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  1. Chars getting whited-out

    I have the same problem on both my phone and tablet. I have also tried going through settings and even turned off all special effect/sky etc. To try work it out, to no avail. So any guidance/help on this thread would be great benefit to me too.
  2. Past Players

    Oh I am so sad to hear that. He was such a lovely guy. Spent a lot of my JusT days pvping with him and chatting to him. Was actually talking about him last week to some people. Condolences to his friends and family ?
  3. Hey, I am trying to get onto the app via app store and your download link but I cannot seem to connect to any server. I think possibly O2 blocks my access to port 2000 even though they said they don't. Do you know if there is any workaround? Apologies if in the wrong place, just trying to get on to test this out.
  4. Bestest Bot paid for

    Hi, Bestest Bot has been paid yearly fee. Many thanks
  5. Android client, 5th release

    Just wondering if there is any way of making this app available when not using wifi. I use 4g mostly and don't have access to wifi when not at home. If someone could walk me through a way of doing it. Many thanks P.s. I use o2 network in the UK Samsung s6 edge+
  6. Kingpin

    Is this still the same person that stone vio char? Apparently he bought the char
  7. Problems logging in on Android

    I found that logging on with my phones service data I wasn't able to pick up port 2000. On WiFi I can log in no problem. So it may be down to their service provider rather than the client not recognising the characters names/passwords
  8. Zarariel

    Hey Zara.good to see you are still around Zalbo
  9. Banned

    Thanks a lot,I have sent aislinn another pm with all the details thank you for your time
  10. Banned

    Hi, My ingame name is Zalbo. I have pmed Aislinn a few times now but have had no response, I dont know what else to do, so I am writing here to know if there is chance of me getting my char back. Thanks
  11. Selling storage

    Hi all, here is what i have for sale: Food: 437 Ale 973 Vegetables 426 fruit 6718 wine SOLD 511 Toadstools Flowers: 21444 Blue star Flowers 11198 White Chanterelle 61505 Tree Mushroom 22601 Chrysantemums SOLD 3506 sunflower 11655 White Asiatic Lilly SOLD Ores: 8640 Iron Ore SOLD Metals: 411 Gold Bars 183 Silver Bars Minerals: 2372 Turquiose SOLD 4824 Coal SOLD 1709 Quartz 6216 Diamonds SOLD 1874 Emeralds 8723 Blue Quartz 714 Rose Quartz 453 Sulphur 382 Ruby Weapons: 175 Training Arrows SOLD 1 Long Bow 1 Branch of Destruction 1 Used Jagged Saber SOLD 1 Eagle Wing SOLD 1 Orc Slayer SOLD 1 Steel Axe 1 Bronze Sword SOLD 4 Steel Long sword 4 Titanium/Steel Short sword 1 Titanium/Steel Long sword Armour: 1 Steel Cuisses 1 Damaged Ice Dragon Greave 1 Used Steel Greave 1 Damaged Black Dragon Cuisses 1 Damaged Black Dragon Mail 1 Red Dragon Mail 1 Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Red Dragon Greaves 1 Crown of life SOLD 1 Titanium Shield SOLD Magic: 1 Rostogol Stone SOLD 1 Gatherer Med 120 Unicorn Medallion 1 Medallion of Life Essences: 7251 Health Essence SOLD 1781 Magic Essence 450 Matter Essence SOLD 350 Energy Essence SOLD 742 Water Essence SOLD 1 Enriched Life Essence SOLD 2375 Air Essence SOLD Animal: 19851 Bones SOLD Clothes: 1 Warlock Cloak 1 Conjurer Cloak 1 Excavator Cloak 2 Cape of the Unbreakable 1 Body piercing Cape 1 Fast Regeneration Cape Power Saving Cloak Misc: 691 Ashes 224 Creature Food SOLD 1 Mule Glyph 844 Leather 430 Vials SOLD Jewelry: 503 Polished Ruby Let me know here or in game WulfGaR
  12. Storage Sale

    All sold please close topic
  13. Storage Sale

    Selling all. PM me if interested in buying anything Weapons: 1 Steel axe Armour: 29 augmented leather torso 12 leather pants 12 enhanced wooden shield Magic: 11 Moon med-190gce 7 ring of glacmor 200gce 9 Star medallion-190gce 14 unicorn medallion-170gce Animal: 61 polar bear fur Clothes: 2 Excavator cape - 2.8kgce 1 Monster magnatism cape - 9kgce 5 Body piercing cape - 2.5kgce 1 power saving cape - 3.5kgc Misc: 211 Bones powder 213 ashes Books: 2 book of axe construction 1 book ti/steel long sword of thermal 2 ti/steel short sword of ice P.S. i am constantly updating for stuff that gets sold/added to list
  14. Selling some things

    Hi there! I am Selling these as follows: 1 Titanium plate mail-72kgc 1 Red dragon helm-55kgc 1 Red dragon plate mail-140kgc 1 Damaged Red dragon cuisses-25kgc 1 Red Dragon greaves-60kgc 1 Set of Ice dragon armour (Plate, Cuisses & Greaves)-450kgc 1 Set of Iron armour (Plate, Cuisses & Greaves)-22kgc SOLD 1 Damaged Black dragon Cuisses-35kgc 1 Titanium helm-24kgc 1 Emerald Claymore of life and mana (+30 mana and life)-250kgc 17000 Life essence-4.5gc each 80 tiger summoning stones-300gc each 2 True sight potion books-4kgc each 1 Saltpetre book-9kgc 3100 Titanium ore-2.5gc each 3000 Tree mushrooms-1.5gc each 11000 Mullein-1.5gc each 500 Body restoration potions-15gc each PM me on forum if interested in anything or ingame MagNuesiuM Zalbo
  15. godless removal stone

    When you have perks at 130 or 140 oa you expect people to reset because they want pick points back from a positive perk that they had earned in the first place?say if someone takes mm perk and when they get to fluff or feros they have to either keep the perk (with removal stones already in game) because they will lose pick points if they remove it?or reset and go back to ogre's for another 90 oa levels?that rubbish,you should get back what you gave and give back what you given.No penalty should be invoked towards them for wanting to remove the perks.none