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  1. Rings

    I would say it would be easier than you may think.....considering mods have this power. It would probably just be a modification of that code. Problem. I doubt there will be an item that you can input coordinates. Given the spirit of rule 26 (1): 1. No coordinates are allowed to be given in any official channel. Players need to learn to explore and notice their surroundings. The goal is not to blindly auto-walk everywhere you go. Plus, this would make hydro runs (Ok yes rarely do people pk there, I never been attacked) perfectly safe. Able to ambush in a pk map, without risk (One guildie spying in a map, then the whole guild teles at once) Instant trips to a red dragon, spawns without ever exploring (Eventually someone would just publish a coordinate list, and eliminating exploring all together.
  2. Invasion stone

    The Rostogol already does this, invasion spawns around you, it disappears and you get magically transported to another map, albeit the Underworld
  3. Item creation change

    Interesting point, however isn't that already the case? If there were no fighters, and especially no pkers, who would buy summoning stones, essences, potions armors, weapons, etc? Also, fighters are dependent on mixers (good luck fighting without armor and weapons...). This idea would bring them more together, rather than separate them, no? Yes this true, no fighters means the purpose for most of the games items, cease to exist. However, if you read past threads, you will find mixers insist this is not the case, and the game has nothing to do with the existence of Pkers or PvEs. It has been a camp vs camp situation for a long time. It would bring them together if anything that was said had any grounding in logic, it however has long been, "This game is not just about fighting!11!". Read any thread related to pking, or PvE, and midway, it derails into a mixer vs pker debate. To answer "who would buy?" from a mixer perspective, an NPC. Here is the anti-fighter pker reply you will get: "Yeah lets give pking guilds an advantage like they already don't have enough of one. AD is already the easiest skill to level now you want to make it so they are the only ones that can mix high end items...How am I suppose to level as fast as pk guild can? I can't fight a dragon and why should I to make armor???" I could go on, but good luck with your idea, I like it.
  4. Item creation change

    While I agree, and it sounds like fun. There has been a long time division between "fighters" and "mixers" and I doubt a change to make mixers dependent on fighters will succeed. Especially anything that would make mixers dependent on pkers.
  5. PK arenas change

    The only way paying for "fun" works if the cost justifies it. Arena tickets could work, if the tickets purchased would be the 'prize' for the victor. Of course it would require some loss for combined tickets, or it will be exploited to make money. However this is another Duel Arena type suggestion, but I do think something similar to this could work, since real life experience shows, Sports & Gambling have a great appeal (and willing money pit).
  6. Problem - Map Changes/Resyncs

    I had this exact same card, and it slowly died the exact same way. Its problem was overheat, the error I got reported by the OS, was "infinite loop" everytime the error occured. It would tell me this was a driver issue and so on. It was OVERHEAT only. Check your fan, etc. iirc this card doesn't have fan or heat sensors, so its in the dark about its death.
  7. PK arenas change

    Nothing is perfect. But capping attributes will lower might and rationality (Lowers the mage alt harm from instant death to maybe something a new player can deal with) So they have a chance to learn, lower level fights should take much more time. I think its a two sided issue. Finances and one task built characters (pure pk arena pro). Limiting by nexus, sounds possibly difficult with EL's design, I don't know server internals, but how would you stop\unequip a player wielding items beyond the allowed range? I do know, a pure pk account *negged out* for dp, can be unstoppable in almost any gear. This type of account can be stopped by its equal, in the best gear (And therefore, its an unkillable character, but its a combination of both and not just the gear alone) (Edit: Yes it will also lower the restore amount, however at the DP level, failing restore kills first. Cap on magic levels too, ok the complexity levels are increasing ) But asking for too much will just derail this thread and any possible change.
  8. PK arenas change

    100% support, Vote yes, Agree, omfgbbq samwich. Yes this is the perfect idea to make those arenas real and fair, allowing everyone to compete. Since early level pk arenas should be about learning the mechanics and not getting slaughter'd by the pumped pk only account. (Caps helped this alot originally)
  9. Wipe and Cap

