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  1. Pk tournement

    Sounds about right lol. You should see my chat log from the tournament I held xD But people will complain no matter what you do. I would reschedule it and as long as enough people show up; run it. It'll still be worth it at the end of the day. If I can take the abuse in PMs i know you can
  2. Event Ideas + EL Promo vids

    Thank you! That's the main point of all this. All the above ideas need some additional thoughts, opinions and insight to make them as fun and successful as possible. My thoughts so far for the guild manu challenge: there will be no way to ensure guilds start entirely from scratch. but some factors will work to lessen the impact of this factor: -The items we select should be carefully chosen (You will understand once I post the first one ) -The prizes will be decent but not astronomically high; so at a certain point it would be wasting gc in order to win I have added you to the list of interested parties/volunteers, thank you! As I iron out individual plans, I will contact you
  3. KF proposed changes

    I can't speak for everyone, but If all combat tokens did not work in pk, and there was more cooldown on summoning stones, I would start to PK regularly. PK should absolutely be a gc sink. But should also have an emphasis on skill to actually win. Tokens take a ton of skill out of the equation. If i had to name one thing on this who list that would make a difference, I would say Beaver/Brownie and other combat-related tokens should not work at all. -Brownie Token - gear selection is severely limited by Brownie token... no brownie token means people don't have to wear mage skirt or cotu 100% of the time. Not only does this eliminate many gear options; People who trained crafting are screwed on using combat rings, and you can rarely even try to BroD someone :/ -Beaver Token - One of the main skills of pk is managing mana. Beaver tokens ruin this and/or make fights last too long. When I hosted pk tournament recently, I tried to outlaw tokens, but discovered token use was not detectable by mods. It was extremely difficult to run the tournament as a normal player, so instead of making it more complicated, i just removed the "no tokens" rule - the first match was under 2 seconds, because of the brownie tokens, and the entire rest of the tournament everyone had to wear cotu or mage pants. Quite a few fights were determined purely by who had more gc to burn, instead of skill. I think if there was no token use, quite a few more fighters would've participated. Tokens are great for invasions etc, and great for helping newbies advance quicker (by selling), but they are extremely detrimental to PK. I plan on running a lot more pk events, providing prizes etc, so i think if the cost was a bit lower and the chances of winning a bit higher for players, a lot more would participate And hopefully others will start doing some contests etc as well. If i had to pick ONE item from the list of proposed changes, Tokens disabled for PK would be it. ----Original Poster--- My thoughts, in terms of getting "lower levels" into PK: Adding cooldown to summoning stones : Don't eliminate anything that relates to another skill besides a/d. Nothing. All this does is remove players who would participate. Cooldown increase is a GREAT idea Eliminating all skill/attribute caps I see no way this benefits lower levels from entering, in fact, it does the opposite. I would propose eliminating the cap in either the forts, or in the field (keeping the cap in the forts). I would say don't completely remove it from entire map. If Desert Pines can have two arenas with different caps, KF can have a no pk area, a capped area, and an uncapped area. I think this would be best for everyone. Eliminate cooldown on srs/emps or ELIMINATE BEAVER TOKENS IN PK : Eliminate ALL TOKENS from PK. They are great for other purposes, but death for PK. **CREATING A SAFE AREA FOR SPECTATORS** Fantastic idea. Best idea on here besides Eliminating Tokens. The spectating area +1 Mines/wards Yes, allow Engineering items full, normal power. Anything keeping different styles of players/characters out of PK is bad for PK. Natural summons I like it, but this is such a big change, it should probably have its own topic.
  4. Event Ideas + EL Promo vids

