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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. Expiring bots (end of June)

    paid for ironside : 9VP36149NP492461Y
  3. Point Def.

    I will be selling 100k point on here got more if you want. Send me a pm in game with offer. Can sell in any amount.
  4. capp IP creatures

    If you cap the rat cave what if someone over it needs to do it for the quest?
  5. IP ban

    Sorry radu..I was online then I thought I could remember the password to the charc. So I tried it once and it said incorrect so I closed the page and went to open at and it said ip ban. I will not try logging it on again and sorry for doing this again.
  6. IP ban

    Hello My IP address was ban. The reason its ban is because I changed the pass on a character earlier today and forgot what I made it. So I have been trying to log it on for many attempts and then after a while I got the message the name of the Character is CoachTim.

    CONTEST DONE-congrats to winners
  8. Ban

    Will you be able to unlock this for me then? Thank you, TheArrow
  9. Ban

    Oh, thank you. I had not known it was him, my guild leader accepted him not knowing either. And I talked to him for a few weeks and he said he wanted to sell it , the shortcut character, and I was not sharing the character at this time so then I said I'd buy it so I would have a character in 60-80 range and I paid him gold coins and he gave me password I changed it then only I knew it then. 5 days later today i was ban ---thank you I now know why and I will definitely not associate with sir tank any more, he seemed cool but that must just be the work of a scammer, thanks
  10. Ban

    I dont think it was teot iam still glad he is ban the person i bought it from was sirtank and this person was in my guild as shortcut and said they wanted fo sell it for armor for there tank so i bought it from them
  11. Ban

    Hello. The character shortcut is ban. I don't know why, I bought it from the owner 5 days ago. I did nothing to get it ban but after I bought some people told me the owner was not a nice person. If it could be un ban I would be very thankful. THANK YOU-THEARROW
  12. New perk ideas

    something where you can gather ranged drops
  13. EL video montage

    good luck will spread word about it
  14. EL video montage

    When will you make it?

