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  1. Old Account

    I have been trying to access my old account without any luck. The stats viewer says it's in privacy mode. http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=jasonx I was a member of *CO* last I played.
  2. Corpus Opis

    If I ever find a way to pay can I join?
  3. Please unban...

    2 weeks ........ and I am still locked...two weeks
  4. Please unban...

    o ok... can't beg and choose but....could u give me 0 a/d and #reset instead of ...half levels... if not , i will take your offer
  5. Please unban...

    please...unban me...take away my a/d levels or something...please... >.>
  6. Please unban...

    I will never do it again.... :shame:
  7. Cal3D compile problems

    lights.o(.text+0x97):lights.c: undefined reference to `gluProject@48' main.o(.text+0x18e):main.c: undefined reference to destroy_cal3d_model' how do i fix these?
  8. What's the first thing you do?

    check for something to heal with , then i goto kf...
  9. since when you play this game?

    december 2003
  10. Instead of an attack/defense level limit. Why not make the limit attack + defense So persons who may have a level higher that the other one may be able to play, once their attack and defense level combined is not higher than the limit.
  11. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    i'm in ...if i'm on
  12. Harvesting Limit/hour (not Just Exp Limit)

    straight its not harvest limit...its AMOUNT OF things u can harvest per hour..like if u harvest 200 veggie without cape u CANT harvest again till next hour
  13. Attack/defence Exp Per Creature

  14. All Rounders

    im "trying" to be overall <_< all stats over 20 cept 3
  15. Do You Summon ?

    its not really good unless you can do bears....and even then everyone WHO IS IN KF can kill them already