    This post is to discuss a few event ideas, as well as me requesting some help in creating some EL videos I will post on YouTube (possibly elsewhere as well) that will be designed specifically for promoting the game to new players. This is an open discussion on both topics, as well as a place to discuss how you can help with either, if you are so inclined. For the YouTube videos, I am planning some extended videos showing off EL and explaining what makes it special and why it is well worth exploring. Rather than comparing it to other games, it will explain what sets it apart. I would like to find some players who would like to assist in creating various short "scenes" that will essentially be cut into an organized montage falling in time with the narration. I'll use the same game footage to assemble a short "trailer" for the game as well. There will be a few videos meant to accompany the main promo video that goes a little more in-depth into certain aspects of the game, and then a series of "beginner tips" and some videos going into more history of the game. If you want to help in any aspect of the videos, from "acting/appearing" in some of the "scenes" to making a graphic, music, etc - any potential contribution is worthy of discussion. EVENTS Some event ideas I am in the process of planning, and would LOVE to have some open discussion on the best way to carry them out. My first event was overall a success in that it got a nice chunk of the community involved, and most of the feedback received was positive (you can't please everyone, and it's always the few dissatisfied ones who speak up the loudest ). Having said that; any events going forward will either be well-organized beforehand (a process that requires a bit of coordination coming from both organizer and participant), or postponed, if there are any last second issues. Most importantly; I am requesting volunteers to help ensure these events run as smoothly as possible. (Example; someone to hand out prizes in a drawing as I reveal the winners, which saves a lot of time). -PK Events- -PK Teams Event in KF. -We could do capture the flag, we could elect a number of captains who will select teammates, we could have guild battles... the question is; what would participants enjoy the most, and what format would allow for the largest possibly number of participants? --PK Desert Pines Arena Event - Anyone above a/d 40 would be allowed to participate, with a handful of gear/item limitations, to keep the fights from going too long etc. -Non-PK Events- -the 1st Annual Great Irilion Footrace - A footrace or short series of footraces, to take place in some of Irilion's largest interior maps. Some will say Speedhax only, some will say No Speedhax. The answer may be to have a few races, the shortest of which does not allow speedhax. This is a good point to discuss. As some of these maps are extremely maze-like, and also to help watch for cheating, a number of characters can serve both as "guides" and extra sets of eyes on the course. I can handle placing a few chars along the track myself, but if some would like to volunteer to sit some of their alts as well, that would be a great help. -RolePlaying style "Quest" event- Once started, each day, or 1 day a week (haven't decided yet) there will be another chapter of the event, which will take the form of a series of riddles, a hide and seek, different mini-games. The less people who complete the quest, the greater the prize for the winners. In addition to this concept to keep friends from cheating/helping each other, quest items, locations etc will sometimes vary slightly for individual participants. For this event to work, it would require a reasonable number of volunteers to help with certain simple but vital tasks. -Guild challenge mixing event- Guilds will be challenged to produce the most of a certain item within a certain time frame. Participating guilds pay an entry fee that goes to the prize pool, Additional gc is added by myself and anyone who wishes to donate. These should be items that require little to no nexus. I have a fun one in mind Why do this?? Fun... -If you want to help- -Anyone is welcome to donate prizes for events. Any and all donated prizes will be given to my alt; Ursa_Omega for safe keeping. If you donate an event prize, you can specify what event it is for, or if non-specified, it can be used as a prize for any contest/event, at any time. A record will be kept of all events/prizes going forward, in the appropriate public forum post, and obviously a record of what prizes have been donated, and by who. If you donate an item/gc but change your mind before it is given as a prize, you are free to take it back at any time. Once a prize is given, it's gone. So be sure before you donate anything. -If you want to physically participate in the non-pk events (ex. serve as a guide/passage blocker in an underground race) you are free to enter one of your alts into the guild for "event characters" OWL. You are free to get the OWL tag any time you like, but you have to cannot enter anonymously; you must verify by PM from your main char. (This is an event participation guild, for the purpose of identification and communication during events) -I need to talk to an expert on the game lore for an hour to get some additional knowledge for the RP Quest Event. -I need the help of a moderator or two if I want to successfully run the pk events. -Literally anyone who wants to can volunteer to help with some of the staged scenes for the youtube promo video(s). Just tell me and when the time comes i'll PM you. Most of these should be extremely quick and easy. If you've read this far, you either have something to contribute or some sort of gripe or insult. Please don't hesitate to leave both in the comments below. Main goal of all this is for everyone to have fun, so I want to hear your opinions
  5. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Being "a bit" of a pk noob who wants to get into it but doesn't, I would say; -no drop is definitely a good thing (specific maps only, obviously). -tokens should not be usable in pk -a spectator zone around a map entrance would be fantastic and having a capped area (the fields?) and an uncapped area (forts?) sounds nice, as long as it's not overdone, turning the map into a confusing mess. -I'll leave the ideas about balancing engineering and summoning to those who have plenty more experience than myself, except to say - enough skills have already been rendered nearly useless/pointless - disabling eng/summoning items completely sounds awful. (An idea: How about instead of killing engineering in pk, make a new cape that moderately negates the effects of engineering items? This adds to the strategy of pk, instead of removing options for those who wish to participate? Couple this with disabling tokens, and people don't have to keep CotU on constantly. This even grants a little use back to crafting, as people might use combat rings a bit more) ***The one definitive thing that keeps me out of casually entering pk: TOKENS. Every element of pk should involve some amount of rl skill imo - beaver and brownie tokens are nothing but death to this concept. They should not work in any pk area anywhere.***
  6. STO SALE!

