if they can sell you a few furs. Of course you can try to kill some wolves and foxes yourself, but they are much harder to kill than rabbits or rats, so instead of committing suicide, better ask other players for furs. You need 3 wolf furs, 2 fox furs, and 5 thread to make a fur cloak. Don't forget you need your needle and food in your inventory as well. Follow the same procedure as above to start to make the cloak. And now your set of fur clothes is complete; gloves, hat, and cloak. Now you can wear them. Congratulations!

The next useful things to make are leather gloves. You need 4 leather and 4 thread. Leather can be bought at General Stores. Have your needle in your inventory and eat some food, open the manufacture window, click 4 times on leather, 4 times on thread and then the "Mix" button. Expect to fail and you could even lose the ingredients. After a few tries, you should now have a leather glove, which is very useful. Leather gloves are needed to harvest sulfur and pick cactus, and you can even use it as a weapon!

Alchemy is the art of making essences and metal bars. You will use essences to cast your magic spells and for ingredients in some items you can make, and metal bars for manufacturing your armour and weapons and for crafting your magic rings and medallions. Check your ingame encyclopedia ( the ? icon at the bottom of your screen) for a list of all of the essences and bars you can make, and their ingredients. So let's make fire essences to start out with, they are easy to make and you can save them to use later or you can sell them to magic shops or players to make money. Fire essences are used for metal smelting, to make metalbars, and other metal stuff. Everybody needs fire essences for something.

You are going to need three ingredients to make fire essences. You need red snapdragons, red roses, and sulfur (sometimes spelled sulphur). Both flowers can be found on the Valley of the Dwarves map, on the eastern side of the river (they might be hidden a bit, you will have to search for them). To get to the Valley of the Dwarves map from Isla Prima, head south to the docks again. Click on the boat flag and that will take you to the Lakeside docks. Get off the boat, and go to the second boat there. That will have a picture of a deer on the flag, click on that. You now will have come to the Corren, Desert Pines docks. Get off of the boat, and find the boat that has the flag with the bear on it. That is the boat that will take you to the Valley of the Dwarves map.

Now you need sulfur. Don't forget your leather gloves! This can be found in Crystal Caverns, which is on the Desert Pines map (remember the ship with the deer flag on it?) The cave, or caverns, is located in the mountain range located in the middle of the map. To find the sulfur inside the cave, you can either ask other players in there to guide you to the sulfur, or you can find a help site that has a map of the cave and find where the yellow dots are (thats the sulfur). Now that you found the sulfur, you need to "equip" your leather gloves. This means you open your inventory window, and drag your glove over to one of the 8 little boxes on the right side of that window over where it says "quantity". Now just click on the sulfur and watch it fill up your bag. You can deposit your sulfur at the Desert Pines storage (brown dot on your map).

Now that you have stored your flowers and sulfur, get some food in your inventory. Make sure you eat it and have your yellow food bar over 0. You cannot make items with a food level less than 0. Now withdraw an equal number of sulfur, red roses, and snapdragons. Open your Mix window (anvil and hammer icon). Click on 1 rose, 1 snapdragon, and 1 sulfur. One of each should drop into the lower boxes next to the "mix" button. Then click "mix". It's possible to fail, if that happens, you just try again. It is a good idea to make a lot of these essences, players like to buy them in bulk, you will use a lot of them yourself, and you can sell them to magic shops for money. It is also a fast and easy way to get your alchemy level up.

Pay attention when you make your fire essences. You might see one go into a different box in your inventory. If that happens, click on the eye icon then click on the essence that went into the different spot. It should say it's an enriched fire essence. If that happens, you are very lucky and can sell it to other players for a LOT of money.

Magic is the art of casting spells. You can use magic for a variety of things, including healing yourself and others, teleporting, and fighting. To use and train magic, you need sigils and essences and mana (blue bar at the bottom of your screen). You can buy sigils in the two magic shops on the White Stone map. Once you have bought a sigil, it shows up in your magic window (click on the magic wand icon), NOT in your inventory. This item will last forever, so even though sigils are expensive, you only need to buy each one once. You cannot give or trade or sell sigils to other players. Essences are a single use item, and can either be bought from the magic shops, bought from other players, or made yourself with your alchemy skill.

To start with magic, go to the magic shop in Grahm's Village and purchase the "health" sigil. Then find the magic shop in White Stone City and buy the "increase" sigil. You should buy some "health essences" there too. Now you are ready to cast "heal" spells on yourself. This is very useful when you lose health by fighting or harvesting events.