    Hello everyone, THEARROW is having 2nd annual contest every year sometime in February I will host a contest. This years will be held February 5th 5pm EST time and will probably run all Friday and Saturday. This years contest will also be a lot more organized than last years I have worked on skills to make it run more smooth. The contest will be a hide and seek Trivia and some other contest I will explain when contest is here. Donations are very welcomed and much appreciated(The more donations the bigger the contest is). This time it will be much shorter and the prizes will be given out order of donated not random like last time. If you want to donate please contact THEARROW CoachTim contestbot or ironside. WE WILL MAKE A SPILT OR COMBINED PRIZE LIST the day before contest The people who will not be allowed to participate in the contest is kryotic novilli hikoboshibsd kusanagimotoko teotwawki the_truer the_butcher magicall ewalk kath projectx malakaikhan wedif sellingall hahaprod chester estyroth EVERYONE ELSE IS WELCOMED! unfortunately teot bjed someone in a recent meli invasion that I watched happen so he will not be taking part in this years contest. TOP DONATER WILL GET A SPECIAL REWARD(BY WORTH OF GC) Congartz to Evie for winning top donator! Also after you donate there is no refunds they will have to be won back. No more donations will be accepted prize list already made out and ready for Friday February 5th Thank you everyone who has donated. The donors The prize donated Rico 122 merc 2 iron battle hammers 1 book of steel axe Finesse 3 gold star mace 1 monster magnetism removal 1 p2p coupon Prometheus 1 orange kirito 1 cape of passive camo 1 10% coupon 1 black and red scarf 1 cheap cutlass 1 brown adventure hat 1 green caviler peacock hat black and 1 brown tricorn hat 1 black 1 black cailver hat ivoryrose 1 scythe 1 halberd 5 haidir pass DarkDiablo 1 invasion meter 1 efe 10 pots of evasion 8 pots of sum 2 pots of invis 20 pots of acc 5 icy scales 80 treasures finders Stouxy 1 cutlass Squeezle 1 enrichment stone 1 binding stone 96 votd rings 1 reasoning removal stone 2 gather meds 2 harv med 32 diss rings 1 serp stone Chicory 25 sticks 50 logs nzwitch 1k white lillys 1k diamonds 1k blue laps 1k blue star flower 1k lilacs 1k impatiens 1k silver ore 1k emeralds 1k sapphire 1k blue quartz 1k Lesh 1k points of defense bud 500 hes 500 srs 1 gather med Ganghas/Mightyme 1k Srs biker_boy 20 enriched energy ess luzbell 1 js 1 efe 1 bp cape 10k gc Finesse 1 ice scale 1 gelt removal 2 mm removal 45 points deef Finesse 1mm removal 3anti soc removal 2hspwn remval praxis 1 bp cape 1 fast regn cape 1 conjuer cape 1 warlocks cape 1 exvactor cape 1 power saving cape 1 anti social removal 1 harvest of sorrows removal 5 rops 1 stars med 1 moon med 1 unicorn med 1k FES 50 pot alch 50 pots sum 50 fasting pots 50 potion of will 50 pots of eng 50 posion anti 42 def redu 27 att redu 1 cape of passive camo 1 red vest 1 santa hat 1 black blue pants 1 red pants 2 high esxpolsive mine 400 cooked meat 1 fox scarf 1 steel shield 1 shortbow 1 s2e sword 1 crossbow 1 wooden staff 1 iron helm 100 teasure finder 50pots of invis DeadlyKnight 1 camo cape Finesse 1 p2p coupon 1 5% coupon 1 gell bones remove 1 mm remove 1 ICD remove Yulin_old 1 mol 1 tit serp sword Murgen 1 brown rabbit fur 1 bread 1 raccon fur 1 raw meat Goldberg 1 tit shield 1k hes 1kes silver ore 1k iron ore 384 honey comb 1 icd removal 250 silver bar 250 tit bar Finesse 2 black dragon scales 1 mm removal Nzwitch 1 artificer cape Finesse 1 gel removal 1 anti soc remov biker_boy 2 pots of eng DsoD 10k shrooms praxis 1 hsp removal 1 anti soc removal 1 ICD removal 1 gel bones removal XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX busterblader 1 radioactive raiper Finesse 1 p2p coupon 2 mm removal 1 icd removal 1 hsp removal teotwawki 1675points of defsne Teotwawki 20 water ess 78 honey comb 1 pre owned tit short 1 long bow 1 bucket 250 logs 44 ashes 62 bones powder 1 wood handle 79 merc 2 enriched energy ess 1 anti soc removal LovingM0M 5 enhanced wooden shield 1 mule glyph 1 blue tricorn hat 100 rubys 10 warm fur gloves Alduron 1 GHP 1 pot of T.S 1 pot of acc 1 pot of speed hax Finesse 1 RD scale THEARROW 10k roses 10k snaps 2 gsm 1 warloaks cloak 1 anti soc removal 50 hawk feather 50 falcon feather 1 book of tit serp sword of fire THEARROW 1 halberd Finesse 2 anti soc removal 1 mm removal 1 skull key 14 bones powder 46 logs 26 branches Multanex 50 skunk hat 1 fur torso 1 fur pants 2 GSM 16 raccon hat 1 warm fur glove 1 bp cape 2 excavator cape 2 warlocks cape 2 augmented pants 2 leather torso 1 augmented torso 1 purple tunic \ The_Grud 1 steel helm Finesse 1 mm removal 1 icd removal 1 ice scale 1 gsm 1 uni med 1 point of def 1 book tit/steel long of thermal 10 posion anti 2 anti soc rem 1 black dragon scale 1 leather gloves Satyriah 5k red rose Reckoning97 1 quarter staff 1 iron battle hammer 50 thread Finesse 195 points of def 1 p2p coupon 1 bot blessing coupon 1 hspwn removal 1 gel bones rem 1 mmremoval 1 black