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  1. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Wizzy's idea would be great if we had the player base to support it. Unfortunately I just don't see it at the moment. Maybe it would stabilize after a year or 2, but imagine trying to find enough pka, he, and srs to support the current fighting community with the current rounder community. I know I would not play if I had to harvest and mix those items for my own use.
  2. Ranging

    You could also try wearing ninja cloak and cape of passive camo on alt. I believe those affect the difficulty to hit which should help you get more exp. On the other part about training a/d, the benefits of keeping physique low for training decrease once you get past forest chims as most monsters have high enough toughness and armour that you will need to train with a weapon to do damage to get attack exp anyway. RM
  3. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    There you go, I voted abc
  4. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Why not just allow people to choose an instance of any level to go to for this? i.e. Change the a/d bounds to recommended levels. Lower the number of bosses or boss drops if you are higher a/d than the range you select. If you are lower than the range you select increase the number of bosses or drops. This way people can choose whatever they want to do.
  5. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    I would imagine if this were added as an automated feature, there would be a few fake copies of the map (similar to invance iscalrith) rather than using the real map.
  6. Sell Hydro ring in store

    To be honest I am split on this suggestion. My initial reaction is it would probably be good for the game, but I'm not sure. So instead I will just post my thoughts. First the reasons I don't think it will ruin the game: 1. EL is already pay to win (either $$ or time). 2. Radu sells gold in the shop which can be used to buy hydro bars directly, so this doesn't really affect availability to p2p players. 3. Radu can balance their cost versus how many hydro you can get so it doesn't kill hydro price. Reason I think it may help the game: 1. For years hydro WAS the EL economy. Now iron ore->steel bars->s2e have very little value since people don't run hydro. This has stagnated the EL economy more than it was already. Adding a way for people to use these ingredients again will encourage trade again. Reason I think it may hurt the game: 1. The rosto market got really messed up when Haidir passes were added because another highly consumable shop-only item was added which divided the p2w crowd's $$. Adding another highly consumable item is likely to do the same thing to rostogols again. This would severely hurt the game if it happened. Rabbitman
  7. Breaking quest.

    To be honest I am split on this quest. It is one of the few quests that are actually difficult to complete. On the other hand it can be so incredibly random and that is a huge deterant for many players. I don't know a better way to balance the quests within current game mechanics. Pretty much every change people have suggested with these quests makes them trivial to complete.
  8. PK Server Competition

    Wizzy did something like this on main server ~9 months ago. The contest lasted 2 weeks and had a total of 9 participants. It was a fun experiment but there are a few things we learned from it. 1. People who no-life the contest get a significant advantage. 2. People who spend $$$ get a significant advantage. 3. People who have huge storage assets are at an advantage. A few changes I think would make the contest better by mitigating some of these advantages. Since it takes place on a separate server, we can play with initial conditions a bit: 1. All players start at 30 a/d. 2. All players start with all magic sigils. 3. Everyone starts with 100kgc in storage. We can also play with economy/npcs: 1. Binding stones, rostogol stones, serpent stones, enrichment stones, sold at npc (10k each). 2. Mirror/bp/nmt/warlock capes are sold at an npc (10k each). 3. Diss rings sold at npc (1k each...yes 1k each ). 4. Day stones sold at npc (50k each). As far as the start time goes, I think it would be better to open server on a Monday, then have the pk contest on Sunday. The 2 week contest felt really long and gave the no-lifers a huge advantage. Limiting the contest to one Monday-Sunday stretch should help with this. Players should be able to pay a few haidir passes or rostogol stones or something on main to create a character on the tournament server (ideally automated process). RM Edit: Link to wizzy's contest: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60058
  9. Need team for ice instance

    Rabbitman < 140 a/d. I'll tank it if no one else will.
  10. New Invasion Mob (suggestion)

    I mean mechanically you could get the desired effect by giving it 1 crit to hit, 100 crit to damage, 7/179 a/d and 2000 Might. That would make it hit once every 100 hits and deal around 400-500 damage a hit. The only part that wouldn't work would be not going to us on death. As vanyel pointed out though, people would just fight it naked. Or have 4 naked fighting and 4 geared. What reasons do people give for not doing invasions now? Not profitable? Stale/Boring/too easy/too hard? Inappropriate mob composition? No invasions close to their level? First taking a poll to see why people don't go would probably be more beneficial to the game. FYI I'm just throwing ideas out there since I haven't played EL actively in 0.5-1yr.
  11. New Invasion Mob (suggestion)

    I have to admit this is probably the most p2w and worst idea for EL I've ever seen.
  12. I like this idea, would definitely help new, lower level and occasional players. The general premise is good. The problem is pretty much anything for which you need a rostogol requires at least human 6 (great swords) or even 7 (scythe). For this idea to be beneficial some of the lower nexus items will need to be buffed to be more useful or the human nexus requirements lowered on some items.
  13. If I get this right, so people selling gcs on unofficial is mucking up the market and we can blame Mr. 28m for the rise in rosto price. Correct? That probably doesn't help, but I don't think that is the main issue. There has always been an alternate market in EL, and it has always had better rates than the in game shop. For years people still bought items from Radu as a safe way to buy gold or to support the game etc. For most of EL's life rostogol stones were the best gc/$$ from Radu. There have been two major price hikes in rostogols in the last few years which occurred whenever this was no longer the case. The first came when haidir passes were introduced. This is because they ended up being a better gc/$$ for a time which made people buy less rostogols. Supply and demand kicked in and the rostogol price rose to match the gc/$$ rate of haidir passes. (40k->60k) This most recent price hike is due to Radu selling gold directly. Now there are three major items in contention for players to buy from the shop: rostogols, haidir passes, and gold coins. However, this is not the same as the previous hike. You also have to consider that buying gold directly from Radu means you don't have to wait while rostogols or haidir passes sell. The gc/$$ rate on rostogols and haidirs must be significantly better gc/$$ than straight buying gold to get players to go back to buying them. Thus the price hiking on rostogol stones lately (60k->100k). RM
  14. If I were a new player and I saw what rostogol stones did, their current price, and the approximate gc/time rate for a new player I would uninstall the game within a week. On the other hand, the best I can tell most of the $$ income of EL comes from recurring players, not new players. So this might be a moot point. On the topic of the actual thread, based on the gc/time rate without instances or bot shenanigans I would say ~20k per rostogol seems reasonable to me. That's around an hour of making gc for the average player per death. I don't know what a good solution for the EL economy is...if there even is one at this point. I would expect if the find rate on bindings/rostogols/enrichments was increased 3-5x, and the mix rate on enriched essences was brought to about 1/5k across the board things would start to stabilize. But with the number of nice xp sinks for rare ings I don't know if this would actually make a big difference these days. RM
  15. Selling Rostogol Stones on NPC

    Perhaps it's just me (and remembering when Rosts were more like 20K) but these two statements just don't seem to go together. I wonder if net income for Entropy would go up or down if Main server Rosts were $1 as they are for the PK server? Would the increased usage (and loss) track the decreased price? The real question is, would $1 rostogols be enough to bring a significant number of players back/help keep new players longer? Imo, it would probably be enough for some but not enough to offset the decreased cost at the shop. If EL is to get more players it needs to offer fun content you can't get in other games. If the fun content were good enough, people would come and spend $$ at the shop just like in 2006-2008.