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Game Basics

- In order to write a message that will be 'heard' by those near you, just type it and press enter. This is called Local Chat
- If you want to emote something (i.e.. "Entropy goes to bed because he is tired" just type: ":goes to bed because he is tired". Omit the quotation marks.
- If you want to send a private message to someone who is online, type this: "/name message", where [name] is the name of that player (you can use only the first few letters of their name, instead of their full name) and the message is whatever you want to tell that player.
  *As a shortcut, you can quickly PM the last person who PM'd you by pressing: //

Chat Channels
Another way to chat in the game is by using the chat channels. When you first join, you are automatically placed in the newbie channel. You can change or leave channels at anytime. There are up to 2 billion possible channels in the game. Using the channels allows you to talk with everybody on that channel, no matter where they are in the game. You can view all the chat channel commands in the Commands section of the website.

To talk with NPC's (non player characters):
Stand near the NPC, then click the use icon, then click on the character.

To harvest / mine items:
Walk as close as you can to the object, your mouse cursor will then turn into a pickaxe if the object is harvestable. Just left click to harvest. You will get a message telling you what object, and how many of that object you obtained. You can then view them in your inventory. Do this for picking flowers, mining ores, gemstones, and crystals, etc. You won't be able to harvest everything at first because you need to gain experience in doing so. Just keep harvesting the items at your level and you will go up in experience points. Open your stats menu to see how much experience you gain, OR type #exp to see your levels and experience in all categories available.
  *Note: To prevent cheaters, obtaining experience/levels from harvesting is limited to 120 successful Harvests per in game hour! If you go over that, you will NOT get experience points. To be able to obtain more experience points you MUST be IN THE GAME when the next in game hour changes.

Manufacture items:
Manufacturing is used to create certain items such as weapons, armor, etc. Better items require higher manufacturing level to be created, and you also receive more experience for better items. In order to manufacture items, you must have all the necessary components. The components that you use only once (that when combined change into another item), you must put in your manufacturing window. The other items that can be used more than once (such as a needle), you keep in your inventory and do NOT place them in the manufacturing window.

To pick up a bag (items):
Move your mouse cursor over the bag on the ground, it will change to a hand icon. Then left click, your character will walk and stand over the bag. Then two windows will open up: your inventory window and a window showing you what is in the bag. You can then transfer stuff into your inventory. You must have the pickup icon highlighted to transfer things, it is active by default when you pick up a bag.

To drop a bag (items):
With your inventory window open, click on the PICKUP/DROP icon, then click on the item you wish to drop. Another window will appear showing you what you are dropping. If you don't want to drop that item, then click again on it in the drop window, it will return to your inventory. When you're done, just close the windows and a bag will appear at your feet. Always make sure you have the "pickup/drop icon" selected, or it won't work.

To enter buildings & caves:
Hold the mouse cursor over a building and it will change to a door icon. Then left click and your character will walk to the door and enter. For leaving buildings, do the same thing, just click on a door to enter/exit.
  *Note: Not ALL buildings can be entered. So, if you try it, and it doesn't work, that is why.
For Caves, just walk near the cave and click on the rock above the entrance. It will also turn into a door icon.

How to get to other maps:
Go on a ship, then click on the colored banner (just like entering a house). Or, if you're following a road and the map seems to come to an end, there should be a road sign there; just click on it and that will take you to another map. The road sign will tell you where you are going. And for the ships, the colored banner corresponds to a certain map. You can also refer to the maps on the maps section of the webpage to see exactly where you are in the world.

How to use Combat:
Whenever you see a wild animal just click on it with the mouse cursor. The cursor will change into a sword icon indicating combat. You can also fight with other players, but only in special PK (Player Killing) maps. When you die you will be sent to the Underworld. You will loose some items in your inventory depending on your luck every time you die.

Gaining Health / Food level / Eating:
There are a few ways to gain health in the game. You can drink health potions, which you have to either buy or manufacture; use a magic spell; or eat food such as bread, fruits, vegetables, or meat, which you can buy from a Tavern or Grocer, or harvest.

Eating will increase your Food Level. You can find your food level at the bottom of your stats menu in the game. -30 is the lowest and +30 the highest. If your food level is above 0, your health will increase by itself over time. If it's below 0, then it won't increase at all, it just stays the same. Your food level will decrease over time as well, so you have to eat to bring it back up. Your health will NOT decrease because of your food level however. To eat food, open up your inventory window and click on the use icon, then click on the food you want to eat.

You also need to keep your food level over 0 so that you will have a higher chance of succeeding while harvesting.

How to use Magic:
You make spells by combinations of Sigils and Reagents, which you can find, or buy in the game. Sigils are special incantations that you only need to have one of, and it will last forever (they don't run out or anything). Reagents are the magical essences, which are required to be in your inventory for the spell to work (they do run out). If there is a spell cast upon you (by yourself or someone else) that stays on you for a certain length of time, such as a shield spell, then a small icon will appear in the left-hand corner of your screen. The icon of the spell will stay there until it wears off.

To Cast a spell, make sure you have the proper Reagents in your inventory, then click on the magic icon and your magic window will appear. Click on the sigils for the spell you want to cast with the USE icon, making sure they are in the RIGHT ORDER. Then click cast, and then click on your target. Your Reagents will disappear from your inventory if the spell is successful.
If you want to cast a spell on someone else, prepare the sigils, click cast, then click the use icon and RIGHT click on the target.

How to Use and View Items in your inventory:
Click on the inventory bag icon, and your inventory window will appear. To use an item, click on the USE icon, and click on the item you want to use. It will then disappear from your inventory. To View an item click on the eye icon, then click the item. This will bring up the name of the item, a short description, and how much it weighs (EMU). EMU stands for Energy Matter Unit, which is the weight system in Eternal Lands. Alternatively, you can right click until the cursor changes to that icon, then click on the item with that icon to preform the action.

Gold Coins are the main currency in Eternal Lands. There are also Platinum coins which are worth 1,000 gold coins. Coins do not have a weight, but they do take up 1 slot in your inventory. You can make money by selling flowers, metal ores, animal furs, potions, etc., to store owners OR to other players. Join the market channel to sell/buy things, or you can also post on the forums what you have to sell/buy.

Teleportals & Transportation:
On the big maps, there are some teleportals to make traveling around the map a bit easier for you. Press TAB, and notice the blue dots. That blue spot tells you the location. You can hear the portals when you walk within their range, so you know they are close by.

To get to different maps you must click on the colored banner leading to that map. The banners have a picture that represents that map. They are located on ships, and on the ground near the edge of the map. Click with the USE icon on them, or just hover your mouse over them and it should turn into a door, meaning you can "enter/exit".

We hope that you will enjoy the game, and keep in mind that this is a Beta version, so there might be bugs, and there are still more things to come!.