scale MadOcultist 42 books of crafting pot 1k bones 800 merc 2 book pot of sum 1 book of gargoyle summon 1 book tit smelting 1 book tit molding 1 book of isla prima building 1 boo of orc fighting 1 book of troll fighting 1 book tit short contruc 1 book of tit mining Finesse 1 GSM 1 short bow 1 anti soc removal 1 hsp removal IvoryRose 100 Potions of Invs Finesse 3 GSM finesse 100 posion anti 100 bear fur 100 hawk feather 1 iron battle hammer 1 book of mercury extraction 1 boom steel axe construc 1 book of invis 1 book of steel long sword 1 book of psoion antidope 1 book of acc LittleBig 1 daily cd reducer Maxine 1 big book of tailoring 1 staff of protection Zicus 1 mm cape Chris 10k gc 1 golden star mace 1 scythe 10 unicorn 2 black dragon scale 1 lenny fur 1 book of posion antidope Finesse 1 p2p coupon 7 GSM 1 iron axe 30 fas Finesse 1 unicorn med 1 ROP 10 poison anti 50 bear fur 3 leather torso 1 tit bar 1 hammer 25 silver ore 1 wine 30 fas 10 mule skin Luzbell 5 tiger summon stones 20k chtmens Shok 1 book of tit mining 1 book of invis 1 book of evasion 1 book of posion anti 1 book of crafting pot 1 book invis pot 1 book isla prima ring 1 book of steel axe con 1 book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice MeliodaS 1 staff of protection Flashy 1 brown tricorn hat 1 white skirt 1 white robe Red_Panda 2 Gelatine Bones removal 1 I can't Dance removal 6 Hellspawn removal 16 Ring of Damage 13 A/D Indicator 9 Accuracy/Magic Indicator 13 Make Rare/Fail Indicator 5 Criticals Indicator Praxis 1 white silver wedding dress 20 p2p coupon 1 bot blessing coupon 1 white silver skirt 1 book of serpent sword of fire Fairytail 1 med of mana 5k raw meat G17 500gc 250 cotton 1k quartz Finesse 1 ICD removal 1 MM removal 1 HSPWN removal 1 GSM EatsAllLife 1k toads 10k cthms 5k silver ore 5k rose 5k snaps 5k sulfur 10 diss rings 10 IP rings 5 crits indicator 1 instinct removal 1 stars med 1 ROP 1 unicorn med ContestBot 1 book of axe cons 1 book of steel axe 1 book tit axe Finesse 1 GSM 1 ICD removal 1 mm removal Finesse 1 GSM 1 p2p coupon 1 gel removal Finesse 3 GSM Finesse 3 GSM Finesse 1 point of def 6 wolf fur 1 steel chain 12 snow lep fur 1 lenny fur 47 red snake skin 1 tit short sword 1 gel removal 1 hswpn removal 1 anti soc removal 1 icd removal 1 book body reso 1 book posion anti 1 book acc 1 book invis Finesse 1 Gelbone removal 1 5% coupon 6 pkas 6 fas 6 brncs 3 cotton 38 wooden logs 4 bones 6 leather gloves Caduceus 3 staff of protection Luzbell 1 brozen sowrd 1 book tit short contrast 1 gsm Elywynn 1 tit axe ANNAH 1 raccoon hat 1 fox scarf 2k yew 1 dung tele port Luzbell 1 mm cloak ganghas 21 enriched energy ess hatwood♫ 1 book thermal sword Erebos 10 moon med 10 uni med 46 leather pants 1 augmented torso 1 augmented pants 5 iron helm 20 leather helm 1 steel chain 1 iron shield 2 wooden battle hammer 1 iron sword 1 steel long sword 1 wooden staff Erebos 1 conjurer cloak 1 purple robe skirt 1 brown tunic 1 white tunic 1 brown buc hat 1 red scarf 1 red robe 1 blue robe skirt 1 blue robe 1 purple robe 1 raccoon hat 1 brown tricorn hat Luzbell 1 book tit steel short of magic 10k gc biker_boy 2 amber biker_boy 1k raw meat Angler 3k points of def MalakaiKhan 1 harvester med 1 excavator cape Violater 1k raw meat 500 points of def 1 warlocks cloak 1 anti soc removal 1 hspwn removal 1 gsm lyndy 1 ELE Jade 50k gc Taven 8 points od def 2 quartz 2 earth essnces 1 iron sword 1 brown rabbit fur 1 raw meat 1 br 1 bone Potato/Potato_Jr 10k bones radu 10 daily cd reducer evie 5 daily cd reducer 1 rosto busterblader 1 rosto Shiidiman 1 col 1 EFE northstar 1 book tit serp thermal Littlelotter 1 alembic 1 brozen sowrd 1 5% coupon 1 bot blessing coupon Lalaith 50 amber 5 serpent stones Lalaith 1 EME Luzbell 1 iron helm 1 halberd 100 pear finders 1 hellspawn removal 1 moon med 1 stars med Morpheus 1 rosto stone Luzbell 1 ice scale 3 black dragon scale Evie 1 color change stone 5 cd reducers 10 tiger summoning stone Valcaz 12 iron swords 1 used cutlass 22 iron broad sword 11 iron battle hammers 200 magic bolts 20 ice bolts 40 fire arrows 6 steel long swords 4 steel two edge swords 4 conjurer cloak 2 excavator cloak 2 cotu 1 artificer cloak 5 fr cloak 5 warlock cloak 1 brown doublet 1 white doublet 1 white tunic 1 black doublet 1 yellow robe 1 yellow robe skirt 1 light blue robe skirt 1 light blue robe 1 green white dress 1 green white skirt 1 white red peasant dress 1red white peasant robe 1 purple white dress 1 red pink dress 1 white black skirt/dress 1 grey robe 1 grey robe skirt 1 black blue stripped baggy pants 5 white wizard hat 2 power saving cloak 1 black red stripped baggy pants 1 brown vest 1 brown jacket 1 black buc hat 5 tricorn hats 1 red vet 1 black cav hat Valcaz 1 blue dragon sword 1 invasion token 1 bot blessing coupon 1 archery arena ticket drabbit 1 s2e sowrd 10 rat tails 200 bones 1 fur cloak 1 leather torso 10 green snake skin 30 beaver fur 10 raccoon fur 1 unicorn med 1 iron sword 1 wooden staff Prometheus 100 rings of Isla prima satyriah 10 unicorn medallion