To cast a spell: Click on the magic wand icon. You should see the two sigils you just bought. First click on the 'increase" sigil, and then click on the "health" sigil. You should see them drop down into the boxes next to the "cast" button. Make sure you have the health essences you just bought in your inventory. Now click the "cast" button. If you don't fail, you should have recovered 10 material points (the green bar over your characters head shows the same thing as the red bar at the bottom of your screen). However, it will have taken away 5 mana points (your blue bar). You can cast spells until you run out of enough mana. To bring your mana back up to full, you need to keep a positive food level (yellow bar over 0) to regenerate it, just like your health. You can also make potions or buy them from Mira the potionseller to raise your mana back up.

The Potion skill is obviously the art of making potions. There are potions to do a variety of things, such as healing, mana regeneration, temporarily raising some stats or attributes, even one for food!

To make all potions, you need empty vials. The easiest way to get vials is to buy mana potions from Mira the potion seller in White Stone City. She charges 8 gold coins per mana potion, so buy some and drink them to get your vials. (Good time to start training magic too). You can also have Harvy in Desert Pines make you vials, but you need to mine quartz first, or buy it from him (very expensive and time consuming), so most people choose to drink the potions.

Let's start with making healing potions. When you drink these, you regain 5 material points (health), so these are good to use when fighting animals. For healing potions, you need vials, sunflowers, and wine, and of course some veggies (for your food level). Grahms village is the perfect place to go. There is a veggie patch there for your veggies, some sunflower plants at the house by the veggie patch, and a tavern to buy the wine at. When you have these 3 things in your inventory, click on your manufacturing icon (hammer and anvil) and open your manufacturing window. Click once on a vial, then on the wine, then on the sunflower. You should have one of each of those 3 things drop down into the boxes next to the "mix" button. Make sure your food level is over 0, then click the "mix" button and poof! You have a healing potion! If you get a fail message instead, don't worry, just try again!

Summoning is the art of bringing creatures back to life for a short amount of time. They will follow you wherever you go, and gradually lose health, until they die. We will practice with a rabbit, but with training and practice and research, you will be able to summon the fiercest creatures in EL! You can summon for fun, or a common practice is to summon in pk(player kill) maps for attacking your enemies.

First you need a dead rabbit. Just go kill one. You need 1 rabbit fur, 1 bone, and 1 raw meat. Next you need a life essence, you can buy one at either magic shop on the White Stone map. This skill also uses mana, so make sure your blue bar is full. And as always, make sure your food level is over 0. Now you need to find a quiet place, away from any storages or people. Never summon at beam or wraith, or at any storages or large gatherings of people.

Open your manufacture window (hammer and anvil icon) and click once on the brown rabbit fur, once on the meat, once on the bone, and once on the life essence. You should see 1 of each item drop down into the boxes next to the "mix" icon. Now click "mix" and you should see a rabbit hopping along next to you! If you are in a guild, it will have your guild tag as well. Now walk away, he will follow you!

Crafting is the art of making magical jewelry such as the fighting medallions and rings, and the teleporting rings. It is a more advanced skill; time consuming and expensive, and requires a lot of research.

To start your first levels in crafting all you need is an artificial nexus 1 and some cotton. Go to Desert Pines and look for some cotton in the Corren Village area and harvest it. Once you have about 30 pieces of cotton, open the manufacture window by clicking on the hammer and anvil icon at the bottom. Click 5 times on the cotton and then click the "Mix" button and wait. If you dont fail, you'll make 1 thread. If you need food there are usually vegetables growing near the cotton. Keep on making thread to gain your first crafting levels, and save the thread for when you train manufacturing.
To start crafting jewels, you need a lot of knowledge. Meaning you must read books first before you can start. Go to Tarsengaard and enter the magic school. Beware of the armoured goblin roaming that map! You can enter Tarsengaard from either White Stone or from the Valley of the Dwarves maps. Find Itilli in the registry room, that's on the left side of the entrance hall. Buy from her the "Generic Rings" and "Gold Rings" books and start reading them. We will start with making simple gold rings.

While reading, make sure your artificial nexus is at level 1 (you can do that at the Wraith). Now you need some gold bars. You can make them (alchemy) or buy them from other players. You will also need some fire essences. Again, you can make them (alchemy) or buy them from other players or from the magic shops. And lastly, you will need a ring mold. There is a specialty magic shop in Portland, where you can buy all your crafting tools and equipment and some of the teleport rings. (Just a note, you cannot buy sigils and essences at the Portland magic shop). This is the yellow dot on the Portland map.

When you are done reading both books, have the gold bars, fire essences, and ring mold in your inventory, you are ready to start. Don't forget your food!

