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  1. Forgot Password

    I am checking out the game after a long break and I can't log in! Help?
  2. Clarification about rule 5 and RL $$

    How are you going to enforce this?
  3. Vote for EL Linux packages

    Indeed you can, and indeed it is, but I was hoping not to scare away those not happy using the command line (which I use all the time BTW). If you need a place to host this stuff, give me a shout. There's plenty of room on el.beplacid.net. Those media hosting sites suck
  4. Linux package files into CVS i.e. debs

    Nice work bluap, as usual.
  5. Summonable Penguins

    Summoning a little Tux would rule. Idea sounds good to me!
  6. Vote for EL Linux packages

    Thanks for providing absolutely no insight or relevant input to the topic at hand. bluap, I think it's a good idea as there will always be people who are not ofey with building from CVS, and even those who have difficulty with extracting & running EL from its current packaging methods. Basically, it can't hurt at all. I'm inclined to say .debs at least - bearing in mind that it may be beneficial to make them compatible with both Debian and Ubuntu - and similarly for the rpm-based distributions.
  7. Integrating the map editor - discussion

    Lol, I have to have that text-book on my mind then Althrough I never read one about SCM I take you do not fully agree with this, do you ? Álvaro No, you're misunderstanding me. I wasn't being sarcastic. The phrase 'text book case' means that the case is perfect for what you're intending. Oh, and I've never read anything on SCM either; that would be awfully boring.
  8. Integrating the map editor - discussion

    Yes, we had to change some things on the startup process and some changes in the scene drawing (and more), which if included right now would break the client. So branching makes a lot of sense while we don't have this thing stable enough to merge in the main trunk. We also need to share code very periodically, even if that code does not compile at all. Álvaro Text-book case ;p
  9. Patch #2461: Add resolution 1400x1050

    The patch looks fine and applies and builds cleanly. I can confirm the window mode works but my monitor is not up to running this in full screen and I get the "Stop playing with the configuration file and select valid modes!" error; that's OK I'm sure. So, anyone object if I (or someone else) go right ahead and commit this change? Patch applied cleanly and worked fine for me.
  10. Integrating the map editor - discussion

    Branching of any use here?
  11. You are all taking this WAY too seriously...
  12. Client text macro commands

    Well, that's if you're using a US-style keyboard layout. Of course, the rest of the world probably doesn't have to press as many keys. Personally I think the idea is excellent, and it's definitely something I'd use.
  13. Energy Problems

    So what should happen if you disconnect during a fight? Stop fighting? #beam? Sure, that wouldn't be abused...
  14. Server in window title

    Lesser of the two evils, mon petite poulet.
  15. This has got nothing to do with changing the overall functionality of the storage window. It's purely to do with the category ordering.