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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Rest In Peace Learner This news is an unwelcome shock God Bless You
  2. Expiring bots

    Receipt number: 3CK54300T38014116 for daylecat , dunno when it expires
  3. Can't connect to server?

    Grud if u read the general chat , we all are unable to log
  4. Who is more trustworthy?

    i voted for starkie
  5. nvm

  6. Pk tournement

    Any event will have issue but kudos to you for trying, its your contest and u have the contestants. Block both side of ws arena so none will move out and you are not doing the event to please everyone , its not hand holding contest its a PK!!! contest. I dont see why you cant participate, its a simple knockout tournament . El without drama is boring -,-
  7. Pk tournement

    Oh wow its 1.30 am Monday , gl Maybe move the date by a day
  8. .

    Hi , Today 22nd august he has paid me the $ so i wud like to inform everyone that he is not a scammer
  9. .

    I have contacted him and he has agreed to pay me back by 8th september 2021 , hence i request Eternal Lands to take no action against him and i hold myself from labelling this guy a scammer till then , Tv vio
  10. .

    Hey I would Like to add here that this person is a real life scammer who charged me back for $ by falsely making a dispute in paypal. On May 14th 2021 he paid from his paypal account xxxxxxxxx for 2x 50$ transaction to my paypal account xxxxxxxxxxx for items which he received as soon as he paid and never complained about it , untill after quitting el you suddenly decided on 11th July 2021 that , oh i made twice payment and made a false statement to paypal to charge back $. You never ever contacted about this with me where i am online everyday for more than 10-12 hrs daily. I made this post so that people be aware of you as a scammer and maybe since you have some rules to follow to play this game , maybe this helps them keep you banned forever including your bots. thanks vio
  11. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    1. Return KF to normal, just no drop; 2. Make beaver tokens not work in pk areas; 3. Plenty of capped pk arenas in game already; 4. Keep current srs/emps/brs/ghp cd; 5. Keep 1 sec cd on rc mines/deto's; and 6. A KF spectator area would be cool, but couldn't have magic reach into it or out of it. 7. No summons I agree to all except point 2 coz if there is invasion in pk areas u cant use token and they really help sometimes and tbh beavers r limited and if its not capped you will do the damage :> or if u can find a way to not use only during a pk fight , which is hard i guess
  12. KF proposed changes

    Adding cooldown to summoning stones : just remove stones/summon Eliminating all skill/attribute caps : that will make it easy to fa kill lower lvl dont see why tht shud be changed , only benefits higher lvl Eliminate cooldown on srs/emps or ELIMINATE BEAVER TOKENS IN PK : i do understand the gc factor here but sr and emp works fine with cooldown and why shud u eliminate beaver? low lvl can farm their own beaver token and higher lvl can buy so works out fine **CREATING A SAFE AREA FOR SPECTATORS** : this i agree , kf need safe spot to watch the bloodshed Mines/wards : how does tht help low lvl? u can double harm any low lvl , it looks just fine the way it is, unless u want to put a 49 cap to magic lvl then u can call it fair for low lvl Natural summons : either have summons with stones included or dont , u cant have it ur way well kf sux now but the most of changes u want will only help the higher lvl give or take :>