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Please support us by donating a small amount, that will be used exclusively for Eternal Lands development. When people will start to donate, we will make a list, and put it here, with who donated, how much they donated, and how we used the money. If you do not wish to appear on this page, please let me know.

The more you donate, the more work we can put into the game, pay for our food, advertising, etc. So, if you have the possibility, please do it!

Thank you in advance for supporting us,
The Eternal Lands Dev. Team

We would like to thank the following people who kindly donated money:

Syzyx   10 USD
Eleven   10 USD
Elgoran   68 USD
Elthar   10 USD
Puntif   10
Slayton   106 USD
Mortis   20 USD
007   18.68 USD
Phantum   11.87
JDread   11.87
Grum   80 USD
Coras   32 USD
Snorebum   25 USD
Cleon   30 USD
Telzhemir   10 USD
Jeyhannah   25 USD
Nardo   40 USD
Lightning   55 USD
Blackthorne   15 USD
Delen   50 USD
Fafnir_naelyan   20 USD
Alastria and Jakuren   20 USD
Zude   50 USD
Dealerofdeath   75 USD
Darkimer   15 USD
Not Disclosed   10 USD
Lucien   20 USD
Thunderbyrd   15 USD
Josral   50 USD
Lady   20 USD
shash   20 USD
Kyrant   50 USD
Truman   20 USD
EarlGrey (MytH guild)   40 USD
Jwasted   13 USD
Dark_Shadow   80 USD
FuriousStylz   10 USD
Kalia and Nightrave   20 USD
Goo   60 USD
Carry and Enderoth   51 USD
rolan4 and rolan3   30 USD
DarkBent   30 USD
Ipaus   50 USD
alphafemale   25 USD
Ravenod   10 USD
Hotsauce1   5 USD
Mallatax   5 USD
DarkWarriorBOW   15 USD
RakThul   5 USD
Ldyvic   10 USD
Coco   200 USD
Marc   100 USD
Kalef   5 USD
Wytter   50 USD
Gimli_1   5 USD
Sandcastle   50 USD
Mahaeger   100 USD
Lord_Kakarot   5 USD
GreenBeast   20 USD
Mablung   5 USD
RuPaul   30 USD
Dumbledore   25 USD
Truman   25 USD
gizz   100 USD
BolanLongpants   10 USD
Bongo   30 USD
Honeybee   15 USD
Placid   12 USD
Broan   20 USD
Frei   5 USD
Aislinn and Soldus   30 USD
Erikas   300
Kawaii   30 USD
JasperCat   10 USD
Hyperidle and L_C   10 USD
Yellow_man   30 USD
Kirianthis   20 USD
Jman   25 USD
Ruln   22 USD
LuckyLuke   20 USD
Ocz   20 USD
Duckman   25 USD
Spillo   20 USD
Cpt_Kirk   10 USD
Purraj   25 USD
Brom   25 USD
thunderous and suessie   50 USD
Thunderwalker   20 USD
Xanter   50 USD
Snufflecakes   30 USD
ziara   10 USD
Streeker   30 USD
warken   Hardware: 2 82 GB hard drives
Runic   20 USD
Toyminator   4 USD
Sheesh   50 USD
Erdohjill   15 USD
angelmoon1   20 USD
santamaart   20 USD
Willson   30 USD
Stormer   100 USD
Mute_Czigany   25 USD
santamaart   20 USD
LochnessLobster   200 USD
Sir_LunchAlot   30 USD
DustPuppy   200 USD

Please note that here we list only those who DONATED (ie. expecting nothing in return).

Those who buy services, ingame or IRL items, etc. are not placed here, but we DO appreciate their support. We update this page whenever we have time, but rest assured that we do put here everyone who donates. If you donated and your name is not here in more than 1 month after you donated, please let us know (e-mail to Entropy).

Those who donated multiple times are listed only once (but their previous donations are added to the current amount they donated).