    How much for all the tailoring items left on the list together? (serious inquiry)
  7. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    Thank you for putting videos together. Was a fun event all in all. Good number of players came out for it, which is always the main point
  8. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    Kram we keep missing each other but i have your winnings (2 rostos) set aside for you
  9. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Oh for sure, but it would at least make it possible for lower levels to participate to a far higher degree than now, which is none
  10. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    IMO there needs to be a pk map with no drop and a cap on a/d and attributes. With the current state of things, it's impossible to pk without just getting destroyed by high level chars, and everyone from newbie, to people a/d 130 also want to have fun. Whether that is KF, or an existing, underused map, or if someone designs a new map and pays guild map fee to get it into the game, I think it is an undeniably great idea. A map where anyone can fight, and where someone with more skill but only a/d 80s can beat someone with a/d 150s and less skill would be great. On the subject of bombs etc, they should work. everything that provides a more dynamic combat should work. And imo, tokens should NOT work in pk
  11. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    Updated. In process of creating poll, and will begin occasionally spamming it in 6 in the coming days.
  12. Stones/Enriched Ess for Sale+More

    Bump Lots new stuff added
  13. Stones/Enriched Ess for Sale+More

    Bump* New items added
  14. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    That sounds great, thank you! Would you want to come up with the scavenger hunt? PM me in-game or here in forums?
  15. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    Tournament Time/Date: June 13th 6pm GMT (2pm EST) ^^*Attention!*** -The plan for this event was for the community to decide on the best format/location/rules for this event. Without a lot of input, and some apparently incorrect information, the date, format, location and rules were pieced together by me. My intention for this event was to sponsor the prizes, and let the community decide what they would like best. It didn't work out that way. With a few others, we are already in the process of constructing 1-2 "more balanced, fair" events. -We are NOT cancelling this event, unless the community votes to do so, BUT all participants should be aware of these issues: -This event has tiers based on a/d. Going forward, they will be based on combat level. This will make for a much more balanced and even tier system. Under the a/d format, there is a chance you will be pitted against someone with a significantly higher combat level. -As of now, we still do not have a moderator who has pledged to oversee the event, checking that no one lies about stats or ensuring no one is entering too many characters. -I was told token use was detectable by moderators. I have discovered they are NOT. Therefore, the no tokens rule must be removed. -we may or may not be able to get a No Drop Day for the event. The event locations ARE drop arenas. We ask no one steals a deathbag, and a player will be disqualified for doing so, but you should be prepared to carry a Rosto if you are afraid to lose your gear. -Knowing these things, you may choose to participate, or you may vote to postpone the event, or you are free to wait for the next, improved event. This being said, here is the event information: Format: 1 on 1, single combat fights. 