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  1. Skarak's behavior on LT spawn

    He is not russian, he is from Ukraine. There is the only russian in the game, which spoils the appearance of russian nation. I think, you all know his name. Other russian and ukrainian people I know in EL are much nicer and friendly. About RUS guild - what can you do, if somebody, who think, that he is god, create a guild with name of country abbreviation and will kill everybody? What if some serper/bjer would create guild USA and start to annoy people? Would you think, that american people are sucks? I have here IRL one friend from Poland and I'd call him a real friend and I think, he could also call me a real friend. There are no bad nations, there are bad and very bed humans, there are good and very good humans. Racism is sucks, but I wouldn't trust and cooperate with people, whose behavior is not good for society. Have fun
  2. Beware of Tyriel

    Main char was banned as well?
  3. Beware of Tyriel

  4. Beware of Tyriel

    Pm to Radu or Aislinn in game, ask them for they check him on multitrading cases. It was probably alt, and probably shifted money to main char, which is not legal. I reported few times every attempts to scam me and few assholes was banned (includes main chars).
  5. Stivy serping Yetis with his alt Skarak.

    Prooflink: http://eternal-lands.com/
  6. Stivy serping Yetis with his alt Skarak.

    There are a lot of another games, where rules can prevent such stuff and administration interested in avoid such situation... Personally, I'm not investing so much time in leveling anymore, just playing when nothing to do and meet with friends
  7. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I think, it's really nice idea, maybe even down to 10 players. I like small-team invances much better than 50-players rush.
  8. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Abused by who? Does it matter? But some asked for invance and then used a Sun Tzu stone (invances wouldn't be started during a Sun Tzu) Yes, and radu said no invances for whole week. But what's the problem? People would get 2x times more exp and 2x times more fun because of it.
  9. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Abused by who?
  10. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Btw, why double invance exp was removed if we do it on sun-tzu? Day of Sun-Tzu assumes you getting 2x exp of everything, but suddenly "except invance bonus". Why so?
  11. Possible Invance Rehab?

    BJers are the entire game problem. I'd say, it's a game feature. Do you remember how many players left the game because of Dubro's and newhope's actions? I'm personaly lost about 10 friends this way, so now they made such problem, got bored and left the game too. I can tell you a secret - you have to make more numbers of success hits. Damage doesn't matter. So just attack monsters which you hit well first than others for just 0.5-1 second It works. That's why many higher players will not help you this way - they already know you will the drop - so why bother, they just going to kill another monsters while you busy
  12. Possible Invance Rehab?

    That's probably why most of 160-170s players killing everybody on their way include MCWs, Yetis, Trices, etc? Just go with FA and kill all include Giants (with FA as well). Even if lower players will try to help them - they could get just few exp (before killing with FA is very fast), and no chance to get drop for lower players. When I was about 120-130, my drop in such invance was like 100-1000 gc, when I became 130-140 - I started to get like 5k per invance. Now it's about 5-8k, because I'm killing nasps by my own, otherwise I have no chance to get even such money. 2 times I went with small team (like 5-9 man, which usually go when in Europe is deep night). They are were really nice for me. I've got really a lot of exp while fighting monsters, on first one I've got about 38kgc, on second one was my record 60kgc. This is because real teamwork. So from my point of the view 120s people have no chance to get drop when 170s starting to rush, but they tanking as well for strong players if they would like to help. There is another problem - low stuff getting killed in just 22-25 minutes usually and just MBs and Dragons left. I don't ranging invances, because it's waste of money. But when I ask somebody 170s who is tanking dragon or MB to remove plate for I join - some people are very kindly and let me tank, but another half just ignores. What is it? Greedy? What if I say about I don't want share, I just want to help? And I know about 5 at least such players who don't care. It makes people getting boring and thats why we have like 30 players at the gates when 3-8 monsters left.
  13. Possible Invance Rehab?

    There are 2 solutions: 1. Split (which Aislinn dislike, because it was already discussed) - can prevent of no people coming. So if it's 120-140 invance - it's probably will be 120-140 only, so we don't actually need a caps. 2. Don't spawn monsters if no players to kill them. If they will be at start and after some period nobody will left (disconnect or so on) - so if no players for fight capped mobs and capped mobs the only left - why not make a Victory? Or remove caps?
  14. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Go to play for 3 years like 8 hours per day average, then I'll see you tone when somebody will try to reduce exp you getting. I don't feel mood to invest much time and money in the game time anymore, because there are some rules, I accept it, playing hard to be better than lot of other players. Then rules changed and I feel I wasted few years of my life. How would you feel that? Well, do whatever you want with the game, with the invances, whatever. Game already lost that fun which it had few years ago, so if you will make it too bad, I'll just stop playing it and will find something more interesting.
  15. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Ok, What's about Remove inVances at all and make such kind of bonus Like 1.5-2k per level for InSTances. I think, it will make people more motivated since drops has been removed, and if you use scales - You don't getting any profit in average.