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Found 16 results

  1. selling 10k amber

    hello, Im selling 10k amber starting bid 500k+ Auction ends thursday the winner gets 425 extra amber free msg here or pm garanhon
  2. 60k Life Essence Auction

    SOLD Auctioning 60K Life Essence Starting Bid: 360kgc Bid Increment: 2kgc BIN: 420kgc Auction Ends: Saturday November 30, noon EST Silverstrike in game or post here I reserve the right to sell to whomever I want at any time and to refuse to sell to anyone I choose. Thanks!
  3. Auction: 10'000 SR's

    10'000 SR's Start price is 15gc each You have 3 days ! Good luck to all
  4. I made a little dragon blue summon stone by luck. Want to sell SOLD
  5. Auction 10'000 HE's

    10'000 HEALTH ESSENCE Conditions: Start at : 80'000 gcs Minimum bid is : 1'000 gcs Auction ends : sunday 17.02.13 at 17:00 Swiss hour (GMT +1) Will be delivered as soon as possible after the auction !
  6. Rare Book Serpent sword of Magic

    Start at 20k gc Bid is 1k gc End of auction is 12 january @ 20:00 (GMT +1)
  7. Buying NMT removal Auction

    Greeting! I want to remove NMT (No More Tears) perk and I need a stone for it. Please don't buy stone for me from shop until you will win auction and contact with me about I'm ready to buy it. Subject: NMT removal stone Start price: 500k gc (per one stone). Buy immediately: 350kgc (and stop auction). Decrease: 10k gc please (I'm buying from somebody who will offer lowest price). Expiration: 24 hours after last bid. Good luck PS. If I will catch Day of Reconstruction - I can stop auction and buy stone immediatelly You could be interesting about another similar auction: Buying TINF Removal Auction: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=57858
  8. Auction: 26k Magic Essences

    Selling 26k Magic Essences. Starting price: 230k gc Increment: 5k gc BIN: 286k gc Please post here or contact Lalaith ingame. Edit: I'm willing to sell smaller batches. :-)
  9. Inorganic removal for sale

    Hello, I would like to sell an Inorganic removal stone. Starting price: 15 rostogol stones Increments: 10kgc Buy it now: rostos + 150kgc The auction will end in 3 days (Friday the 5th, Europe evening time) if the BIN price not met. Please note that I want at least 15 rostogols (items themselves not their value) as part of the payment, the rest can be gold coins or anything else agreed with the buyer. PM me in game or post here. Many thanks and happy bidding Vidriel
  10. Thermal serp auction

    Auctioning my thermal serpent sword. Lasts until Friday 22:00 GMT Bids start at 950k (increments of 10k+ please) BIN is 1.15mil. Contact me in game / post here/ mail me here. Name is guidera
  11. - Auction is closed - Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest! Hi! I would like to start an auction on an Artificial Nexus Removal Stone. because I have interest at this price I start at 810k. Start 810k Increment 5k Buy it now for 1mio End of auction on Monday 20th of august 4 pm GMT (if not sold for Buy-it-now price). Hope that one of you will get stronger out of this auction!! …And that you will enjoy the bidding! Have fun!
  12. Hii, Auctioning this bad boy. Start Bid: 300kgc Min Increment: 5kgc BIN: 600kgc on Tiredofstanding Reserve blahblahblah rights Auction ends Thursday at 12 pm EST Thanks for all who participate!
  13. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    HaHa, My Precious! My first stone of this kind!!! usually got only the ones that sells for cheap. really need the gc now So anyway, putting it on auction: Magic Removal Stone Starting price - 750k Increment - 5k BIN (buy it now) - 1M Oh time - if hittes BIN or on 3 days from this post. Payment excepted are only in GC (gold coins) Post your price here or contact me in game (@ zombie_girl) P.S. I reserve the right to refuse any bid for any reason! Thy and happy bidding zombie
  14. Auction book of special swords, meaning i sell book of special swords for high bidder :-) Start bid: 20k Increments: 2k BIN: 50k Auction ends in 3 days from this post time published, PM'S also welcome. Happy bidding zombie (pm zombie_girl in game)
  15. Magic Removal Stone Auction

    Auctioning a magic removal stone. Auction will end once I decide price is right or a day or so after last bid. Starting bid: 700k Min increment: 5k Buy it now: 850k Post offers here or pm me in game. If you want to buy it now it will be on Bugs_Bunny. Thanks, Rabbitman
  16. For those who didn't win roman_gruber's auction: here's another book for you to win ;o) I'm auctioning a book of special swords. Post offers here or ingame (Gwaew). Auction ends Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. GMT +1 - or if no bids will be forthcoming for 12 successive hours. Good luck :-) (auction closed)