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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. Mod can do what they want?

    I don't care to pick sides one way or another, but simply point out that although Wizzy may behave a bit brashly sometimes, he overall has done quite a bit for this game, and keeping it active with invasions and various events. The majority of his online time is spent creating fun for everyone else in the game. Takes a lot of time and thought to put together a fun invasion, or other activity. So I can understand how when he gets harassed in the few minutes he's not boosting the EL community, even if it is not breaking rules, it'd be disappointing for him.. Just my thoughts... Thank you Cher and Wizzy for all your thoughtful and fun invasions recently..wish I could be active for more of them
  3. s2e for hydro

    I wonder if you guys even fathom how much free nexus stivy has gotten via thousands of s2e drops from players. Not to mention misc armors and whatever else. The people who die to him and drop rostos is just an amusement for him. Perhaps actually an annoyance, who knows.
  4. So-long Eternal Lands

    Well it's time to say my official good-byes to this game. I sold my character Talon today, and with that I take my final leave of Eternal Lands. I have had some thrilling times, and made some incredible friends, as well as many enemies. I would like to personally thank the members of the best guild Eternal Lands ever had, We Gotz This! Having put the guild together from a small, but tight group of friends we went on to cause lots of trouble that kept the game entertaining and fun. Ya we serped a lot of you, bag-jumped each chance we got. We would get the best Daritha and Haidir dailies together and then sponsor a Sun-Tzu stone 15 minutes before days end, just for the laughs. We even got radu to change a meh #day, to a bad #day just so we could remove the bad day and use a tzu stone. The few times we actually managed to make it to the daily invance we'd go the the MB spawn and kill it just so no one else could. Great times. One of my funniest memories is when a few of us went up to hydro where Stivy was battling out an invasion Milf, and began to attempt to serp him, which resulted in Stivy's death. I laughed so hard. We had so many amazing memories that I will remember forever. So with that I would like to especially thank CherUT, who has changed my life in an amazing way I never could have dreamed. Along with my other friends in WGT Finja, Rabbitman (Mandalore), Noah, Starkie, Kricket, Ragz, Smurf and Halosmee. There are many other's that I have met along the way who have impacted me in one way or another. As usual the list would be to large to list. I personally want to thank one other person, Starlite. You have been my longest friend in-game, both on the PK server as well as on main. I thank you for your friendship, and for taking me in when I was getting started on main server. Thank you also Wizzy and Alphabet for some of the funnest invasions possible! Keep up the good work So with that being said, farwell Eternal Lands. Thank you for all the epik memories, and for the friendships that I have gained because of it. Talon
  5. Massive Storage Sale

    Storage sold, thanks for playing along
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I have been trying to get my emeralds, including leaving Mercator and such and still haven't been able to get them. I think I have 3 batches still.. Would be nice if I can get these..You can contact Talon as Ive said before as well patriot/talon
  7. Goodbye EL

    Have fun Tomm, thanks for all the fun memories and great times. Enjoy RL
  8. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    There are a lot of people to some would like to see leave game, as well as many who add no benefit to the game..including this topic starter and many of the people flaming in it..however you have to realize that like darrock said, you cant change the rules to benefit a certain party to make something illegal after it happens and punish them like that rule existed then. Would be more beneficial for the mods to do things to make gameplay more enjoyable than deal with more rules that are hard to enforce. Not to mention this particular topic has gotten way old and not going anywhere..maybe move on and find something else to bitch about
  9. Engineering quest bug

    I can see my mines

    Fully support the removal of RC mines - or certainly nerfing them significantly. They were designed to be remotely detonated - now their main use is during a fight - players spam rc mine and detonator mid fight. Perhaps make it that you take 3x damage from your own rc mines - that should stop people it! Good ideas. Another option may be make it so you can't use the RC det while in combat. Ofc then you could diss/spam but that wouldnt make sense in a KF fight. Or just add 1 sec CD so can't spam them. But removing them completely would be a good idea as well. But keep in mind they get used to bomb map entrances too.

    Thats actually a pretty good idea, as far as bombs along the hydro route. Wouldn't really affect pk in any way tho. Kinda dumb bombs would even hurt birds anyway.

    TS does nothing against mines...yeah obviously would allow you to see your attacker, if you aren't already dead. And forcing anyone who wants to survive mines to cap matter and wear a dragon blade is ofc, a bad idea.

    Not really an old topic, but one that definitely need some attention. Bombs are insanely over-powered, especially since there is very little defense against using them. Ofc armor absorbs some damage, and just quick reflexes can prevent dying to them at times. But with map lag and the 0 cool down on RC mines, its really not much you can do. there is an abundance of PD in game, (I personally have 70k+), so that would be a good item to use as a defense, perhaps in conjunction with AP pots similar to how the Enhanced Unicorn med works maybe? Putting a 1 sec cool down on the RC dets, as well as slashing the base damage by half. Doing that might give cause to adjust the formula for engineering levels a bit, maybe base damage plus (the engineering level of the person placing it /3) instead of /5. Just so it makes levels matter a tiny bit more. Yes I have had fun using mines against people, as well as 1-2 times others against me , but I also know it makes people not even willing to fight just because it removes all the fun from it. Also..bombs really shouldn't work on peace day..that's just confusing and retarded Talon
  14. PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

    I'd attend but I wont be around then, gl killing caduceus without me k
  15. Minimap Mule Mote Miscolorization

    phoenix does yes, people on horses appear as white or light blue if on buddies list Would be nice to have the yellow changed to white/blue I agree, not sure if bug or not though