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  1. Farewell Candi, may your Spirit find a restful peace

    Hard to add anything, all beautiful has been said. Go girl... take a walk, ride a horse, enjoy the world without pain... Don't go too far, we will follow. Once. Time is not relevant... We will meet again. I will not forget... Rest in peace, honey.
  2. Magic cube

    I like the idea of exchanging useless removals for something else (there are tons of unused perk removals too). No idea if they still can be used in "formula" for sun tzu stone at radu - but seems noone is doing it anyway, other ways how to obtain it are preferred... Idea of Redemeer himself or similar working NPC for the transfer is perfect Also your example of transfering several removals of the same type to another is reasonable and well counted. Let's see how the people like it... +1 from me
  3. Global Quest FAQ

    I went to take a look, how is it with global with little addition from me as well. Does not look so bad, keep going, you're doing great job I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 4130, 1200 Amber and I have 963, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 50, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 14.
  4. Wizzy's event level #1

    "Remember, the second level quest will be much harder!" Can't wait for that! Was fun, all those locked flags and action, thanks Wizzy
  5. oh hell, totally forgot about that You can take only a few with you, that's not good for usage in a quest then...
  6. Minels quest - Flynt in PV

    It's not a bug, he did not tell you mines must be placed around flag, but on path leading to PV - don't worry, I did the same mistake on my first Flynt quest as well Edit: so you set 9 mines in correct area while trying the first time and one was left to use. That's why you get the message later.
  7. Hello Burn Nice topic, here is my feedback: There were days I was doing dailies day by day - Dorel (and Minel) included. Of course it's not always possible to do them all in one day really, but they were in progress with other stuff and finished asap to be able to ask for another one. Nowadays I don't have much time for play and I hate spend all my free time with just doing dailies and not much time for anything else, so I am just not doing them (any) when I got mood for something else. But, when I am doing run around, I always ask Dorel for a mission as well. I kinda still like it to do The skip option really rocks. 1. Apala I was the first person to have the honor to burn first steel helm when we found Dorel, radu was watching it personally haha and asked me if I like it. Oh yeah I did, I made even a small profit and I loved the extra manu exp, as I am no manufacturer and my level is (and was) so low. I have burned 5 or 6 more helms when I found binding stone on bots for fair price and used swords from drops. But then I stopped - bindings were gone or uber expensive and did not want to use my own hydro stock as well. But nowadays, it's just such pointless quest (no offense). Not questioning binding stones, but with hydro trend that some people even don't bother do all the stuff needed for one hydro bar and buy it from NPC... 2. Gerund I would equal it to Arona, small easy task with nice gold and extra exp for -1 book noone wants... yeah there were almost no fire and thermal books but the other two still make the quest 50% chance of no skip. I love it, I always run gladly to him to check it. You could even make a small profit when some bots lowered the price after Dorel boom was over. As you said already, this is not truth anymore - I was shocked when I checked bots lately: there were no titanium short books on bots except one! Why? Market bumping or the new perk really ate all available? I am looking forward to check what the added books are - but will do it like before: when I am able to get a book for fair price, I'll do it, otherwise a skip from me. 3. Maia I am not doing summoning, I always skip this one. Well, it's similar to Gerund, not so far to run and check what task do you have. Good reward for furs burning. I helped friends with giving away my stock and still got some left (esp. leopard) but there are so few people left doing this quest so the numbers are slowly growing back again. 4. Zhena One of the best rewarded but it's just soooo time consuming. With active crafting training far behind me, I do not skip this one and add the rings on my project list while doing some for me or my bot. I like to do rings, but usually it take one or two weeks to finish this one. 5. Rhodica Agreed no problem here as well, when no honey in storage, I'll wait with the quest and move myself to harvesting it while afk till I got enough. 6. Arona Small easy task with nice reward in return, perfect to do "in between" while walking through maps for other stuff as well. As you can see I don't mind to be "stuck" on some quest, I usually skip only helm and furs one ... but got plenty on my counter from the past for the perks, so... not in a hurry Suggestions: - remove Apala or give her something non-hydro related, bronze helm can do nicely (EFEs are quite common nowadays, can help to change it slightly back) - Gerund's books are fine, worked "give it or go" before, can stay it as it is I think - Maia is ok with me, I would add polar bear furs here
  8. Global Quest FAQ

    Action points gone Still more amber and gypsum needed: I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 2428, 1200 Amber and I have 517, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 50, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 50.
  9. I think this was the main part of Orick's suggestion. I think it's pretty nice one. Won't be another source of day stones that are already in game ... can be nice for a change - who knows, maybe you get Recycling, Tailoring, Scholars, Reconstruction, Mana and other popular positive days - not only those which has specific daystone already. Add there neutral days like NDD or no grief - well... Also the suggested way how to get one is pretty fine with me - similar to dung teleporters, you can get it only while harvesting specific resource (not telling they should be so common of course!). I can imagine this will work, little lottery to please many or maybe newbs only (Day of Print for example). But, with last update with bigger chance to special days happening - it's too early to tell how more often it will be (last week was pretty nice with random days) and if such stone idea is really needed. Anyway, I support this idea
  10. Global Quest FAQ

    Hello, asked for new global quest (May the 23rd) I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 50, 1200 Amber and I have 20, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 1, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 0.
  11. Buying NMT removal

    Got a stone buyer, thanks - you may close the topic.
  12. Buying NMT removal

    Hello, I would like to buy NMT removal. Offering 400kgc but discussion is open - hard to find out the price when none on market So if you have one for sale or can get one from shop for me, please pm me or leave a message here in forums. Thanks! Vidriel
  13. Nexus potions

    Agreed with Cabman, wanted to write something similar... It should not be that everyone can have finished all tutorials imho. I was thinking that finished tutorial means your mastery in that skill, not only harvesting reward exp on special #day. We even got some achievements for those (and would be nice to have them for all tutorials in the future btw ). Well, many said they will not use them for such price while working very shortly. How many CoLs or saving stones or night visors can you mix in one minute. If they don't stack, you usually miss more than 1 nexus needed (like arti 5 vs arti 7 while 6 is not required for anything). Nexus transfer stone is much elegant option - also the cost is fair, works as long as you want until you move the nexus back. Maybe make these a little more common? Find-able (rare) from monster drops, instance drop, with harvesting or as a high-mixing item? Could be nice solution.
  14. Server crash?

    awww Vino, I hope you did!
  15. Server crash?

    ahhh and me trying to connect for more than 10 mins, looking forward it will be update or something that server is down... it's good we have forums to check - see ya soon in game then!