    Did anyone else find your statements about change and your signature funny There are ways of changing the game without alienated a dedicated player base in the process. Anyone that has played for years, would not like their dedication treated like crap, and erased so we can add 30-50 more impatient people. People that want an instant fix game, max levels in a month, get bored and make a new 'toon'. I've played those games, and I hope EL doesn't follow the same path. (Those games are packed with "im bored" kids, and els demographic is much higher.)
  10. Wipe and Cap

    Yet again: PK server is P2P, no new players start on it. It's PK-based, its still the same old game, with a 100's cap. The 'pointless wipe' is to equal the playing field (by pissing off the current player base), and (yet again) so that newbs don't have to spend 2 years catching up. $5 for life. Pk server players have offered to give accounts. Buy accounts for players, and so on. Again, your 'playing field' is about PK. (So PK based is a good thing) No PvE or mixer cares about the 'level of the field'. In this regards, there is nothing for newbs to catch up too. If a player spent 2 years reaching a level, why shouldn't it take a newb 2 years to reach it as well? So if its a not about just PKing, how does reducing (example) everyones summon level to zero, make the game instantly balanced? I certain Raz, Tigerclaw and others are excited at the prospect of starting over, just so a new player can feel good that his beginning levels are the tops? So what happens if 80 summons is deemed "too much of a grind, take more than a month to reach" should everything be altered so you can reach the max on any skill in a month? Is this fun?
  11. Wipe and Cap

    By your logic, the pk server should be packed. Its capped at 100ad, something you can reach in 3-6 months of casual play (focused on a\d leveling in that period), there is a low population count, and there are few people in pr0 armor, so most fight in 'augs\ti longs'. It allows multi-play, so you can 'try other skills' and mixing is with fruit, so leveling is much easier. Yet the #1 reason stated, and is the source of their current poll is, no one wants to start over, even with caps. (A\D caps only) Any changes that bring balance can be done without a wipe. Most players (PvE Mixers) compete with themselves and what monster they can fight, and what item they can mix. Only PKers compete with each other. So is pointless to wipe the server to make a minor player population ?happy? by making them start over?
  12. NMT idea

    Did you offer up an explanation as to how and why it would make the economy fail? Because you certainly haven't in that post, and if there is one reason for post deletion i can agree with, it's deletion of "omfg this is just ebul and bad" style posts, with no details of the "why"/"how". I explained it in former post. And it was deleted cus i was dissagree. No. more of the same. It was "omg ruin game make me sad, don't want" And 70% of it was about "pkers,cotu" with a flame against 2 players & more about "don't make game sad" Stop claiming it was because you disagreed. ----- @RalloZek It does not add gold to the game. NMT capes cannot be traded to an npc for gold coin, So they do not add gold coin to the game. They do cause an exchange of gold coin, from players able to train on the monsters that drop them, and the weaker players that want to buy one. The problem is, they never leave the game. So to keep the game from being overrun by them, the chance to find one in a monster drop is extremely rare. On NMW, replacing the NMT as an ingredient, instead using the "Degraded NMT" as an ingredient would work.
  13. Tips and Tricks

    See this >thread<
  14. NMT idea

    Its inevitable the NMT has to become breakable, just implement as you see fit, and in 3-4 months no one will remember when it was unbreakable. Case in point, I recall complaining about the new player models and now I cannot remember what the old ones looked like :/ (The red cape\perk - brod , should not have been brought into the discussion in the first place. So should not be a factor in this decision. There is always the NMT perk, 7 PPs in a good trade for time, IMHO. Which all the NMT is, and as it stands 300-400k for that much trade in time, is overpowered.) IMHO. Implement as you suggested. People are still bitching about cooldown, how many years later? Yeah, it doesn't matter. (Give them a no cooldown map, or server, and they create other reasons instead... ) (P.S. People bitched about Invisibility once, "OMFG people will spy on our convos!"...sheesh)
  15. Archery Bug

    Also reported in this thread