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  1. Removing dragon items.

    80k for lot 2.
  2. Rayla

    Get over yourself, if you can't handle the risk then don't use a bag.
  3. No drops KF

    I, jowwow, rank 248/161 a/d, solemnly swear that I will go in KF for at least 30 minutes of each day I actually log in the game (24h day). If I don't do that, may I and all my alts be banned for at least a month!
  4. Bot payments

    Then obviously your not very clever
  5. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    40minutes left, current high bid: 425k- Mavig
  6. Serpent Stones

    Jeepers has 5of them as of 10seconds ago, and has had 4-8ish the last few days. Charn also usually has a couple. Just cause you don't like their prices doesnt mean they don't exist.
  7. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    28hours left.
  8. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    3days left.
  9. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    6days left.
  10. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    Getting spammy from me 415k private bid.
  11. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    3rd anonymous bid- 405k
  12. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    New Private Bid- 400k.
  13. Auction: Stones and Enrichables

    After GC, so no thanks 370k- Private bid.
  14. Auctioning off an assortment of stones and enrichables. It's all one batch, all sold together or not sold at all. -5 EFE's -15 EME's -40 Serp stones -12 Binding stones Starting Bid: 370k Buy-it-Now: 500k Bid increments of at least 5k. Current bid: 425k- Mavig. Auction ends: Sunday 8th June; 20:00 UK time. Post here or PM/gossip me ingame. EDIT: I reserve the right to not sell if I don't like the highest bid.
  15. Mines, and a new perk

    Just fyi, the recipe for detonators produces 10(or so I was told)