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PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

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Hi ELers


10kgc entry fee will be charged

" Kilaran Field is a "No Drops" PK map, where you do not drop any items when you die, even if you do not have a Rostogol stone in your inventory. "


ITs time to PK -



As the topic goes :-

1.There will be 2 teams

2. Each Team will get to hold Fort Barg for 30 Mins each

3. If u beat them out of fort in time u get a win score

4. Most pk central kills get a surprise reward


When Sunday 12th july 2015 : http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=1275004,5368361,2643743&h=1275004&date=2015-7-12&sln=22.5-23

NOTE: This is the time you must be at the storage area in Valley of the Dwarves, the event won't begin until approximately 30 minutes later (hopefully a bit less). If you are not at VotD storage by the above stated time, you may not get to compete, irrelevant of when you signed up. Please be guildless at this time.

Team selection method:

Each side will have a 'Team Captain'.
Some time prior to the event they'll be accepted into the 2 guilds that will be used for it and given rank 19.
25 minutes before the event start time, at which point all competitors should be assembled at VotD storage area, the 2 Captains will in-turn select competitors from the group to be on their team. When a Captain selects a competitor they can type the #join_guild command and the captain will #accept them and set them rank 5.



1. Certain items are NOT allowed, they are as follows:
The rare/magical Great Swords (such as JS of cooldown, cutty of mage, rapier of death, etc.).
The rare/magical Armors (such as steel greaves of ubber def, Ti plate of freezing, etc.).
Halberd of Action

Any fire/ice/magic arrows and bolts.
Medallion of Life. (That's right, MoL is NOT allowed, don't forget it )
BRoD and BoD.

staff of protection

staff of mage
Normal Branch and Bone.

The Golden Star mace.

The Scythe.
The Dragon Blade.
Mines/Caltrops/ Mana wards
Mage Robe Shirt.

To ensure further clarity, these are the kind of items that ARE allowed:
Normal Iron, Steel , Titanium armors., drag armor
All normal shield upto blue dragon shieild
Moon, Unicorn, Stars and Sun medallions.
Medallion of Mana.
Crowns of Life and Mana., rdholam
Any Cape.
Any normal Great Sword, Bronze Sword.is allowed

"Any fire/ice/magic/thermal sword"

Halberd and Spear.

All bows and PK arrows.
The crossbow and PK bolts.
The Radioactive Rapier
The Radioactive Titanium Long Sword
Mage Robe Pants.

2. Summoning only tigers and bears are allowed.

3. Laying Mines during or before the event is NOT allowed.
Applies to all kinds of Mines, Snares, Caltrops, Mana Wards

4. Using a melee weapon in conjunction with an arrow or bolt is NOT allowed.

5. MI wards are allowed

Anything not listed in the above four rules IS allowed (eg. all magic spells are allowed).


Signing up, and conclusion:

If you would like to sign up, please post on this thread and state your in-game name. If you cannot post on the forums, contact myself (Violater) in-game.

if you want to do this event but are unsure if you will be available at the scheduled time, it's ok to sign up anyways, as whoever shows on the day is who competes.


Also if you are willing to donate items to be used as prizes for this contest please contact me in game:-


Donating stuff worth 500k


10 horse whistle

Both team did good and result was a draw

caduceus was best pkers with most kills and no deaths so he won 10 horse whistle

Edited by violater

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it sounds like a fun event,

would it be open to watch only players?

some people who cant compete could login using capital letters for thier first and last letters in thier player name, naked and be seated somewhere, thus making them obviously a watcher?

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