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  1. Server Update Suggestions

    Another nice addition would be to have a building dedicated to those who have passed away in real life. Maybe have a room or building dedicated to it, filled with statues you can click on which reads their names.
  2. Server Update Suggestions

    When using haidir passes you should not be able to get the same exact daily back to back. (EX. iron helms and after using a pass getting iron helms)
  3. EFE's giveaway

  4. Expiring bots (end of June)

    paid for ironside : 9VP36149NP492461Y
  5. Point Def.

    I will be selling 100k point on here got more if you want. Send me a pm in game with offer. Can sell in any amount.
  6. capp IP creatures

    If you cap the rat cave what if someone over it needs to do it for the quest?
  7. IP ban

    Sorry radu..I was online then I thought I could remember the password to the charc. So I tried it once and it said incorrect so I closed the page and went to open at and it said ip ban. I will not try logging it on again and sorry for doing this again.
  8. IP ban

    Hello My IP address was ban. The reason its ban is because I changed the pass on a character earlier today and forgot what I made it. So I have been trying to log it on for many attempts and then after a while I got the message the name of the Character is CoachTim.

    CONTEST DONE-congrats to winners
  10. Ban

    Will you be able to unlock this for me then? Thank you, TheArrow
  11. Ban

    Oh, thank you. I had not known it was him, my guild leader accepted him not knowing either. And I talked to him for a few weeks and he said he wanted to sell it , the shortcut character, and I was not sharing the character at this time so then I said I'd buy it so I would have a character in 60-80 range and I paid him gold coins and he gave me password I changed it then only I knew it then. 5 days later today i was ban ---thank you I now know why and I will definitely not associate with sir tank any more, he seemed cool but that must just be the work of a scammer, thanks
  12. Ban

    I dont think it was teot iam still glad he is ban the person i bought it from was sirtank and this person was in my guild as shortcut and said they wanted fo sell it for armor for there tank so i bought it from them
  13. Ban

    Hello. The character shortcut is ban. I don't know why, I bought it from the owner 5 days ago. I did nothing to get it ban but after I bought some people told me the owner was not a nice person. If it could be un ban I would be very thankful. THANK YOU-THEARROW
  14. New perk ideas

    something where you can gather ranged drops
  15. EL video montage

    good luck will spread word about it