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Game Commands

~ or F1 -switch to/out of the Chat History/Console mode.
Up/Down arrows - lets you scroll up/down through the text in your chat history.
F2 - opens a browser window with the last URL you heard. You have to configure your browser & Operating System in the el.ini file, or Elconfig.exe
Tab - Brings up a map of the area, X shows where you are.
Middle Mouse button OR Left/Right arrows - rotate the camera.
Shift + Left/Right arrows -allow you to rotate the camera in the fine tune mode.
Up/Down arrows-lets you rotate the camera on the X axis, between 45 and 60 degrees. Default is 60.
Alt+x or Ctrl+q - quits the game (no warnings/confirmations).
Alt+h - turns on/off the health bars above head
Alt+b - turns on/off the health points above head
Alt+n - turns on/off name tags above head
Alt+m - open/closes minimap
Alt+s - sit/stand
Alt+o - shows the text you type in a balloon over your head.
Alt+d - closes all open windows
Ctrl+v OR shift+insert - paste text from clipboard
Ctrl+p - saves a screenshot to your Eternal Lands screenshots user directory
Mouse Scroll Wheel OR Page up/Page down - zooms in/out

Hotkeys for icons/windows:
Ctrl+a - attribute stats
Ctrl+b - buddy list
Ctrl+e - encyclopedia
Ctrl+i - inventory menu
Ctrl+o - options / tools / config menu
Ctrl+u - use icon
Ctrl+w - walk icon
Ctrl+h - help
Ctrl+j - emotes
Ctrl+k - knowledge
Ctrl+l - eye icon
Ctrl+m - manufacturing
Ctrl+n - notepad
Ctrl+s - spells
Ctrl+z - session stats

General Commands:

#cls - clears the screen
#time - gets the current game time
#date - gets the current game date
#stats - some information about how many players are logged in, etc.
#exit - quits the game (no confirmation)
#quit - same as above
#ver - shows the current game version
#glinfo - shows some details about your video card and OpenGL info
#ping - shows your current latency
#calc - use this command to solve equations(Example: "#calc 189+987"
#current_song -type this to see the title and artist of the current song playing in the game.(you have to have the music downloaded)
#dbg - prints debugging information, of little use if you are not a programmer
#gme - prints the ID of the actor you are currently attacking

Game Play Commands:
#beam me up - teleports your character to the campfire on Isla Prima.
#exp - tells you your Experience points, and how much you need for the next level
#suicide - your character dies
#storage - gives you a list of all the items in your storage
#sto - same as #storage
#arm - gives you a breakdown of your current equipment attributes
#killme yes - your character is erased completely (from the game database, DO NOT execute this command if you are not completely sure that you wish to delete your char. There is NO way to restore the char once its gone)
#reset - resets your attributes, nexuses, perks, and overall exp/level to the default values
#list_perks - prints a list of the perks you have taken
#list_gods - prints a list of the gods you are serving
#research - prints information about the book you are currently reading
#know - prints your knowledge list-showing how many books you've read.
#humor - toggles the use of humor in some quests
#ii - tells you how long it's been since you were last in an instance.
#il - invasion list-tells you how many invaded monsters there are left.

Buddy List Commands:
#change_pass [old pass] [new pass] - changes your password from your old one to a new one
#change_buddy [name] [number] - changes the type of your buddy [name] to [number]. Just use the buddy window.
#accept_buddy [name] - allows [name] to add you to his buddy list.
#add_buddy [name] - requests [name] for permission to add him/her to your buddy list.
#del_buddy [name] - removes [name] from your buddy list.
#clear_buddy - empties your buddy list completely.
#set_privacy (on|off) - if privacy is on, you won't receive any buddy requests.

Guild Commands:
#make_guild - creates a new guild. You need one skill at 39(not overall), and it costs 30,000gc (have it in your inventory).
#destroy_guild - destroys your guild (rank 20)
#set_url [url] - sets the URL for your guild page to [url] (rank 10)
#set_name [name] - sets your guild's name to [name] (rank 20)
#set_desc [desc] - sets your guild's description to [desc] (rank 10)
#set_join_info [info] - sets your guild's join information to [info] (rank 10)
#set_short_name [tag] - sets your guild's tag to [tag] (rank 19)
#guild_info [tag] - prints information about the guild with short name [tag]
#change_rank [name] [number] - changes the rank of member [name] to [number] (rank 19)
#change_owner [name] - transfers ownership of your guild to [name] (rank 20)
#join_guild [name] - asks permission to join the guild with (full) name [name]
#leave_guild - leave your current guild (any rank)
#remove [name] - removes member [name] from the guild (rank 19)
#accept [name] - accepts [name] as a new member of the guild (rank 15)
#gm [message] - sends [message] to your whole guild (rank 5)
#rank playername - without the playername, it prints your own rank in the guild (all ranks). Otherwise it prints the rank of member name.
#list_guild - lists all members of your guild (rank 5)
#set_guild_color [tag] [color] - everyone in your guild sees players in named guild with that color tag(rank 18).
#view_guild_colors - displays the colors assigned to other guilds (all ranks).

#ig_block tag - block the guild with short name [tag] from send inter-guild messages to your guild (rank 18)
#ig_unblock tag - allow the guild with short name [tag] to send inter-guild messages to your guild again (rank 18)
#ig_block_list - print a list of guilds you've blocked (all ranks)
#ig tag message - send [message] to the guild with short name [tag] (all ranks)

Guild War Commands:
#set_ally_guild guildtag - type the guild's tag where guildtag is show. You cannot attack an allied guild, nor can your summoned creatures
#allies_list - displays all your allies.
#set_enemy_guild guildtag - sets a guild as your enemy-you can attack each other anywhere.
#unset_enemy_guild guildtag - displays all your allies

Chat Channel Commands:
Another way to chat in the game is by using the chat channels. You can change or leave channels at anytime. There are up to 2 billion possible channels in the game. You can make up your own channel to talk with your friends. Using the channels allows you to talk with everybody on that channel, no matter where they are in the game.
Typing #jc and then the channel number will allow you to Join a Channel. The jc stands for Join Channel. Typing #lc and the number will allow you to Leave Channel.

#help_me (followed by your question) - will send a question to the NH's or Moderators online
#abuse (followed by abusers name and what they did) - will send an abuse report to the Moderators
#jc 1 - 1 is the newbie channel (you can also replace the 1 with newbie, #jc newbie, same with the other named channels).
#jc 2 - 2 is the help channel
#jc 3 - 3 is the market channel. Go here to buy/sell/trade stuff with each other
#jc 4 - 4 is the general conversation channel
#jc 1234 - You can make up ANY number to create your own channel(1234 was used here just as an example).
#lc - Leave Channel
#ci - Channel Info
#ignore_bots - ignores all bot messages on channels.
@ - Type this to speak in a channel(@ and then whatever your message is-Example: @Hello everyone!)
@@# - Type this to speak in a specific channel, where "#" would be the channel number. (Example: @@3 Selling diamonds!