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Found 8 results

  1. Warp stone

    I have an idea for a new item; the warp stone. It is a stone that allows for fast TTR with a cooldown of one second. It works like this; 1 warp stone with emu of 3 would teleport you 6 squares( im reaonabky sure ttr is already upto 6 square radius) with a variable of 2 squares iny any direction (so effectively 4-8 squares forward) but as you cannot control it if you use a stone and it lands you in an inhabited square (one you cant naturally walk on) it will teleport you to NCA. Im not sure if it should be a craft or an eng item. This item I think would be very handy if used correctly but if you spam them without thinking it could get you killed.
  2. Auctioning Animal Removal Stone

    Starting Bid: 870k Minimum increments by 10kgc only Auction will end Next Tuesday : Tuesday 7th of May. same time.
  3. Buying Sun Tzu Stone

    Buying 1 Sun Tzu Stone 500k-530k you can find me ingame, just pm mimiru
  4. - Auction is closed - Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest! Hi! I would like to start an auction on an Artificial Nexus Removal Stone. because I have interest at this price I start at 810k. Start 810k Increment 5k Buy it now for 1mio End of auction on Monday 20th of august 4 pm GMT (if not sold for Buy-it-now price). Hope that one of you will get stronger out of this auction!! …And that you will enjoy the bidding! Have fun!
  5. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    HaHa, My Precious! My first stone of this kind!!! usually got only the ones that sells for cheap. really need the gc now So anyway, putting it on auction: Magic Removal Stone Starting price - 750k Increment - 5k BIN (buy it now) - 1M Oh time - if hittes BIN or on 3 days from this post. Payment excepted are only in GC (gold coins) Post your price here or contact me in game (@ zombie_girl) P.S. I reserve the right to refuse any bid for any reason! Thy and happy bidding zombie
  6. Auction: Vegetal Removal Stone

    Are you perturbed by potions, exasperated by extracts and maddened by mixtures? You are? Good, I have just the thing.. I am auctioning 1 (one) Vegetal Removal Stone. The auction will be over at no set time or day and I do have a 'reserve price' on this item. Starting bid is 780 kgc Increments minimum of 5 kgc BIN 1 Mgc I reserve the right to refuse any bid for any reason and also to withdraw the item if reserve price is not met. Payment is to be made in full, in gc only. There will be a discount to allies/friends/honourable players. Post here or PM me in game. Thank you and good luck, EP
  7. Magic Removal Stone Auction

    Auctioning a magic removal stone. Auction will end once I decide price is right or a day or so after last bid. Starting bid: 700k Min increment: 5k Buy it now: 850k Post offers here or pm me in game. If you want to buy it now it will be on Bugs_Bunny. Thanks, Rabbitman
  8. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Sold to Entris.