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There are hundreds of different items in the game. Here you can see just a small selection of them. If you wish to find out more about an item, such as its statistics and how to make it in the game, you can open the Eternal Lands Encyclopedia window in game by click the ? icon at the bottom and clicking on the Encyclopedia tab.

Armor sets are made up of separate pieces: a helmet, torso, pants, & boots. Some of the armor sets we have in game are: Leather; Augmented Leather; Iron, Steel, and Titanium Chainmail; Iron, Steel, and Titanium Platemail, Dragon armor.

Some shields that are in the game: Wooden, Enhanced Wooden, Iron, Steel, Titanium.

Here are some of the swords that are in the game. From left to right they are: Steel Two Edged, Titanium Long, Titanium Serpent, Emerald Claymore, Cutlass, Sun Breaker, Orc Slayer, Eagle Wing, Rapier, and Jagged Sabre. There are many more and all swords & other weapons are made out of different materials and have different strengths and weaknesses.

From left to right: Wooden Hammer, Iron Hammer, Iron Axe, Steel Axe, Titanium Axe.

From left to right: Long bow, Short bow, Recurve bow, Elven bow, Cross bow, and different quivers of arrows: regular, magic, fire, ice, explosive.

From top to bottom: Wooden Staff, Quarter Staff, Staff of Protection, Staff of the Mage.

You can make a bunch of different clothes in the game, coming in all sorts of colors. Tunics, robes, hats, skirts, etc..

There are many potions in the game that have a variety of effects on your character. From healings to invisibilty, and even giving temporary skill or attribute bonuses.

The magic skill uses magical essences and sigils to create spells. There are also items that you can create that have magical abilities such as rings, crowns, medallions, even magical weapons, and stones used to summon creatures. They can give you skill and/or attribute bonuses, teleport you to other maps in the game, cause damage to other players, etc..

Resources in the game can be collected by harvesting flowers, taking a pickaxe in a mine and harvesting the ore,and even collecting items from animals such as furs, bones, and meat. Furs can be turned into clothing and the bones which can be crushed for a potion ingredient. You can cook raw meat and eat it to increase your food level, and the ore you mine can then be turned into ingots(metal bars) by using Alchemy, which you can then use to create weapons and armor. When you harvest raw gemstones you need to polish them, then they can be placed in magical rings and jewelry.