5 Tiers, based on a/d. These are base prize pools. The more who participate, the higher the prize pools become Tier 1: a/d 120 or below. Rules: No BRoD, No MI Removal Ward, No mines, No High Level Summons* (See details below), No "Special" armor and weapons** (See details below) Prize 1st place winner: 150k gc, 1 Binding Stone Prize 2nd place winner: 1 Rostogol Stone, Tier 2: a/d 140 or below: Rules: No BRoD, No MI Removal Ward, No mines, No High Level Summons* (See details below), No "Special" armor and weapons** (See details below) Prize 1st place winner: 150k gc, 1 Grapes Prize 2nd place winner:1 Rostogol Stone Tier 3 a/d 160 or below Rules: No BRoD, No MI Removal Ward, No High Level Summons* Prize 1st place winner: 250k GC, 1 Day of Tailoring Stone Prize 2nd place winner:1 Rostogol Stone Tier 4 a/d Maxed or below Rules: No BRoD, No High Level Summons* (See details below) Prize 1st place winner: $25 in shop items, your choice. Prize 2nd place winner: 2 Rostogol Stone WTF Tier: a/d 120 or higher Rules: No summoning Dragons, including LBD Prize 1st place winner: Choice of Enchanted Serpent Sword from the shop Prize 2nd place winner: 2 Rostogol Stone, $25 in shop items, your choice *-"High Level Summons" Means: No Dragons of any kind, Tank Rabbit, Yeti, Chimeran Wolves, Giants or Sslessars (keep in mind this is single combat arena, so summons have minimal use anyway) **"Special" Armors/Weapons (Ex. Halberd of Action, Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification, Enchanted Serps, Greaves of Uber Defense, Scythe, Bone of Death etc.) Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana IS allowed, and the only exception. ---IF YOU DIE OR LEAVE ARENA, YOU LOSE. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT CHEATING OR LYING ABOUT LEVELS, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED-- --iF WE DO NOT HAVE A NO DROP DAY, WE CANNOT STOP YOU FROM STEALING A DEATHBAG, BUT IF YOU DO, YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED FROM ENTIRE EVENT. AGAIN, ALL WHO PARTICIPATE, BE AWARE OF THIS POSSIBILITY-- -ENTRY- -To Enter, PM Daniken in game, with your combat level and/or a/d, and which Tier you wish to enter. -You may enter no more than 2 characters in a total of no more than 2 Tiers, not including WTF Tier, which is open to all with a/d 120 or above. (If we end up with too many participants, players will be asked to reduce their enrollment to one tier, not including WTF Tier, for the sake of time). --IF YOU ENTER WTF TIER, BE PREPARED TO DIE IN ALL MANNER OF WAYS. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK-- -NOTES/GENERAL GUIDELINES- -If there are not enough characters in any Tier to have at least 2 rounds of fights in the Tier (4 or more fighters), that Tier will be eliminated. -There will be a base prize pool for each tier. The greater the number of rounds, the greater the prize pool becomes, until it reaches a certain point. This means, the more participants, the better the prizes. .-If there are less than 3 rounds in a given tier, the prize pool will be mildly reduced. --EVENT TIMELINE/ETC.-- 6PM GMT -All who wish to watch or participate in the first 4 tiers should meet at White Stone Arena (White Stone -White Stone City [190,719] -We will start off with a few mini-games all can participate in (Non-PK), and depending how the tournament goes, we may have similar giveaways at the conclusion, after the final tier at Nordcarn Arena. Even if this event collapses, we will have some fun -Once the White Stone Arena portion of the event concludes, fighters will have time to re-supply for WTF Tier; the main event. We may stay at WSA, or we may move to Nordcarn. We will decide at the time. -IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE ADDITIONAL PRIZES- PM Daniken in game. - 1 Grapes. 1 Day of Tailoring Stone. 1 Palomino Horse Whistle - Donated by Evie -To conclude; this event setup didn't exactly go smoothly. I am not going to cancel it, so we will make the best of it. We already have some improved ideas for the next events. Trial and error Let's make the most of it and have fun PS- If anything, the complications in this event highlight our need for a truly capped PK area. One that caps attributes, is multi-combat and allows all skills to function.