Now open the manufacture window by clicking on the hammer and anvil icon. Click 2 times on the gold bar, click 3 times on the fire essences and you should see 2 gold bars and 3 fire essences drop down into the boxes next to the "mix" button. Click "mix" and hopefully you will make your first gold ring. If you fail, simply try again. This is a hard skill, and you will fail a lot and lose ingredients as well. To continue on and make silver rings, you need to go back to Itilli and buy the "Silver Rings" book and read it. And so forth. The gold and silver rings you make now are part of the base ingredients needed to make the magic rings we use ingame, such as the teleport rings, disengage rings, and damage rings.

Engineering is an advanced skill, used to create several devices like landmines and visors or making dangerous substances. If you are new to the game, it is advised that you level up in other skills before you start this one. For most of the items you'll need the support of quite high skills and you'll also have to travel to a distant and dangerous place in order to buy the expensive books you'll need.

Start engineering by making some ashes. All you need for this are branches and fire essences. You can find branches on the ground in the woods, for example on Isla Prima or in the Evergreen Woods in Desert Pines; fire essences can be made (alchemy) or you could buy them from other players or magic shops on the White Stone map. Once you have the branches and the essences, you can start making ashes: open the manufacturing window by clicking on the hammer and anvil icon, then to add the ingredients click 3 times on the branches, once on a fire essence, and then click the "Mix" button. Wait, and hopefully you will have made ashes!

Continue making ashes to gain your first engineering levels, and save them in your storage as they can be used later on for making some more advanced items.

If you want to start making something else after ashes, you'll need to read books. The bookseller you'll need to find is Neculce, located in North Redmoon. North Redmoon is a map on the continent of Irilion and deadly monsters live there. The books you need to start off with are "Book of Nails" and "Book of Rope" which will both cost a total of 8k gold coins.

After reading the books, The next 2 items you can try to make are ropes and nails. You'll need some thread for the ropes and iron bars for the nails. You can make thread (crafting), or buy it from players or general stores. When you have the thread, open the manufacture window, click 5 times on the thread and then click the "Mix" button to make your first rope. Ropes can also be sold to the general stores.

For making nails you need iron bars and a hammer. You can make the bars yourself or buy them from players, and the hammer is sold by the blacksmith in White Stone City. Once you have the bars and the hammer (and some food) open the manufacturing window, click 2 times on the iron bars and then click the "Mix" button to make some nails.

Tailoring is a more advanced skill, only started after a fair level of expertise has been acquired in other skills. It requires a lot of gold coins and some knowledge of Irillion (the second continent - C2).

The first thing you'll need to start learning is how to make White Fabric. This requires you to make a trip to the Emerald Valley bookseller on C2 where you can purchase White Fabric Weaving for 5000 gold coins. While you are reading this book you should find yourself a nice place to harvest cotton and make yourself at least 10 thread. Remember to keep your food level positive while you are researching. Alternatively you can buy thread at a local general store. To make thread yourself refer to the Crafting tutorial.

After your book is finished and you have a good stock of thread, head over to the tailor shop in either Tarsengaard or Irinveron where you can buy a loom to weave fabric. Make sure to bring enough gold since Looms cost 50 gold each and can only weave one fabric.

Now that you've read the book, made or bought your thread, and purchased a loom you can go ahead and mix 10 thread and the loom together in your mix window and tailor your very first White Fabric.

Ranging; a simple skill to learn, a challenging skill to master and an expensive skill to undertake.

To begin you will first need to equip yourself with a bow and some arrows. Both can be purchased from the Blacksmith in Morcraven Marsh. If you're a fairly new player to Eternal Lands this trip can be quite dangerous since Morcraven Marsh is home to a few nasties, such as Skeletons, who would gladly turn a new player into a pile of useless pulp. A Monster Magnetism cloak or perk can protect you otherwise you might want to consider sending a friend or making your purchase on the market channel.

The cheapest of the bows, a short bow, will set you back about 2000 gold coins and training arrows will cost you 10 gold coins each. These, fortunately, can also be purchased at General Stores throughout Eternal Lands.

Once you have both your bow and enough arrows to begin your training you will need to equip both items in your equipment slots located on the right side of your inventory. When both are equipped properly then you will see your bow being held in the hand of your character with a quiver slung across your back.

You are now ready to begin your range training. For starters it would be a good idea to find a nice weak creature that you can kill quickly because if that creature manages to engage you in hand-to-hand combat before it dies you will run the risk of having your bow break. Bows are designed for ranged combat, thus the name Ranging for this skill, and at close quarters your bow is about as useless as a plastic spoon against a dragon.

When you have found your quarry (a rabbit or sometime similiar would be a good idea for your first target), press and hold your Alt key. This will allow you to "lock" onto your target and prevent you from running around aimlessly if you misclick in an attempt to kill your victim.

Now, fire repeatedly by clicking your left mouse button until your target is killed. Once dead you can count yourself amoung the rank of EL archers.