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  1. Never knew this place existed until last week. What an amazing landscape. Enjoy Captured this with the DJI Air 2s.
  2. Chatham Beach Photo

    Here is a shot of the lighthouse. Really beautiful location
  3. Chatham Beach Photo

    Took this photo with my DJI Air 2S. It is a 5 shot AEB merged in Photo Director. The Chatham Lighthouse is right beside the beach and it's a dangerous location to swim as there are seals and sharks but the view is amazing. Wanted to share it with you all.
  4. I absolutely love the coastline. Rhode Island has the best that I've ever seen. Eventually I want to just travel and create these videos for the rest of my life.
  5. Same here. I'm less than an hour away. Great location.
  6. Rhode Island is home to some of the most beautiful shoreline in the entirety of the United States. In Newport, I filmed this video at the Ocean Drive Historic District using the DJI Air 2s and the DJI FPV. The house belongs to Jay Leno. It is his 13.5 million dollar vacation home. I hope that you enjoy this one. The location is incredible!
  7. Went to get some sunset footage from Providence, Rhode Island and decided to make this short. Enjoy
  8. Took a trip with the wife and kids to a beautiful spot last night and got this photo. Just wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy
  9. Hoppy's Landing

    Thank you Aislinn for the kind words! This place was really spectacular and I couldn't resist sharing it. I'll be coming up your way again in the fall to do another video of the foliage and I'll be sure to share it with you
  10. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Rest in peace Learner. Sad news indeed
  11. Hoppy's Landing

    This spot is in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and I spent 3 days filming here with my drone to get all the shots that I wanted for this video. This was just when the weather was really starting to get cold and I pretty much stopped making videos during the winter. I realized that I had a typo in the video but it was too late to remove it so it stayed but I hope that you enjoy this one. The place is amazing.
  12. Fogland Point, Rhode Island Photo

    A lot of people come down to visit the beach but I'm not too sure how busy it gets as this was my first visit here. The place is amazing for sure.
  13. I went to Fogland Point in Rhode Island and got this picture. What a great place to fly my drones. This phone was done by taking 5 pictures at different exposures and then merging them together to increase the HDR.
  14. This lighthouse is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The ferry is the one that does transportation for Martha's Vineyard. *edit* I was under the impression that this was the lighthouse used for the Cape Cod potato chip company logo but I was incorrect.
  15. Before this video I used a DJI Mini 2 to film from the sky. While the drone was fantastic in what it could do for it's size, I was having issues that I couldn't ignore because I want to get the best possible footage I can for my videos and my style of editing. I upgraded to the DJI Air 2S this week and I'm absolutely amazed at the quality of the footage I can get with it. The city that I live in has a lot of rich history and is home to the biggest fishing port in the United States and has a historical district in the downtown area which is quite beautiful but has cobblestone roads that makes travel here feel rough in a vehicle. A lot of the area unfortunately doesn't look so great and is rundown with old buildings not maintained well by slumlords. I wanted to show the beauty that is here though and I shot this video with my Air 2S. I hope you enjoy this short video of West Beach just before sunset. This place is amazing from the air.