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    Hello fellow EL'Rs, I have been speaking to a lot of you recently about Pk, and the main thing that always comes up is getting bombed. A lot of you think it is UNFAIR that a character with HIGH A/D (or any char for that matter) can be Killed so quickly without any type of defense against it, I tend to agree with you, EVERY single form of Pk skill has a Defense againt it, for magic its a simple spell you have to re-apply every one minute and 30 seconds, bronze armor, blue armor and a cape, for ranging, A Point Defense that you must carry to protect against damage from incoming arrows, blue armor which gives missle protection, for Melee, shields, evasion pots, defense pots, coordination pots, ECT... you get the Point, there are a multitude of defense againt all form of PK EXCEPT Engineer which also happens to be the most powerfull............ im making this post not only for myself But on behalf of everyone I have spoke to regarding the matter, if you think something needs to be done to give us some form of protection against BOMBS I urge you to voice your opinion here. I myself am a level 116 engineer(one of the top engineers in the game), so know that when I post this, it will directly effect me as much as anyone else. thank you for reading and please I welcome you to voice your opinion no matter what it may be... ~MufossA
  2. PK EVENT - Hold The Fort - Crush the Enemy

    so ranging is allowed? why not Mi wards atleast? they aren't that OP
  3. A/D Cap @ 130

    this game is original and unique in its own way , i dont think radu's intentions are to mimic other games, but to create his own unique gaming experience..... a game without low caps is part of his experience .,,,
  4. A/D Cap @ 130

    Hi some know me some dont, i used to play this game and i held #1 a/d/m for mabye a year , Hi radu, asgnny,luciferx, and other who know me, just checked in and saw this and felt compelled to reply. when i played i only liked to level a/d and everything i did was cenetered around it, i believe a cap would hurt the economy and kill insentive for alot of people and not to mention would be a slap in the face to people like masterpiter/asgnny/toomass (sorry if i missed anyone who level a/d past 150 been a while) yes they are strong but believe me they sacraficed ALOT of time to attain this ...to nerf someone at level 150 back down to 130 is almsot 2 years of work and defeats the very thing that attracted many to play this game......
  5. Alternative PKing system

    Its a good idea.... marwen had some VERY good suggestions ..if they implement it with some of marwens suggestions it will work...i think the special storage in safe zone or special command for rostogol from storage is the type of idea that will make this succed ..GL
  6. PK server

    The other skills are 80% of the game. Why shard it for 20%? Have fun without the folks who make the ess or pots. well games like this are based around the fighters , without them the game will most likley suffer. IMO I have been proven wrong many times ,so im not making any predictions , but if i had to give an opinion i would say that i dont think this idea will flourish and here is why this is the equivilant of people training and wasting valuable time on a test server that could be used productivly on the main server, I for one wouldnt waste my time there , this dosent mean that others wont , but i doubt any significant # of people will actually spend time there (as Entropy has all mentioned)......
  7. Leather helms vs ti short or other

    i leveled my account to level 78 very quickly a month or two, i made ALOT of s2e and steel longs , but my main source of exp was leather helms in the manu school, NOTING is faster imo (if you check our #1 manuers siggy (celticlady) i think that says it all
  8. After 180 level

    i would say masterpiter is the smartiest most efficent trainer in el (i pvped him for a long time so i speak from experience) and i dont think even he would have the (looks for perfect word..cant find it so il settle) patience to level 2 billion exp..mabye he will make me eat my words but i some how dont think so
  9. After 180 level

    It's only the matter of time you "waste" per day and nothing more some people have found "ways" to make their "wasted" time MUCH MUCH MUCH more benifical then others, i would say some people know little secrets that benefit them 2 - 1 on the average joe
  10. After 180 level

    Don't fool us MP, we know you'll get 180 def soon hell yea he will..... i also noticed his guildie/pvp partner made like 20+ def level (120-143 or mabye more in a few months) basically impossible normally but mp is pro i wonder how he does it
  11. Skeptic Perk

    iirc the Nmt perk dosent affect tools (hammers used for manu /picks needles ect..) but you might try the harvestors med, iirc that reduces the tool break rate for harvesting Why do you need the #da command we have these stones now, what so complicated abotu it? you buy a stone you click it...
  12. Skeptic Perk

    Cool !!! Also about the monsters having astrology affect them, will we be made privvy to their sign? that would rock Btw i flamed astrology a bit in the past, But it has come to grow on me, i actually enjoy it now , so i wont be using the perk >>//~~In-Game Name Knuckles~~\\<<
  13. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    No, that won't work. But when a lot of high level players complain about something THEY WANTED IMPLEMENTED, well, they lose that. Note that the astorlogy will stay in the game, what won't stay is the perk that removes it. i think this is best for everyone, lets teach them OLD high level players a lesson what do they know anyway ,if they dont like this system something must be wrong with them, mabye they will just quit like luciferx did
  14. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    why is everyone complaining?????? ..astrology is GREAT i supprort all the decisons of entropy and the dev team ......... BTW ..My ingame name is "Knuckles" feel free to conatct me there
  15. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    Well, you and others claimed that you AGREED with Lucifer's post. Did you read his post? If you do, you will see that what I am doing is to make you guys less unhappy, by adressing one of the problems he mentioned (about the perk). you know what he said the problem was the 500$ fee ....this is getting borderline childish astrology is great.. i promise and you can quote me on this, ill never complain about anything you add again i never said i agree with luci on the other hand i dont disagree either BUT i have my own opinion about this system, mabye some of our points intertwine but then so do other peoples